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Remo 10" Emperor Coated

Drum Head


Emperor Coated, Double ply, White, coated, Highly durable coating for light predamping

Remo 10" Powerstroke 4 Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Powerstroke 4 Series, Double-ply batter head (Emperor thickness), With damping ring at edge - underside, Very easy to tune, durable drum head with...

Remo 10" CS Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


CS Series Clear, With black dot, Single ply head, With reinforcing dot in the middle of drum head, Highly popular as snare skin, especially for...

Remo 10" Pinstripe Coated

10" Tom Drum Head


Coated, White, rough coated, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full sound spectrum, Extra predamping via additional coating

Evans 10" G1 Coated Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


White, rough coated batter head, Single ply, Natural warm sustain

Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare RD

Snare Batter Head


Edge Control, With Reverse Dot, The new 2-pile snare drum features a "Sound Edge Control Ring", The ring isolates and absorbs unpleasant overtones...

Remo 10" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)

Tom Tom Drum Head


FA Fiberskin 3 Series, Ambassador medium

Remo 10" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare

Snare Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Rough coated surface, Single ply drum head with double reinforced edge, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Round sound character...

Remo 10" Diplomat Coated

Drum Head


Diplomat series, White, rough surface, Single-ply, thin batter head, Suitable for a sensitive, differentiated style of playing, Ideal also as a...

Remo 10" Fiberskyn 3 Thin (FD)

Tom Tom Drum Head


FiberSkyn 3 Series, Ambassador thin

Remo 10" Emperor X Coated Dot

Snare Drum Head


White, coated, Black dot on the base of the head, Double layered drumhead, low in overtones, Suitable for rock, hard rock

Evans 10" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

Snare Drum Head


Power Center (5" dot) glued to base of head, Single ply

Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare

Snare Drum Head


Edge Control, 2-Ply coated snare drum head, Inner 0.25 mm, The redevelopment of the Edge Control system for Evans tom drum heads was also extended...

Remo 10" Renaissance Ambassador

Tom Tom Drum Head



Remo 10" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head

Snare Drum Head


Double-ply 7 mil drum head, 7 mil damping ring, 5 mil clear dot on the drum head base for greater durability

Remo 10" Renaissance Diplomat

Drum Head


Renaissance Diplomat, For Tom Tom