Drums and Percussion

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Pearl 16"x16" Export Floor Tom #717

Floor Tom


Export series, EXX1616F / C717, Chrome shell hardware, Foil-wrapped shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more voluminous...

Istanbul Mehmet 21" Ride Origin Dark Series

Ride Cymbal


Origin Dark series, Natural finish, A relatively small bell with a slight profile is characteristic of Origin cymbals, The medium cymbals are...

Pro Mark TX2BW 2B

2B Sticks


Hickory wood, Oval wooden tips

Sonor GTSS 12,5" Global Tumba Stand

Single Stand


For Tumba, Height adjustable

Acme Whistle Thunderer



Large, Nickel-plated brass, Ball made of natural cork

Meinl Head-58 10" Cuica Head

Cuica Head


Suitable for MEINL QW10 aluminium Qweeka, Goat skin

Evans 14" Hazy 200 Resonant Head

Snare Resonant Head


Single-ply 0.05 mm, Lightweight semi-transparent film, Suitable for jazz, fusion, studio and symphonic music

Meinl 18" Extreme Metal Big Bell Ri.

Big Bell Ride Cymbal


Classics Custom Extreme Metal Series, Brilliant surface, Made of B10 bronze alloy, Small ride cymbal with big bell, Fast response and short sustain...

Nino Kalimba Small Green



Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Gewa Cajon Premium Bag

Cajon Bag


Made from Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and water resistant, With adjustable backpack straps, All load-bearing parts additionally reinforced, 20 mm foam...

Pearl FT-50/10 Tune Lugs FFS Sn.



For 5" Pearl Deep FFS Free Floating Snares, Chrome finish

LP 394 Macho Maracas

Macho Maracas


Wooden handle, Leather body, Price for pair

Sonor LWA Agogo

Wooden Agogo


Rosewood, Includes 1x 1 SCH 95 mallets, Made of natural materials with careful craftsmanship, High sound quality, Powerful sound - is also well...

Remo 26" Emperor Coated Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


2-Ply head, Very durable, Low overtones, For heavy punk rock and all hard playing styles

Pearl ISS-0810 ISS Tom Hold System

Tom Hold System


Pearl Vision, To screw on, For 8"- 10" regular rims (1.6 mm), Incl. BT-300 tom bracket

Meinl 24" Byzance Dark B. Apple Ride

Dark Ride Cymbals


Byzance series, Big Apple Dark Ride, Especially for the use in traditional jazz, A small bell with a large cymbal curvature gives this ride its...

LP 1400-HG UDU Hadgini

Udu Hadgini


Easy to play with traditional hand drum techniques (heel/tip, tap, etc.), Creates very dry tones with short sustain, The main body produces clear,...

Istanbul Mehmet 15" Dark Crash Traditional

15" Dark Crash Cymbal


Traditional Series, Regular model, Crash with quick response, Deep and dry basic tone, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre...

Masterwork 15" Custom Thin Crash

15" Thin Crash


Masterwork Custom Series, Traditional surface finish, Completely handmade in accordance with old Turkish traditions, B-20 alloy

Yamaha Stage Custom 13"x09" TT -CR

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBT1309-CR, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquered, With Yess Tom Tom mounting system

Pro Mark SH516 Timbales Sticks

Timbales sticks


Mino Sabar model, Especially for traditional hand drums, timbales, cymbals, congas etc.

Ahead 12"x30" Conga Armor Case

Bag for Conga


With backpack function, AA8212

Evans 10" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

Snare Drum Head


Power Center (5" dot) glued to base of head, Single ply

Meinl MDJB-M Djembe Bag Medium

Bag for Djembe


Suitable for djembes up to Ø 12", Reinforced lid for drum head protection, With carrying handle and padded rucksack straps, High quality material...

Meinl 14" Byzance China Brilliant

14" China Cymbal


Brilliant finish, Aggressive, exotic and very assertive sound, China sound

African Percussion Djemben Bag 34 cm

Bag for Djembe


African fabric design, Padded, Very good protection fort the instrument, Convenient transportation due to length-adjustable carrying straps

DW PDP 22"x18" Concept Maple

Bass drum


Concept Maple series, High gloss lacquered, Drilled, Chrome plated shell hardware

Sonor 12"x08" AQ2 Tom Tom WHP


Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Sonor LCX-M Caxixis



Medium, Caxixis are shakers from braided basket which, varied in different sizes and combinations, allow different rhythmic accents, Metal shakers...

Evans 12" Heavyweight Coated

Snare Drum Head


Coated, Two-ply, 10 mil per layer, With reverse dot, Level 360, Overtone arm, Long-lasting, Ideal for loud music styles, B12HW

Paiste 20" Rude Wild China

China Cymbal


Dark, full-bodied, earthy sounding China, Great sonic range, Heavy basic character, Always controllable, Highly explosive China crash, Extremely...

Meinl CAX3



Percussion instrument made from basketwork, With a large body

Terre Caxixi Coconut Cylindric Med.



Medium sized caxixi, With coconut lid, Filled with glass and plastic beads, Creates a soft and gentle tone

Sonor Sound Plate bb2

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

Remo 28" Starfire Bass Drum Chrome

Drum Head


Starfire series, 28" Bass drum head, Single-ply, Usable as a batter or resonance head

Meinl THBM Bongo Mount

Bongo Holder


For mounting on conga double-stands, Adjustable angle

Sonor ProLite 20"x17,5" BD Nussbaum

Bass Drum


ProLite series, Chrome drum shell hardware, Without bass drum rosette, 2x 8 Tension rods, Shell with 45° bearing edge, Hand-picked extremely thin...

Zultan 16" Heritage Hi-Hat



Heritage Series, 100% Handcrafted pool according to old tradition for highest demands, Machined several times with different hammers, Assertive in...

Remo 30" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)

Bass Drum HeadThe FiberSkyn 3 Series offers synthetic materials with the feel and sound of traditional natural skins. Only available in medium (FA).


FiberSkyn 3 Series, Ambassador medium

Zildjian 22" K Custom Special Dry Crash

Crash Cymbal


K Custom Special Dry Series, Natural finish, Dark, earthy sound with a short sustain, The K Custom Special Dry Series has been redesigned to meet...

Istanbul Mehmet 10" Heavy Hi-Hat Traditional

10" Heavy Hi-hat


"Traditional" series, Regular model, Dynamic spectrum with a sharp, assertive sound, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre...

Millenium MX420 Studio Set BL


Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Millenium HD-50 E-Drum Set

Electric Drum Set


Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set Bundle

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set


E-Drum Set, Entry-level model into the world of Roland V-Drums, TD-1 Drum module with 15 drum kits, 15 Songs, 10 Coaching functions, Metronome,...

Pearl Roadshow Jr. Jet Black


Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Zultan Dark Matter Professional Set

Cymbal Set


Dark Matter Series, High-quality cymbal set made of B20 bronze in exclusive finish, Dark, warm sound, 20" Ride, Cymbal bag included

Terre Shaman Drum 40cm

Shaman Drum


Model -564, Round shape, Diameter approx. 40 cm, Frame is made from Indonesian mahogany (Swietenia spp. mahagoni), Natural goatskin drum head,...

Gibraltar 9808ARW Drum Throne


Compact entry-level electric drum set, Pads and foot controller completely integrated into stand, 1 Hi-hat controller pedal, Bass drum pad -...

Pearl P-2052B Eliminator Pedal

Double Pedal


Eliminator Redline Series, Belt drive, NiNja ball bearings from the skateboard industry, Freely swinging spring suspension, Four-sided Quad Control...

Roland SPD::ONE Wav

Sampling Pad


Rubber surface that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet, 4 GB of internal memory for a maximum of 12 WAV samples plus one click track...

Terre Djembe Fiberglass 50cm



Light and weather-resistant, Body made of fiberglass, Copper-colored metallic paint, Unadulterated goatskin, Model 38240666

K&M 14055 Drum Throne Nick

Drum Throne Nick


Large, ergonomic seat shape with high-quality padding, Black artificial leather cover, Seat height from 480 to 740 mm, Incrementally adjustable...

Alesis Samplepad 4

Sampling pad


4 impact-dynamic playing surfaces, 25 integrated sounds, 10 preset kits, Add samples via SD card slot, Up to 512 sounds and 91 drum kits, Blue...

Tama HH55F Classic Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Machine


Flat base, Spring strength and foot-plate independently adjustable, Hi-hat clutch with rubber-buffered thread to protect the boom, Smooth and light...

RAV Vast B/H Rus 2

Tongue Drum in Handpan Look


Includes bag

Remo PP-0982-BE Emperor Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead Set


Emperor Clear model, PP-0982-BE, 2-Ply, Clear

Evans BD22RSW 22" Reso Head EQ3

Bass Drum Head


With 5" sound hole, With damping ring, Smooth

Evans BD22RONX 22" Bass Drum Onyx BK

22 "Onyx Resonance Bass Drum Head


Single-ply resonance head made of 0.19 mm black film, Matt coated surface, with internal control ring and 5" microphone opening, The Onyx resonance...

DW 9700 Cymbal Stand

Standard Cymbal stand


Double-braced, Two times extendable, Short boom arm, Patented infinitely adjustable cymbal holder, Memory lock, Height 0.90-2.0 m

Paiste 16" PSTX Swiss Thin Crash

Crash Cymbal


PSTX Series, Silk-matte surface, Fast, explosive, light response with lots of basic tone and short sustain

Vic Firth VFX5AN Extreme 5AN -Nylon-



Extreme 5AN Sticks, Nylon tips, Like 5A sticks, Slighty longer for better reach and volume

Sonor MBS 4000 Mini Boom Stand

Cymbal Stand with Boom


4000 Hardware Series, Stepless tilting, Cymbal arm can be pulled inside the stand, New rubber foot design for maximum stability, New wing bolt for...

Millenium 10" Hand Drum Tunable

Tunable Hand Drum


Wooden shell with rawhide drum head, Tunable, Incl. beater and tuning key

Pearl PTM10SH Tambourine with Holder

Tambourine with Mounting Bracket


Steel jingles, The solution for all drummers and percussionists, The tambourine can be removed from the bracket and used as a handheld tambourine,...

Roland RDH-100 Single Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


With integrated Roland Noise Eater, Double chain, Adjustable spring tension, Memory Clamp for Beater height, Base plate with rubber feet reduces...

Sonor CTS679MC Cymbal-Tom Stand

Cymbal-Tom Stand


From 600 Solid series, For Delite, S-Class series and Force drum sets, Double-braced legs, Stable and heavy model, Omni Ball Tom Holder, With...

Aquarian Studio Rings SRSET2

Muffle Rings


For laying on snare drums and tom toms, Eliminate unwanted overtones, Without choking the drum, 1x 10", 12", 14", 16"

Rogers 14"x05" Dyna-Sonic Mod.36-BP

Snare Drum


Beavertail 'tender-hooks', 5-Ply maple/poplar shell with reinforcement rings, "Clock Face" snare throw-off, Separately adjustable 20-spiral carpet...

Vic Firth SJOR Steve Jordan Signature



Steve Jordan Signature Sticks, Wood tips, Barrel shaped tips

Vic Firth VFPAD12 Practice Pad

Practice Pad


Soft rubber for a realistic rebound, Non-slip base

Nino Tafel Cajon

Cajon with Chalkboard Surface


Built-in snare wires, Coated front panel that can be drawn on with chalk

Remo Falam Slam Pad 2.5" Single

Kevlar Pad for Attaching to Bass Drum Head


2.5" Diameter, For single bass drum pedal, Improves the mid-range sound of the stroke, Protects the bass drum skin

Pearl CH-70 Cymbal Boom Arm

Cymbal Holder


Short boom arm

Gibraltar SC-4420S Hi-Hat Clutch

Hi-Hat Clutch


With "Super Grip" mechanism, Suitable for all 8 mm hi-hat rods

Evans 14" Hybrid Snare Batter Coated

Snare Drumhead


Hybrid coated, Double ply, Two layers of tear resistant fibres give the snare drumhead its high flexibility and long life, Allows for a large...