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Contemporanea 22"x 40cm Axe Surdo Alu

Surdo Drum


Pro series, Aluminum body, For professional demands, Ax Surdos have a lower height than normal Surdos and are therefore easier to carry, Full,...

Zildjian 22" K-Custom Dark Ride

Ride Cymbal


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Ludwig LW6514 14"x6,5" Black Magic

Snare DrumThe Ludwig Black Magic Snare Drums use the same brass shell type as the Black Beauty Snares, with the difference that the Black Magic Snares use Die-Cast hoops, which produce more volume and attack, making them ideal for modern, louder music styl


Black Die Cast Hoops, Tube Lugs, 10 Lugs per side

Pearl PTC-1100 Travel Conga

Travel Conga


Compact, flat conga with shell construction made of Thai oak

LP 441T-L Twist Shaker Loud

Twist Shaker Loud


Plastic, The Twist Shaker consist of two interlocking plastic tubes, enabling the shakers to be played with one hand, The connection between the...

DW 9900 Double TomTom Stand

Standard Double Tom Stand


Double-braced legs, 2 Ball-and-socket joint tom arms, Memory clamp, Multi clamp, Height extendable from 65 - 105 cm

LP A601-AW Aspire Bongo Set

Bongo Set


EZ Curved hoops, Black hardware, Natural skin, Incl. tuning key

Pro Mark RBH595AW 5B Rebound Balance

Drum Sticks


Select Balance Series, Hickory, Acorn wooden tip (acorn-shaped), With the new Select Balance Series from ProMark, drummers have the opportunity to...

Toca 2100TOB Synergy Bongos -TOB



2-Ply wood construction, Black shell hardware, Natural drum heads

Zildjian 17" A-Custom Crash



A Custom series, Brillant finish, Natural, bright sound, Not too thick - not too loud, Fast attack, Warm, round, soft release

Roland Motion Sensor for VH-11

Motion Sensor


Spare base part, Suitable for Roland VH11 Hi-Hat pad

Millenium DA-279

Single Tom Holder


To screw on a drum stand, L-rod adjustable via ball joint

Pro Mark PMBRM1 medium Broomsticks



Creates a sound between brooms and hot rods, Made of broomcorn, Price per pair

Zultan 19" Rock Beat Crash

Crash Cymbal


Rock beat series, Full of voluminous keynote, Balanced crash with power and projection, Fast response with a balanced sound over the entire sound...

ATV aDrums Artist Series 18"Cymbal

18" Three-Zone Cymbal Pad


Made of silicone rubber, Complete surface can be played, Two zones compatible with most drum modules, Three zones require two ride inputs on the...

Yamaha DT50S Snare Trigger

Snare Trigger


Compatible with any Snare Drum or Tom Tom with metal strainers, Stereo triggers, Chrome plated metal casing, Knurled screw for setting the...

LP 1209 Jam Block Guiro

Jam Block


Combination of block, guiro, low pitch, Durable and resistant to even the strongest of strokes, Includes mounting bracket

Tama 7AW Oak Japanese Sticks



Wooden tips, Japanese Oak Series, Extremely hard Japanese oak, Varnished finish

Zultan 20" Aja Crash

Crash Cymbal


Aja series, Aja crash cymbals sound loud and bold, Balanced, harmonious release

Paiste 14" Signature Fast Crash

14" Fast CrashThe fast crash from the signature series offers a warm, rich and beautifully transparent sound. A very thin crash that reaches its full sound potential very quickly, regardless of the stroke velocity.


Medium, bright, silvery warm and transparent appealing crash with a full-bodied fundamental sound, Extremely fast attack with short sustain

Zultan 14" Dark Matter Splatter Crash


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Evans 10" Hydraulic Red Tom

Tom Tom Drumhead


Features a thin film of oil between the two plies, Double-ply, Produces a fat rich sound, Short sustain, For live rock-fusion and studio, TT10HR

Studio 49 RC 2 Palisander Claves Royal



From the 'Concert Percussion' series, Handcrafted from rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii), 1 Pair

Meinl 15" Byzance Hi-Hat Medium

Hi-Hat Cymbals


Byzance series, Medium, Traditional execution, Byzance cymbals are hand made in Turkey, Refined and revised by Meinl, Wide dynamic spectrum with a...

Paiste 18" 900 Series China

China Cymbal


"900" Series, Made of B8 (2002) bronze, Explosive crash sound for accented effects, Special dark finish that emphasises the hammer marks

Paiste 10" 602 Mod. Essential Splash

10" Splash Cymbal


Modern Essentials Series, Regular finish, CuSn20 bronze alloy, Fast responding and dark warm sounding splash cymbal for lively accents with...

Millenium 14"x5,5" Black Steel Snare

Snare Drum


"Black Steel", 1 mm Steel drum shell, Black drum shell with black nickel coating, 1.6 mm Steel rims, 8 Tension rods, Classic lugs with single...

Pearl BT-3 Tom Rosette

Tom Tom Bracket


Stop lock compatible

Millenium 10" Still Series Splash reg.


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Canopus 14" Vintage Dry Snare Wire

Snare Wire for 14" Snare Drums


Open sound and sensitive response

LP Es-5 Salsa Timbale Cowbell

Salsa Timbale Cowbell


Standard, Mountable

Yamaha HXR2LII Hexrack Drumrack

Drum Rack


Very low weight due to a specially designed aluminum alloy, At the same time, the enhanced tube profile ensures extra support, The HXR2LII is a...

Remo 13" CS Clear

Tom Head


Size 13", CS Series Clear, With Black Dot, Single ply head, With reinforcement point (dot) in the center of the head, Very popular as Snare head,...

Sonor DK5072

Tuning Key (slotted)


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Paiste Mega Cup Chime 13"

Mega Cup Chime


Produces a very full and metallic sound

TnR Booty Shakers "little" Snare

Booty Shakers for Snares/Toms


Set of 3, For easy attachment to any snare stand, For increased resonance, sustain, and a wider range of frequencies

Remo Encore 24" Amba. Ebony BD


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Evans EC1175 11 3/4" Conga Head LP

Conga Head


3-Zone skin, Tuning stability even under changing weather conditions, Suitable for Latin percussion professional series with regular and comfort...

Pro Mark TX2BW-FG Classic 2B Fire Grain



2 B, Fire Grain model, Oval wooden tip, Wood is naturally hardened by flambéing, preserving completely the weight and balance

Yamaha Stage Custom 08"x07" TT - PW

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBT0807-PW, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, Yess tom tom holding system included, High-gloss lacquered shell

Gretsch USA Custom White Marine Pearl


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Remo 18" Powerstroke 3 Coated

Tom Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 series, Rough coated surface, Single ply drum head with double reinforced edge, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Round sound character...

Sonor SQ2 Set Beech American Walnut

Shell Set


SQ2 Series, Chrome hardware, Bass Drum with thumbscrews and tom / floor toms with square head screws

Meinl 12" Class. Cust. Dark Tr. Spl.

Splash Cymbal


Meinl Classics Custom Series, 12" Dark Trash Splash, Explosive and trashy splash for crisp accents with an extremely short decay, Ideal for music...

Mapex HP8005EB Armory Hardware Pack

Hardware Set


Mapex Armory Series, Double braced, 1 x P800 Bass Drum Pedal

Meinl TMPDS Conga Double Stand

Conga Double Tripod


Chrome-plated steel, Double-braced legs with braked wheels

Meinl Head-38 6 3/4" Bongo Head

Bongo Head


Hand-selected buffalo skin, For the Meinl FWB200 / FWB190 series

Roland PD-85BK V Drum Pad BK

Drum PadThese super-robust pads of the latest generation are available in black and white with chrome clips. When used as toms in conjunction with a TD-20 or TD-12 sound module, you can also play rim shots with the sound varying according to the velocity.


Black finish, 8" two-zone V-pads feature Roland's latest dual triggering technology, Leads to consistent and precise positional sensing between the...

Roland KD-140-BC V-Drum Bass Kick Pad

Electric Bass Drum Pad


14" V-Drum Bass Kick Pad, With enlargened batter head and solid metal framefor a dynamic, natural playing feel. The difference is noticeable with...

Remo 15" CS Clear

Drum Head for Tom


CS series clear, With reinforcing dot (Black Dot) at the centre of the drum head, Single ply head, Highly popular as snare skin, especially for...

DW 16"x14" FT Performance - Ebony

Floor Tom


Performance Series, 16" x 14" (8-ply HVX), Chrome hardware, Standard Triple steel hoops, Shell made from hand-selected North American hard rock...

Millenium DA-131 3-Way Multi Holder

Percussion holder


3-Way multi percussion holder for attaching to drum stand, 3 Mounting options, Multi-clamp for tom percussion or cymbal arms

Mapex MC910EB Multi Clamp Black

Easy multi-clamp


Horizontally movable

Schlagwerk RT "Bendir" Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Bendir model, Goat skin, The Bendir is a particularly popular frame drum in oriental music, The construction of the frame is similar to the Def,...

Meinl 08" Classics Splash



Classics series, Outstanding quality, Very fast attack with sharp, assertive, wide, clear splash sound

Sonor 10"x07" AQ2 Tom Tom WHP

Tom Tom


Chrome drumshell hardware, New SmartMount tom mounting system for a balanced, optimised sustain that is also minimalistic in appearance

Tama 08"x06" Superstar H. Tom CCW


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Acme Duck Call

Signal Whistle "Duck Call"


Top quality, For professinal requirements, High volume

DW Piccolo Tom 10"x2,5"

Piccolo Tom


Chrome-plated steel drum shell, TB12 Tom rosette

Evans 14" MS3 Polyester Snare Reso

Drum Head for Marching Snare Drum


MS3 polyester, Pleasantly dark, warm tone, Thin polyester reinforcement suppresses unwanted overtones, Stays tuned for a very long time, Highly...

Tama 08"x06" Supers. Classic TT BAB

Tom Tom


Superstar Classic series, Maple drum shell, CLT8H BAB

Pearl 08"x07" Decade Maple TT -BR

Tom Tom


Decade Maple Series, DMP0807T/C260, Matte lacquered shell, Chrome plated shell hardware, Shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6 mm...

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Jazz Ride Turk Series

18" Jazz Ride Cymbal


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for a dark, faded sound, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by their unlathed surface that...

FSA Tajon Bag

Cajon Bag


Suitable for all FSA Tajon series, Padded

Evans 13" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

Snare Batter Head


Power Center (5" dot) glued on the bottom of the head, Single ply

Millenium Snare Drum Lug Chrome

Snare Drum Lug


Series K Custom, Size 22", Dark Ride, Traditional finish, Played by Carter Beauford, Alex Acuna, Akira Jimbo, Rodney Holmes, and Al Foste

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #21

Floor Tom


Export Series, EXX1816F/C21, Chrome shell hardware, Mixed drum shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for deeper, more voluminous sound,...

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #700

Stand Tom


Export series, Drum shell with wrap finish made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Chrome drum shell hardware, Deep and voluminous sound,...

Studio 49 MA21 Maracas



Original Mexican, Revised by STUDIO 49

Gewa Rims 10" Tom



For 10" tom-tom, For 6-hole clamping screws, Free-floating rubber-mounted tom-tom suspension, Suitable for all commercially available tom-toms,...

Pearl OPTA-0910/C Optimount

Optimount suspension system


Tom Mounting System for Masterworks and Reference, More sustain, Free, open sound behaviour

Istanbul Mehmet 15" Medium Crash Traditional

15" Medium Crash Cymbal


Traditional Series, Crash with quick response, Deep base tone, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre of music, The classical...

Vater 1/2 Timbale Sticks Hickory

Timbale Sticks


Made of hickory wood, Price for pair

Tama SP1465H Simon Phillips Model

Snare Drum


Simon Phillips signature model, "The Monarch", Figured maple/ bubinga/ maple shell, 8-Ply with sound focus ring, Starclassic single lugs, Brass...

Remo 10" Emperor X Coated Dot

Snare Drum Head


White, coated, Black dot on the base of the head, Double layered drumhead, low in overtones, Suitable for rock, hard rock