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Zultan 15" Raw Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


Raw series, Dark, warm and full sound, 100% hand hammered from B20 bronze, High musicality, The dry surface gives a dry, earthy sound with little...

Millenium MPS-200 Mono Cymbal Pad

Electric Drum Cymbal Pad


Round 12" model, Mono model, Rubber surface, Asymmetrical weight distribution, making unwanted turning impossible, Cable included

Remo 18" Ambassador Coated Bass Dru

Bass Drum Head


Ambassador series, White roughened, Single ply, white coated batter head

Rockbag RB22781 Dual Percussion Bag

Accessory Bag for Percussion


Robust, water resistant Rok Tex surface material, 5 mm padding, 10 mm wide zipper, Detachable carrying strap, With outer pocket

DW PDP 13"x07" Black Wax Snare

Snare Drum


Drum shell made of 10 layers of maple, Painted matte, Matte black surface with translucent wood grain, DW MAG withdrawal, True pitch clamping...

Millenium Rack Clamp Black

Rack Clip


Aluminum clip for attaching Tom arms, cymbals arms or similar accessories to rack tubes, Suitable for racks up to 38 mm diameter

Pearl DB100 Double Beater

Bass Drum Pedal Beater


Double-sided, 2 Playing surfaces

Overtone Labs Tune Bot Drum Tuner Studio

Drum Tuner


Measures pitch at the lugs as well as the overall pitch of the drum heads as frequency and notes, Overtone filter, Different tuning of sound or...

Millenium MC628 Multi Clamp

Standard Multiclamp


Suitable for pipe diameters from 16 to 28 mm

Mapex 30th Anniversary Kit

Drum Set


30th Anniversary kit, The Orion classic sound meets modern MAPEX features of the Saturn V and BP Design Lab series and adds more warmth, presence,...

Zildjian 21" A-Series Mega Bell Ride

21" Ride Cymbals


A series, Mega Bell Ride, Brilliant finish, B20 alloy, Extremely heavy and loud ride cymbal with an extra large bell

Schlagwerk WT5 Wah-Wah Tubes Set

Wah-Wah Tube 5-Piece Set


Pentatonic tuning, Wah-Wah tubes are tubular bells made of aluminum with 5 mallets, Long-lasting sound, rich in overtones, which can be modulated...

Remo 16"x2,5" Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Acousticon shell, Walnut finish, Pre-tuned batter head

Schlagwerk 12" Cajon Hi-Hat

Cajon Hi-Hat Cymbal


Handmade in Turkey, Brushed surface, Thin cymbal especially suitable for playing with the hand and with a fast response

Pearl PC-2500 All-Fit Conga Stand

Conga Stand


Suitable for almost all congas, Adjustable height, Compact folding for transportation, Universal size for standing players, Extendable legs

Evans 24" EMAD Heavyweight Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


2-Ply, EMAD Heavyweight drum heads comprise two layers of thick film (2 x 0.25 mm), These ensure a pronounced bass response and powerful attack, as...

Paiste 2002 Classic 24" Ride

24" Ride Bonham A very versatile ride with a very clear ping and a warm, overall lively sound. Strong Bell, wide frequency spectrum: the ride is particularly suitable for low to mid volume levels.


Paiste 2002 series, Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Very versatile, Warm, very lively sound

Millenium 20"x14" MX200 Series Bass Drum

Bass Drum


From the Millenium MX200 series, Drum shell with wrap finish, Single ply drumhead

Zultan 12" Aja Splash



Aja series, Crisp, sharp sound thanks to the use of high-quality bronze

Pearl ISS-1216 ISS Tom Holder System

Tom Mounting System


Pearl vision, For 12" - 16" Regular rims (1.6 mm), To screw on rim, Including BT-300 Tom Rosette

Remo 18" Pinstripe clear

18" Pinstripe


Transparent/clear, Double ply, glued together at the edge, Rounded tonally and tuned with a full sound spectrum

Contemporanea 18"x 40cm Nesting Surdo Red

Surdo drum


Colourfully painted aluminium body, Perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, Can be played by placing the instrument in a standing...

Zultan 15" Q Crash

Crash Cymbal


"Q" Series, Dark and ​​deep, full sounding crash cymbal with incredible dynamic range, The outer 2" ring of the top cymbal is hammered...

LP 1400-C4 UDU Drum Claytone #4

Drum Claytone


#4, Big model, With ring base

Pearl ECB-22 Agogo Bell Metal

Agogo Bell


Metal construction, 2 Tones - high and low tone

Pearl Export 22"x18" Bass Drum #31

Bass Drum


Export series, Blended shells made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Wrap finish, Chrome shell hardware, Deep, voluminous sound

Millenium TH-6 Single Tom Tom Holder

Single Tom Holder


For 10.5 mm and 12.7 mm tom tom mounts, Lower tube diameter is 22.2 mm, Can be used for all drums with these diameters, Adjustable via ball joint,...

LP 848-SN Micro Snare 8" x 3 1/4"

Micro Snare


Brilliant and crisp snare effect, Excellent add-on for drum sets, Quick on/off snare release, Can be mounted on most standard mounts

Millenium 08"x07" MX200BK Series TomTom

08"x07" Tom Tom


From the Millennium MX200 series, Sheet based drum shell, Single-ply skin

Remo 13" CS Coated Black Dot Snare

Snare Drumhead


CS series, Roughened white with black reinforcement point on the bottom of the head, Very popular snare drum head

Pearl 16"x16" Export Floor Tom #31



Export Series, Foil-wrapped shell made from Asian mahogany and poplar for a deeper, full-bodied sound, Chrome shell hardware, Deep and voluminous...

Remo 26" Powerstroke 3 Ebony Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 series, With integrated damping ring, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Incl. Dynamo ring, Single-layer resonant skin like Ambassador...

Afroton AF 781 Goat Skin 60cm



Shaved, Simple goatskin, Without hoops, For self-tensioning

Istanbul Agop Clap Stack

Cymbal Stack


3-Piece stack - 11" + 13" + 15", Acoustic reproduction of an 8-bit hand-clap

Evans SO-0244 Fusion Sound Off Pack

Sound Off - Muffler Set


Fusion version, 1x 12", 2x 14"

Istanbul Agop 22" Xist Crash Brilliant

Crash Cymbal


Xist series, Brilliant finish, Clear, fine-structured, quick attack, Clean decay

Sonor B-GS/B-SG Glockenspiel Bag

Case for Soprano Glockenspiel


Suitable for GS and SG glockenspiels, Carrying handle, Continuous zipper

Remo 08" Pinstripe Clear

8" Pin Stripe Clear Tom Drum Head


Transparent / Clear, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full spectrum of sound

LP 1207 Jam Block Red Medium

Jam Block


Medium pitch, Modern version of the good ol' wood block, With mounting clamp

Remo 13" Ambassador Reso Snare

Resonant Drum Head Snare


Size 13"

Millenium Bongo Skins for MB202

Bongo Head Set


For the Millenium MB202 model, Set comprising two heads

Istanbul Mehmet 24" Jazz Ride Siz. Turk Series

24" Jazz Ride Cymbals with Rivets


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for dark, washed-out sound, The Turk cymbals are characterised by an untreated surface, which...

Remo 26" Pinstripe Ebony Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


Pin stripe model, Ebony - black, Two-ply glued to the edge, Round, tonally tuned, full sound spectrum

Istanbul Mehmet 19" Legend Dark Ride Sizzle

19" Ride Cymbal with Rivets


Natural finish, Specially designed for jazz, this Ride cymbal has full and warm sound

Pearl T-062/6 Tune Screws f. Toms/SD

Tension Screw Set


For toms and snare drums, With square head, 7/32" x 62 mm

LP A640B 11" Conga Head Aspire

Conga Head


For the LP Aspire series, 11" Diameter, Natural skin (raw leather)

Meinl HE-103 Darabuka

Aluminium Darabuka


Turkish style, Smooth aluminium, Replaceable synthetic head (replacement head is not included), Incl. Tuning key

Istanbul Agop 17" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat


Aluminum clip for attaching Tom arms, cymbals arms or similar accessories to rack tubes, Suitable for racks up to 38 mm diameter

Zildjian 12" FX Spiral Stacker

Spiral Stacker Effects Cymbal


For stacking on any cymbal (same size or larger), Fast response and short sustain, Visual effect (like a spring) when played, Enables new,...

Pearl EXX 10"x07" TT Add-On # 31

Tom Tom Add On Pack


Pearl Export series, EXX10P/C-31, Chrome-plated hardware, 6-Ply Drum shell with wrap finish made of poplar and mahogany, Including Pearl single tom...

Remo 15" Pinstripe clear

Drumhead for Tom Toms


Pinstripe, Transparent/clear, Glued together, double ply at the edge, Round tone and a balanced, full spectrum of sound

Pearl 14"x14" Export Floor Tom #31

Floor Tom


Export series, Drum shell with wrap finish, mixture of Asian mahogany and poplar, Chrome drum shell hardware, Deeper sound with more volume,...

Sonor CX CM Concert Mallet Frame

Concert Mallet Base Frame


For CXPO38 xylophone palisono, CML38 metallophone and CXP38 xylophone palisander bars, With rollers, Adjustable in height from 76 - 101 cm, With...

Rohema 61475s Rubber Head Mallet

Rubber head mallet


Plastic head, Made in Germany

Millenium 13"x11" MX200 Series TomTom

Tom Tom


From the Millenium MX200 series, Drum shell with wrap finish, Single ply drum head

Remo 12" CS Coated Black Dot Snare

Snare Head


CS series, White roughened with black reinforcement point on the underside of the head, Very popular snare drum skin

Istanbul Agop 10" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat


Aluminum clip for attaching Tom arms, cymbals arms or similar accessories to rack tubes, Suitable for racks up to 38 mm diameter

Remo 11" Renaissance Medium Collar

Banjo head


Renaissance Diplomat, Slightly roughened banjo head

Sonor Rubber Strap ALS1

Isolation pad


For all box games, Textile spun cord

Pearl RL-10 Tune Lugs Tom



2003 Version, For tom, for SRX, EX and ELX models, Chrome finish

Masterwork 06" Custom Splash

6" SplashA considerable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential features of the Custom series.


Masterwork Custom series, Traditional surface, Completely handmade according to old Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Sonor ZR1 for BSX 300 Concert

Sonor Holding Pins


Suitable for BSX 300, CX, CM

Zultan 20" Rock Beat China

China Cymbal


China cymbal with clear, powerful trebles and short, quick response, Slowly decay, Made of B-20 bronze, Sparkling tones across the entire sound...

LP 637 Rubber Feet Set

Rubber Foot Set


For placement of congas, Connected with a band (bottom distance 3 cm)

Adams Fell Renaissance Adams 32" Uni

Timpani Head


Renaissance, For 32" Adams Universal Timpani

Paiste 10" PSTX Swiss Hats

Hi-Hat Cymbals


PSTX Series, Silk matte finish, Combination of two different materials, bronze and brass, for a dry, assertive sound

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 18"x15" RB

Bass Drum


Stage Custom Birch series - Version 2014, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, SBB1815-RBL, High-gloss lacquered shell, Powerful, warm, dynamic and...

Remo 06" CS Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


CS Series clear with black dot, Single ply head, With reinforcement point in the center of the head

Remo 28" Powerstroke 4 coated Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 4 series, Size 28", Double-ply batter head, With damping ring in the edge - bottom, Easy to tune, Very durable, For Rock-Hard Rock-Heavy

Pearl 12"x08" Export Tom Tom #31

Tom Tom


Export model, EXX1208T / C #31, Wrap finished mixed shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more voluminous sound

Adams Fell Renaissance Adams 23" Uni



Renaissance, For 23" Adams Universal Timpani

Peter Hess GR-Set Rubber ring set

Set Rubber Rings


Made of natural rubber, Offers the advantage that the shell does not rotate so easily during rubbing, The ring is not visible during use

Contemporanea Surdo Beater

Surdo Beater


35 cm Long, Soft felt tip, For all common surdos

Contemporanea 06" Head Nylon

Replacement Head


For Contemporanea Surdo, Repenique, Pandeiro, Tamborim and Cuica