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Pro Mark TXR2BW Hickory -Wood- Natural



2B sticks, Hickory wood, Oval wooden tips, Natural surface finish

Pro Mark TX419W Hickory - Wood Tip



Hickory wood, Oval wooden tip, This stick is similar to the 2S except a bit shorter. It is definitely best for heavy drummers.

LP 485 Hi-Hat Shaker

Hi-Hat Shekere


Can be mounted on all standard Hi-Hat tripods, The extremely stable fiberglass body has a unique Shekere tone which produces a special additional...

Meinl MDST8BK 8" Snare Timbales

Drummer Snare Timbales


Strong mounting clamp, Snare effect can be switched off quickly and easily, No buzzing when the snare effect is off

Sonor CFS Conga Floor Stand

Conga Floor Stand


Suitable for all sizes, Ideal for hand pans and Rav Vast

Meinl HE-102 Darabuka

Aluminium Darabuka


Turkish style, Smooth aluminium, Replaceable synthetic head (replacement head is not included), Incl. Tuning key

LP A663A Bongo Head Aspire 6 3/4"

Bongo Head


For LP Aspire bongos, Natural bongo head

Meinl FD20D-TF 20" DAF Framedrum

Daf Frame Drum


"True Feel" - plastic skin, Metal rings for special effects, Extra light construction

Meinl HE-205 Copper Darabuka

Copper Darabuka


Hand engraved, Turkish style, Hand-hammered copper, With untanned natural head, Includes a bag to carry the drum, replacement head, tuning key

Meinl KA9WW-BK Wah-Wah Kalimba

Wah-Wah Kalimba


Rubberwood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)

Schlagwerk TA5 Gigbag Bass Cajon

Transport Bag for Bass Cajon


Padded nylon bag with shoulder strap and side pocket, The ideal way to be mobile with your cajon

Pearl 18"x16" Decade Maple FT -WH

Stand Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1816F/C229, Matt lacquered drum shell, Chrome plated drum shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6...

Evans 14" S14GEN30 Snare Resonant

14" Orchestral Snare Resonant Head


Orchestral 300 series

Pearl FT-65/10 Tune Lugs FFS Sn.



For 6.5" Pearl Deep FFS Free Floating Snares, Chrome finish

Aquarian 26" Performance II Clear Dot B

Head for Bass Drum


Performance II clear with power dot top, Transparent, double-ply head, With extra reinforcement, power dot, Manufactured with the Aquarian vacuum...

Evans S15H30 Hazy 300 Resonant Head

Snare Drum Resonance Head


Highly versatile snare resonance head, For quiet as well as loud sounds, Suitable for everything from pop to metal

Evans 13" Genera Snare Coated

Snare Batter Head


Roughened white, Single ply, Incorporated damping ring on the inside, Defined response and controlled sustain

Tama MAM12 StarCast Mounting System

Star-Cast Mounting System


For 12" toms from the Tama Starclassic series from 2006 onwards, Chrome version, Complete with tom rosette and damper with nut, Without Star-Cast...

Pearl T-066X Tune Screws Bass Dr

Tuning Lug


For bass drum, With square head, M5, 8 x 110 mm

Pearl T-061L/6 Tune Screws Tom-Sn

Tension Screw Set


For toms and snare drums, With square head

Pearl Export 13"x05" Snare #21

Snare Drum


EXX1350S/C-21, Chrome drumshell hardware, Drum shells are with a wrap finish

Meinl 15" Byzance Thin Crash

Thin Crash


Byzance Series, Traditional finish, Byzance cymbals are handmade in Turkey, Refined and revised by Meinl, Light, blurry and dark (frequency range)...

Triggera Bix Kick Beater Trigger V2 L

Kick beater with built-in trigger


This version features a jack socket on the left side, For kick pads and acoustic bass drums, Compatible with all pedals and drum modules, Not much...

Pro Mark TUBZ

Percussion Tool


Plastic mallet, For drums and percussions, Pair

Meinl ID2BKR Ibo Drum

Ibo Drum


Long neck, Large size, High-quality fibreglass, Robust construction, Built-in microphone hole, Incl. Stand ring

Gewa SPS 11" Conga Bag

11" Conga Bag


From the SPS series, Version Cordura 600 Denier - black, Reinforced all supporting parts, Tear and water resistant, With 20 mm foam - fleece...

Yamaha Stage Custom 12"x08" TT -CR

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch Series, SBT1208-CR, 6-Ply drum shell made of 100% birch wood, Drumshell is coated with a high-gloss lacquer, Incl. Yess tom tom...

Studio 49 AM-03 Pins with Rubber

Pens with Rubber


SM 1600/2000, AM 1600/2000, BM 1600, 9724

Remo 10" Renaissance Ambassador

Tom Tom Drum Head



Meinl DCAP-L Djembe Cap 12"

Padded Protection for Djembe


Strong tear-resistant nylon fabric

LP 628G Procare Shell Protectors

Procare shell protectors


Gold coloured, To protect the conga shell and the screw, respectively, 6 pieces per pack

Sonor Rastplatte 76221259

Locking-Plate Complete


For stick games and timpani, 1 Piece

Sonor 12"x08" AQ2 Tom Tom TQZ

Tom Tom


AQ2 series, High-gloss lacquered shell, Chrome shell hardware, New SmartMount tom mounting system for optimal sound sustain with a minimal amount...

Remo 06" Pinstripe Coated

Drumhead for Tom Toms


Coated, White, roughened, Double ply , glued together at the edge, Round tone and a balanced, full spectrum of sound, Overtone reducing agent...

Evans 06" Onyx Black Tom Tom

Tom Tom Drumhead


Onyx Black, 2-Ply tom drumhead, This gives the series not only its matte black appearance, but offers additional protection as well, The low and...

Yamaha Stage Custom 13"x09" TT -PWH

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBT1309 PWH, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquered, With Yess Tom Tom mounting system

Peter Hess KKS7 Satin mat

Supports for singing bowls


With 1 cm thick padding

Sonor Sound Plate e3

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

Remo 11" Low Collar Banjo Head

Banjo fur


White roughened (top)

Meinl 14" Generation X Filter China

14" Filter China


Generation X series, Regular finish, Very short, aggressive china sound that is not very loud due to the waved edge, with fast decay

Sabian 20" Paragon Diamondback China

China Cymbal


Paragon Diamondback Series, Natural finish, Neil Peart Signature cymbal, Handmade from Sabian B20 bronze, Made with integrated jingles and rivets,...

Sonor AD1 Basis Trolley Adapter

Basis Trolley Adapter


For Basis Trolley and diatonic soprano, alto, tenor-alto and bass mallet instruments with 3 brackets, 3 Adapters, 1 Assembly key, Replaces AS 1 and...

Remo 28" Renaissance Ambassador Bas

Bass Drum Head


Renaissance Ambassador

Paiste 16" Giant Beat Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Giant Beat series, Made of CuSn8 bronze, also called bronze in 2002, For quiet to loud playing situations - live and for studio recordings, Bright...

Meinl 22" Byzance Medium Crash

Crash Cymbal


Byzance series, Medium, Traditional model, Byzance cymbals are handmade in Turkey, Refined and reworked by Meinl, Warm crash sound with an...

Black Swamp Percussion Dynamicx Snare Drum DXS5514TSH


Realistic rebound, for all standard single and double pedals, Sturdy build, Collapsible pad

British Drum Company 12"x5,5" The Imp Snare

Snare Drum


Maple / tulip tree / birch hybrid shell, 30° Rounded bearing edge, Made in Britain

Mapex TND5294FTC Tornado Standard YB

Complete Drumset


Tornado series, Standard version, Shell with wrap finish, Basswood shell

Gretsch Catalina Club Rock -SWG

Drum Shell Set


Catalina Club Series, Rock set, 7-Ply 100% Mahogany shells, Matte lacquered, 30° Bearing edge on all shells, GTS freely suspended tom tom mount...

Tama HT430BGC Drum Throne

Drum Throne


"1st Chair" Series, Limited edition, Round, 90 mm thick seat, 14" Diameter, Special fabric seat to reduce perspiration, Turning spindle, Height...

Mapex MXT561A Drum Stool

Drummer Seat


Round upholstered stool, 33 cm Diameter, Rotating spindle height adjustment, Extremely long-lasting soft vinyl covering, Height adjustable 46-66...

Trick Drums Big Foot Black Widow Pedal ltd

Double Pedal


Limited edition, Two complete single pedals connected via a shaft, Direct drive, Freely adjustable hoop holder, Innovative design, Longboard...

Zultan 18" Caz Crash

Crash Cymbal


B20 Bronze, Hand-hammered, Quick-reaction crash, Warm full tone with extremely encouraging assertiveness and clearly defined tangy sound sharpness,...

Terre Djembe Carved Dragon 60cm



Model 38241096, Height approx. 60 cm, Diameter approx. 29 - 30 cm, Body is made from mahogany (Swietenia spp. mahagoni), Natural goatskin drum...

Meinl 18" HCS Crash

Cash Cymbal


HCS series, 18", Beginner cymbal series, Combines quality and value, MS63 mixture, Soft response with an average decay

Millenium X-Hat Hi-Hat



From the Pro series, Ideal for double pedal players or as an additional closed Hi-Hat on drum set, Including retaining clip

Remo 22" Powerstroke 4 Clear Bass

Bass drumhead


Powerstroke 4 series, Clear - transparent, Double ply drumhead, With dampening ring at the edge - Underside, Easy to tune, Highly durable, Less...

Asian Sound HAPI Drum Mini C-Dur

HAPI Drum Mini


Bag and mallets included

Remo PP-1192-BA Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead Set


Remo Ambassador Clear model, PP-1192-BA, 12", 13", 16" tom tom drumheads, 1-Ply, clear

DW 5700 Cymbal Stand

Boom Cymbal Stand


From 5000 series, Vertically retractable boom cymbal arm, Can be extended twice, Incl. memory locks, Double-braced, Solid design

Vater 5A Los Angeles Sticks Wood



American hickory wood, Wooden tips, Los Angeles, Very well balanced stick, heavier toward the tip for fast response, Good rebound from the drum

Paiste Classic 14" Sound Edge HH Top

Upper Hi-Hat Cymbal


2002 Classic series, SoundEdge

Yamaha DTX-Multi 12

Professional All-In-One Multipad


12 Dynamic pads (stick, hand, & finger mode), 5 external inputs, 200 user and 50 preset drum kits, 64 MB Wave memory, 1277 Voices, Built-in effect...

Pearl P-2050B Eliminator Pedal



Eliminator Redline Series, Belt drive, NiNja ball bearings from the skateboard industry, Free-swinging spring suspension, Quad-sided Quad Control...

Millenium HT200RD



16 Pairs of jingles, Double row

Remo 22" x 2.5" Ocean Drum Aquarium

Ocean Drum


Aquarium design, With transparent drum skin on top, Aquarium design on bottom

Evans RFBass Bass Pedal Practice Pad

RFBass Bass Pedal Practice Pad (Pedal not included)


Realistic rebound, for all standard single and double pedals, Sturdy build, Collapsible pad

Evans 14" Heavyweight Coated

Snare Drum Head


Coated, Two-piles, 10 mil per pile, With reverse dot, Level 360, Low in overtones, Durable, Ideal for loud music styles, B14HW

Mapex 14"x06" DL Heartbreaker NSW

Snare Drum


Black Panther Design Lab series, 8 mm mahogany shell with reinforcing rings, 45° SONIClear bearing edge, Sonic Saver hoops, Pure sound snare...

DW SM934S Cymbal Boom Arm Short

Cymbal boom


Infinitely lockable, TechLock protection, Memory clamp

Vic Firth AJ6



American jazz series, Hickory wood, Wooden tip, Small tear drop tip, 7A shaft coupled with a very narrow neck and tip for soft, fine cymbal sounds

Remo 20" Ambassador Clear Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


Ambassador clear, Single-ply drumhead, Open sound, Rich in overtones

LP 472 Mini Everything Rack

Percussion Rack


2x Holding arms in Z-shape (about 20 cm)

Gibraltar SC-GCHML Memory Clamp CH

Memory Clamp


From the Road Series Chrome, With hinge, To attach to rack bar and to fix rack brackets, With thumbscrew

Pearl B250QB Contr. Core Quad Beater

Bass drum pedal - quad beater


With four usable playing surfaces, Control Core for better shock absorption