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Pearl B1330 13"x03" Piccolo Snare

Snare DrumIn recent years, the use of Piccolo and Soprano Snares has become increasingly common in today's popular music. Their use as both a main and a secondary snare has made them a very well sold instrument.


Piccolo series

Ludwig LW0713 13"x07" Black Magic

Snare DrumThe Black Magic Snare Drums use the same brass kettle type as the Black Beauty Snares, except that the Black Magic Snares use the Cast hoops, which produce more volume and attack, making them ideal for modern, louder music styles can.


Die-Cast hoops, Tube lugs, 8 Lugs per side

Yamaha Recording Custom 13"x6,5" BR

Snare Drum


New Recording Custom Series, 2.3 mm Dyna hoops, Yamaha Q type snare strainer, DC3 butt plate