6" Splash Cymbals

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Masterwork 06" Custom Splash

6" SplashA considerable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential features of the Custom series.


Masterwork Custom series, Traditional surface, Completely handmade according to old Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Zildjian 06" A-Custom Splash



A Custom, Brillant finish, Fast, versatile, short splash sound, Suitable for all styles of music

Sabian 06" AAX Splash



AAX Series, Brillant finish, Transparent sound, Extreme fast, Very bright response, Solid tone, Very assertive splash

Meinl 06" Byzance Splash Traditional



Byzance series, Traditional finish, Nicely spreading, quick responding splash, Punchy and washy, Extremely traditional sound

Zildjian 06" A-Series Splash



Regular finish, Fast, clean, short sounding splash

Istanbul Mehmet 06" Splash Traditional Series

6" Splash


Traditional series, Regular finish, Dark, warm sound, Fast decay, The traditional series ist suitable for almost all styles of music, The classic...

Meinl 06" Byzance Splash Brilliant

06" Splash


Brillante finish, Very fast dynamic response with fine, brilliant treble

Istanbul Mehmet 06" Splash Turk Series

6" Splash


Turk series, Dry and voluminous sound, The turk cymbals are characterized by the untreated surface, which is responsible for the dray and compact...

UFIP 06" FX Traditional Splash



Class series, These cymbals are very flexibly applicable in pop, jazz, rock or metal

Masterwork 06" Resonant Splash

6" SplashThe Resonant series is hand-polished to give it its shiny surface and brilliant sound with a warm basic character.


Masterwork Resonant series, Brilliant surface, Handcrafted according to ancient Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Paiste 06" Signature Splash

6" SplashThe splash of the Signature line provides an explosive, warm and very clear sound. The harmonious splash sound is perfect for both studio and live situations.


Suitable for applications in all volume spectra and music styles, Musical and expressive sound, Very sensitive response, but clear and powerful...

Ufip 07" FX Traditional Splash

Medium Splash


Class series, These cymbals are very flexibly applicable in pop, jazz, rock or metal