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Sensory Percussion 2 Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


10 Zone Drum Sensor, Software licence included, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import possible,...

Gretsch 14"x05" Snare Chrome o. Brass

Snare Drum


"Chrome over Brass" series, Re-issue of the legendary 4160 Gretsch Snare, Brass Shell (1.2mm) plated with chrome, Original design with Gretsch...

Zildjian 14" K-Custom Fast Crash

Fast Crash


K Custom series, Brilliant finish, With new bell design, Faster decay and more explosive attack than K Custom crashes

Yamaha WS-904A Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Stands


Without ball clamps, Height adjustable from 45 to 76 cm, 3 Double-braced legs

Pro Mark TXJZW Elvin Jones Hickory Jazz



Elvin Jones Signature Model, Oval wooden tips

Paiste PST7 19" Crash

Crash cymbal


PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Suitable for any style, Made in Switzerland

Evans 10" EC Resonant Control Tom

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT10ECR, The EC resonant head expands the tuning range of the shell and enables better control over sustain, The drum head consists of one 0.25 mm...

Zildjian 20" K-Series Cluster Crash

Crash Cymbal


Extra-thin, Dark and trashy sound, Untreated bell, Traditional hammering with isolated "clusters

DW 9900BDCR Bass Drum Tom Holder

Bass drum tom tom holder


For installing two tom toms to a bass drum, L-Tom arms with ball joint, Integrated multi-clamp for an additional cymbal arm, Tom holder slides onto...

Wincent 19R Rods



Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Sensory Percussion 10 Zone Drum Sensor

Drum Trigger


10 Zone Sensor - can be used for bass drum as well as snares or toms, Precise sensor technology, XLR input

Zildjian 17" A-Series Medium Thin Crash

Medium Crash Cymbal


Regular finish

Adams Mallet Bag Back Pack

Mallet bag


"Backpack" model, Carrying sling, Black

Gibraltar SC-SLRM Tom Holder 10,5mm

Tom Holder with Clamp


Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

LP LPA646-SW 10"+11" Conga Set I

Conga Set


15% Lighter than Siam oak, Natural drum heads, Black double conga stand included

Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle

Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp


Multi Clamp with Mounting Plate, Suitable for most E-Drum modules and percussion pads, such as the SPD-SX, SPD-30, TD30, Height can be secured with...

Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod

Rack Clamp


For Millenium MPS-100, -200, -400, -600 drumracks, With L-Rod arm, Tom Tom Pad attachment

Zultan 15" Raw Jazz Hi-Hat

Jazz Hi-Hat Cymbals


Raw series, Dark, warm and full sound, 100% hand hammered from B20 bronze, High musicality, The dry surface gives a dry, earthy sound with little...

Bergerault Mallet Bag SBPM

Bag for Mallets


Small model, Made of fabric material, Space for 32 sticks, 8 Compartments for 1 pair of mallets each, and 4 wider compartments, Large external...

Ludwig LW0814SL 14"x08" Supralite

Snare Drum


Chrome brass tube lugs, 2.3 mm Triple-flanged rims, Brass snare wires

Schlagwerk 10" Cajon Splash

Cajon Splash Cymbal


Handmade in Turkey, Brushed surface, Especially for playing with the hand suitable thin cymbal with fast response

Pearl FTL-200C-3 Floor Tom Leg Air

Floor Tom Legs


Air suspension floor tom legs, For VBX, VSX, VX series (about 9.6 mm), Chrome finish

Evans SO-14 Tom Sound Off Damper

Tom Sound Off Damper for drumhead


Is placed on the skin, For quiet practicing

Zultan 18" Rock Beat China Holey



The sound holes in this China cymbal lend it a short, quick response with clear, powerful trebles, Slow decay, Sparkling tones across the entire...

Paiste 2002 Classic 10" Splash

10" SplashA very thin, warm splash, with soft sound character. The sound spectrum opens up very nicely, even when hit lightly


Paiste 2002 series, Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Warm, full and bright, Clear attack, Clean sound,...

Pearl SN-1420C Snare Drum Wires

Snare Wire Ultra SoundThese C Type Snare wires have a graduated tension with slightly longer wires in the middle for a deeper sound to cut through live mixes. This effect is ideal for Rock music and metal snare drums


Fits 14" snaredrums, 20 strand, Graduated tension

Istanbul Mehmet 13" Light Hi-Hat Traditional

13" light hi-hat


Traditional series, Regular design, Dynamic spectrum with a dark, warm sound, The Traditional Series is suitable for just about every type of...

Evans 13" Resonant Head Tom Clear

Tom Tom Resonant Drumhead


Genera Resonant series

Zildjian 7,5" FX Volcano Cup Zil Bell

Bell Effect Cymbal


Brilliant finish, Quick response with a long decay

Yamaha HH-65 Hi-Hat Controller

Hi-Hat Controller


Yamaha Electronic Drums, Cables included

Zildjian 06" Zil-Bel Small

Zil-Bel Small


Brilliant finish, Light, musical sound, Singing, Ideal for special accentuation and effects, Played by Tim Alexander, Alex Acuna, Mike Mangini, Al...

Remo Quicktech Drum Key

Tuning Key


Holds screws by magnets, Hexagon head for using on most cordless screwdrivers, Rubber handle

Sabian 13" HHX Evolution Hi-Hat



Evolution hi-hat, Brilliant finish, Bright and clear hi-hat pair with an open tone top cymbal and a heavy, deep bottom cymbal, With assertive tone...

Zildjian 15" Kerope Hi-Hat



Kerope series, Vintage look and sound, Warm, dark and complex sound

Yamaha CS-650A Straight Cymbal Stand

Straight Cymbal Stand


Height adjustable in the range of 62-145 cm, 3 Braced legs

Pearl Throw Off SR-014N

Throw Off Mechanism


For ELX and EX snare drums, Hole spacing 3.8 cm high

Remo 24" Ambassador White Smooth

24" Ambassador Head White Smooth


For bass drums, Can be used as a batter and resonance head

Evans 08" G2 Coated Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera 2 Coated, White, rough coated, Double-ply, Controlled sustain, universal drum head for live and studio applications

Meinl MDR-BK Black Drum Rug

Drum Mat


The underside is rubberized and avoids slipping, Meinl Drum Rug is delivered including transport bag

Meinl MCHB Chimes Bag

Chimes Bag


Made of durable, road-proof nylon material, 2 Chimes can be transported, Carrying handle, Strap on the inside, 2 Internal compartments, The bag can...

Zultan 16" Rock Beat Trash China

Trash China Cymbal


Rockbeat Series, Full, voluminous tone, Quick response, Brilliant hand polished surface, Trashy tone with short sustain, 100% handmade

Paiste 16" Signature Thin China

16" Thin China


"Trashy", bright, explosive attack, Wide frequency spectrum, Short sustain, Allows everything from the quick accent to the complex China Ride

Yamaha Stage Custom 14"x13" FT -NW

Floor Tom


Stage Custom Birch '14 Series, SBF1413-NW, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquered

Pro Mark SD200 Stick Depot

Stick Depot


For 2 pairs of drumsticks

Zildjian 21" A-Series Sweet Ride Brill.

Sweet ride cymbal


Brilliant finish, Beautifully round sounding ride cymbal, Wiith medium overtones, For all applications

Meinl ST-MP1212CH Conga Stand

Conga Stands model Steely II


For the 12 1/2" Meinl Professional series

Remo 11,75" Symmetry Fiberskyn D1

Conga Drumhead


Suitable for LP Accent, Classic, Classic 2, Original, Patato Fiberglass, Salsa, Matador, Galaxy, Candido, Rekow, Montalvo, Garcia, 40th, Performer,...

Laney DH80 Drum Monitor


Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Pearl T-066 Tune Screws Bass Drum

Tuning Lug


For bass drum, With square head, M6 x 110 mm, Unit price

DW True Pitch Tension Rod 20 pcs

Tuning Screws


Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Aquarian 18" Classic Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Classic Clear, Transparent, single-ply, medium thickness drum head, Can be used as batter head or resonant head, Produces an open, full fundamental...

Meinl SHR-BR Shekere



Almost unbreakable fiberglass construction, Adjustable bead net, Corrugated surface for loud sound

Meinl 12" Classics Custom Splash



12”, Classics custom series, Brillant surface, Clear, transparent sounding tone with gentle sound refelction and short decay, Emphasizes accents...

LP M263B 85/8" Bongofell Matador

Bongo Head


"Matador" large, 8 5/8" Bongo head

Meinl 08" Byzance Splash



Byzance series, Traditional finish, Beautifully spreading, fast attack splash, Punchy and washy, Very traditional sound

Tama HC4FB Classic Hardware Set

Classic Hardware Set


4-Piece set including transport bag, Extra light flatbase hardware, 1x SBH01 transport bag

DW Finish Ply Big Rock Black Ice

Drum Shell Set


Shell made of 100% maple SSC + construction, Chrome shell hardware, True pitch 50 clamping screws, STM Suspension Mounting System, Truehoop hoops,...

Meinl MDST10BK 10" Snare Timbales

10" Drummer Snare Timbale


Strong mounting clamp, Snare effect can be switched off quickly and easily, No buzzing when the snare effect is off

Tama MSL10B Tune Lug Bass Drum



For bass drum, Tama Swingstar, The hole spacing for mounting is 6 cm

Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal

Ultra-quiet bass drum pedal for electronic drum sets


Equipped with a patented, beaterless link mechanism that significantly reduces noise, Compatible with all Roland TD modules, as well as the SPD-30...

Meinl TBRS-BK Tamborim Stick

Tamborim Stick


Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Evans 15" Hydraulic Black Tom

Tom Drum Head


Hydraulic Black, Double-layered oil filled (real oil filling!), Classic sound, Short and muffled tone, Eliminates unwanted overtones

Zildjian 12" FX Stacks



Upper cymbal made of the same material as the Zildjian Low Volume cymbal, Lower cymbal made of rolled steel, Can also be used as a hi-hat, Includes...

Pearl ADP-30 3-Hole Adapter

3-Way Adapter (Variable)


3 Adjustable clamps (3/8 "-1 1/4") with quick release buckle, Ultragrip wing nuts, Suitable for 3/8" - 1 1/4"

Ludwig LM402T Supra Phonic Snare

Snare drum


With Tube Lugs, With Supra-Phonic Snare strainer P88AC, Suitable for concert percussionists as well as for drum sets

Sonor 16"x15" AQ2 Floor Tom WHP


Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Meinl Head-48 10" Repinique Head

10" Repinique Drum head


Plastic drum head, Suitable for the Meinl RE10 Repinique 10"

PUR PC0049 Cajon Bag

Cajon Bag


12 mm Padding, With backpack straps and carrying straps

Remo 14" Ambassador Reso Classic

Snare drum resonant drumhead


Single ply, Transparent, 3-mil in thickness, Classic Fit drumheads are suitable for vintage drums with plus sizes (until circa the mid 1960s)

Paiste 15" Signature Fast Crash

15" Fast Crash


Medium, bright, silvery warm and transparent appealing crash with a full-bodied fundamental sound, Extremely fast attack with short sustain

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Jazz Ride Siz. Turk Series

18" Jazz Ride Cymbal with Rivets


Turk Jazz Rides are lighter and have a lower bell for a dark, faded sound, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by their unlathed surface that...

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Ping Ride Traditional

18" Ping Ride Cymbal


Traditional Series, Regular model, Clear stick response with a very defined tone, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre of...

Pearl Modern Utility 13"x5" #234

Snare Drum


Modern Utility Series, 6-ply, 5.4 mm drum shell made from maple, Rubber-backed CL bridge lugs, Remo UT drumhead, Matte lacquered

Remo 13" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head

Snare Drumhead


Double ply 7-mil drum head, 7-Mil damping ring, 5-Mil clear dot on the bottom of the head for better durability