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Paiste 13" Signature Dark Hi-Hat

13" Dark crisp hi-hat


Suitable for all volume spectra and music styles, Full, slightly dirty and expressive sound

Remo 24" Emperor Coated Drum Head

Bass Drum Head


Emperor Coated, White, rough, Double ply, Highly durable, White layer for predamping

Gibraltar 8710 Cymbal Stand Flat

Cymbal Stand


Straight design, Flat base series, Legs positioned horizontally

Pearl EXL 14"x14" Floortom Black

Floor Tom


Pearl Export Series, EXL1414F / C-248, 6-Piles, 7.5 mm thick shell made of poplar wood and mahogany, Chrome plated shell hardware, Lacquered shell

Evans 24" EMAD Bass Drum Clear

24" Bass Drum Head


Transparent, Single ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept of variable and replaceable rings that are attached from outside, Huge, deep bass and...

Evans 08" TT08G2 Clear Head

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera G2 Series

Roland CB-TDP Bag for TD-4KP Set

Transport Bag


For Roland TD-4KP and TD-1KPX E-Drum Set, Shoulder strap included

LP 290B Conga Stand

Conga Stand with Wheels


Heavy model, With caster wheels, Lockable casters, Adjustable height

Pro Mark TX2SW Hickory - Wood Tip



2S sticks, Hickory wood, Oval wooden tips

Sabian 21" HH RAW Bell Dry Ride N

21" Ride Cymbals


HH Hand Hammered Raw Bell Dry, High resolution stick attack with the right blend of warm, funky fundamental tone, Untreated bell with maximum...

LP 278 Super Conga Stand

Conga Stand


Fits all LP congas, Adjustable height, With removable legs for seated players

Meinl FCA5-L Foot Cabasa Large

Foot Cabasa


Large Turbo Cabasa with stable foot pedal, Steel chain and stainless steel cylinder, Wooden body, Black coated pedal, Incl. drum key and foot pedal

Remo 12,5" Symmetry Fiberskyn D3

Conga Head


Suitable for many professional congas, M4-1250-F6-D3, Plastic head in natural look, Glued aluminum hoop

Sabian 08" AAX Splash

Splash Cymbal


AAX series, Brilliant finish, Transparent sound, Extremely fast, Very bright response, Firm tone, Very assertive splash cymbal

Meinl CA5BK Cabasa Black Medium

Turbo Cabasa


Stainless steel, Steel chains and wooden handle, Solid construction, Significantly more sound volume, 5 Sound ports on each side for more volume,...

LP 265C 12 1/2" Conga Head

Conga Head


Natural model, Suitable for Comfort Curve II or Traditional Rims

Remo 18" Powerstroke 4 Coated

Drum Head for Tom Tom


From the Powerstroke P4 series, Coated - White, roughened, Double ply drum head, Power of the Emperor series, With damping ring at the edge...

Meinl 08" HCS Splash

08" Splash Cymbal


Regular execution, Fast, explosive response with short sustain

Meinl GU1AM Guiro

Wood Guiro


Two finger holes, Includes wooden scraper

Yamaha Stage Custom 08"x07" TT -RBL

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBT0807-RBL, 100% Birch wood shell (6-ply), High-gloss lacquered shell, Includes Yess tom tom holding system (tom...

Meinl 12" Classics Custom Trash

Trash Splash


Brillant surface, Splash with extreme short decay, High frequency, assertive sound, Perfect for short, piercing accents

Gibraltar SC-4B Tension Rod 52mm

Tension Rod


With washer (6-pack), For toms and floor toms

Meinl HT1314CH Timbales

Timbale Set


Height adjustable double timbale stand, Incl. tuning key and cowbell holder

Tight Screw TS110-4 Tension Rod -110mm

Tuning screws set


By means of a special notch in the thread which is filled with plastic, these tuning screws no longer loosen themselves and thus guarantee the...

Meinl TS-C-03 8 1/2" Bongo Head

Bongo Head


True Skin Series, 8 1/2", For the FWB400, FFB400, CS400 series

Evans 26" MX1 Bass Drum Head (White)

26" Bass Drum Head


White smooth, Single ply, 0.25 mm thick, Integrated damping ring with eight sections, Precise and individual damping behavior, Warm tone, Ideal...

Meinl 12" HCS Splash



HCS Series, Beginners series, Combines quality and value, MS63 Alloy, Fast responding splash, Ideal for accents

Millenium Timbales Sticks TS1 8mm

Timbale sticks


Made in Germany

Meinl HE-124 Darabuka

Aluminium Darabuka


Turkish style, 8" Diameter x 14 1/2" height, Replaceable synthetic head, Incl. Tuning key

Meinl PM2BK Maracas



Big grains

Roland KD-7 Kick-Controller

Kick Trigger Unit for Roland Drum System


Can be combined with practical any pedal, Realistic play feel due to velocity sensitivity, Also for trigger interfaces of other manufacturers,...

Meinl FD18BO 18" Bodhran



With hand-selected goatskin, Reinforced by cross bar, Inset tensioning system, Includes tuning key

Evans 15" TomTom Resonant Head Clear

Tom Tom Resonant Head


1 mm Genera Resonant series, Warm overtones, It boasts a clear, brilliant sound

Boomwhackers OC-8G

Octavator Caps


For Boomwhackers, Set of 8 pieces

Afroton Hugh Tracey AKA622 Kalimba



Treble model, Thumb piano, Wooden body with metal tines, 17 Notes, G major scale

Evans 15" Calftone Tom

Drum Head for Tom


Single ply, Synthetic imitation of a natural fur, Warm and full sound

Meinl MSTCJB-BP Cajon Backpack

Cajon Rucksack


Robust, tear resistant nylon fabric, Padded shoulder straps

Remo 14" Diplomat Snare Reso Head

14" Diplomat Resonant Head


Genera G2 Series

Tama MC66 Multiclamp

Multi Clamp


With swivel attachment for mounting a 12 mm L-piece, Second attachment for pipe diameters from 19.1 to 28.6 mm

Ludwig LM404K 14"x05" Acrolite Snare

Snare drum


Hammered aluminium shell, Matte shell finish, Supra Sonic Snare throw off system, 8 Tension rods, Incredibly sensitive response, Round full tone in...

Peter Hess KT-29 bordeaux

Bag for Singing Bowls


Suitable for large cymbals and Sangha singing bowl 25, Padded bottom for safe transportation

Remo 22"x2,5" Rahmentrommel

Frame Drum


HD-8522-00, Acousticon shell, Walnut finish, Pre-tuned batter head

SJC Drums 14"x6,5" Alpha Aluminum Snare

Snare Drum


Chrome hardware, Die-cast hoops, 40-Coil snare wires, Drop style snare lift, Evans drum heads, Dry and accented tone with little sustain

Acme Siren "Large Model"



Big model, Nickel-plated, Horn effect, Top quality for professional requirements

Pearl 18"x16" Export Floor Tom #704

Stand Tom


Export series, Foil-related mixing bowl made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Chrome boiler hardware, Deep and voluminous sound, EXX1816F / C704

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Novo China

20" China


Paiste 2002 Series, Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Traditional bell, Awesome projection

Paiste 14" Rude Blast China

China Cymbal


Rude series, Explosive and nasty china cymbal, Ideal for blast beat patterns, Perfect size to place anywhere in the setup

LP 1400-TM UDU Drum Tambuata



Easy to play with traditional hand drum techniques (heel/tip, tap, etc.), Creates very dry tones with short sustain, The main body produces clear,...

Pearl EXX 22"/08"/14" Add-On #700

Drum Shell Extension Set


Pearl Export series, Foil-covered drum shells made of poplar wood and mahogany, 6-Layer, 7.5 mm thick Tom Tom drum shell, Chrome plated shell...

Pearl Export 22"x18" Bass Drum #700

Bass Drum


Export series, EXX2218B/C700, Blended shells with wrap finish made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more voluminous sound, Chrome...

Sonor PB16B/L 16" Bass Reso Head

Bass drum resonant front drumhead


Black with logo - without holes

Sonor 12"x08" AQ2 Tom Tom TSB

Tom Tom


Chrome shell hardware, New SmartMount Tom mounting system for balanced, optimal sustain with little contact area on the hardware

Sonor AC1 Basis Trolley Adapter

Basis Trolley Adapter


For Basis Trolley and chromatic soprano, alto, tenor-alto and bass mallet instruments with 3 brackets, 6 Adapters, 1 Assembly key, Replaces AS 1,...

Nino Nino 20 Bongo Stand

Professional Bongo Stand


Very stable, Up to 90 degrees tilt angle, Infinitely adjustable height up to 110 cm

Mapex 13"x10" Saturn V Tom Tom MSL

Tom Tom


SVT1310-MSL, Black chrome hardware, Drumshells are lacquered, SONIClear bearing edge for an expanded tuning range and improved overall sound

Pearl Export 18"x14" Bass Drum #21

Bass Drum


Export Series, Drum shell is made from a mix of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Produces a deep and voluminous sound, With tom rosette, Chrome...

Remo 10" Diplomat Coated

Drum Head


Diplomat series, White, rough surface, Single-ply, thin batter head, Suitable for a sensitive, differentiated style of playing, Ideal also as a...

Istanbul Mehmet 19" Medium Ride Sultan Series

19" Medium Ride Cymbal


Sultan series, Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series., The sound has unique brilliant characteristics of the...

Istanbul Mehmet 16" X-Ray Series Random Hi-Hat

Hi-hat Cymbals


X-Ray series, B20 Bronze, Traditional finish, With 24 different holes, Distorted sound, Quick response, Deep base tone, Short reverberation

Bergerault Stand Xylophone/Metalophone T3



For xylophone/metallophone, For all chromatic soprano and alto models, Table top made of wood 88 x 49 cm, Feet made of metal, Adjustable height (44...

Pearl Export 20"x16" Bass Drum #700

Bass Drum


Export series, EXX2016B / C700, Chrome shell hardware, Asian mahogany and poplar wood mixed shell for a deeper and more voluminous sound, With tom...

LP LP912 Conga Mounting Bracket



Suitable for all LP Congas, Includes fixing screws and counter plate, 2 Pieces

Meinl 21" Classics Custom Dark Crash

Dark Crash Cymbal


Classics Custom Series, B10 Bronze, Explosive crash with clear attack and response, Full and balanced crash sound with excellent sound reflections,...

Remo 12" CS Emperor Coated Bottom

Snare Drum Head


White roughened, With black dot on the underside, Double layered overtone-poor percussion head, Suitable for Rock and Hard-Rock

Meinl MDJB-S Djembe Bag Small

Meinl MDJB-S


Professional Djembe bag, Fits Djembes up to 10", With a shoulder strap, Super quality

Remo 06" Silent Stroke Mesh Head

Trigger Mesh Drum Head


Single ply, Extremely durable, Ideal for practising quietly or for recording with electronic triggers

Toca 14" Freestyle Djembe Head

Djembe Coat


Goatskin, For Toca Freeystyle djembe with screw tension

LP 1510 mountable Cajon Hi-Hats

Cajon Hi-Hat


Adjustable tension, Easy to remove for transport

Remo 11" Renaissance Low Collar

Banjo head


Renaissance Diplomat, Slightly roughened banjo head

Remo 13" Ambassador Reso Classic

Snare drum resonant drumhead


Single ply, Transparent, 3-Mil in thickness, Classic Fit drumheads are suitable for vintage drums with plus sizes (until circa the mid 1960s)

Pearl 14"x05" CRB Free Float. Clear

Free-floating snare drum


Crystal Beat series, CRB1450S / C730, Chrome hardware, Mastercast die cast hoops, Remo Ambassador batter head

Kalfo Super Timpani Head 100cm

Calf Head


For timpani with head size up to 34"