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Hardcase HNDBP Double Pedal Case

Case for Double Pedals


Special design to protect expensive pedals, Also for longboard pedals, Non-breakable carrying handle, Attachment inside for bass drum beater and...

Tama Powerpad Double Pedal Bag

Bag for Double Peda


Also holds longer pedals, such as the Tama Speed ​​Cobra, Handle, Shoulder strap

Hardcase HNSBP Bass Drum Pedal Case

Bass Drum Pedal Case


Special design to protect expensive pedals, Straps to fix the pedal inside, Hard-wearing carrying handle, Possibility to attach bass drum beater...

Gator Bass Drum Pedal Bag GP66

Bass Drum Pedal Bag


Suitable for single and double foot-machines, GP-66, Tear- and water-proof

Gewa SPS Doppel Pedal Bag

Double Bass Drum Pedal Bag


Tear- and water-resistant, Inserted reinforced fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm foam, 10 mm zipper, Padded carrying handles, Shoulder strap with...

Mono Cases M80-DP Double Pedal Bag Black

Bag for Double Pedal


Water repellent shark skin surface, Bottom and seam reinforcement made of industrial rubber (PVC-free), For single or double pedals, Padded...

Ahead Double Bass Pedal Bag

Bag For A Double Pedal


AA8115, Handle, Shoulder strap, Water repellent

Millenium MDT4 Drum Throne Round

Drum Throne


Double-braced, Continuously adjustable height (without fixed increments)

Millenium Touring Trolley

Drum Hardware Trolley


111 cm Long, width 36 cm, height 25 cm, Folding handles on head sides, Incorporated sides and bottom reinforcement plates made of wood, Zipper,...

Millenium HH-901 Pro Series

Hi-Hat Stand


Pro Series, 3-Legged, Double-braced stand, Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut, Memory clamp, Chain connection between pedal and hi-hat stand,...

DW 7002PT Double Bass Drum Pedal

Double Foot Pedal


Available exclusively from Thomann, With 2 double chain drives, 2 Round chainrings, Solid base plates, Ball bearing spring suspension, Double-sided...

Millenium PD-122 Pro Bass Drum Pedal

Bass Drum Pedal


Pro Series, Aluminium hinge, With steel base plate, Double chain over sprocket drive, Side-operating clamp mechanism, Beater equipped with two...

Millenium CB-801 Pro Series Boom Stand

Cymbal Boom Stand


Pro series, Extension arm without counterweight, Retractable inside tube, Double-braced, Extendable with memory clamp, Grid inclination, Stable,...

Millenium SS-801X Pro Series Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Pro Series, Double braced stand, Optimal basket adjustability via ball mount (Omni Ball System), Memory lock, Highly sturdy and professional snare...

Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Cymbal Clamp


For securing cymbals, With 8 mm thread

Millenium CS-718 Stage Cymbal Stand

Cymbal stands


Stage series, Straight, double braced, Up to 2-fold height adjustable via telescopic tubes, Height can be secured with memory clamps, Sprocket for...

Millenium MXB699 Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand


Adjustable height of about 83-115 cm, Stable double brace design, Bongo holder with padded clamp

Millenium Drumrack

Professional Drum Rack


Two cymbal arms, Curved front bar, Two adjustable mounts, Non-slip feet

Millenium TS-6 Double Tom Stand

Double Tom


With single cup holders for 10.5 mm and 12.7 mm tom tom mounts, Adjustable via ball joint, Tom mounts individually removable, Height adjustable...

Millenium Pro HW-750 Hardware Pack

Hardware Pack


Pro Series, CS-750 Straight cymbal stand, CB-750 Cymbal boom stand, SS-750 Snare stand, PD-750 Bass Drum pedal

Millenium Rack Clamp Black

Rack Clip


Aluminum clip for attaching Tom arms, cymbals arms or similar accessories to rack tubes, Suitable for racks up to 38 mm diameter

Pearl DB100 Double Beater

Bass Drum Pedal Beater


Double-sided, 2 Playing surfaces

Millenium MC628 Multi Clamp

Standard Multiclamp


Suitable for pipe diameters from 16 to 28 mm

Pearl PC-2500 All-Fit Conga Stand

Conga Stand


Suitable for almost all congas, Adjustable height, Compact folding for transportation, Universal size for standing players, Extendable legs

Millenium TH-6 Single Tom Tom Holder

Single Tom Holder


For 10.5 mm and 12.7 mm tom tom mounts, Lower tube diameter is 22.2 mm, Can be used for all drums with these diameters, Adjustable via ball joint,...

Millenium PD-222 Pro Series BD Pedal

Double Bass Drum Pedal


Pro series, Aluminium hinge, Steel pedal plate, Double-chain drive, Side set screw for mounting to hoop, Adjustable spring mechanism, Rotatable...

Millenium CBS-718 Stage Boom Stand

Cymbal boom stand


Stage series, Cymbal stands with boom arm, Douple-braced, Memory clamps for height adjustment, Boom arm can be pulled in to tube, Height is...

Millenium DSS-718B Stage Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Stage Series, Double braced, Height adjustable, Snare basket adjustable for 14" snare drums

Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm

Cymbal Boom Arm


With clamp

Millenium HH-902 Pro Series Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Stand


Pro Series, 2-Legged, Double-braced stand, Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut, Memory clamp, Chain connection between pedal and hi-hat stand,...

Millenium Percussion Pad Stand

Stand for Roland and Alesis Percussion Pads


Height adjustable from 69 - 105 cm, Double-braced, Adjustable angle of support plate

Tama HTS58F Classic Tom Stand

Flatbase Tom Stand


Traditional basket, Diameter adjustable from 10" to 14", Angle continuously adjustable (without fixed increments), Adjustable height from 56 - 81...

Millenium PD-111 Pro Bass Drum Pedal

Bass Drum Pedal


Pro Series, Aluminium hinge, Chain over sprocket drive, Side-operating clamp mechanism, Beater equipped with two playing surfaces (felt - plastic),...

Gibraltar 9608E Drum Throne

Drum Throne


Rotary spindle, Adjustable from 51 - 70 cm, Height adjustment with memory lock

Millenium Hardware Bag

Hardware Bag


Stable hardware bag for all kinds of stands, Durable cordura material, Lined, Two side pockets at the ends, Durable carrier, Durable, reinforced...

Millenium PDR-5004 Prof. Drum Rack

Professional Drum Rack


Steel tube with 38 mm diameter, Includes 4 cymbal arms mounted to the rack legs, 4 Aluminium multi-clamps, Front rack is tiltable

Vic Firth VFVKB3 Beater Fleece

Bass Drum Beater


Felt head covered with fleece, Oval, Full and warm vintage sound, Ideal for jazz

Pearl C-830 Straight Cymbal Stand

Cymbal Stand


Straight cymbal stand, From the 830 series, Uni-Lock tilter, Double-braced stand, UltraGrip wing nuts and screws

Yamaha HW3 Crosstown Hardware Set

Hardware Set


Very light and sturdy aluminium hardware, Transport bag included

Sonor BSTL Bongo Stand BK

Sit-Down Bongo Stand


Extremely low adjustable bongo stand for seated players, Suitable for most bongo designs

Pearl PC-900 All-Fit Conga Stand

Conga Stand


Fits most congas and djembes, Adjustable height, Tilt able, Compact folding for transportation, Quick release strap

Pearl ADP-20

Adapter Multi Clamp


For attaching tom arms or cymbal arms on the stand

DW 4002 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Double Pedal


Available exclusively from Thomann, With base plate, Drive via single chain, Beaters are made from plastic, Round chainring, Side lockable, Very...

Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand

Pad Stand


New, 200˚ tiltable mounting bracket, Double-braced feet, 2-Piece tube with height adjustment, usable while standing or seated, Also suitable for...

Tama Iron Cobra HH205 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


Iron Cobra 200 series, Double-braced, Feet stopper, Security Hi-Hat Clutch, Footboard adjustable in angle, 5-Way spring adjustment

Tama Iron Cobra HH605 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


Iron Cobra 600 series, Double-braced, Spring Seat cymbal rest, Swing Lock Hi-Hat clutch for longer final note, Footboard adjustable in angle, 6-Way...

Millenium DT-902 Drum Stool

Drum Throne


Pro series, Designed in two colours, Double-braced, Three legs, Height adjustable via spindle, Large motorcycle saddle, Surface with cloth cover,...

Tama HC83BW Cymbal Boom Stand

Cymbal Boom Stand


With quick set tilting mechanism, From the Road Pro series, Double-braced model, Retractable boom arm

Tama Iron Cobra HP600D Single Ped.

Single Bass Drum Pedal


From the Iron Cobra 600 Series, New Duo Glide Cam for changing between round and eccentric chain drives, Double chain, Speedo Ring, Adjustable...

Millenium Hoop Cymbal Mount

Cymbal Mounting Clamp for Hoops


Holder for attaching to a hoop, With Z-shaped rod for fixing the cymbal

Millenium E-Drum Bag

Gig Bag


For electronic drums, 20mm Padding, 10 Variable interior compartments for pads or electronics, 1 Large interior compartment for stand approx. 90 x...

Gibraltar SC-GCSMC CH Super Multi Clamp

Rack Multi-Clamp


Road Series, Chrome, Super Multi-Clamp, With Wing Screw System, For securing cymbals, tom toms, arms etc, Heavy-duty model

Pearl S-930 Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand


From the 930 Series, For 10" - 14" snares, Uni-Lock tilt mechanism, Double braced stand, UltraGrip butterfly nuts/screws

Trick Drums P1V6P Drive Shaft

Drive shaft


Suitable for pedals by Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, or Gibraltar

Millenium HW-900 Hardware Pack

Hardware Pack


Pro Series, CS-901 Straight cymbal stand, CB-901 Cymbal boom stand, SS-901X Snare stand, PD-122A Bass Drum pedal

Tama HC52F The Classic Stand

Flat-Base Stand


Single braced, Developed in cooperation with Peter Erskine

Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Rack

Drum Rack


Curved chrome drum rack, With 4 vertical 30" rack tube T-legs with cymbal attachments, 1x 46" Curved front rack tube, 4 Multi-clamps, 2x 36" Curved...

DW SM991 Tom Holder with Clamp

Single Tom Holder


Ball joint, Integrated multi-clamp, 12.7 mm L-arm is designed to fit tom brackets, Will attach to almost any commercial stand, Incl. Memory Lock...

Pearl T-930 Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Tom Stand


930 Series, Double braced stand, 2x TH-900S tom tom holders, Memory clamp, Uni Lock System for positioning the tom toms, Extra large rubber feet

Pearl PC117 11 3/4" Conga Stand

Conga stand


Available exclusively from Thomann, With 2 double chain drives, 2 Round chainrings, Solid base plates, Ball bearing spring suspension, Double-sided...

LP 330 Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand


Double-braced, One-step extendable, Memory clamp, Nylon strap fixing, Chrome version

Millenium MC900 Multi Clamp



Suitable for pipe diameters from 13 to 26 mm, Heavy design

Millenium PD-223 Pro Series BD Pedal

Double Pedal


Direct drive, Aluminium hinge, Steel base plate, Lateral adjusting screw for hoop attachment, Adjustable spring tension, Rotatable two-zone mallets...

Roland NE-10 Noise Eater

Impact Sound Isolation Board for Foot Pedals


Effective noise reduction of kick pedals up to 75%, Ideal for noise reduction at home or in the studio

Millenium DT-900 Drum Throne Round

Drum Throne


Millenium Pro Series, Double-braced, Round seat, Height adjustable via spindle, Black artificial leather seat, Extremely stable, Includes memory lock

Millenium CB-901 Pro Series

Cymbal boom stand


Pro Series, Heavy construction, Boom arm without counterweight, Boom arm can be pulled in to tube, Double-braced, Extendable tube with memory...

Millenium Twin Pedal Bag

Gig Bag for Bass Drum Pedal


Available exclusively from Thomann, With 2 double chain drives, 2 Round chainrings, Solid base plates, Ball bearing spring suspension, Double-sided...

Millenium Rack Clamp Chrome

Rack Clamp


Aluminum clamp for attaching T-arms and L-pieces, Suitable for racks up to 38 mm tube diameter

DW 9000 Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


Ball bearing mounted delta hinge, Ball bearing mounted, free floating spring suspension, Ball bearing mounted shaft and beater unit, Memory lock...

Pearl CH-830 Cymbal Boom Arm

Cymbal Boom Arm


Uni-lock tilter, 7/8" Diameter

Millenium DB-115

Cymbal Boom Arm


2-Way cymbal arm positioning, 6 mm thread

Gibraltar SC-CBPM Pedal Cowbell Holder

Bass Drum Pedal Cowbell Holder


Apparatus for playing the cowbell or tambourine with a drum pedal

Millenium HW-800 Pro Hardware Bundle

Hardware Pack


Pro Series, CS-801 Straight cymbal stand, CB-801 Cymbal boom stand, SS-801X Snare stand, PD-111 Bass Drum pedal

Tama HTW49WN Double Tom Stand

Double tom stand


Stage Master Series, Double braced, Omniball tom mounts

Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand

Straight Cymbal Stand


Pro Series, Double braced, Both tubes are adjustable via the memory clamp, Extendable twofold, Horizontal inclination can be adjusted in notched...