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Sabian 17" AA Holy China

China Cymbal


AA series, Brilliant finish, The Holy China achieves a higher pitch due to its exceptional profile, the sound holes produce more volume and decay...

Zultan 17" Raw China

China Cymbal


Raw Series, 100% Hand-hammered, Dark, warm and full sound, Great musicality, The non-lathed surface results in a dry, earthy sound with little...

Zultan 17" Heritage China



Heritage Series, 100% Handcrafted cymbal according to ancient traditions for highest standards, Machined several times with different hammers,...

Zildjian 17" K-Custom Hybrid China

Hybrid China cymbal


K-Custom series, Regular / Brillant finish, Fast responding China cymbal with short decay for excellent accents

Zultan 17" Dune China

China Cymbal


Dune series, Hand-hammered, Premium China cymbal from traditional Turkish production process, Made of B20 bronze, Dry, fast fading, thrashy sound,...

Istanbul Mehmet 17" X-Ray Series Multi China

China Cymbal


X-Ray series, B20 bronze, Brilliant finish, With many small holes, Very trashy sound, Fast response, High pitch

Meinl 17" Generation X China Crash

17" China Crash


Generation X series, Brilliant finish, Dynamic and fast response, Can be used as China and crash cymbal