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DW 14"x6.5" Jim Keltner Snare


14" x 3.7" Snare, The "Venus" offers volume and clarity, The 14" x 3.7" brass shell is painted in green, With brass-plated separate-tension tube...

Gibraltar SC-GCSMC CH Super Multi Clamp

Rack Multi-Clamp


Road Series, Chrome, Super Multi-Clamp, With Wing Screw System, For securing cymbals, tom toms, arms etc, Heavy-duty model

S-Hoop SH1410 14" Drumhoop 10-hole

14" Drum Hoop 10-Hole


Specially shaped high-end steel hoop, Chrome-plated, Retains tuning like cast hoops, Gives the sound more volume, Works with skins and shells from...

Ludwig LW6514SL 14"x6,5" Supralite

Snare Drum


Supralite Series, Chrome-over-brass tube lugs, 2.3 mm Triple-flanged rims, Brass snare wires

Pearl S-930 Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand


From the 930 Series, For 10" - 14" snares, Uni-Lock tilt mechanism, Double braced stand, UltraGrip butterfly nuts/screws

Roland PD-8 V-Drum Stereo Rubber Pad

Stereo Electric Drum Pad


Rubber pads, With dual trigger for center / rimshot

Gretsch 14"x6,5" USA Bell Brass Snare

Snare Drum


G4169BBR, 3 mm thick shell, Die-cast hoops, 42-Spiral snare wires, Lightning strainer, Snap key holder, Controlled overtone with powerful rimshot

Trick Drums P1V6P Drive Shaft

Drive shaft


Suitable for pedals by Pearl, Tama, Yamaha, or Gibraltar

Boomwhackers MG-BW-Bag Move&Groove Bag

Boomwhackers Bag


For up to 28 Boomwhackers tubes, Self-standing (even when only partially filled)

Nino Nino 515 Rhythmik Set

Nino Rhythm Set


With basket, Triangle with intense and long-lasting sound, medium, Plastic maracas, pair, small, Racket tambourine, with 9 pairs of aluminium...

Millenium Bongo Set Natural + Gigbag

Millenium MB202H NT


Bongo Set, Professional tensioning system, Natural drum heads, Very robust

Gibraltar SC-19A Long Sleeve 8mm

Cymbal Sleeve


Flanged base (8mm) for extended length cymbal tilters., Plastic, 4 pack

Evans 10" EC2S/SST Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Transparent, EC2S series, With SST (Sound Shaping Technology), The double-ply drum head is damped individually according to its size, The damping...

Millenium HW-900 Hardware Pack

Hardware Pack


Pro Series, CS-901 Straight cymbal stand, CB-901 Cymbal boom stand, SS-901X Snare stand, PD-122A Bass Drum pedal

Remo 14" Emperor Coated

Emperor Drum Head


White, rough coated, 2-Ply drumhead, few overtones, Suitable for rock and hard rock

Gewa Fingercymbals

Finger Cymbals


1 Pair

Zultan 22" Ride Dark Matter

Ride Cymbal


Dark Matter Line, 100% Hand-hammered, Dark, warm sound character with a large dynamic range and "crash"-reserves, Fine overtone structure,...

Zildjian 20" Planet Z Ride

Ride Cymbal


Planet Z Series, Regular finish, The entry into the world of Zildjian, Made in USA

DW PDP 14"x06" Chad Smith Snare

Snare drum


Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) Signature Model, Shell made of seamless acrylic, MAG snare throw-off, Dual-turret lugs, True-pitch clamping...

LP 825 Compact Conga 11"

Compact Conga


Size 11", Giovanni compact model, Practice conga skin on mounted frames, Enables quiet practicing and easy transport, The pad can be mounted on a...

Millenium Octoban Set Complete

Millenium OB-1214


Low Octoban Set, Tunable, Incl. double braced double tom stand

Zildjian 17" K-Custom Dark Crash

Dark Crash


K Custom series, Regular finish, Unique crash with dry, trashy overtones, Fast attack with short sustain

Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Low Ride

20" Medium Thin Low Ride


K Constantinople series, Regular version, Combines outstanding attack with full, broad basic tone and excellent stick attack, Low ride

Zildjian 20" K Sweet Crash

Crash cymbal


K series, Dark and fast responding cymbal, "Random hammering", Warm and round sound

LP 1210 Granite Block Set

Granite Block Set


Modern version of China temple blocks, Made of Jenigor plastic, LP Granite Blocks are made of five tuned blocks that are placed according to tone,...

Remo 18" Powerstroke 3 Coated Bass

Drum Head for Bass Drum


Powerstroke 3 series, Falam protection included, Single ply drum head in Ambassador thickness, With double-reinforced outer edge for optimal sound...

Tama HC52F The Classic Stand

Flat-Base Stand


Single braced, Developed in cooperation with Peter Erskine

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #31

Stand Tom


Export series, Foil-related mixing bowl made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Chrome drumshell hardware, Deep and voluminous sound, EXX1816F / C31

Zildjian 18" Oriental China Trash

Oriental China Trash


Oriental series, Brilliant finish, Authentic "trashy" china sound, Very fast response, Explosive, with a short decay time

Ludwig LW0414CP Carl Palmer Snare

Carl Palmer Signature Snare Drum


14" x 3.7" Snare, The "Venus" offers volume and clarity, The 14" x 3.7" brass shell is painted in green, With brass-plated separate-tension tube...

Mike Balter Cymbal Beater SC2

Cymbal Beater SC2


For soft single hits and much sound with long cymbal roll, Pair price

Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Rack

Drum Rack


Curved chrome drum rack, With 4 vertical 30" rack tube T-legs with cymbal attachments, 1x 46" Curved front rack tube, 4 Multi-clamps, 2x 36" Curved...

DW SM991 Tom Holder with Clamp

Single Tom Holder


Ball joint, Integrated multi-clamp, 12.7 mm L-arm is designed to fit tom brackets, Will attach to almost any commercial stand, Incl. Memory Lock...

Puresound P1424 Custom Snare Wires

Snare Wires


Model Series Custom, Suitable for 14" Snare Drum, 24 strands, Steel coils, Features medium-gauge wire with evenly spaced standard coils

Pearl T-930 Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Tom Stand


930 Series, Double braced stand, 2x TH-900S tom tom holders, Memory clamp, Uni Lock System for positioning the tom toms, Extra large rubber feet

Tama Powerpad Stick Bag

Stick Bag


Holds up to 12 sticks and mallets, 4 Straps to aid access to four sticks, External pocket, Carrying handle, Shoulder strap

Remo 13" Emperor Coated

Emperor Tom Drumhead


13" White roughened

Contemporanea 16"x 38cm Nesting Surdo Yellow

Surdo Drum


Colour lacquered aluminium body, Perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, Can be played upright or suspended (strap not included),...

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Bag



Suitable for the Roland SPD-SX, Upholstered with foam, Fleece-lined interior, Large outer pocket for accessories or notes, Carrying handle and a...

Zultan 14" Q Crash



"Q" Series, Dark and deep, full sounding crash cymbal with incredible dynamic range, The outer 2" ring of the top cymbal is hammered extremely...

Pearl M1330 #102

Snare Drum


Piccolo Series

Zultan 16" Aja China

China Cymbal


China cymbal with "Aaahhh" or simply "Aja" characteristics

Zildjian 21" K Sweet Ride

Ride Cymbal


K Series, A dark and fast responding cymbal, Features random hammering, Produces a warm and round sound

Zildjian 14" ZBT Crash

14" Crash


ZBT series, "Brilliant" version, Wide crash sound, Quick response, A perfect first crash cymbal

Paiste 2002 Classic 19" Crash

Paiste 2002 Classic Series


19" Crash, Bright, warm, full, radiant crash sound, Defined sound, Even sustain, Versatile crash cymbal, The definitive classic crash sound

LP M257 Timbales Matador Chrome



Steel drum shell, Incl. Stand, cowbell, tuning key and timbale sticks

Acme Siren

ACME Whistle


Metal siren, Top quality, For professinal requirements, Great volume

LP 008-N Cowbell Rock Ridge Rider



Ridge Rider Rock Bell, With red, screwed-on Jenigor plastic protector on top, The plastic protector has a dampening effect and eliminates unwanted...

Evans 24" EQ3 Resonant Bass Drum

24" EQ3 Resonant Bass Drum


White, smooth, With 5" sound hole, Integrated damping ring, Single ply, Controlled punchy sound, Especially for internal recording with microphones...

Remo 24" Powerstroke 3 Coated Bass

Drum Head for Bass Drum


Powerstroke 3 Series, Falam protection included, Single ply drum head in Ambassador thickness, With double-reinforced outer edge for optimal sound...

Zildjian 10" A-Custom Splash



Brilliant finish, Fast attack, Round, short sustain, Very musical

Millenium Conga Bag Set 1213

Conga Bag Set


Tear resistant and waterproof, Lined with 10 mm foam material, 10 mm zipper, Padded carrying handles

Millenium 13" Still Series Hi-Hat reg.

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Still series, Up to 80% quieter compared to a standard pelvis, Ideal as a low volume practice tank for drummers who want to have an authentic feel,...

Peter Hess hkFS-2w

Felt Mallet


Soft, Recommended for heart-, joint / universal- and pelvis singing bowls

Pearl PC117 11 3/4" Conga Stand

Conga stand


14" x 3.7" Snare, The "Venus" offers volume and clarity, The 14" x 3.7" brass shell is painted in green, With brass-plated separate-tension tube...

Pearl 16"x16" Export Floor Tom #21



Export Series, Foil-wrapped shell made from Asian mahogany and poplar for a deeper, full-bodied sound, Chrome shell hardware, EXX1616F / C21

LP 243 Super Guiro

Super Guiro


Plastic body, Includes 2 scrapers (1 x plastic and 1x wood)

K&M 16450

Drumstick Holder


Clamping holder for mounting to stand pipes up to 30 mm

Remo 26" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)

Bass Drum HeadThe "FiberSkyn 3" series offers synthetic materials with the feel and sound of traditional natural heads. Available only in Ambassador (FA) weight.


Size 26", Series FiberSkyn 3, Ambassador Medium

Remo 18" Emperor Coated

Drum head


Roughened, Double ply, With few overtones, For rock, hard-rock, and other heavy music styles

Schlagwerk TA3 Bag

Transport Bag for Cajon


Padded nylon bag with handle, Shoulder strap and side pocket

Schlagwerk RTF60 Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Particularly suitable for the therapeutic promotion of early musical education in kindergartens, Frame made of 7-fold glued beech wood, Covered...

Zildjian 12" A-Custom Splash



A-Custom series, Brillant finish, Fast attack, Round, short sustain, Very musically

Remo 16" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Includes Falam patch protection, Single-ply drumhead in the Ambassador series thickness, Double-reinforced edge for optimum...

Zultan 12"/14" Rocket Staxx

Cymbal Stacks


Trashy, short-decaying stack of B20 bronze alloy, Set of 12" Crash and 14" China cymbals, Perfect addition to the existing cymbal setup, As an...

Evans EB0709 Tri Center Head Pack

Bongo Heads


Excellent sound characteristics with extreme durability and tuning stability, Tri Centre dot incorporated between the skins, For LP Valje and LP...

LP 330 Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand


Double-braced, One-step extendable, Memory clamp, Nylon strap fixing, Chrome version

Paiste 2002 Classic 17" Sound Edge HH

Sound Edge HiHat


2002 Classic series, Medium bright, full, brilliant hihat, Extreme accomodating sound, Energetic when hihat opened, Sharp, full 'chick' sound, The...

Millenium MC900 Multi Clamp



Suitable for pipe diameters from 13 to 26 mm, Heavy design

Sonor BT Basis Trolley

Basis Trolley


The most important component in the Sonor stand trolley system, For Basis Trolley table tops (Mallets with resonator boxes only in combination with...

DW 14"x6,5" Aluminium Snare

Snare drum


Aluminium Drum shell, Heavy solid aluminum shell with reinforcement hoop, Full nonetheless open sound with lots of upper metallic-sounding tones,...

Sonor ZG1 Holders for NG and GP



For all NG and GP models, NG10 - NG11 - NG30 - NG31

Terre Caxixi Coconut Small

Small Caxixi


With coconut cover, Filled with glass and plastic pearls, Produces a soft and gentle tone

DW Design 20" Pancake Gong Drum

Gong Drum


TB12 Tom holder, Mini lugs, Chrome hardware

Sonor BGP Glockenspiel Bag

Carrying Bag for Glockenspiels


Suitable for GP glockenspiel models