Drums and Percussion

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Pearl D-2500BR Drum Throne

Drum Throne


"Roadster" series, With backrest, With spindle for stepless height adjustment, StopLock locking function on the spindle, Saddle form seat, Vinyl...

Gewa 14"x5,5" Premium Snare Bag

Snare Drum Bag


Tear and water-resistant, Lined with 20 mm of foam material, 10 mm Zip, Padded handles, Shoulder strap with metal carabiners and metal eyelets,...

Pearl P-922 Bass Drum Pedal

Double Pedal


Power Shifter series, Single-chain drive, Base plate, Duo-beater, Optimal running characteristics

RAV Vast A Marmara

Tongue Drum in Handpan Look


Bag included

Millenium Tour Drum Bag Set Fusion

Millenium 22"x18" Tour Bass Drum Bag


22"x18" Tour Series Bass Drum Bag, Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material,...

Afroton AD 007 Djembe



From Ghana, Handmade wooden body from the stem, Goat skin, Rope system tuning, Wide dynamics, Crystal clear treble and fat bass

Remo 22" Powersonic Bass Clear

Bass drumhead


Powersonic series, POWERSONIC® Bass Drumheads gives the drummer controlled mid range and low end for the most powerful bass drum sound that hits...

Pearl RH-2050 Eliminator Cable HiHat

Cable Hi-Hat Stand


Double-braced, With 2 rotating legs, 2 m Bowden cable, Improved touch through movement with interchangeable cams, Freely adjustable spring tension,...

Paiste PST7 16" Crash

Crash Cymbal


PST7 Series, Traditional sound and look, Suitable for all musical styles, Made in Switzerland

Pearl B-1030 Cymbal Boom Stand

Cymbal Stand with Boom Arm


Gyro-lock tilter, Extra large non-slip rubber feet, Greater stability, Absorb overtones and vibrations, Nylon fittings in the tubes, Parallel...

Millenium HB5A Hornbeam BK

Hornbeam Drumsticks


Made in Europe, Extremely hard wood, Highly balanced quality

Tama HP310L Speedcobra Single

Single Bass Drum Pedal


"Speed ​​Cobra" series, The speed ​cobra 310 was developed by the same design principles as the speed ​​cobra 910,...

Aquarian PF-A Drum Head Set Studio

Drum Head Set


Performance II series, Transparent, Double ply drum head set, 1x 10" - 1x 12" - 1x 14" Tom heads, 1x 14" Snare drum head, roughened white, Full...

Pro Mark TX515W Joey Jordison



Joey Jordison Signature stick, American hickory wood, Wooden tip, Shape is based on the 707 stick with the diameter of 5A model

Vic Firth VFSRH Ralph Hardimon Wood Tip

Corpsmaster Sticks "Ralph Hardimon"


Wood tips

Millenium Beggar Drum Natural Skin

Beggars drum


With natural skin covering, Frame about 3.5 cm high, Wooden handle, Suitable for children from 3 years, Ideal for musical early education of children

LP 174 Cyclop Tambourine BK

Cyclops Tambourine


Handheld model with handle, Yenigor frame made from synthetic material, Double row, 14 Pairs of hammered brass jingles

Pearl Export 14"x5,5" Snare #700

Snare Drum


Export Series, EXX1455S / C-700, Chrome-plated drum shell hardware, Wrap finish

Evans B14HD 14" Snare Drum Head

Snare Drumhead


Genera HD, Two plies, White, roughened, Incorporated damping ring on the inside, Defined response and controlled sustain

Yamaha CH-755 Cymbal Arm Long

Cymbal Holder Arm


Long boom, Stand tube also height-adjustable

No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves 3-PK Black

Cymball sleeve set


Makes wing nuts, locking devices, washers and felts superfluous, Fits on 6" and 8" thread cymbal stand

2box Drumit Five Bass Drum Beater

Bassdrum Beater


DrumIt Five ball-beater

Tama HS50S Classic Snare Drum Stand

Snare drum stand


One-braced, Traditional snare basket, Diameter adjustable from 12" to 15", Angle infinitely adjustable, Height adjustable from 39 - 59 cm, 60 cm...

Rohema Junior Hickory lacquer finish

Drum Sticks


Classic series, Lacquer finish, Made in Germany

Istanbul Mehmet 22" Tony Williams Ride

Ride Cymbal


Tony Williams tribute model, B20 bronze, Hand hammered, True-to-life replicas of the cymbals Tony Williams played on the legendary 1960s recordings...

Vic Firth AJ4 American Jazz



American Classic series, Hickory wood, Wooden tip, Small tear drop head, Thin stick that produces a great cymbal sound

Big Fat Snare Drum Snare-Bourine Donut 14"

14" Snare Drum Topper


With four tambourine jingles, 14-BFSD-SBD, Compared to "The Original" version's somewhat weaker level of damping, the feel of the original drumhead...

Dixon Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp


For attaching tom or cymbal arms and related attachments to rack bars

Evans SO14Hat Sound Off Damper

Hi-Hat Damper


Also fits 15" cymbals, Guarantees a natural stick rebound, Easy to handle

Paiste 20" PST8 Reflector Medium Ride



PST8 Series, Radiant full and warm sounding ride cymbal with extremely balanced overall sound and balanced play feeling, Clear distinct stick...

Evans 14" G1 Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera 1 Coated, White, rough coated batter head, Single ply, Natural warm sustain

Remo 16" CS Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


CS Series Clear, With black dot, 1-Ply drum head, With reinforcing dot in the middle of drum head, Also highly popular as snare skin, especially...

Zildjian 20" K-Custom Hybrid Ride

Ride Cymbal


K Custom Series, Hybrid finish, Regular outside, Brillant inside, Manufactured according to the desires of Akira Jimbo, The ride combines a dark,...

Sabian 22" AAX Medium Ride


22"x18" Tour Series Bass Drum Bag, Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material,...

Wincent 5BXL Hickory Woodtip

Drum Sticks


Wood tip, Slightly longer than 5B for more power and range

Roland MH2-8 8" Powerply Mesh Head

Mesh Head


Extremely durable, Two layered, Developed in cooperation with REMO USA, Very good feedback during play, Almost noiseless stop

Evans 12" Hydraulic Red Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Oil-filled, Double ply, Full-bodied, deep sound, Short sustain, For rock, fusion, live and studio, TT12HR

Nino Botany Shaker Set Fruits

Shaker Set


1 lemon, 1 orange

LP 201AX-2 Generation II Bongo

Bongo Set


Comfort Curve II rims, 4 Tuning lugs

Tama MTH600 Double Tom Holder

Douple Tom Holder


Omni-ball system, For Tama Imperialstar series

Contemporanea 18"x 55cm Surdo Alu



Size 18" x 55 cm, Aluminium body, Pro Series -Top instruments for professional requirements, Plastic skins, The drum with a low tone, which can be...

Paiste 19" Rude Wild Crash

19" Wild Crash


Energetic, powerful, metallic, roaring crash, Gentle playing feel, Outstandingly suitable for crash/ ride drum patterns, Heavy, robust, loud crash...

LP 202AW Triple Bongo Set

Triple Bongo Set


Traditional hoops, Hardware. Chrome

Nino Nino 3NT-HK

Nino Bongo Set


First-class bongos with professional hardware, rounded, powder coated strings and real buffalo skin

Vic Firth 7AB Nova Hickory Black Wood



Made by Vic Firth, Wooden tips

PUR Cajon Brush "Soft Touch"

Cajon Brush


Non-slip nylon handle, Soft version, Made in Canada

Istanbul Mehmet 20" Legend Dry Crash-Ride


22"x18" Tour Series Bass Drum Bag, Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material,...

Schlagwerk FPS10

Floor Percussion Set


The Floor Percussion Set consists of 3 components - side kick, sizzle board and krix, Thanks to the practical hook & loop connection, the...

Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit

Accessory Set for DrummerConsists Of:


Protection pad for bass drum, 3 Clamping screws, 2 Washers for cymbal, 3 Pods, 8 Cymbal felts, Snare cord, Tuning key

Istanbul Agop 19" Xist Dark ION Crash

Crash cymbal


Xist Dark ION series, Dark trashy sound with fast response and short decay

Sonor GFC1 Finger Cymbals

Finger Cymbals


Includes strap

Remo 10" Powerstroke 4 Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Powerstroke 4 series, Double-ply batter head (Emperor thickness), With damping ring at edge - underside, Very easy to tune, durable drum head with...

LP 1208-K Stealth Jam Block BK

Stealth Jam Block


Medium pitch, With mounting clamp, Modern version of the good ol' wood block, Made of Jenigor plastic

Puresound B1320 Blaster Wires 13/20

Snare Wires


Model Series Blaster, Suitable for 13" snare drum, 20 strands, Steel coils made of special alloy, Especially suitable for loud and intense play,...

Zultan 10" Splash Dark Matter

Splash Cymbal


Dark Matter Line, Hand hammered, Dark splash cymbal, Made of B20 bronze, Dark, warm sound character with great dynamics and fine overtones,...

Meinl 10" Byzance Ex.Dry Dual Splash

Crash Cymbal


Byzance Series, Extra Dry Dual Crash, Brilliant finish, Exciting contrast between extra dry and brilliant finish due to the combination of...

Puresound S1330 Super 30 Wires 13/30

Snare Wires


Model Super 30, For 13" Snare Drum, 30 strands, Handmade, Constructed like the Custom series but with more articulation and responsiveness,...

Paiste M2 Gong Beater

Gong Beater


Head covered with felt and fur, For Symphonic 20" gongs, Aluminum handle with vinyl grip

Evans 13" G2 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drumhead


Genera G2 series

Peter Hess FS-K

Felt mallet


Small mallet with a hard felt head, Plastic stick shaft, Stick length approx. 23 cm, Recommended for head-, Zen- and Assam singing bowls

Meinl MCB22-BP Cymbal Bag

22" Cymbal Bag


Backpack functionality, Made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, Outside pocket for up to 15 "hi-hats, 3 Inside compartments, Reinforced material at...

Meinl MPM1 Percussion Felt Mallet

Percussion mallets


Big felt tip, Medium hard, Shaft made of maple, Made in Germany

Remo 24" CS Clear Bass Drum

24" CS Series with Black Dot


Bass drum drumhead, Very popular bass drum head, A lot of attack, Single-ply batter head with black reinforcement point in the middle, Suitable for...

Meinl 08" Classics Custom Bell

Bell Cymbal


Classics custom series, Brillant surface finish, Clear, glass-sounding sound with pleasant sound reflection, Bright and cutting for fast accents

Millenium Drumrack Bag



For drum rack, 115 cm Long, 26 cm Diameter, 3 Interior pockets, Suitable for K&M speaker stand (K&M 21436) and other similar items

Evans 08" Black Chrome Tom

Tom Tom Drumhead


The Black Chrome Series is the ultimate in low-frequency and bassy depth of sound, A drumhead for the hardest and most demanding of drummers,...

Ahead Armor Deluxe Cymbal Trolley


22"x18" Tour Series Bass Drum Bag, Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material,...

Evans 18" Black Chrome Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


The Black Chrome series is the ultimate in low-frequency, and bassy depth of sound, The two-ply combination of a 7 mil clear top and a 7.5 mil...

Meinl MQW-10 Cuica Bag

Professional Cuica Bag


Extremely tear-resistant nylon fabric, Shoulder strap, Carrying handle, Extra pocket

Gretsch G5 Hardwarepack

Hardware Pack


Double-braced, 1x G5 Cymbal boom stand, 1x G5 Hi-hat stand, 1x G5 Snare stick, 1x G5 Bass drum pedal with base plate

Meinl HHead11

Conga Head


Meinl Conga Headliners, Pre-mounted

Pearl HWP-930 Hardware Set

Hardware Set


"930" Series, 1x C-930 Straight cymbal stand, 1x H-930 Hi-Hat stand, 1x S-930 Snare stand, 1x P-930 Single bass drum pedal

Roland Rack Clamp

Rack Clamp


Suitable for the Roland MDS-4, MDS-9 and MDS-12 racks

Tama LBR1465 Sound Lab Snare

Snare Drum


Black brass, S.L.P. Sound Lab Project Series, Model LBR1465, Black nickel shell hardware with Starclassic lugs, 2.3 mm Steel hoops, MLS50A + B...

Roland CYM-10 Cymbal Part Set

Cymbal Parts Set


Cymbal stopper, Felt washer, Wing nut, Suitable for all Roland CY cymbals