Drums and Percussion

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Meinl 08" Classics Splash



Classics series, Outstanding quality, Very fast attack with sharp, assertive, wide, clear splash sound

Sonor 10"x07" AQ2 Tom Tom WHP

Tom Tom


Chrome drumshell hardware, New SmartMount tom mounting system for a balanced, optimised sustain that is also minimalistic in appearance

Acme Duck Call

Signal Whistle "Duck Call"


Top quality, For professinal requirements, High volume

DW Piccolo Tom 10"x2,5"

Piccolo Tom


Chrome-plated steel drum shell, TB12 Tom rosette

Evans 14" MS3 Polyester Snare Reso

Drum Head for Marching Snare Drum


MS3 polyester, Pleasantly dark, warm tone, Thin polyester reinforcement suppresses unwanted overtones, Stays tuned for a very long time, Highly...

Pearl 08"x07" Decade Maple TT -BR

Tom Tom


Decade Maple Series, DMP0807T/C260, Matte lacquered shell, Chrome plated shell hardware, Shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6 mm...

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Jazz Ride Turk Series

18" Jazz Ride Cymbal


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for a dark, faded sound, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by their unlathed surface that...

FSA Tajon Bag

Cajon Bag


Suitable for all FSA Tajon series, Padded

Evans 13" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

Snare Batter Head


Power Center (5" dot) glued on the bottom of the head, Single ply

Millenium Snare Drum Lug Chrome

Snare Drum Lug


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #21

Floor Tom


Export Series, EXX1816F/C21, Chrome shell hardware, Mixed drum shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for deeper, more voluminous sound,...

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #700

Stand Tom


Export series, Drum shell with wrap finish made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Chrome drum shell hardware, Deep and voluminous sound,...

Studio 49 MA21 Maracas



Original Mexican, Revised by STUDIO 49

Gewa Rims 10" Tom



For 10" tom-tom, For 6-hole clamping screws, Free-floating rubber-mounted tom-tom suspension, Suitable for all commercially available tom-toms,...

Pearl OPTA-0910/C Optimount

Optimount suspension system


Tom Mounting System for Masterworks and Reference, More sustain, Free, open sound behaviour

Istanbul Mehmet 15" Medium Crash Traditional

15" Medium Crash Cymbal


Traditional Series, Crash with quick response, Deep base tone, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre of music, The classical...

Vater 1/2 Timbale Sticks Hickory

Timbale Sticks


Made of hickory wood, Price for pair

Remo 10" Emperor X Coated Dot

Snare Drum Head


White, coated, Black dot on the base of the head, Double layered drumhead, low in overtones, Suitable for rock, hard rock

Meinl 14" Byzance China Traditional

Byzance Cymbal


Size 14 " China, Are made by hand in Turkey, Refined and revised by Meinl

Pearl 13"x09" Export Tom Tom #700

Tom Tom


Export series, EXX1309T / C # 700, Chrome Shell Hardware, Wrap finished shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more...

Ufip 20" FX Power China

China Cymbal


Bright and trashy with great dynamics, Very suitable for Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal and Fusion

Meinl 14" Classics China

China Effect Cymbal


Classics series, B8 bronze material, Excellent quality, Aggressive, powerful, trashy, clear china sound, Round china overtones, Explosive response...

LP 215A-1 Tune Claw Conga GD



For all LP Congas, Gold model, Washers and nuts included, Not suitable for Aspire and Galaxy models

Ahead GLX Drummer Gloves X-large

Drummer Gloves


With hook and loop fastener

Meinl HCLUG Tune Lug 8mm Headliner

Conga Clamping Screw


8 mm, Includes nut, HC12, HTC10, HTC11, HTC12, HC812, HC888, HFC10, HFC11, HFC12

Yamaha Stage Custom 20"x17" BD -HA

Bass Drum


Stage Custom Birch Series, SBB2017-HA, Mid-end drum set with excellent sound characteristics thanks to the birch drumshells, Punchy, warm, dynamic...

Evans 12" EC Edge Control Snare

Snare Batter Head


Edge control, 2-Layer coated snare head, The new development of the Edge Control System for the Evans tom heads does not stop at the snare head...

Meinl Head-Nino 23 10" Djembe Head

Djembe Drum Head


Size 10", For Meinl Djembe NINO23

Remo 06" Emperor Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Emperor coated, Double ply, Roughened batter head, Highly robust, Slight pre-damping of the head through the coating

Peter Hess FR-8 felt ring

Felt ring for singing bowls


Suitable for Zen, Assam, head bowl, Bengali 20 and 30

Remo 11" Fiberskyn High Collar Head

Banjo drumhead


Fiberskyn, Fiberskyn 3 version

Meinl TS-G-02 Djembe Head 12 3/4"

Djembe Drum Head


True Skin Goat, Suitable for Djembe DJW2

Sonor Sound Plate e4

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

Zildjian 16" Avedis Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Avedis series, Patina finish, Warm sound with long sustain, Medium bottom cymbals and thin top cymbals for outstanding chick sound, Vintage style...

Paiste 22" 602 Mod. Essentials Crash

Crash Cymbal


Formula 602 Modern Essentials series, Regular model, CuSn20 bronze alloy, The crash provides a full, warm tone, has a quick response and a very...

Ufip 10" Class Series Hi-Hat medium


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Zildjian S Series Performer Cymbal Set

Performer Cymbal Set


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Zultan Q Series Professional Set

Cymbal Set


Manufactured from B20 bronze, More powerful, defined and loud stick attack with constantly clear stick definition, Especially suitable for studio,...

Mapex Saturn V Exotic SV628B #MSL

Drum Shell Set


Saturn series, Rock configuration, Black chromed hardware, SONIClear tom suspension, SONIClear bearing edge for larger tuning range and improved...

Schlagwerk CBA2S My Cajon ConstructionKit

Cajon Quick Assembly Kit


Suitable for both young and adult players, A great choice for those who would like to assemble their own instrument, Precisely prefabricated parts,...

Traps A-400 Acoustic Drumset Bundle

Traps A-400 Acoustic Drumset


Drum Set, Drum shells made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic, Remo drum heads, Traditional multi-screw tuning system - set can also be adapted...

Roland RDH-102 Double Pedal

Double Pedal


With integrated Roland Noise Eater, Double chain, Adjustable spring tension, Memory Clamp for beater height, Base plate with rubber bumpers reduces...

Zaphir Twilight - Autum Chimes

Wind Chimes


Model Autumn

Tama Standard Bag Set f. Club Jam

Drum Bag Set


Suitable for Tama Club Jam kits, DSS48LJ, Water-repellent, 10 mm Thick padding, Shoulder straps (except for bass drum bag), Carrying handles

Ahead SPG-BBR4 Spinal G. Drum Throne

Drummer's Seat


4 Legs, With back-rest, Double-braced, Divided seat for free movement of the coccyx, Especially suitable for drummers with back problems, Seat...

Terre Djembe Carved Dragon 50cm



Model 38241095, Height approx. 50 cm, Diameter approx. 24 - 26 cm, Body is made from mahogany (Swietenia spp. mahagoni), Natural goatskin drum...

Millenium 18" B20 Crash

Crash Cymbal


B20 bronze, Clear and explosive crash cymbal with rounded decay

Evans Black Chrome Set Studio

Drum Head Set


ETP-CHR-F, Double ply (clear 0.178 mm over a black 0.19 mm foil), Deep, clear sound, Emphasizes deep mid and bass frequencies, Black mirroring...

Evans 22" EMAD Clear Bass Drum

Drumhead for bass


Transparent, Single ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept via variable and interchangeable dampening rings which can be mounted externally,...

Asian Sound HAPI Slim A Akebono

HAPI Drum Slim


Bag and mallets included

Sabian 18" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash

18" Crash Cymbal


HHX Evolution O-Zone series, Brilliant finish, With punched 2" holes, The "sound holes" provide a cutting tone with an assertive keynote, Machine...

Remo PP-1472-PS Pinstripe Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head Set


Pinstripe Clear Model, PP-1472-PS, 10", 12", 16" Tom Tom heads, Double-ply, clear with damping ring

Pearl TC-930 Tom/Boom Stand

Combination Stand


Combines cymbal and tom stands, TC-930 combination stand with double-braced legs combines TH-900S tom holder, CH-930 cymbal holder and ADP-30 adapter

Zultan 16" Dune Trash Crash


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Millenium PD-123 Pro Bass Drum Pedal



Direct drive, Aluminum hinge, Base plate made of steel, Laterally mounted clamping mechanism, Mallets with two playing surfaces (felt-plastic),...

Millenium HB5A Hornbeam -Wood-

5A Hornbeam Drumsticks


Wooden tips, Made in Europe, Extremely hard wood, Highly balanced quality

Remo Encore 22" Amba. Ebony BD hole


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Zildjian 16" S Series Medium Thin Crash

Medium Thin Crash Cymbal


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Can be used on both sides

Pearl Drum Percussion Starter Pack

Pearl PTM10GH Tambourine with Holder


Tambourine, Gold tone jingles, Bracket for mounting, The solution for all drummers and percussionists, The tambourine can be removed from the...

LP 511C Concert Chimes

Concert Chimes


36 Bars, Single row

Trommus E2t Percussion Drum Set

Drum Set


Comprises 3 drums, one each of B3u, C3u and D3u, Can be stored inside each other, Extremely lightweight plastic shell with natural drum head,...

Pearl HCL-205QR Hi-Hat Clutch

Hi-Hat Clutch


Improved stability due to built-in clamp, Washer and felts included

Pearl BDM-F Bass Drum Muffler Pillow

Bass drum muffler pillow


Large version, Divided into three parts, Is attached to the bass drum using the supplied hook and loop fastener tape

Zaphir Chimes Set of 5

Zaphir Crystalide - Spring Chimes


Wind Chimes, Model Spring

Remo 14" Black Max Snare Ebony

Snare Drumhead


Black Max Ebony, Size 14", Aramid fibre construction for high tension, Mylar coating on the underside of the head for the damping of overtones

Gibraltar SC-LRAC L-Rod & Clamp



With 9.5 mm L-piece, For mounting percussion instruments, Tilt adjustable multi-clamp

Millenium AK-25 Practice Pad Set

Practice Pad Set


This set includes 1 x 8" tunable practice pad with a stretched standard drum head as well as 1 pair of drum sticks, Can be mounted on (M6) cymbal...

Vic Firth SBR Buddy Rich Signature

Signature Drumsticks


Buddy Rich Signature, Wood tip, Developed on the basis of a 5A drumstick but with a larger tip, a broader shoulder and a wider neck, Diameter 15 mm

Tama CA30EN Boom Cymbal Holder

Cymbal Arm with Boom


Short model, Fits multiclamps MC 6 + MC61 + MC62 + rack clamp J24

Gibraltar SC-BDPM Bass Drum Riser

Bass Drum Riser Platform


For better playability of 18" and 20" bass drums, Raises the drum by approx. 5 cm, So that the beater hits the center of the drum

Vic Firth Modern Jazz MJC4

Drum Sticks


Modern Jazz Collection, Based on the Vic Firth 5B stick, Barrel-shaped head for precise cymbal sound

Millenium 18" Bass Drum hoop natural

Hoop For Bass Drum


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

LP 445 Bata Stand

Bata Stand


With caster wheels, Very sturdy chromed stand, Batas are attached by elastic band, A stand for all three LP bata sizes

Paiste 22" Signature "Monad" Ride

Ride Cymbal


Dry Heavy Ride "Monad", Signature Series, Developed in collaboration with Danny Carey, Violet cymbal with wacky and highly polished bell, Heavy...

DW 9000 V Rack Clamp DWSMRKC15V

Rack Clip


1.5" accessory clip for attaching tom and pelvis arms