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PUR PC0049 Cajon Bag

Cajon Bag


12 mm Padding, With backpack straps and carrying straps

Remo 14" Ambassador Reso Classic

Snare drum resonant drumhead


Single ply, Transparent, 3-mil in thickness, Classic Fit drumheads are suitable for vintage drums with plus sizes (until circa the mid 1960s)

Paiste 15" Signature Fast Crash

15" Fast Crash


Medium, bright, silvery warm and transparent appealing crash with a full-bodied fundamental sound, Extremely fast attack with short sustain

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Jazz Ride Siz. Turk Series

18" Jazz Ride Cymbal with Rivets


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for a dark, faded sound, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by their unlathed surface that...

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Ping Ride Traditional

18" Ping Ride Cymbal


Traditional Series, Regular model, Clear stick response with a very defined tone, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre of...

Pearl Modern Utility 13"x5" #234

Snare Drum


Modern Utility Series, 6-ply, 5.4 mm drum shell made from maple, Rubber-backed CL bridge lugs, Remo UT drumhead, Matte lacquered

Remo 13" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head

Snare Drumhead


Double ply 7-mil drum head, 7-Mil damping ring, 5-Mil clear dot on the bottom of the head for better durability

Yamaha Stage Custom 18"x16" FT -HA

Floor Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, 6-ply 100% birch wood drum shell, SBF1816, High-gloss lacquered

Pearl IS-1216SL ISS Tom Hold System

Tom Mounting System


Suitable for 12" - 16" Super Hoop II steel rims (2.3mm), To screw onto rim, Including BT-3 Tom Rosette

Rogers Beavertail Small Tom Lug


Exclusively available from Thomann model, Snare effect with 2x 20 spirals, Sonically unfolds the frake playing surface a full bass with good...

Meinl MCOB 12 1/2 Conga Gig Bag

Conga Gig Bag


With reinforced lid, Extra thick padding, Bottom with protective rubber layer, Extra strong zipper, Backpack straps

LP 571 Agogo Bell Holder



For Agogo Bell

Hands on Drums Beatbottle

Mini udu


Small and portable, Percussive and suitable for overtones, Made in Germany

Meinl TMB-S Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand


For seated players, Padded T-tube, Omni Lock System

Yamaha Stage Custom 12"x08" TT -HA

Tom Tom


SBT1208-HA, 6-Pile, 100% birch wood shell, Shell high gloss finish, Includes Yess Tom Tom mounting system

Yamaha Stage Custom 13"x09" TT -HA

Tom Tom


Stage custom birch, SBT1309-HA, 6-Ply shell, 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquer, Incl. YESS tom tom mounting system

Millenium DG-M Drummer Gloves

Dummer Gloves


Without fingers, Soft leather material, Combined with light nylon fabric

Istanbul Mehmet 19" Jazz Ride Turk Series

19" Jazz Ride Cymbal


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for darker, faded sound, These unlathed Cymbals have been designed to fulfil the needs of...

Meinl MDG-XL

Drummer Gloves


Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your hands from blisters and simultaneously ensure optimum grip, The gloves made from very thin leather are very...

African Percussion Djemben Bag 40cm

Bag for Djembe


Padded drum bag with African fabric design, The instrument is well protected, Easy transport due to adjustable carrying straps

Remo 10" Fiberskyn 3 Thin (FD)

Tom Tom Drum Head


FiberSkyn 3 Series, Ambassador thin

Istanbul Mehmet 12" Light Hi-Hat Traditional

12 "Light Hi-Hat


Traditional series, Regular finish, Dynamic spectrum with a dark, warm sound, Traditional Series is suitable for just about any kind of music, The...

Pearl Export 20"x16" Bass Drum #21

Bass Drum


Export series, EXX2016B-21, Chrome shell hardware, Asian mahogany and poplar wood mixed shell for a deeper and more voluminous sound, With tom rosette

Meinl CAX2



Percussion instrument made from basketwork, Medium size

Zildjian 16" K Sweet Hats

Hi-Hat Cymbal


K Series, Dark and fast responding pelvis, "Random Hammering", Warm and round sound

Bergerault Stand Xylophone/Metalophone T1



For xylophone / metallophone, For all soprano and alto models, Wooden table top, Feet made of metal, Adjustable height, 4 Casters with 2 brakes,...

Terre Caxixi Kalabash Medium

Medium Caxixi


With pumpkin cover, Filled with glass and plastic pearls, Produce a strong, intense sound

Studio 49 XM-02 Rubber for BX/BM 2000

Isolation Pad


For BM 2000, BX 2000, 9740

LP LP224 Conga Handle Chrome

Conga Handle


Chrome finish

Meinl TS-G-01 Djembe Head 12"

Djembes Drum Head


True Skin Goat, Djembe DJW3 / DJF3

Gretsch 18"x14" BD Catalina Club GCB

Bass Drum


Catalina Club Series, Foil-wrapped shell, 7-Ply mahogany shell, 30° Gretsch shell bearing edge, Chrome hardware, Mini Gretsch lugs, Mahogany...

Peter Hess FR-16 felt ring

Felt Ring for Singing Bowls


Suitable for small and large pelvic bowl, Bengali 100 and 150

Aquarian 06" Performance II Clear Dot

Tom Tom Drum Head


Performance II clear with power dot on top, Transparent, double ply tom tom drum head, With extra reinforcing via power dot, Manufactured with the...

Zildjian 10" S Series Mini Hi-Hat

Mini Hi-Hat Cymbals


S Series, Medium thin top, Medium bottom, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Turned on both sides

Remo 10" 9/16" High Collar Banjo

Banjo head


BJ-1009-H3, High collar, Transparent, 10" 9/16" size

Remo 11" Medium Collar Banjo Head C

Banjo head


Banjo head with medium collar, Transparent - clear - transparent, Suitable for Harley Benton banjos

Masterwork 06" Resonant Splash

6" SplashThe Resonant series is hand-polished to give it its shiny surface and brilliant sound with a warm basic character.


Masterwork Resonant series, Brilliant surface, Handcrafted according to ancient Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy

Sonor Sound Plate c3

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31, C2 - F sharp 4 available, 9.8cm

Sonor Sound Plate f#4

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

Sonor Sound Plate d3

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

DW 13" Resonant Snare Drum Head

Snare Resonant Head


Transparent Clear

Sabian 22" HH Remastered Thin Crash

Thin Crash Cymbal


HH Hand Hammered Series, Made from B20 bronze, A very musical crash with a deep and warm tone, Produces a full response with a fast decay time,...

Gretsch 14"x05" USA Bronze Snare Drum

Snare Drum


Die cast hoops, Knurled middle strip in the drum shell, Snap-In tuning key holder, Micro-Sensitive strainer, A bit deeper and darker tone comparing...

Millenium MX422 Standard Set BL


Exclusively available from Thomann model, Snare effect with 2x 20 spirals, Sonically unfolds the frake playing surface a full bass with good...

Millenium Youngster Drum Set Silver

Complete Drum Set for Children


Perfect for drummers as of 3 years old, Black hardware, Drum shell with robust film finish, Pedal, Stool, 1 Pair of drumsticks, Including LowNoiz...

Zildjian Planet Z Standard Cymbal Set

Cymbal Set


Planet Z Series, Regular finish, The entry-level set in the world of Zildjian, 1 Pair of Zildjian 5A hickory sticks included, Made in USA

Gretsch Catalina Maple 7-piece SDCB

Shell set


Includes double tom holder with integrated cymbal holder, New round badge logo on bass drum rosette, The set captivates with its 100% 7-ply maple...

Schlagwerk Fraké Special Edition Cajon



Exclusively available from Thomann model, Snare effect with 2x 20 spirals, Sonically unfolds the frake playing surface a full bass with good...

Pearl D-730S Drum Throne

Drum Throne


Ideal for children and teenagers, Single-braced legs, With round vinyl seat padding, Continuously adjustable (without fixed increments) height

Afroton Rainmaker 100cm



Traditional instrument from Chile, Filled with pebble stones

Terre 555 Shaman Drum 50cm

Shaman Drum


Octagonal, Frame is made from mahogany, Stringed with skin threads, Full-bodied sound, but light as a feather, Natural goatskin drumhead, Beater...

Trick Drums Pro1V Big Foot Low Mass Pedal

Double foot pedal


2 Fully functional single pedals connected with shaft, Direct drive, Innovative design, Longboard version, Made of titanium, stainless steel and...

Afroton AD S01 Djembe



Made in Ghana, Wooden body made from a single piece of wood, Goatskin drum head, Pre-stretched, adjustable rope tuning, Subtle, unique carving,...

Tama MXA73N Closed Hi-Hat Attachm.

Closed Hi-Hat Holder


Quick-set clutch, With fine adjustment screw to precisely determine the opening of the hi-hat cymbals, Perfect for double bass or double pedal...

Peter Hess phKSET-Chakra

Chakra singing bowls


Covers all areas of the body, PhKS9-O1, PhKS9-O2, PhKS9-SP, PhKS9-U1, PhKS9-U2, PhKSZ-9

Paiste PST7 18" Heavy Crash

Crash Cymbal


PST7 series, Traditional sound and Look, Slightly heavier cymbal for louder musical styles, Made in Switzerland

Zildjian 18" ZBT Crash

Crash Cymbal


ZBT series, Brillant finish, Excellent, quick response with wide, round, assertive tone

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad Bundle

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad


Sampling Pad, 9 Pads, 4 GB internal memory, 3 Multi FX, Large, backlit LCD display, Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad...

Remo PP-0952-BE Emperor Coated

Tom Tom Drumhead Set


2-Ply, white, rough surface

Firestix Firestix Colour Change Sticks


Exclusively available from Thomann model, Snare effect with 2x 20 spirals, Sonically unfolds the frake playing surface a full bass with good...

Pearl P-530 Bass Drum Pedal

Single pedal


Double chain, Dual Beater, Uni-Lock Beater angle freely adjustable

Paiste PST7 14" Heavy Hi-Hat

Heavy Hi-Hat Cymbals


PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Dynamic hi-hat with a defined "chick" sound, Powerful Hi-Hat for harder styles, Made in Switzerland

Zildjian 16" A-Custom Crash

Crash Cymbal


A-Custom crash, Brilliant finish, Natural, bright, Not too thick - not too loud, Very quick response, Warm, round, soft sustain behaviour

Mapex B600 Cymbal Boom Stand

Boom Cymbal Stand


600 series, Multi-Sustain cymbal tilter, Boom cymbal arm, New, ergonomically shaped screws, Two times adjustable height with non-slip rubber...

Mapex B200 Cymbal Boom Stand

Boom Cymbal Stand


Tornado series, Double-stranded, 1-Fold extendable

Pearl S-930D Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand


For 10" - 14" snares, From the 930 Series, Deep version, Gear-Lock tilt mechanism, Double braced stand, UltraGrip butterfly nuts/screws

Vic Firth SJD Jack DeJohnette Signature

Signature Sticks


Jack DeJohnette, Wood tips, A stretch 5A for extra reach, Excellent for jazz and fusion styles

Black Swamp Percussion TC2 Tambourine

Professional Tambourine


Sturdy ash body with calfskin drum head, Double row chrome/silver jingles

Zildjian 14" K' Constantinople Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


K' Constantinople series, Traditional finish, Deep and full "chick" sound, Quick response

Big Fat Snare Drum Combo Pack Orginal + Donut 14"

14" Snare Drum Topper Set


Consisting of "The Original" and "Steve's Donut", BFSD-COMB, The Big Fat Snare Drum products were engineered to effortlessly transform any snare...

Remo 10" Practice Pad

10" Practice Pad


The ideal rehearsal pad

Pearl Export 14"x5,5" Snare #704

Snare Drum


Export series, Poplar/Mahogany shell, EXX1455S/C704, Chrome-plated shell hardware, Laminated

Tama QHC7 Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch

Hi-Hat Clutch


With quick-release system for quick and easy changing of the hi-hat top, Prevents accidental release of the cymbal

Ahead Lars Ulrich Signature Sticks



Lars Ulrich Signature Model, Revolutionary drumstick with alloy core and a replaceable plastic cover, LT Model

Evans 16" Resonant Head Tom Clear

Tom Tom Resonant Head


Clear - transparent, The 1 mm single ply Genera resonant drum head produces warm overtones, It creates a clear, brilliant sound