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Mapex 14" x 5" Black Widow Snare

Snare Drum


Black Panther Series, Black Widow model, 5.1 mm maple wood, Sonic-Saver hoops, Burst hardware finish, 5:5 shell bearing edge, This outstanding...

Paiste PST3 20" Ride

20" Ride Cymbal


Paiste Sound Technology 3 Series, Warm, full, clear sounding Ride cymbal, Medium frequency range, Clear tone, Soft and uniform feel, Sizzling ping...

Zildjian 22" K Constantinople Med. Ride

Medium Ride Cymbal


"K Constantinople" series, Regular model, Very good, emphasised and defined stick sound with excellent articulation, Dry with a pleasant degree of...

Paiste PST3 18" Crash / Ride

18" Crash/Ride Cymbal


Paiste Sound Technology Series, Energetic, highly focussed sounding crash/ride cymbal, Balanced, even feel, Versatile applications with fast,...

Millenium Hardware Bag

Hardware Bag


Stable hardware bag for all kinds of stands, Durable cordura material, Lined, Two side pockets at the ends, Durable carrier, Durable, reinforced...

Millenium MPS-400 Stereo Cymbal Pad

Stereo Cymbal Pad


Can be used as a ride cymbal with a contact surface, Can also be used as a crash cymbal with a stop surface edge, Hand cymbals, After a "crash"...

Remo 10" Pinstripe Clear

10" Pin Stripe Clear Tom Tom Drum Head


Transparent, Double ply glued together at the edges, Round, tonal matched, full range of sound

Millenium PDR-5004 Prof. Drum Rack

Professional Drum Rack


Steel tube with 38 mm diameter, Includes 4 cymbal arms mounted to the rack legs, 4 Aluminium multi-clamps, Front rack is tiltable

Roland CY-12C 12" V-Cymbal Crash

12" V-Cymbal Crash


Two-zone pad with choke function

Vic Firth 2B American Classic Hickory



American Classic Series, Hickory wood, Wooden tips, Teardrop-shaped tips, Ideal for heavy rock and practising

Vic Firth VFVKB3 Beater Fleece

Bass Drum Beater


Felt head covered with fleece, Oval, Full and warm vintage sound, Ideal for jazz

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Crash

Crash Cymbal


Paiste 2002 classic series, Bright, warm, full, radiant crash sound, Defined sound, Even sustain, Versatile crash cymbal, The definitive classic...

Tama MDH14-8 14" Die Cast Hoop 8H

Cast Drum Hoop


Die-cast hoop, 8-Hole design

Pearl C-830 Straight Cymbal Stand

Cymbal Stand


Straight cymbal stand, From the 830 series, Uni-Lock tilter, Double-braced stand, UltraGrip wing nuts and screws

Paiste 2002 Classic 15" Sound Edge HH

15 "Hi-HatA classic. The unique "ribbed" bottom prevents air intake, creating a sharp "chick" and a splashy-open sound. Very clear projection.


Paiste 2002 series, For live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Medium bright, full, brilliant hi-hat, Extremely responsive...

Sonor SSD10 Benny Greb

Snare Drum


Benny Greb signature snare, 9-Ply beech drum shell, 5 mm, Scandinavian birch matte, 2.3 mm Power hoops, TuneSafe, Throw-off strainer, Chrome...

Remo 24" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Clear / transparent, Falam protection included, Single ply drum head in Ambassador thickness, With double-reinforced outer...

Goldon 30300 Percussion Set

31-Piece Rhythm Set


31 Pieces, Washable bag, Wood block drum, Jingle stick, Bell stick, 2 x Triangle (10 / 15 cm), 2 x Finger cymbals, 1 x Cymbals MS (15 cm), Tambourine

Yamaha HW3 Crosstown Hardware Set

Hardware Set


Very light and sturdy aluminium hardware, Transport bag included

Evans 18" EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum

18" Bass Drum Head


Clear / transparent, 2-Ply, Revolutionary drum head concept of variable and replaceable rings that are attached from outside, Huge, deep bass and...

DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface

Trigger-To-Midi Interface


10 Stereo trigger inputs for single or dual zone triggers, 20 Programmable presets for storing and loading different setups, Simple operation for...

LP 826 Compact Conga 11 3/4"

Conga Practice Pad


A practice Conga skin on mounted frames enables quiet practicing and easy transport, The pad can be mounted on a snare drum stand (optional)

Contemporanea 6" x 15cm Cuica Metal



Size 06" x 15 cm, Metal drum shells, Light series, 5 Tension rods, Natural skin, Closed on one side, The rod creates a sound when rubbed with a...

Zultan 18" Rock Beat China



Rock Beat Series, China cymbal with short and fast response and clear, powerful trebles, Long sustain, Sparkling tones across the entire sound...

Remo Floor Tom Kid's Series

Floor Tom


Kids Series, Acousticon drum shell, Skyndeep drumhead, Includes strikers

Millenium 12" B20 Splash



Fast responding splash with full energy

Cympad Moderator Box Set

Cymbal Damper


2 pieces per size (2 x 50, 60, 70, 80, 90mm), Replaces the conventional cymbal felt, Reduces the volume of the cymbals by up to 25% and improves...

Evans 13" Genera HDD Coated Snare

Snare Drumhead


Genera HDD, Air vent holes, Two plies, Roughened white, Incorporated damping ring inside, Defined attack and controlled sustain, Extremely dry

DW PDP 13"x07" Walnut Snare

Snare Drum


20-Ply maple drum shell with two inner- and outer plies made from walnut, Drum shells are matte lacquered, Chrome hardware, MAG snare strainer,...

Remo 10" Emperor Coated

Drum Head


Emperor Coated, Double ply, White, coated, Highly durable coating for light predamping

Gibraltar SCTL2 Tom/FloorTom Rosette

Tom Tom Bracket/ Floor Tom Bracket


Chrome-plated, For 9.5 mm to 10.5 mm, Thick L mandrels, Hole distance 5.2 cm

Meinl Mike Johnston Groove Cowbell


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Wide, fast response and assertive strong splash, The ideal first splash

Paiste PST7 17" Crash

Crash Cymbal


PST7 Series, Traditional sound and look, Suitable for all styles, Made in Switzerland

Zildjian 19" A-Custom Crash



A Custom series, Brillant finish, Natural, bright, Not too thick - not too loud, Fast attack, Warm, round, soft release

Puresound S1430 Super 30 Wires 14/30

Snare Wires


Model Super 30, For 14" Snare Drum, 30 strands, Handmade, Constructed like the Custom series but with more articulation and responsiveness,...

Millenium Conga Bag Set 1112

Conga Bag Set


Set comprising two bags, Thick inner padding, With backpack straps

LP 234A Afuche Cabasa

Afuche Cabasa


Standard wood

Remo 13" Pinstripe clear

13" Tom Drum Head


Transparent / clear, Double ply, glued at edge, Round and full, sonically-tuned sound spectrum

Zultan 21" Caz Ride Sizzle

Sizzle Ride Cymbal


Hand hammered, Full sounding bell, Ride cymbal with a unique blend of wide fundamental tone and shimmering harmonic overtones, With excellent stick...

DW Design 20" Pancake Bass Drum

Pancake Bass Drum


Design series, Mini lugs, Chrome hardware, Includes bass drum legs

Gretsch 18"x16" FT Catalina Cl. SWG

Floor Tom


Catalina Club Series, CC1-1618F-SWG, Version 2014, Matte painted drumshell, 7-ply 100% mahogany drumshell, 1.6 mm steel hoops, Mini Gretsch lugs

Pearl PCB-6

Primero Cowbell


Salida series, Pearl Cowbells are known worldwide for their durability and clear sound, Each cowbell is moulded from the highest quality flat...

Evans 16" EMAD Clear Tom/Bass Drum

16" Tom Tom / Bass Drumhead


Clear, For drum shells with metal hoops, Single ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept by way of variable and interchangeable externally mounted...

Nino Nino 4 Percussion Set

Hand Percussion Set 4


Nino 555 Mini guiro, Nino 550 Triangle, Botany Shaker Banana, Botany Shaker apple, Nino 501 Caxixi, Nino 502 Claves, Nino 540MBR Egg Shaker small,...

Sonor BSTL Bongo Stand BK

Sit-Down Bongo Stand


Extremely low adjustable bongo stand for seated players, Suitable for most bongo designs

Paiste PST7 14" China

China Cymbal


PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Powerful China for explosive accentuation, Can be used in many styles, Made in Switzerland

Paiste 12" PSTX Cajon Hats

Cajon Hi-Hat Cymbal


PSTX series, Defined stick stop, Bright, dry sound, Clear chick, Easy to play with hands, rods, brooms or light sticks, Also usable as X-Hat

Pearl PC-900 All-Fit Conga Stand

Conga Stand


Fits most congas and djembes, Adjustable height, Tilt able, Compact folding for transportation, Quick release strap

Zildjian 16" Oriental China Trash

16" Oriental China Trash


Oriental series, Brilliant finish, Authentic "trashy" china sound, Very fast response, explosive, with a short decay time

Zultan 08" F5 Big Bell

Effects Cymbal


Big Bell, F5 Series, The sound is extremely clear and long lasting, Ideal for effects and rhythmic atmosphere, 100% Handmade, made from B-20 bronze

Pearl ADP-20

Adapter Multi Clamp


For attaching tom arms or cymbal arms on the stand

Zildjian 24" A-Series Medium Ride

Ride Cymbal


Regular finish, The Zildjian ride cymbal with the probably deepest fundamental tone, Ideal as a second ride cymbal

Remo 08"x02" Rahmentrommel

Frame Drum


Acousticon shell, Walnut finish, Pre-tuned batter head

Goldon Lotus Flute

Slide Whistle


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Wide, fast response and assertive strong splash, The ideal first splash

Zildjian 10" FX Stacks



Upper cymbal made of the same material as the Zildjian Low Volume cymbal, Lower cymbal made of rolled steel, Can also be used as a hi-hat, Includes...

Zildjian 10" ZBT Splash

10" Splash


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Wide, fast response and assertive strong splash, The ideal first splash

Remo 08" Ambassador Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador Coated, White, rough coated, Single ply batter head, Suitable for all genres

Evans 08" EC2S/SST Clear Control

Tom Tom Drum Head


Transparent / clear, EC2S Series, With SST (Sound Shaping Technology), Each drum head is manufactured with individual damping according to its...

Istanbul Agop 19" Xist Dry Dark Ride


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Wide, fast response and assertive strong splash, The ideal first splash

Sonor B10 Glockenspiel Bag

Bag for NG 10 Glockenspiel


Storage and transport bag for glockenspiels, With continuous zipper and carrying handle

Terre Caxixi Kalabash Small

Small Caxixi


With pumpkin cover, Filled with glass and plastic pearls, Produce a strong, intense sound

Millenium SH-1 Drumstick Holder

Drumstick Holder


Robust screw clamping system, Usable for single sticks, Attachable to every cymbal, microphone and music stand, Black

Ludwig P88AC Throw-Off

Snare Throw-Off With Butt-Plate


Fits all snares with previous P83 / P85 / P86 throw-offs, Wave-Lock mechanism in the tuning knob for increased tuning stability

LP 221B 20" Conga Head

20" Conga Head


Professional series, Natural, Without hoops - not mounted!

Sabian 15" B8X Thin Crash

Thin Crash


B8X Series, Natural finish, Hammered bell, Stronger hammering, Warm and complex sound, Further development of the Sabian B8 Series

LP 263A Bongo Head Professional

Bongo Head


"Latin Percussion", For the Professional and Galaxy series

Paiste 2002 Classic 22" Crash

Crash Cymbal


2002 Classic series, Bright, warm, full, radiant crash sound, Defined sound, Even sustain, Versatile crash cymbal, The definitive classic crash sound

Remo 18" Emperor Clear

Batter head


Emperor Series, Clear-transparent model, Double ply, With few overtones, For rock, hard-rock, and other heavy music styles

Evans 12" Genera Dry Coated Snare

Snare Head


Genera Dry Snare Battered Coated, White roughened

Millenium Tom Tom Lug Chrome

Tom Lug


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Wide, fast response and assertive strong splash, The ideal first splash

LP 846-SN Micro Snare

Micro Snare


Size 6" x 3 1/4", Brilliant and crisp snare effect, Excellent add-on for drum sets, Quick on/off snare release, Can be mounted on most standard mounts

Evans S13H30 Hazy 300 Resonant Head

Snaren Resonant Head


3 mil (0.0076mm) thick film, The most common Snare Resonant Head is one of the most versatile, With the Hazy 300 the drummer is equipped for quiet,...

Zultan 16" Dune Hi-Hat

Hi-hat cymbal


Dune series, Hand-hammered, Premium hi-hat cymbals in traditional Turkish production style, Made of B20 bronze, Dry, fast fading, thrashy sound,...

LP 1400-C2 UDU Drum Claytone #2

Udu drum


Middle model, With stand ring