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Zultan 20" Caz Ride

Ride Cymbal


Hand hammered, Full-sounding bell, Ride cymbal with a unique blend of broad base tones and shimmering harmonic overtones in combination with...

Tama HP900-7H Heavy Tension Spring



For all Tama bass drum pedals

Goldon Push Bells Model 33870

Percussion Bells


Model No.33870, 8 percussion bells, Multicoloured, Includes robust transport bag

DR Customs Rock Set Black Red Splatter

Shell Set


Red Splatter Series, 8-Ply maple shell, Black chrome hardware, Drop lugs, 2.33 mm Powerhoops, Evans G2 heads on toms, Evans Emad batter head on...

Tama TTB30F Traditional Felt Beater

Felt Beater


Traditional felt head beater, For all common pedals

Millenium 18" Bass Drum hoop black

Hoop For Bass Drum


For all Tama bass drum pedals

Aquarian PF-B Drum Head Set Standard

Drum Head Set


Performance II series, Standard model, Transparent, Double layer, 1 x 12 ", 1 x 13", 1 x 16" Tom drum head, 1 x 14" White roughened snare drum...

Roland OP-TD1C Cymbal Set

Electric Drum Cymbal Pad Expansion Set


Compatible with Roland TD-1K and Roland TD-1KV, Includes mount, Chokable cymbal pad

Pearl 38" Hardware Bag with Wheels

Hardware Bag


Size 38", With rollers, Reinforced bottom and seams, Shoulder, Handles on sides and top, Outside pocket, PPBKPHD38W

Roland CY-14C V-Cymbal

14" V-Cymbal (Crash)


With moving suspension and edge choke sensor, Trigger 2 (playing surface/edge), Connector playing surface/edge Out

DW 14"x6,5" Design Workhorse SD

Snare drum


Black nickel-plated brass shell, Reinforced with 2 rings, MAG snare strainer, True-Pitch tension rods, Reinforced drumhead with reverse dot from REMO

LP 11 3/4" Raul Rekow Conga



3-Ply foil-wrapped wooden shell with oscillating tiger optic finish, Special gold glitter accents in the foil, Golden LP Comfort Curve II hoop, LP...

Pro Mark TXR5BW 5B Hickory Wood Tip

Pro Mark Drumsticks TXR5BW


Wooden tips, Like standard 5B sticks, With non-lacquered, natural finish

Contemporanea 20"x 40cm Axe Surdo Alu

Surdo Drum


Pro series, Aluminum body, For professional demands, Ax Surdos have a lower height than normal Surdos and are therefore easier to carry, Full,...

Ludwig LB417BT 14"x6,5" Black Beauty

Snare Drum


With brass shell hardware and die cast hoops, P86 Millenium snare tensioner and P33 snare holder, Tube lugs, Keystone Cast Badge

Pro Mark R7AAG 7A Rebound Active Grip

Drum Sticks


Select Balance Series, Hickory, Acorn-shaped wooden head, When the sticks warm up via body temperature while playing, ActiveGrip special coating is...

Pro Mark L-Rods



Lightning Version, Price for pair

Yamaha CL945B Single Tom Holder Yess

Short Single Tom Holder


Omni-Ball holder for Yess system

Paiste 19" Signature Full Crash

Paiste Signature Line


Signature Line Series, Bright, full, warm sound spectrum, Versatile multifunctional crash cymbal

Zildjian 14" A-Custom Crash

Crash Cymbals


A Custom series, Size 14”, Brilliant finish, Played by e.g. Alex Acuna, Julio Barreto, Carter Beauford, Phil Bloch and Bubba Bryant

Zultan 20" Dune Crash

Crash Cymbal


Dune series, Hand-hammered, Premium crash cymbal from traditional Turkish production, Made of B20 bronze, Dry, fast fading, thrashy sound,...

Kaufmann Block Set Rebonds B

Woodblock Set


Kaufmann blocks 1-5, 5 Holders included

Zildjian 15" A-Custom Mastersound Hi-Ha

Mastersound HiHat


A Custom series in brillant finish, Impresses by the clear, crisp, full and versatile sound of the A custom series, however with a more bulbous,...

Remo 10" Powerstroke 3 Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Powerstroke-3 series, Size 10”, Single ply drum head with double reinforced rim, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Round sound characteristics with...

Yamaha Stage Custom 14"x6,5" Snare

Snare Drum


Stage Custom Series, 1 mm thick steel shell, 45° bearing edge, Hardware and shell surface are chrome-plated, 1.5 mm Triple flange hoops

Thinwood Session Set 1 Practice Pads

Practice Pad Set


Odorless and environmentally friendly, Absolutely rebound friendly practice, Realistic playing experience, Simple operation by simply placing, Made...

Pearl LG-40L/3 Floor Tom Legs Air L

Floor Tom Legs


Air suspension floor tom legs, For MCX, VMX, SMX, SBX, SRX, and Master - ག series (about 10mm), Long version 68 cm long

Millenium Classic Stick Bag

Stick Bag


Padded, With shoulder strap, To attach to clamping bolts

Millenium SW20S 14" Snare Wire chrome


For all Tama bass drum pedals

Zildjian 10" A-Custom EFX Splash



A Custom EFX series, Brilliant finish, Fast attack, Very short sustain, Perfect for trashy accents

LP Es-10 Salsa Sergio Cowbell



Salsa Sergio Bongo Signature model, Screwed attachment, The LP Salsa Sergio Bongo cowbell is named after New York Latin producer Sergio George, A...

Gibraltar SC-GPR46C Single Pipe

Single Pipe


Pipe for drum rack, Curved design

Evans TT13ECR 13" EC Resonant Contr.

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT13ECR, The EC resonant head expands the vocal range of the shell and allows better control of the sustain, The head consists of a 0.25 mm thin...

Zildjian 13" A-Custom MastersoundHi-Hat

Hi-Hat cymbals


A Custom Mastersound Series

Remo 18" Emperor Coated Bass Drum

Drum Head for Bass Drum


White, coated, 2 Ply drum head, Highly durable, Pre-dampened by white layer, For heavy - punk - rock - and all hard ways of playing

Peter Hess hkFS-2w/3w

Double Felt Mallets


Soft, Recommended for heart-, joint / universal- and pelvis bowls, German produced, The wooden stick shaft is made from domestically grown beech wood.

Tru Tuner Drum Head Replacement System

Tuning Key System


Patented tuning system, 10 Matching tuning keys, Fits in all common cymbal bags, All the tuning screws are tightened by rotation

Remo 24" Pinstripe Ebony Bass Drum

Batter Head for Bass Drum


Pin Stripe Ebony Series, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full sound spectrum

Zildjian 21" A-Series Rock Ride

Rock Ride Cymbal


Regular model, Strong, penetrating attack, Voluminous bell

Yamaha CS-660A

Straight Cymbal Stand


Height-adjustable within a range of 62 - 145 cm, 3 Double-braced legs

Remo 08" CS Clear

Tom Drum Head


CS Series Clear, With black dot, Single ply head, With reinforcing dot in the middle of drum head, Highly popular as snare skin, especially for...

Paiste 16" 900 Color Sound China RED

China Cymbal


900 Colour Sound Series, Made of B8 (2002) bronze, Explosive crash sound for accented effects

Vic Firth 2BN American Classic Hickory



Nylon tips, Hickory wood, Teardrop-shaped tips, Ideal for heavy rock and practising

Remo 12,5" Symmetry Fiberskyn D2

Conga Head


Suitable for LP Palladium, Galaxy, Giovanni Wood, M4-1250-F6-D2, Synthetic skin with a natural appearance, Glued in aluminum ring

Meinl 13" HCS Hi-Hat



HCS Series, Beginners cymbal series, Combines quality and value, MS63 blend, A versatile hi-hat in the medium weight range, Warm, clear sound with...

Vic Firth Caddy Stick Holder

Caddy Stick Holder


The stick CADDY can hold up to 3 pairs of 5A drumsticks, The capacity for other models depends on their diameter, The stylistic design, the perfect...

Sonor BD26 4MC Marching Head 26" bk

Head for Big Drum


Single-shift, Black smooth, Medium, Control center, Control ring

Meinl MTB Timbales Bag

Transport Bag for Timbales


2 Timbales of up to 15" diameter, With two internal compartments, Incl. separate lining, With outside pocket for stand, cowbell and sticks, Padded...

Meinl 16" HCS China

China Cymbal


HCS series, Beginners cymbal series, Combines quality and value, MS63 Alloy, Explosive and responsive China with medium sustain

LP 274B 11 3/4" Conga Head

Conga Head


Nature (raw leather), For the LP Galaxy series, for Comfort Curve II Rims

Yamaha Stage Custom 08"x07" TT -HA

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBT0807-HA, 6-Ply 100% birch wood shell, High-gloss lacquer, Yess tom tom holding system included

ATV aD5 Electronic Drum Module

Drum Module


Five drum kits (expandable), Uncompressed Stereo WAV multilayer samples, High dynamic range, Very low latency, Supports almost all pads from...

Meinl HE-114 Aluminium Darabuka

Aluminium Darabuka


With engraved ornamentation, Turkish style, Hand-hammered aluminium, Replaceable synthetic head (replacement head is not included), Incl. tuning key

Gibraltar SC-4C Tension Rod 41mm

Tension Rod Set


With washer, For toms and stand toms

Meinl 21" Byzance Polyphonic Ride

Ride Cymbal


Byzance Series, Traditional design with an untreated bell, Produces an open sound with a faster stick response, Byzance cymbals are made handmade...

Pearl SST-5047/6 Tune Screws

Clamping Screw Set


Pack of 6, Including plastic washers

Millenium MPS-850 Drum Module

Drum Module


550 Voices, 30 Preset kits, 20 User kits, 100 Songs, 2 User songs, 6 Faders to adjust the volume of individual pads, as well as metronome and...

Ludwig ASPACK Atlas Standard Pack

Hardware Set


Atlas standard series, LAS16HH Hi-hat stand, LAS22SS Snare stand, LAS26CS Cymbal stand, LAS36MBS Boom stand

SJC Drums Custom 4-piece White Turqouise



Stage configuration, Shell made of 100% North American maple wood, Chrome shell hardware, 45° Bearing, Evans G2 coated head for toms, Evans EMAD2...

Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat

Dual Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller for DM10 / DM8


12'' Single-zone cymbal, up and down, Variable hi-hat playing for open, semi-open, closed chick and splash sounds, Compatible with conventional...

Meinl TS-C-02 7" Bongo Head

Bongo Head


True Skin series, For the FWB400, FFB400, CS400 series

Meinl TMC-CH Conga Stand Chrom



Chrome finish, Height adjustable, Adapts to every Congo diameter

Triggera Krigg V3 Kick Pedal Trigger

Kick pedal trigger


A very quiet kick pad, Can be used with any single or double pedals, Produces a very realistic playing experience, Compatible with all drum modules...

Evans 15" EC Resonant Control Tom

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT15ECR, The EC resonant head expands the tuning range of the shell and enables better control over sustain, The drum head consists of one 0.25 mm...

Yamaha RHH-135 Hi-Hat E-Drum Pad

Hi-Hat E-Drum Controller Pad


To install an electronic drum pad on a standard Hi-Hat Stand, For absolute playing feel, Two trigger outputs (6.3 mm jack)

Yamaha KP100 Kick Pad

Electronic drum bass pad


Mesh drum head for an improved rebound, Can also accommodate double foot pedals, 6.3 mm mono jack for connecting additional pads, 6.3 mm stereo...

Aquarian 15" Classic Clear

Tom tom head


Transparent, Single-shift, Medium thick, Can be used as a striking and resonating head, Produces an open, full basic tone with a clearly defined...

LP M258 Matador Timbales 14"+15"

Timbale Set


Steel drum shell, Antique finish, LP drumhead, Incl. LP Matador cowbell, Solid, stable, universally adjustable stand, Cowbell /Percussion holder,...

Sonor L2621 Guiro

Mexican guiro


With scrapers

Meinl SST1-R Samba Stick

Samba Stick


Normal version

Boomwhackers BW-PG

Pentatonic Scale Set


Tuned percussion tubes, Plastic, Suitable for children, Tubes not for sale individually, Comprises C-D-E-G-A-C

Pearl Crystal Beat 16"x15" Fl. #730

Floor Tom


Crystal Beat series, Modern remake of the classic of 1973, Drum shell made of seamless acrylic, 6 mm Drum shell thickness, Chrome hardware, 1.6 mm...

Boomwhackers BW-EG Soprano Expansion Set

Soprano Expansion Set


For all Tama bass drum pedals