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Pearl Export 20"x16" Bass Drum #700

Bass Drum


Export series, EXX2016B / C700, Chrome shell hardware, Asian mahogany and poplar wood mixed shell for a deeper and more voluminous sound, With tom...

LP LP912 Conga Mounting Bracket



Suitable for all LP Congas, Includes fixing screws and counter plate, 2 Pieces

Meinl 21" Classics Custom Dark Crash

Dark Crash Cymbal


Classics Custom Series, B10 Bronze, Explosive crash with clear attack and response, Full and balanced crash sound with excellent sound reflections,...

Remo 12" CS Emperor Coated Bottom

Snare Drum Head


White roughened, With black dot on the underside, Double layered overtone-poor percussion head, Suitable for Rock and Hard-Rock

Meinl MDJB-S Djembe Bag Small

Meinl MDJB-S


Professional Djembe bag, Fits Djembes up to 10", With a shoulder strap, Super quality

Remo 06" Silent Stroke Mesh Head

Trigger Mesh Drum Head


Single ply, Extremely durable, Ideal for practising quietly or for recording with electronic triggers

Toca 14" Freestyle Djembe Head

Djembe Coat


Goatskin, For Toca Freeystyle djembe with screw tension

LP 1510 mountable Cajon Hi-Hats

Cajon Hi-Hat


Adjustable tension, Easy to remove for transport

Remo 11" Renaissance Low Collar

Banjo head


Renaissance Diplomat, Slightly roughened banjo head

Remo 13" Ambassador Reso Classic

Snare drum resonant drumhead


Single ply, Transparent, 3-Mil in thickness, Classic Fit drumheads are suitable for vintage drums with plus sizes (until circa the mid 1960s)

Pearl 14"x05" CRB Free Float. Clear

Free-floating snare drum


Crystal Beat series, CRB1450S / C730, Chrome hardware, Mastercast die cast hoops, Remo Ambassador batter head

Kalfo Super Timpani Head 100cm

Calf Head


For timpani with head size up to 34"

Alesis Crimson II Mesh Kit

Professional E-Drum Set


Crimson drum module with 671 sounds, 54 preset and 20 user kits, 120 songs, "Dynamic Articulation" dynamically changes sound nuances during...

Millenium Youngster Drum Set Bundle Blue

Millenium Youngster Drum Set Azure


Complete Drum Set for Children, Perfect for drummers as of 3 years old, Black hardware, Drum shell with robust film finish, Stool, 1 Pair of...

Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Cymbal Set Pro

Cymbal Set


Xist Series, Brilliant finish, Cymbal case included

Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal

Double Pedal


Direct drive, Spring tension, Independently adjustable beater angle and foot plate, Quick Release Hoop Clamp, Designed according to the original...

Zaphir Sunray - Summer Chimes

Wind Chimes


Model Summer

Gibraltar 9608MB Drum Throne

Drum Throne


From the 9600 series, With motorcycle saddle top (cloth) and backrest, With turning spindle height adjustment

Millenium 14"x14" Tour Tom Bag

14" x 14" Tour Series Tom- / Stand Tom Bag


Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material, 20 mm Zip, Padded handles, Rubber...

Liquid Light Acoustics Perseus "Polaris"/Thomann Ed.

Tongue Drum


Thomann Edition, 11 Tongues, 2 Overtones per tongue (octave + twelfth), Laser design, Incl. Real wood mallets, Vibration dampened

Pearl H-2050 Eliminator Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Stand


Eliminator Redline Series, Double-braced, With 2 rotating legs, Improved touch through movement with interchangeable cams, Freely adjustable spring...

Toca SFDMX-12BM 12" Freest. Djembe



Plastic drum shell with mechanical clamping system and hoops, Hand-picked coat skin

Remo PP-0912-PS Pinstripe Clear

Tom Tom Heads


Pinstripe Clear Model, PP-0912-PS, 12", 13", 16" Tom Tom heads, Double-ply, clear with damping ring

Remo 22" Emperor Coated

Bass drumhead


Emperor coated, Double ply white roughened drum head, Very strong, The head has already been pre-damped with a special coating

Zultan 14" Q Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


"Q" Series, Made of B20 bronze, Excellent all-round hi-hat pair with a warm tone, an excellent dynamic range and outstanding stick response, A...

Evans 22" EMAD Coated Bass Drum

Bass drumhead


Clear coated, Single ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept via variable and interchangeable dampening rings which can be mounted externally,...

Pearl P-2050C Eliminator Pedal



Eliminator Redline Series, Chain drive, NiNja ball bearings from the skateboard industry, Free-swinging spring suspension, Quad-sided Quad Control...

Remo 10"x02" Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Acousticon drum shell, Walnut version, Pre-tuned head

LP 160 Cyclop Drum Tambourine BK



14 Pairs of nickel jingles, Double row, With bracket for fixing to drum/percussion stand

Schlagwerk CCA30 Cajon Cabasa

Cajon Cabasa


Simple, compact and amazingly funky, Perfect add-on for playing continuos patterns, individual memorable beats or even long drawn-out loose hats,...

Vic Firth Kids Drum Sticks Hickory

Kids Drum Sticks


American Classic series, Wood tip

Pearl PHP-1450 #101



Philharmonic series, 6-Ply Maple drum shell, Cast iron hoops, Vintage snare beds allow maximum head contact, Special lugs for optimum resonance,...

Evans EQ-Pad Bass Drum Mute

Bass Drum Damper


Muffling pad, Controls attack and sustain, Mounted inside of the bass drum with hook and loop fastener

Rtom 14" Black Hole Practice Pad

Practice Pad


Reduces the intrinsic volume of the drums by up to 80%, Basic sound of the drum is retained, Is simply put on - no head removal needed, Desired...

the t.akustik DS5-4 Drum Shield


Crimson drum module with 671 sounds, 54 preset and 20 user kits, 120 songs, "Dynamic Articulation" dynamically changes sound nuances during...

Evans TT16ECR Resonant Control

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT16ECR, The EC resonant head expands the tuning range of the shell and enables better control over sustain, The drum head consists of one 0.25 mm...

Pearl PC-8 Rack Clamp

PC-8 Rack Mounting Clamp


For PC-80 Racks, Quick release jaws for shorter set-ups, Fits 7/8" tubes, With Stop-Lock Stopper

Nino Nino 569R Maracas Red



Made of ABS plastic, Small pair

Evans 12" Resonant Head Tom Clear

Tom Tom Resonance Head


Genera resonant series

Pearl CH-830S Cymbal Boom Arm

Cymbal Boom Arm


Short version, Infinitely adjustable upper part, Uni-Lock titer, 22.2 mm Tube diameter, Includes memory lock

Thon Cymbal Case 22"

Cymbal Case 22"


Made from birch plywood, With aluminium ball corners, Screw on centre post, Height of centre post approx. 9 cm, Handle, Weight when empty approx....

Roland KDB-200 Practice Beater

Noise-Reducing Foot-Machines Beater


Extra for V-Drum Pads, Also for acoustic drums, Round foam head with 4.5 cm diameter

DW Satin Oil Rock Set -NT-SC SSC+

Drum Set


Satin Oil Series, Rock configuration in SSC+ construction, 100% Maple shell with reinforcement ring for a longer, more controlled sustain behaviour...

Goldon Wrist Bells Model 33400

Arm/ Leg Cuff


Model 33400, Nylon with 4 bells, With hook and loop fastener, Different colours

Gator Drum Hardware Bag HDWE1436PE

Bag for Drum Hardware


With wheels, Tear and water-resistant, Reinforced bottom

Evans 20" EQ3 Reso BD Coated White

Bass Drum Resonant Head


Single ply, White coated, With 5" sound hole, Incorporated damping ring, Controlled, punchy sound, Particularly suitable for microphone recordings...

Tama MDH12-6 12" Die Cast Hoop 6H

12" Cast Drum Hoop


Die-cast hoop, 6-Hole design

Rohema Smooth Poly Brush

Brush / Rod


Rubber grip, Plastic rods, Made in Germany

Evans 20" E-Mad Reso Bass Drum BK

E-Made Resonant Bass Drum Head


20", Black, BD20REMAD, Resonant head with a foam damping ring fixed to the 5" sound hole

Istanbul Agop 22" Agop Signature Ride



Hand-hammered, Dry stick strike with warm, musical overtones, Crash-Ride capable, The Signature Series is characterised by a dark, dry and...

Schlagwerk SK50 Groovy Shaker Natural

Groovy Shaker


Made of high-quality wood (natural), Small, light, precise, Extremely stable, Offers all desirable qualities of a shaker with the scope of Caixixi,...

LP 828 Giovanni Compact Bongo

Giovanni Compact Bongos


7 1/4" and 8 5/8" bongo diameter, Solid aluminium frame, LP Tri center bongo drum heads, With mounting attachment for standard bongo stands, Tunable

LP 805Z-AW 11" Quinto Galaxy

11" Quinto


Galaxy Giovanni series, Comfort curved hoops, Tuning key and screw oil included

Contemporanea 10" Pandeiro Wood Real Skin

Pandeiro Drum


Light series, Natural drum head, Wooden shell, With integrated jingles

Gretsch 14"x6,5" Snare Chrome o. Brass

Snare Drum


Chrome over brass snare drum, Re-issue of the legendary 4160 Gretsch Snare, Brass shell (1.2 mm) coated with chrome, Original design with Gretsch...

Schlagwerk BRC01 Cajon Brush #1

Cajon Brush


# 1, Matthias Philipzen signature brushes, Fine and round nylon sticks for nuanced wiping sound and very warm punch, Rubberized handle

Evans TT14ECR Resonant Control Head

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT14ECR, The EC resonant head expands the tuning range of the shell and enables better control over sustain, The drum head consists of one 0.25 mm...

Sensory Percussion 2 Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


10 Zone Drum Sensor, Software licence included, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import possible,...

Gretsch 14"x05" Snare Chrome o. Brass

Snare Drum


"Chrome over Brass" series, Re-issue of the legendary 4160 Gretsch Snare, Brass Shell (1.2mm) plated with chrome, Original design with Gretsch...

Zildjian 14" K-Custom Fast Crash

Fast Crash


K Custom series, Brilliant finish, With new bell design, Faster decay and more explosive attack than K Custom crashes

Yamaha WS-904A Double Tom Stand

Double Tom Stands


Without ball clamps, Height adjustable from 45 to 76 cm, 3 Double-braced legs

Pro Mark TXJZW Elvin Jones Hickory Jazz



Elvin Jones Signature Model, Oval wooden tips

Paiste PST7 19" Crash

Crash cymbal


PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Suitable for any style, Made in Switzerland

Evans 10" EC Resonant Control Tom

Tom Tom Resonant Head


TT10ECR, The EC resonant head expands the tuning range of the shell and enables better control over sustain, The drum head consists of one 0.25 mm...

Zildjian 20" K-Series Cluster Crash

Crash Cymbal


Extra-thin, Dark and trashy sound, Untreated bell, Traditional hammering with isolated "clusters

DW 9900BDCR Bass Drum Tom Holder

Bass drum tom tom holder


For installing two tom toms to a bass drum, L-Tom arms with ball joint, Integrated multi-clamp for an additional cymbal arm, Tom holder slides onto...

Wincent 19R Rods



Standard rods, Can be used in all genres and styles, 19 Birchwood rods

Sensory Percussion 10 Zone Drum Sensor

Drum Trigger


10 Zone Sensor - can be used for bass drum as well as snares or toms, Precise sensor technology, XLR input

Zildjian 17" A-Series Medium Thin Crash

Medium Crash Cymbal


Regular finish

Adams Mallet Bag Back Pack

Mallet bag


"Backpack" model, Carrying sling, Black

Gibraltar SC-SLRM Tom Holder 10,5mm

Tom Holder with Clamp


Crimson drum module with 671 sounds, 54 preset and 20 user kits, 120 songs, "Dynamic Articulation" dynamically changes sound nuances during...

LP LPA646-SW 10"+11" Conga Set I

Conga Set


15% Lighter than Siam oak, Natural drum heads, Black double conga stand included

Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle

Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp


Multi Clamp with Mounting Plate, Suitable for most E-Drum modules and percussion pads, such as the SPD-SX, SPD-30, TD30, Height can be secured with...

Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod

Rack Clamp


For Millenium MPS-100, -200, -400, -600 drumracks, With L-Rod arm, Tom Tom Pad attachment

Zultan 15" Raw Jazz Hi-Hat

Jazz Hi-Hat Cymbals


Raw series, Dark, warm and full sound, 100% hand hammered from B20 bronze, High musicality, The dry surface gives a dry, earthy sound with little...