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Paiste PST7 14" China

China Cymbal


PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Powerful China for explosive accentuation, Can be used in many styles, Made in Switzerland

Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Mini China

Sabian 14" HHX Evolution Series


Mini China, Brilliant finish

Sabian 14" B8X Mini Chinese

Mini China Cymbal


B8X series, Natural finish, Hammered bell, Strong hammering, Warm and complex sound, Follow up of the Sabian B8 series

Zildjian 14" Oriental China Trash

Oriental China Trash Cymbal


Oriental series, Brilliant finish, Authentic "trashy" china sound, Very quick response, Explosive with a short sustain

Zultan 14" Rock Beat China

China Cymbal


Rock beat series, Short and fast responding China cymbal with clear, assertive heights, Long release time, Lively sound over the entire sound...

Sabian 14" AAX Mini China

14" Mini China Cymbal


AAX series, Brilliant finish, Very aggressive accenting China with power and assertiveness, Raw-edged China sound

Paiste 14" 900 Series China

China Cymbal


900 Series, Made of B8 (2002) Bronze, Explosive crash sound for accentuated effects, Special darker finish, which emphasizes the hammering better

Zildjian 14" K-Series Mini China

Mini China Cymbal


K-series, Regular finish, Spectacular, small, dark, Low-pitched China, Medium sustain

Paiste 14" Rude Blast China

China Cymbal


Rude series, Explosive and nasty china cymbal, Ideal for blast beat patterns, Perfect size to place anywhere in the setup

Paiste 14" 900 Color Sound China BK

China Cymbal


900 Colour Sound Series, Made from B8 (2002) bronze, Explosive crash sound for accented effects

Meinl 14" Byzance China Traditional

Byzance Cymbal


Size 14 " China, Are made by hand in Turkey, Refined and revised by Meinl

Meinl 14" Classics China

China Effect Cymbal


Classics series, B8 bronze material, Excellent quality, Aggressive, powerful, trashy, clear china sound, Round china overtones, Explosive response...

Meinl 14" Byzance China Brilliant

14" China Cymbal


Brilliant finish, Aggressive, exotic and very assertive sound, China sound

Masterwork 14" Custom China

14 " China Cymbal The all-round cymbal in the assortment. A remarkable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential characteristics of the Custom series.


Masterwork Custom Series, Traditional surface, Completely handmade according to old Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Meinl 14" Generation X Filter China

14" Filter China


Generation X series, Regular finish, Very short, aggressive china sound that is not very loud due to the waved edge, with fast decay

Meinl 14" Generation X Jingle China

14" Jingle Filter China


Generation X series, Regular finish, Combines the aggressive sound attributes of a Filter China with dry rattling jingles, Shimmering, rattling sound