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Remo 15" Ambassador Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador coated, White roughened single ply, Univeral suitable for all styles of music

Gretsch 16"x16" FT Catalina Cl. SWG

Floor Tom


Catalina Club series, CC1-1616F-SWG, 7-Ply, 100% mahogany drum shell, Matt lacquered, 1.6 mm Steel clamping strip, Mini Gretsch lugs

Pearl 10" Add-on Tom f. Traveler Kit

Add-On Tom


For Pearl Compact Traveler Kit, Holder for L-Rod holder

Pearl Crystal Beat 22"x16" Bass #730

Bass drum


Crystal Beat series, Modern remake of the classic of 1973, Shell made of seamless acrylic, 6 mm Shell thickness, Chrome hardware, 1.6mm Triple...

Pearl Crystal Beat 13"x09" Tom #730

Tom Tom


Crystal beat series, Modern remake of the classic from 1973, Drum shell from seamless acrylic, 6 mm Shell thickness, Chrome hardware, 1.6mm Triple...

Pearl Crystal Beat 14"x13" Fl. #730

Floor Tom


Crystal Beat Series, Modern remake of the 1973 classic, Shell made of seamless acrylic, 6 mm Shell Thickness, Chrome hardware, 1.6 mm Triple...

LP 215B Tune Claw Conga -CH



Suitable for all LP congas except the Aspire and Galaxy models, Washers and nuts included

Sonor AS 12 1406 BRB Artist Snare

Snare Drum


Artist series, 2 x 10 tuning lugs, 24 Bronze spirals, Die cast hoops, TuneSafe, Dual Glide System, Black chromed fittings with Finish Protectors...

Zildjian 06" A-Custom Splash



A Custom, Brillant finish, Fast, versatile, short splash sound, Suitable for all styles of music

Meinl SB1

Samba Beater


Aluminium shaft, Red felt tip with Ø 2" (5.08 cm)

DW Design 08"x07" Tom Tom Tobacco

Tom Tom


Design series, Drum shell made of 8 layers of selected North American maple, HVLT boiler construction, Chrome hardware, True Pitch tension rods,...

Gibraltar SC-USS Uni Suspension System

Universal Suspension System


Suitable 8", 10", 12", 13" and 14" toms, Two adjustable suspensions attached to the tuning lugs, With rubber guard to protect the drum

Evans 06" G2 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Double ply, For loud drum playing with an open sound, Fat response, Controlled sustain

DW 12"x05" Snare Finish Ply -132

Snare Drum


Collector series, Finish Ply version, Chrome hardware, Wrap finished shell, Maple, With reinforcement rings, Delta Snare Strainer, True Tone Snare...

LP 247B 14" Timbales Head

14" Timbales Drum Head


Plastic model

LP 231A Agogo Bell Standard

Agogo Bell


Standard model, Metal construction

Sonor S-Class / Delite Tunescrews

Tension Rod Set


For S Class Pro/Delite Toms

Sonor Bass Drum Tension Rods 3007

Bass Drum Tension Rods


Fits Force 3007/2007/1007 series bass drums, Chrome version

Remo 11" Medium Collar Banjo Head

Banjo head


Medium collar, Weather King, White, roughened, Suitable for Harley Benton banjos

Peter Hess KKS13 Satin mat

Satin Mat


Suitable for singing bowls

LP A630A Djembe Head 12 1/2"

Djembe Drum Head


Aspire Line, Natural drum skin

Pearl 12"x08" Export Tom Tom #700


Black Edition, Selected birch wood body, Playing surface made of selected German birch wood, Detachable snare head, Non-slip seat, Simple snare...

Remo 25" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Remo 33" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani Head


Remo Weatherking Renaissance timpani head, With aluminum insert ring

Remo 11" High Collar Banjo Head

Banjo Head


White roughened (top)

Pearl Modern Utility 12"x7" #224

Snare Drum


Modern Utility Series, 6-Ply, 5.4 mm thick maple wood shell, 1.6 mm Hoops, SR-700 snare strainer, Rubber-backed double lugs, Remo UT drum heads,...

Kalfo Super Timpani Head 96cm

Calf Head


For timpani with head size up to 32"

Gretsch 14"x6,5" USA Phosphor Bronze

Snare Drum


Polished 5 mm phosphor bronze shell, Cast-iron tensioning hoop, Knurled central strip in the shell, Snap-in tuning-key holder, 42-Strand snare,...

Roland TD-17KVX E-Drum Set

Electric Drum Set


With Roland TD-17 drum module, 310 Sounds, 50 Preset kits, 50 User kits, Quick Record, Coach function, WAV samples can be imported via SD/HC card,...

Remo 22" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass

Drumhead for bass drum


Powerstroke 3 series, Remo Impact Patch, Single ply drumhead in Ambassador thickness, With double reinforced outer edge for optimal sound control,...

DW 4002 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Double Pedal


Available exclusively from Thomann, With base plate, Drive via single chain, Beaters are made from plastic, Round chainring, Side lockable, Very...

Schalloch 700.M 10" Djembe Medium

Djembe Pro


Rope puller, Cover with goat skin, Hand carved from one piece, Wood from revegetated plantations, Non-commercial cultivation

Millenium Youngster Drum Set Azure

Complete Drum Set for Children


Perfect for drummers as of 3 years old, Black hardware, Drum shell with robust film finish, Pedal, Stool, 1 Pair of drumsticks, Including LowNoiz...

Koshi Chimes Terra

Wind Chimes


With 8 built-in strings, Body made of oiled bamboo, Handmade, Made in France

Schlagwerk CP404BLK Cajon Black Edition



Black Edition, Selected birch wood body, Playing surface made of selected German birch wood, Detachable snare head, Non-slip seat, Simple snare...

Ludwig Breakbeats Set White Sparkle

Shell Set


"Questlove" shell set, 7-Layer shells, Chrome hardware, Drum shells with wrap finish

Remo 16" Ambassador Coated

Tom Tom Drumhead


Size 16”, Ambassador Coated, Single ply, white drumhead, Medium-weight, Suitable for all styles

Nino Nino 540 Egg Shaker

Egg Shaker


Different colours, Price per piece

RAV Vast G Pygmy

Tongue Drum in Hand-Pan Look


Includes bag

Roland BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad

Compact Single Trigger Pad


Curved shape for mounting on a V-Pad or acoustic drum, Quick and easy to mount, Attachments for standard rod-type mounts included, Compatible with...

Vic Firth 5A American Hickory Value Pack

Drumsticks Value Pack


Consisting of 4 pairs of American Classic Series 5A Sticks, Hickory wood, Wooden head, Teardrop-shaped head, Ideal for rock and as practice stick

Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand

Pad Stand


New, 200˚ tiltable mounting bracket, Double-braced feet, 2-Piece tube with height adjustment, usable while standing or seated, Also suitable for...

Millenium E-Drum Kick Bass Pad

Electric Drum Bass Drum Pad


Mono pad, Extremely stable bass drum pad, Incl. cable, Bass drum pedal not included

Millenium HT200 BK



16 Pairs of jingles, Double row, With handle

Evans G2 Studio / Fusion Set Coated

Drumhead Set


ETP-G2CTD-F, White, rough surface, 2-Ply, The second layer gives the skins their sharp attack, Sound retains sufficient overtones due to absence of...

Tama Iron Cobra HH205 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


Iron Cobra 200 series, Double-braced, Feet stopper, Security Hi-Hat Clutch, Footboard adjustable in angle, 5-Way spring adjustment

Tama Iron Cobra HH605 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


Iron Cobra 600 series, Double-braced, Spring Seat cymbal rest, Swing Lock Hi-Hat clutch for longer final note, Footboard adjustable in angle, 6-Way...

Millenium 16"x16" Tour Stand Tom Bag

16" x 16" Tour Series Tom- / Stand Tom Bag


Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material, 20 mm Zip, Padded handles, Rubber...

Vic Firth SDW Dave Weckl Signature

Dave Weckl Signature Drumsticks


Barrel shaped wood tips for the perfect cymbal sound

Millenium Classic Drum Bag Set Studio

Studio Drum Bag Set


5-piece Drum Bag Set, Padded 20" x 18" / 10" x 10" / 12" x 10" / 14" x 12" + 14" x 6.5" Snare

Millenium DT-902 Drum Stool

Drum Throne


Pro series, Designed in two colours, Double-braced, Three legs, Height adjustable via spindle, Large motorcycle saddle, Surface with cloth cover,...

Paiste 2002 Classic 14" Sound Edge HH

14" Hi-Hat


Paiste 2002 Series, Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Medium bright, full, brilliant hi-hat, Extremely...

Millenium FY-1 Floppy Sticks

Floppy Sticks


Made of bamboo, With 17 glued wooden rods and a solid handle, Highly suitable for unplugged sessions or for practising quietly

Millenium 16" B20 Crash

Crash Cymbal


Crash cymbal with a clear and explosive response and well-rounded sustain

Remo 12" Emperor Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Emperor Coated Model, Double ply, White, rough coated, Highly sturdy, Coating for light damping

Roland TDM-10 V-Drum Matte

V-Drum Mat


Robust, sound-absorbing drum mat, Optimised for Roland V-Drum Set, Prevents sliding around of the drum set and protects the floor from scratches,...

Remo 14" CS Coated Black Dot Snare

Snare Drumhead


CS Series, White, roughened, Black reinforcement dot on the underside of the head, A very popular snare drumhead

Zultan 18" Q Crash

Crash Cymbal


Q Series, Made of B20 bronze, Dark and ​​deep, full sounding crash cymbal with incredible dynamic range, The outer 2" ring of the upper...

Vic Firth 5B American Hickory Value Pack

Drumsticks Value Pack


Consists of 4 pairs of American Classic Series 5B sticks, Hickory wood, Wood head, Tearful head, Ideal for rock and as practice stick

Vic Firth AJ5 American Jazz



American jazz series, Hickory wood, Small tear drop tip made of wood, Thinnest stick in Vic Firth catalog, The equal balance makes the stick light...

Tama HC83BW Cymbal Boom Stand

Cymbal Boom Stand


With quick set tilting mechanism, From the Road Pro series, Double-braced model, Retractable boom arm

Vic Firth 7A Nova Hickory Wood Tip

Hickory Drumsticks


Made by Vic Firth, Wooden tips

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad SE

Sampling pad


Special Edition, 9 Playing surfaces, 16 GB of internal memory, 3 Multi FX, USB, Easy recording and assignment of audio data through Multi Pad...

Tama Iron Cobra HP600D Single Ped.

Single Bass Drum Pedal


From the Iron Cobra 600 Series, New Duo Glide Cam for changing between round and eccentric chain drives, Double chain, Speedo Ring, Adjustable...

Remo 20" Powerstroke 3 Coated Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Falam protection included, Single-ply head in Ambassador thickness, With double-reinforced edge for optimal sound control,...

Vic Firth HB Heritage Brushes



Extendable drum brushes, Soft, gentle rubber handle, Metal wires, Versatile

Evans S14H30 14" Snare Resonant Head

Snare Resonant Head


Hazy 300 Series, Evans' best selling snare resonant head, Wide dynamic range tunable with 3 mil (0.0762 mm) thick film, Snare sound always...

Rtom Moongel Damper Pads Clear

Damper Pads


Transparent model

Mapex Black Panther DL Cherry Bomb

Drum Shell Set


BPDLC528XNW, Cherry wood shells, Chrome plated shell hardware, SONIClear bearing edge, SAS Master Tune lugs, 90° Floor tom legs, SAS Sonic...

Millenium Bass Drum Claw Hook

Bass Drum Claw


Claw to hold the tether of the bass drum, Rubber-lined

Millenium Hoop Cymbal Mount

Cymbal Mounting Clamp for Hoops


Holder for attaching to a hoop, With Z-shaped rod for fixing the cymbal

Millenium E-Drum Bag

Gig Bag


For electronic drums, 20mm Padding, 10 Variable interior compartments for pads or electronics, 1 Large interior compartment for stand approx. 90 x...

Millenium MC890WR Conga Set

Conga Set


Incl. 2 individual stands

Millenium Hi-Hat Controller

Hi-Hat Controller


The electronic hi-hat pedal allows the opening and closing of the "Hi-Hat", Hi-Hat "closed sound" - hi-hat "open sound", With a switch, so it will...

Millenium 2B Drum Sticks



Maple, Price for pair