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Remo Practice Pad Stativ

Stand for Exercise Pads


Pad is screwed onto tripod (6 mm thread), Maximum height 91 cm, Lowest height 59 cm

Pearl CA-130 Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


Bass drum attachment, Variable with "L" arm

Pearl PPS-82 Multi Percussion Holder

Percussion Holder


4-Way adjustable adapter for mounting percussion instruments onto stands, cymbal stands, microphone tripods etc.

Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro

Djembe Stand


Very stable and robust, Excellent for hard use, Can be adjusted to all djemben models, Adjustable height, Delivery without djembe

Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp



With 9.5 mm L-piece, For mounting percussion instruments, Tilt adjustable multi-clamp

LP 445 Bata Stand

Bata Stand


With caster wheels, Very sturdy chromed stand, Batas are attached by elastic band, A stand for all three LP bata sizes

LP 472 Mini Everything Rack

Percussion Rack


2x Holding arms in Z-shape (about 20 cm)

Millenium Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


To screw onto bass drum hoops

Sonor MPS Multi Percussion Stand

Multi Percussion Stands


Multifunctional stand for instruments with a diameter of 6" to 26", Swingable support arms allow the attachment of various drum shell shapes and...

Pearl PPS-37 Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


Freely adjustable "L" arm for mounting cowbells, effects and drums with a 3/8" mount, The gear wheel adjustment provides flexible angle settings,...

Millenium UPS Universal Percussion Stand

Universal Percussion Stand


3 Height- and angle-adjustable arms, Extendable legs, Height adjustable from 21" to 25", Allows for the attachment of various drum shapes and sizes

Tama MC8 Hoop Grip

Clamping Clip with L-Rod Holder


Fits almost all Flanged and Gußspannreifen, but not on wood strips, L-Rod holder can be mounted both left and right of the bracket

DW SM2141 Claw Hook Access Clamp

Cowbell / bass drum holder


For screwing on the BD hoop

Tama CBH20 Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


To be screwed onto the bass drum

Gibraltar SC-268R BD Cowbell Mount

Cowbell mount


For screwing on bass drum hoops, Includes "U"-clamp and wing screw

LP 332 Percussion Stand

Percussion Stand


For attaching LP Jam Blocks, LP Bar Chimes and LP Cowbells, 21" Long telescopic arm with 3/8" rod

LP 372 Everything Rack Large

Percussion Rack


Chrome-plated, Including holding brackets, 4x Straight holding brackets (ca 12cm) - 2x Z-shaped holding brackets (ca.20cm), Can be screwed on any...

Meinl TMCH Chimes Stand

Chimes Stands


The new chimes stand is a fully adjustable stand with double braced legs, It was made of solid, chromed steel, Rubber pads prevent scratching of...

Meinl SB-R Samba Belt

Samba Belt


Adjustable in length, Adjustable shoulder pad, Stable snap-hook

Meinl TMID Doumbek Stand

Stand for Doumbek


With stable foam rubber rings, Double braced, stable 3-leg stand, Height and tilt adjustable, Memory lock, Chrome finish, Including Allen key

Meinl TMPS Percussion Stand

Percussion Stand


6-Fold mounting bar, With 2 straight, 2 angled and 2 Z-shaped holding arms, Height-adjustable holding arms, Tripod with Touch Lock adjustment,...

Meinl ST-Djembe Steely II Stand

Djembe stand


Chromed steel stand, Adjustable height, Patented design, Metal tips in the feet, for a stable stand, Completely height adjustable, Possible for...

Meinl MC-1 Percussion Clamp

Multi-Clamp Single


Including straight attachment rod, More flexibility through additional lateral adjustment

Meinl Rim Clamp

Rim clip for percussion


Fits all standard hoops, Percussion rod adjustable in angle

Meinl MDJS2 Djembe Strap

Professional Djembe Strap


Holds the Djembe comfortably and securely in a perfect playing position thanks to adjustable shoulder straps

Meinl MC-PT

Percussion Table


Sturdy table made of fibre-glass (46cm x 30.5cm), With carpet, Installation possible on every stand, Bottom part adjustable for longitudinal or...

Meinl PM-1

Cowbell Attachment


For mounting on the foot pedal, Suitable for every pedal due to height adjustable feet, Extendable tips prevent the pedal from slipping, An...

Meinl TMPWS Percussion Workstation

Percussion Workstation


Black-coated metal, Very stable design, With adjustable bearing surfaces, Includes 1x 22" x 24" fiberglass percussion table "big", 2x 18" x 12"...

Meinl HMC-1 Percussion Clamp

Percussion bracket with straight bar


4-Way adjustable adapter for mounting percussion instruments onto stands, cymbal stands, microphone tripods etc.

Tama RWH10 Rhythm Watch Holder

Rhythm Watch Holder


Suitable for the Tama RW200, RW105 and RW100, Fits 10.5 mm percussion rods and tom holders

Tama CBA56 Percussion Holder



With 3/8" / 9.5 mm rod for recording various percussion instruments like cowbell, tambourine, etc.

LP A521 Aspire Percussion Table

Percussion Table


Adjustable height, Steel tubing, Black coated, 56 cm x 40 cm storage table with foam rubber pad

Contemporanea Belt 2 Hooks Black

Carrying Strap


2 Hook holders, Simple model

Pearl PPS-20 Bass Drum Pedal Holder

Cowbells Bass Drum Pedal Holder


Holder to play a cowbell with a bass drum pedal, Also suitable for other percussion instruments, Feet usable on both sides, Mandrel or rubber feet...

Gibraltar SC-BDSPM Smart Phone Holder

Smartphone Holder


Bracket for screwing on bass drum hoops, Adjustable angle, Rubber insert to protect the tether from scratches

Dixon PA-CHM-SP Wind Chime Mount

Chimes holder


For mounting on a tripod, L-Shaped holder, Horizontal thread for attaching a wind chimes set, Chrome

Schlagwerk RTH20 Frame Drum Holder

Frame drum holder


Jaw holder with tripod holder, For frame drums up to Ø 50 cm

Yamaha CWH-940



4-Way adjustable adapter for mounting percussion instruments onto stands, cymbal stands, microphone tripods etc.

LP 760A Percussion Table

Percussion table


Height adjustable, Steel pipes, black coated, 56 x 48 cm large storage table with foam rubber pad, Rack construction with 6 percussion mounts and 3...

Gibraltar SC-AM1 Accessory Mount

9.5 mm Rod with Multi-Clamp


For mounting a variety of percussion instruments such as jam blocks or cowbells on cymbal stands

Pearl PD3000 Djembe Stand

Djembe stand


Height-adjustable bracket from 40 to 54 cm

Millenium UPST Universal Perc. Stand Top

Universal Percussion Stand


3 Height- and angle-adjustable arms, Allows for the attachment of various drum shapes and sizes, Shorter version does not include legs, Suitable...

Tama ZCB Z-Rod for Cowbell

Z-Rod for Cowbell


Suitable for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip

Schlagwerk RTH10 Frame Drum Holder

Holder for Frame Drum


Cross holder with tripod holder, Adaptor for cymbal stand (with 16 mm spike), This unique holder does not absorb any vibration of the drum, All...

Gibraltar SC-170 Tom Tom Arm

Tom Tom's arm


With grid clamp, Can also be used as a cowbell holder or a percussion holder

Meinl MC-FDH Frame Drum Holder

Frame Drum HolderSometimes a frame drum simply needs to be attached to a percussion rack. That's why Meinl has developed a compact and lightweight holder that fits every frame drum.


4-Way adjustable adapter for mounting percussion instruments onto stands, cymbal stands, microphone tripods etc.

Pearl PTT-8511 Tech Tray

Percussion table


Includes mount for mounting on 3/8" percussion rods

Tama ZCYE Z-Rod for Cymbals

Z-Rod for Cymbals


Suitable for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip, Includes felts and Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Pearl PBS-30BD Legs / BD Adaptor Kit

Adapter Set


Standbars and Bass Drum Adapter Kit for Surdo, With the 3-piece set PBS-30BD by Pearl, Surdos can be converted to stand-alone Surdos

Tama CBA5 Cowbell Holder

Cowbell holder


To mount cowbells or tambourines, With MC5 multi-clamp suitable for 10 mm diameter, Includes 3/8" L-piece, Fits all popular percussion instruments...

LP 388M Multi Gajate Bass Pedal

Multi percussion holder


For playing percussion instruments with the bass drum pedal, Up to three percussion instruments, such as tambourim, woodblock or cowbell with 3/8"...

Meinl MC-GU

Special Mount


For Guiros, Can be attached to all Meinl rods

Terre Djembe Back Pack Pro Black

Djembe Backpack Strap


Designed to relieve back and shoulders, Metal carabiner for hanging the djembe

Tama CBH50 Cowbell Attachement

Cowbell Holder


For mounting a cowbell onto a bass drum hoop, L-Rod can be attached to either side, Rubberised mounting attachment

Tama ZHH Z-Rod for Hi-Hat

Z-Rod for Hi-Hat Cymbals


Suitable for the Tama MC8 hoop grip, Includes felts and clutch

Meinl MC-TH Tambourine Holder

Tambourine holder


For the integration of a Meinl-Tamburin (TMT / STMT) into the set-up of a drum set or percussion stand, Rubber-coated holders prevent scratching

Meinl TMIH Ibo Holder

Ibo Holder


The Ibo Drum Holder gives a secure hold to most of the standard Ibos and allows two-handed playing in a comfortable position, With foam padded...

Tama ZCYEL Z-Rod for Cymbals long

Z-Rod for Cymbals


Long version, Suitable for Tama MC8 Hoop Grip, Includes felts and Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Mapex MCH 912 Cowbell Holder



For mounting a cowbell onto the bass drum hoop

Pearl 75H Bass Drum Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


For screwing on bass drum rims, Rubber-padded

Pearl PGH-20 Universal Guiro Holder

Universal guiro holder


For screwing on percussion holder

LP LP985 Cow Bell Mount

Cowbell holder


For classic, professional LP timbal stands, For 2-hole base, Adapter and 3/8" L-arm, Suitable for LP981 LP Timbale Stand / LP981A Thunder / LP980...

Meinl MC-4 Percussion Clamp

Quadruple Multi-Clip


With two straight support rods and two angled retaining rods, More flexibility through additional longitudinal adjustment

Gibraltar SC-101 HH Tambourine Holder

Hi-hat tambourine holder


For attaching a hand tambourine to the rod of the hi-hat drums

Meinl PM-2 Pedal Mount Cymbal

Pedal Mount for Cymbal


Cymbal holder for playing with standard pedals, Adjustable height, For cymbals from 16" to 22" in size, Twist-off tips at the bottom of the feet...

Tama HOW29WN 2x Octoban Stand

Octoban stand


Road pro series, For a set of 2, Double braced

LP 830B Compact Bongo Stand

Compact Bongo Stand Base


For use with 25.5 mm Compact Bongo mounting rod (included with Compact Bongos), Double braced with large rubber feet

Meinl MC-CY Cymbal Holder

Cymbal Holder


For screwing onto a clamp, Grooved surface, Chrome-plated steel

Meinl STDJST-BK Travel Djembe Stand

Travel Djembe Stand


Dismountable, Very low weight, Practical design

Meinl MC-R3

Holder Rod


Z-shaped, For cowbell, tambourine, chimes etc.

Pearl 75X Cowbell Holder



For cowbell, With joint, Length adjustable

Meinl Clamp

Percussion Clip


For attaching cowbells and other accessories directly on the hook of a conga, With two wing-nuts

Terre Djembe Back Pack Pro Africa

Djembe Backpack Strap


Designed to relieve back and shoulders, Metal carabiner for hanging the djembe, With typically African pattern

Tama LCB Cowbell Holder

Cowbell Holder


9 mm Diameter, L-form, Multi-clamp not included