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Gibraltar 5706EX Concert Snare Stand

Snare Drum Stand


Double-braced, Extremely stable and adjustable height

SKB CV22W 22" Cymbal Case

22" Cymbal case with castors and pull-out handle


Curved storage compartment for up to 7 or more cymbals, Transport without any pressure on the pelvis, Roto moulded, Made of polyethylene, Lifetime...

Istanbul Agop 20" Xist Dry Dark Flat Ride


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Millenium QuiHead 22" Mesh Head

Double Layer Trigger Mesh Head


Extremely durable and resistant mesh head, Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering, For acoustic drums and mesh head shells,...

Paiste PST7 20" Heavy Ride

Heavy Ride Cymbals


Traditional sound and look, Penetrating bellsound with large reserves for tougher styles, Made in Switzerland

Schlagwerk ECA70

Ergo Cajon Adapter


This adapter (including large seat pad) is suitable for all Schlagwerk Cajons with 50 cm seat height, With the ECA 70, the seat surface is...

PUR Cajon Brush "Medium Touch"

Cajon Brush


Non-slip nylon handle, Medium soft version, Made in Canada

Evans 16" Black Chrome Tom

Tom Drum Head


The Black Chrome Series influences the ultimate low-frequency bass sound, The two-layer combination of 7 mil clear ply on top and 7.5 mil black ply...

LP LPA611-SW 11" Conga Walnut

11" Conga


2-Ply body from Siam Walnut (Jamjuree), Natural head, Apsire EZ Curve rims, Chrome tuning lugs, Black, powder-coated side plates and hoops

Rohema JB 1

Metal Brush


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Remo 12" Skyntone

Snare/Tom Head


Single ply, 8-mil Mylar film, The Skyntone skins are suitable for use on the snare drum in concert percussion and on normal drum sets, With minimal...

Zildjian 22" ZBT Ride Cymbal

22" Ride


ZBT series, Brilliant finish, Excellent quick response with a broad, round and powerful basic tone

Vic Firth 5BN Nova Hickory Nylon Tip

Hickory Drumsticks


Made by Vic Firth, Natural design, Nylon tips, Oval tips

Paiste 22" 900 Series Ride

Ride Cymbal


"900" Series, Made of B8 (2002) bronze, Full-bodied sound with a warm tone, Defined ping sound, Highly versatile and suitable for a variety of...

Sonor 14"x06" ProLite Snare Brass

Snare Drum


Chrome shell hardware, Shell with 45° bearing edge, 2 x 10 tuning lugs, Die cast hoops, Dual Glide Snare System, PL 12 1406 SDBD

Goldon 33890 Combination Bells

Whole-Tone Set of Combination Bells


8 Combination bells with handle, The bells can be rung by shaking, and also by hitting the handle from above, With printed tone designation in the...

Contemporanea 22"x40cm Surdo Axe light


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Sabian 19" AAX AAXplosion Crash



AAX series, AAXplosion crash, Brillant finish, Clear, well defined cymbal sound, Wide dynamic range, Usable for all styles of music

Kuppmen 7A Carbon Fiber Sticks


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Remo Bongos KD-5400-01

Bongos for Children


Acousticon shell, Fiberskyn 3 skins

Sabian 17" HHX Evolution Crash

17" Evolution Crash Cymbal


HHX Series, Brilliant finish, A warm and explosive response with a bright, clear fundamental sound characterizes this cymbal, Mechanically hand...

Pearl T-1030 Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Stand


Double braced stand, With 2x TH-1030S tom holders, Memory clamp, Gyro Lock System for positioning the tom toms, Very large rubber feet

Regal Tip SS-531R Blasticks



Wooden handle (hickory), Plastic rods, Sliding rings, Feel like normal drumsticks but produce a softer and fuller sound

Pearl PBL-20 Jam Block with Holder

Jam Block (Clave Block) with Mounting Bracket


Made of a synthetic material, Includes mounting bracket for fixing to drum kit

Zultan Leather Stick Bag Red


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Paiste PST5 18" China '14



From the new PST5 series, Bright, clear and musically powerful sound

Paiste 2002 Classic 18" Novo China

18" Novo China


From the "Paiste 2002" series, Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Traditional bell, Awesome projection

Puresound C1412 Concert Wires 14/12

Snare Wires


Concert series, Suitable for 14" snare drum, 12 strands, Steel coils made of special stainless steel, Designed for orchestra and concert snare...

Zildjian 10" K Custom Spec. Dry Splash

Splash Cymbal


K Custom Special Dry Series, Natural finish, Paper thin, Dark sound with short sustain

Yamaha MAT-1

Mount Point


For DTXM-12 Multipad, Is screwed to a Multipad

Sabian 10" AAX Aero Splash

Splash Cymbal


Brilliant finish, With small holes, Extra thin splash cymbal with short and aggressive sound

Gibraltar SC-GPR68 Single Pipe Rack

Single Pipe


Straight version

LP Es-7 Salsa "Downtown" Cowbell

Salsa Timbale


"Downtown" Cowbell, Mountable, Chrome finish, Handmade, Lively sound

Tama MTB30 Tom Bracket



For Tom Tom & Standtom, From the Starclassic series, Chrome finish, Including screw, Hole distance 5.2 cm

Gibraltar SCSTL3 Tom Tom Bracket

Tom Tom Rosette


For 9.5 mm - 12.7 mm thick L-mandrels, With wing nut and memory lock

Remo Encore 13" Ambassador Coated


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Remo 12" Ringcontrol

Ring Control 12"Impedes unwanted overtones or overly long echoing of the drums. Through the combination of the plastic tray and foam ring the damping force can be adjusted as required


Foam ring and plastic tray, Mounts on the bearing edge under the head

Remo 13" Powerstroke 4 Coated

Tom Head


Powerstroke 4 series, Double-ply batter head (Emperor style), With damping ring along the rim of the underside of the head, Easily tunable, durable...

Trick Drums GS007 Multi Step Throw Off BK

Snare Strainer


CNC machined components, Includes anvils, Black version

Paiste 09" PSTX Pure Bell

Effects Cymbal


PSTX series, Paiste preferres aluminum for these bells; the advantage lies in the warm, pleasant and pure sound of these bells

Zildjian ZXT 14" Trashformer

Trashformer Effects Cymbal


ZXT Series, Can be screwed as an additional cymbal onto another cymbal, Explosive, trashy, independent sound

Zultan 06" F5 Pure Bell



Made of B-20 bronze, F5 Series, The sound is extremely clear and long lasting, Ideal for effects and rhythmic atmosphere, 100% Handmade

Meinl Bongo & Percussion Pack

Bongo & Percussion Set


HB50BK Journey Series Bongos, Compact foot tambourine, Luis Conte live shaker, Classic wood claves

Evans 18" EMAD Calftone Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


Single-ply, 12mil Strong, Includes two exchangeable damping rings (2 cm + 4 cm), Synthetic replica of a natural coat, Warm and full of sound,...

Evans 18" EQ3 Bass Drum Frosted

Bass drum head


White milky, BD18GB3C, Frosted, Detachable internal damping ring, Double layer head, Compact response, Round bass volume, Full depth bass, For all...

Evans 24" EQ3 Resonant Bass Drum BK

Bass Drum Resonance Head


5" Sound hole, Incorporated damping ring, Single-ply, Controlled, punchy sound, Specially suited for recording with microphones and studio recordings

Meinl 15" Byzance Jazz Hi-Hat Thin

Thin Hi-Hat Cymbal


Byzance series, Jazz version, Byzance cymbals are made by hand in Turkey, refined and reworked by Meinl, Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, warm...

TDrum 08" Trigger Mesh Head

08" Trigger Head


For mounting onto acoustic tom drums, Single ply

Meinl 15" Byzance Foundry Reserve HH

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Byzance Foundry Reserve Series, B20 Bronze, Traditional finish, Extra-large hammer blows, Full, voluminous sound, Warm, dark and complex sound, Can...

Meinl 21" Byzance Serpents Ride

21" Serpents Ride


Brilliant finish, The perfect blend of sound diversity and definition, Shimmering, clear and penetrating sound thanks to its large bell

Alesis Strike Amp 12


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Remo 08" Fiberskyn 3 Thin (FD)

Tom Drumhead


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Evans 18" UV2 Coated Tom


Wooden handle made form hickory, Non retractable, Made in Germany

Meinl MSUB-20 Surdo Bag

Surdo Bag


Professional Bag for 20 "x 24" Surdo, Padded shoulder strap, Outside pocket, Carrying strap and zipper on both sides

Ahead Armor Drum Mat 200x160

Mat For Drums


Rubberized non-slip bottom, Quick lock for rolling up, Hinge in the middle for easier transport

Pearl 14"x05" Sensitone Beaded Steel

Snare Drum


Sensitone Series, STA-1405S, 1 mm Beaded steel drum shell, Superhoop II rims, SST-5047 Tension rods, SR-150 Snare wire strainer, TB-55 Tube lugs,...

Millenium MPS-150 Drum Module

Drum Module


For Millenium MPS-150, 108 Sounds, 10 Drum kits, 40 Songs, Metronome with tempo 30 to 280, Built-in Reverb, 2x 6.3 mm Mono jacks outputs, 3.5 mm...

Tama PST146 Starphonic Black Nickel

Snare Drum


Starphonic, Black Nickel Steel Boiler 14"x06" with 1.0 mm shell drum thickness, New design on hoops, Lugs and strainer, Specially grooved hoop,...

DW 9000 Main Drum Rack DWCPRKMAIN

Main drum rack


DWCPRKMAIN, Curved 42" front bar, Heavy-gauge stainless steel tubing, Rack-clamps/Memory locks from aluminium, Integrated cymbal arms on the main...

Remo 15" Powerstroke 4 Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Series Powerstroke 4, Coated - white, rough, Double-ply batter head, Emperor thickness, With damping ring on underside at rim, Very easy to tune,...

Evans 15" EC2S / SST Frosted Control

Tom Drum Head


Frosted (rough surface), EC2S series, With SST (sound shaping technology), Each drum head is manufactured with individual damping according to its...

Remo 15" Ambassador Ebony

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ebony Ambassador, Drum head, Also perfect as a resonant head for tom toms

Meinl 7" Black Skyndeep Head

Bongo Head


Plastic head, Black Skyndeep made by Remo, Suitable for Meinl Bongos LC300, FFB400, FWB400, CS400, WB400, BWB400

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad

Hi-hat pad


Suitable for Millenium E-Drum Set MPS-850, Includes hi-hat controller

LP 451 Multi Guiro 2 Metal

Multi Guiro II


Made of metal, With broom

Gibraltar SC-4429 3-way Multi Clamp

Multi-clamp model SC-4429


3-Fold model, For screwing on hardware stand

Zultan 12" Raw Splash

Splash Cymbal


Raw Series, Made of B20 bronze, Dark, warm and full sound, 100% Hand-hammered, Great musicality, The non-lathed surface results in a dry, earthy...

Zultan 08" Rock Beat Splash



Rock beat series, Clear, biting, lively splash sound, Brings ideal accents and roundings to all styles of music, Brillant hand-polished surface,...

Zultan 21" Caz Ride

Ride Cymbal


B20 bronze, Hand hammered, Full-sounding bell, Ride cymbal with a unique blend of broad base tones and shimmering harmonic overtones in combination...

Ahead GT Grip Tape

Grip Tape


For sticks and mallets, For reliable stick holding

Meinl Head-69 22" Napa Surdo Head

22" Napa Surdo Drum Head


Double-layered drum head

Acme Cuckoo Call

Effect Whistles


Cuckoo, High volume, Tuned to G and E, Top quality for professional requirements

Zildjian 08" K-Series Splash

Splash Cymbal


Series K Zildjian, Regular finish, Size 8", Splash, Played by e.g. Wanglan, Alex Acuna, Tommy Aldridge, Carter Beauford and Gregg Bissonette

Meinl 16" Classic Custom Trash Stack

Cymbal Stack


Classic Custom Series, Dry and trashy stack with a short sustain and little overtone

Pearl PC-1250TC Travel Conga Stand

Travel Conga Stand


Stand for the Pearl 12" travel conga, Single braced, Adjustable height, With "Y" bracket, Bag included, Without Conga