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Sonor CB 78 NHG Champion Bongos



Champion Series, Chrome, rounded hoops for a comfortable playing feel, High-gloss lacquer

Kuppmen 5A Carbon Fiber Drumrods

Drum Sticks


The same weight as wooden sticks, Non-slip surface, Up to 10 times more durable from wooden rods, 1 Pair

Contemporanea C-TIM01 14"x 70cm Timbal Alu



Unilaterally taut hand / mallet drum, Nylon head, Highly portable

Sabian 17" AAX AAXplosion Crash

17" AAXplosion Crash


AAX series, Brillant finish, Clear, clean, well defined cymbal sound, Wide dynamic range, Usable for all styles of music

Schlagwerk SKSET1 Basic Shakers

Shaker Set


Set consisting of SK 30 + SK 35 + SK 40 shakers, Shaker basic equipment! A must in all percussion equipments

Zildjian 19" K-Custom Hybrid Crash

Hybrid Crash


Regular outside, Brillant inside

Vic Firth 7A American Concept Freestyle



American Concept Freestyle Series, Enlarged "sweet spot"

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Power Crash

Crash Cymbal


2002 Classic series, Power Crash, Aggressive, powerful, Penetrating crash for powerful playing

Adams Templeblocks 6-Piece-Set

6-Piece Temple Block Set


Complete set with stand and mallets, 5-Year warranty

Evans 10" G2 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Transparent, Two layers (double-ply), For loud drum playing with an open sound, Full response, Controlled sustain

Meinl 18" Classics Extreme China



Brilliant finish, Loud assertive and explosive response featured china cymbal, Short decay time, For all louder and more aggressive styles of music

Tama Powerpad Stick Bag large

Stick Bag


Holds up to 24 sticks and mallets, 4 Straps to aid access to four sticks, External pocket, Carrying handle, Shoulder strap

Gibraltar SC-4471 Snare Wires

Snare Drum Wires


Chrome wires with steel coils, For 14" snares, 42 strand

Zildjian 10" A-Series Splash

Splash Cymbal


Regular finish, Size 10", Fast, clean, short sound splash

Zultan 07" F5 Pure Bell



F5 Series, The sound is extremely clear and long lasting, Ideal for effects and rhythmic atmosphere, Made of B-20 bronze, 100% Handmade

Pearl ECB-5 Fusio Cowbell / Holder

Fusion Cowbell


With mount, Made from flat steel

Remo 16" Ring Control

Ring Control 16"Impedes unwanted overtones or overly long echoing of the drums. Through the combination of the plastic tray and foam ring the damping force can be adjusted as required


Foam ring and plastic tray, Mounts on the bearing edge under the head

Yamaha PCY-155 E-Drum Cymbal Pad

Cymbal Pad


Triple zone electronic drum cymbal pad, The new 3-zone rubber pads deliver a supernatural playing feel, 15" Round cymbal model, Incl. Cable

Paiste 10" Signature Splash

10" SplashThe Splash of the Signature line provides an explosive, warm and very clear sound. Harmonious splash sound perfect for both studio and live situations.


Suitable for applications in all volume spectra and musical styles, Musical and expressive sound, Very sensitive response but clear and powerful...

Remo 13" Skyntone

Snare/Tom Head


Single ply, 8-mil. Mylar film, The Skyntone skins are suitable for use on the snare drum in concert percussion and on normal drum sets, With...

Remo Encore 13" Pinstripe


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

Tama TDK10 Tuning Key

Tuning Key


For square lugs, Outstanding design

Remo 24" Pinstripe Clear Bass Drum

Bass Drum Batter Head


Transparent/Clear, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full sound spectrum

Meinl HC512 Conga Set 11" + 12" -NT

Conga Set


With 2 height-adjustable stands, 8 mm Tension rods, 2 mm Rounded hoops for comfortable playing, Hand-selected buffalo drum skins, Black hardware,...

Evans 18" EQ4 Calftone Bass Drum

Bass drum Head


Single layer, 12 mil strong, Including built-in damping ring, Synthetic replica of a natural skin, Warm and full of sound, BD18GB4CT

Gretsch 18" Fiberskyn Bass Drum Head

Bass Drum Resonance Head


Fiberskyn, Gretsch center logo, Single-ply

Remo 24" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)

Bass Drum Head


FiberSkyn 3 Series, Ambassador medium

Meinl 15" Byzance Hi-Hat Ex.Dry Dual



Byzance series, B15DUH, Extra dry (natural) and brillant finish, Hand-hammered, Exciting contrast between extra dry and brillant finish, through...

Meinl Pure Alloy 15" Medium Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Medium, Pure Alloy Series, High-tech machine hammering, Versatile cymbal with a clear and assertive yet warm sound

Evans 08" G1 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera G1 Series

Roland PM-200 Personal Drum Monitor

Active Monitor Box for E-Drums


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

Meinl MC-DSH Drumstick Holder

Drumstick Holder


Chrome-plated steel, Black fabric pouch, For mounting on a stand

Aquarian 08" Classic Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead


Classic Clear Series, Transparent, single-ply medium-thick drumhead, Can be used as both a batter as well as a resonant head, Produces a full, open...

Meinl MSUB-22 Surdo Bag

Surdo Bag


Professional bag for 22" x 24" Surdo, Padded shoulder strap, Outside pocket, Carrying strap and zipper on both sides

Evans 18" Hydraulic Black Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Hydraulic Black series, Filled with a layer of oil, Double ply, Fatter rich sound, Short sustain, For rock fusion, live and studio

Korg ClipHit

Portable Drum Kit


Consists of three trigger clips, a foot pedal for kicksounds and a sound module with internal drum samples, 11 Kits including hand percussion and...

DW Satin Oil Studio Ebony SSC+


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

Rockbag DT22 Drum Carpet

Drum Carpet


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

DW Finish Ply White Crystal MM

Drum Workshop Collector Shell Set


Finish Ply Series, Maple - Mahogany shell, Wrap finish shells, Chrome shell hardware, STM Tom holder, One of the best drums in sound quality and...

Tama LST148 Sound Lab Snare

Snare Drum


Black nickel shell hardware, 2.3 mm steel hoops, MLS70A/B Quick Touch throw off, MS20SN14S Starclassic snare wires, Evans G1 white roughened batter...

Meinl 21" Byzance Dark Ride

Dark Ride Cymbal


Byzance Series, Dark (natural) design, Dark and earthy with a very clear ping, Hand hammered

Millenium Hardware Starter Bundle Pro

Millenium HH-901 Pro Series


Hi-Hat Stand, Pro Series, 3-Legged, Double-braced stand, Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut, Memory clamp, Chain connection between pedal and...

Meinl 16" Classics Custom Tr. China



Classics custom series, Trash China, Brillant surface finish, Exceptionally pleasant, smooth response with a powerful, swelling basic tone, Punchy,...

Zildjian Gen16 Direct Source Pickup

Cymbal Sensor and Preamp for Zildjian GEN 16 Cymbals


Can be used with conventional cymbals and GEN16 cymbals

DDrum Red Shot Trigger Set

Trigger Set


For a five-piece drum set, Compatible with most drum modules, Consists of 1x bass drum trigger and 4x tom / snare trigger, For mounting to the...

Mapex 14" x 6.5" Machete

Snare Drum


Black Panther Series, Drum shell from 1 mm steel, Assertive, aggressive snare sound with a bulbous basic tone and controllable overtones, Due to...

Pearl C-1030 Cymbal Stand Straight

Cymbal Stand


Straight, Extra-large non-slip rubber feet for higher stability and absorption of overtones and vibrations, Nylon-fitting in the pipes, Parallel...

DW 9710

Cymbal Stand


Straight design, Infinitely adjustable cymbal inclination, TechLock locking system, Space between the cymbal felts can be quickly adjusted and...

Roland PD-125BK 12" V-Drum Pad

V-Drum Mesh Head Drum Pad


New sensor mechanism for more accurate triggering, Elegant black finish, Dual Triggering Technologie, More precise and more exact interaction...

Roland KD-180 18"x12" Kick Pad

E-Drum Kick Pad


Trigger pad built iton 18" x 12" bass drum, 7-Ply birch wood shell, Advanced kick-trigger ensures good response despite the size of the pad, Can be...

Meinl HHead634W Bongo Head 6 3/4"

6 3/4" Bongo Head


For HB100 bongos

Alesis Hi-Hat Controller for DM-10

Hi-Hat Controller


For DM-10 Drum module

Zultan 14"/16" Rocket Staxx

Cymbal Stacks


Trashy, short-decaying stack of B20 bronze alloy, Set of 14" Crash and 16" China cymbals, Perfect addition to the existing cymbal setup, As an...

Zildjian 13,7/14 K-Custom Session HiHat

13.7" / 14" Session Hi-Hats


Unique hi-hats, Modelled on the personal ideas of Steve Gadd, These hi-hats will impress with their new unique size of 13.7" in the top cymbal and...

Meinl Head-66 16" Napa Surdo Head

16" Napa Surdo Drum Head


Double-layered drum head

Sabian HH Max Stax Mid

Effect Cymbals:


Max Stax Mid, Short, effective sound, Versatile

Remo 20,5"x10" Festival Doumbek 64


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

Pearl 16"x16" Decade Maple FT -BB

Floor Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1616F / C262, Matt painted drum shell, Chromed shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6 mm Triple...

Zultan 12" Rock Beat Splash



Rock beat series, Clear, piercing, lively splash sound, Emphasizes accents and roundings in all styles of music, Brillant handpolished surface,...

Pearl 16"x16" Export Floor Tom #717

Floor Tom


Export series, EXX1616F / C717, Chrome shell hardware, Foil-wrapped shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more voluminous...

Istanbul Mehmet 21" Ride Origin Dark Series

Ride Cymbal


Origin Dark series, Natural finish, A relatively small bell with a slight profile is characteristic of Origin cymbals, The medium cymbals are...

Pro Mark TX2BW 2B

2B Sticks


Hickory wood, Oval wooden tips

Sonor GTSS 12,5" Global Tumba Stand

Single Stand


For Tumba, Height adjustable

Acme Whistle Thunderer



Large, Nickel-plated brass, Ball made of natural cork

Meinl Head-58 10" Cuica Head

Cuica Head


Suitable for MEINL QW10 aluminium Qweeka, Goat skin

Evans 14" Hazy 200 Resonant Head

Snare Resonant Head


Single-ply 0.05 mm, Lightweight semi-transparent film, Suitable for jazz, fusion, studio and symphonic music

Meinl 18" Extreme Metal Big Bell Ri.

Big Bell Ride Cymbal


Classics Custom Extreme Metal Series, Brilliant surface, Made of B10 bronze alloy, Small ride cymbal with big bell, Fast response and short sustain...

Nino Kalimba Small Green



For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 12" Custom woofer and tweeter, 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3 mm or 3.5 mm Stereo line input,...

Gewa Cajon Premium Bag

Cajon Bag


Made from Cordura 600 Denier, Tear and water resistant, With adjustable backpack straps, All load-bearing parts additionally reinforced, 20 mm foam...

Pearl FT-50/10 Tune Lugs FFS Sn.



For 5" Pearl Deep FFS Free Floating Snares, Chrome finish

Pearl Export 13"x05" Snare #717

Snare Drum


EXX1350S/C-717, Chrome drumshell hardware, Drum shells are with a wrap finish

LP 394 Macho Maracas

Macho Maracas


Wooden handle, Leather body, Price for pair

Sonor LWA Agogo

Wooden Agogo


Rosewood, Includes 1x 1 SCH 95 mallets, Made of natural materials with careful craftsmanship, High sound quality, Powerful sound - is also well...

Remo 26" Emperor Coated Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


2-Ply head, Very durable, Low overtones, For heavy punk rock and all hard playing styles

Pearl ISS-0810 ISS Tom Hold System

Tom Hold System


Pearl Vision, To screw on, For 8"- 10" regular rims (1.6 mm), Incl. BT-300 tom bracket