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Meinl MGU2 Merengue Güira Small

Steel lguiro


Small version, Includes ABS scraper

Pearl EXX 08"x07" TT Add-On #704

Tom Tom Add-On Pack


Pearl Export Series, EXX8P/C-704, Chrome plated shell hardware, Poplar and mahogany 6-ply foil-wrapped shell, Pearl single tom holder TH70S and...

Sonor SQ1 10"x07" Tom Tom RGR

Tom Tom


Made from 100% European birch, 45° Bearing edge, CLTF "Cross Laminated Tension Free" glued-on drum shells and an OSM "Optimum Shell...

Schlagwerk RTDEF "Def" Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Extra light frame drum, Covered with goatskin, Due to the 87 mm high frame made of 6-ply glued beech wood, the weight is noticeably reduced, This...

Remo 20,5"x10" Festival Doumbek 63


Rock Beat series, Suitable for virtually any style of music, Includes a travel bag, Made of high-quality B20 bronze

Millenium 14" Sound Control Ring Snare

14" Sound Control Ring


For snare drum, To be laid flat on the drum head, Makes tuning the snare drum easier

Remo 26" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 series, Remo Impact Patch, Single ply drumhead in Ambassador thickness, With double reinforced outer edge for optimal sound control,...

Remo 20,5"x10" Festival Doumbek 65


Rock Beat series, Suitable for virtually any style of music, Includes a travel bag, Made of high-quality B20 bronze

Meinl MCJB-BP Cajon Backpack Pro

Rucksack for Cajon


Robust, tear resistant nylon fabric, Padded shoulder strap, Additional outer pocket

Pearl 18"x16" Decade Maple FT -RE

Stand Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1816F/C261, High-gloss lacquered drum shell, Chrome plated drum shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm)...

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Medium Ride Turk Series

18" Medium Ride Cymbal


Turk Series, Dry, earthy sound, Ideal for quick stick work, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by their unlathed surface that ensures a dry and...

Tama MSL10T Tune Lug Tom Tom

Clamping Brackets for Tom Tom


Suitable for Imperialstar and Superstar series, 4 cm hole spacing for mounting

Paiste 24" 900 Color Mega Ride BK

Mega Ride Cymbals


900 ColorSound series, Made from B8 (2002) bronze, Full sound with a strong warm tone, Penetrating ride cymbal for loud play

Hands on Drums Kalimba Soundbox M9-SB

Kalimba Soundbox


9 Tines, With cavity for better sound development, With internal magnet and counterholder, Can be attached to various surfaces, Galvanized tines,...

Triggera Bix Kick Beater Trigger V2 R

Kick beater with built-in trigger


For kick pads and acoustic bass drums, Compatible with all pedals and drum modules, Not much heavier than a normal beater, This version features a...

Aquarian 13" Hi-Energy Snare Head

13" Hi-Energy Snare Head


Single ply, transparent snare batter head, With Power Dot center coating, Small Power Dot gives additional reinforcement, Ideal for rock

Gewa Rims 13" Tom



For 13" tom-tom, For 6-hole clamping screws, Free-floating rubber-mounted tom-tom suspension, Suitable for all commercially available tom-toms,...

Pearl Export 13"x05" Snare #704

Snare Drum


EXX1350S/C-704, Chrome drumshell hardware, Drum shells are with a wrap finish

Pearl T-062L/6 Tune Screw f. Toms/SD

Tension Screw Set


For toms and snare drums, With square head, M 5.8 x 57 mm

Sonor AGH Agogo Bell Handheld

Agogo Bell


Handmade, Full, brilliant tone, ideal for samba rhythms

Meinl ID1BKR Ibo Drum

Ibo Drum


Big model, High-quality fibreglass, Robust construction, Built-in microphone hole, Incl. Stand ring

Masterwork 14" Custom China

14 " China Cymbal The all-round cymbal in the assortment. A remarkable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential characteristics of the Custom series.


Masterwork Custom Series, Traditional surface, Completely handmade according to old Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Toca 11" Flex Drum Head

Replacement Head


Suitable for Toca Flex Drum

Meinl MDLXDJB-M Djembe Bag Deluxe

Djembe Bag Deluxe


Medium size, For up to 12" Djembes, Deluxe version, Fluffy synthetic padding inside the bag, With outer pocket and handle, Strong tear-resistant...

Rohema J. Cortijo Timbales Sticks

Timbale stick


José Cortijo model, Made in Germany

Gewa SPS 12,5" Conga Bag

12.5" Conga Bag


From the PLC series, All parts that bear the weight of the conga are reinforced, Tear and water resistant, With 20 mm foam padding - fleece lining,...

Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare

Snare Drum Head


Edge Control, 2-Ply coated snare drum head, Inner 0.25 mm, The redevelopment of the Edge Control system for Evans tom drum heads was also extended...

Remo 16" Fiberskyn 3 Bass Drum FD

Bass Drumhead


In the Diplomat series thickness, Single-ply 7.5 mm Mylar film, Warm mids and attack

Sonor ZKS30N Holder for KS30, KSP

Retaining Pins


For KSP30, KSP30M und KSP30X models

Yamaha Stage Custom 22"x17" BD NW

Bass Drum


Stage Custom Birch series, Version 2014, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquered shell, Mid-end drum with excellent sound...

Studio 49 FSC

Stand Carriages


For xylophones

Evans 16" EQ4 Calftone Bass Drum

Bass Drumhead


Single-ply, 12 mm thickness, Includes a built-in damping ring, Synthetic replica of a natural drumhead, Warm and full sound, BD16GB4CT

Meinl LUG-03 Tune Lug 8mm Marathon

Conga Clamping Screw


8 mm Thickness, Suitable for MEINL Congas (for models of the series Marathon / Artist), Scope of delivery 1 Piece

Meinl Conga Saver 8

Conga Saver


For 8 mm lugs, Set with 6 pieces

Istanbul Mehmet 20" China Turk Series

20" China Cymbals


Turk Series, Very deep sound, Ideal for accents and trashy ride figures, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by an untreated surface that ensures a...

Pearl 13"x09" Export Tom Tom #717

Tom Tom


Export series, EXX1309T / C #717, Chrome Shell Hardware, Wrap finished shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more...

Aquarian 06" Classic Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Classic Clear, Transparent, single-ply, medium thickness drum head, Can be used as batter head or resonant head, Produces an open, full fundamental...

Remo 12" Djembe Fell Skyndeep Black

12" Djembe Drum Head


ColourSkyndeep Black, MO-2412-SD-0002, Remo Skyndeep Black Fiberskyn® Mondo head, Black Graphic Fiberskyn

Scott 10" Banjo Head White

10" Banjo head



Ufip 16" Blast Series Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Blast series, Hammered twice, Modern explosive and somewhat trashy sound with very fast response and short release time

Remo 28" Ambassador Ebony Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


Size 28", Ambassador Ebony (Black), Single-ply drum head, Open sound, rich in overtones, Can also be used as a resonance head

LP 330D Bongo Stand Throne


Rock Beat series, Suitable for virtually any style of music, Includes a travel bag, Made of high-quality B20 bronze

Sabian 21" HH Vanguard Cymbal

Crash / Ride Cymbal


HH Vanguard series, Brilliant finish, Thin, light cymbal with small bell, Dark sound, Very fast response

Zultan Rock Beat Cymbalset

Cymbal Set


Rock Beat series, Suitable for virtually any style of music, Includes a travel bag, Made of high-quality B20 bronze

Sela Casela Pro Limited Edition Set

Cajon Set


Exclusive limited Thomann Edition, Professional snare cajon with extra strong, 15 mm thick, black painted birch body made from 11 layers, Sela Thin...

Schlagwerk CP400 SB Cajon Star Box Junior



Approx. 24 x 24 x 35 cm, The perfect drum cajon for the stars of tomorrow, Cool percussion boxes, design and real cajon sound makes playing this...

DW Design Series Acryl Shell Set

Drum Set


Design Series, Chrome hardware, Mini turret lugs, Tom holders, DW drumheads made by Remo

Zaphir Crystalide - Spring Chimes

Wind Chimes


Model Spring

Millenium 10"x10" Tour Tom Bag

10” x 10” Tour Series Tom-Tom Bag


Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material, 20 mm Zip, Padded handles, Rubber...

Tama HT530B Drum Throne

Drum Throne TAMA's most popular 1st Chair drum throne offers a saddle-style seat with a cast urethane foam filling that holds its shape for years. 12 mm thick plywood builds the base of the seat and brings great durability and stability.


From the 1st Chair series, Wide seat surface in saddle style, Adjustable height from 48.5 cm to 64.0 cm, Guaranteed wobble-free thanks to the Sit...

Millenium 22"x18" Classic Bass Drum Bag

Bag for Bass drum


Classic Series, Tear and water resistant, Lined with 10 mm foam, 10 mm Zipper, Padded Handles

Sonor DP 4000 Double Pedal

Double Pedal


4000 Series, With "triple P" foot plates (perfect pressure point), 2-Sided beater, Independent column construction with add-on truss, Easily...

Korg Wavedrum WDX Global Edition

Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer


Combined DSP synthesis and PCM samples, 400 PCM sounds (200 beat sounds + 200 surround sounds), 400 programs (200 presets + 200 users), 60 DSP...

Remo Djembe DJ-0014-PM African Coll



"African collection" series, Acousticon shell, Fiberskyn 3 drum head, Tuned with tension rods

Peter Hess phKS9-U2

Singing Bowl


Peter Hess® Therapy Singing Bowls - The large pelvic bowl, The large pelvic bowl weighs about 2000 grams, This bowl has a diameter of approx. 28.5...

Remo PP-1412-BE Emperor Coated

Tom Tom Drumhead Set


Emperor Coated model, PP-1412-BE, 10", 12", 16" tom tom drumheads, 2-Ply, white, rough surface

Afroton AD S03 Djembe



Handmade wooden body from the stem, Goat skin, Pre-stretched, tunable rope system, Wide dynamics, Crystal clear treble and fat bass, Subtle and...

Terre Handpan Moon Cis-Ziska

Handpan Drum


Includes padded backpack

Pearl H-1050 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat stand


Double braced, 3 Legs, Rotating foot part, Spring tension is adjustable, "Redline" pedal surface for increased grip

Istanbul Agop 16" Xist ION Crash Brilliant

Crash Cymbal


Xist ION series, Brilliant finish, Professional quality, Crash with holes for shorter and more trashy sound

Vic Firth 5ADT Dual Tone



American Hickory, Combines two types of sticks, Wood tip (like 5A model) and felt tip

Terre Music Spoon Whitewood

Music spoon


Two contiguous whitewood spoons

Duallist D4 Dual Pedal

Dual/ Single Bass Drum Pedal


Belt drive, 2 Beaters with 2 playing surfaces (felt - plastic), Ultralight dual/ single pedal from tough dupont zytel engineering polymer, Fully...

Zildjian 14" K Sweet Hats

Hi-Hat Cymbal


K-Series, Dark and fast responding cymbal, "Random hammering", Warm and round sound, Thin top, heavy bottom

Schlagwerk RTC4

Circle Drum Set


Beaters included, Made in Germany

Grover Pro Percussion T2/GsPh Tambourine



10" Double row silver/bronze jingles, White, premium-quality natural head, Solid hardwood frame, Bag included

Evans 14" Genera Snare Coated

Snare Batter Head


Roughened, white, Single ply, Incorporated damping ring on the inside, Defined response and extremely short sustain

Evans ARF-STD Practice Pad Stand

Stand for Practice Pad


Compact practice pad stand, Light design, Single-braced, For all practice pads with 8 mm threads, Individually adjustable height and tilt, Practice...

Sonor MBA 4000 Mini Boom Arm

Cymbal Boom Arm


With continuously adjustable (no fixed increments), tiltable cymbal holder

the t.akustik Kick Drum Absorber

Acoustic Foam for Bass Drums


For controlling the resonance behaviour, For damping batter head and resonant head simultaneously, Can be fitted to every bass drum size, With...

Gibraltar SC-QRHHC Quick Hi-Hat Clutch

Quick Release Hi-Hat Clutch


Via the revolutionary clutch system, assembly and dismantling times are significantly shorter, Can be used with all hi-hats, Quick lock system

Vic Firth CMN American Classic Hickory

Drum Sticks


”Classic metal” sticks, American Classic series, Hickory, With nylon tip, Medium size oval tip with thick neck and short taper, Also...

LP 626 Lu Bar Chimes

Lu Bar Chimes


90 Bars, Double row

Gibraltar 8713UA Snare/Tom Stand Flat

Snare/Tom Stand


Flat Base Series, Professional Series in the classic Flat Base design with legs positioned horizontally, Ball joint, Snare basket infinitely...