Drums and Percussion

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Istanbul Mehmet 19" Vintage Crash Ride

19" Crash Ride Cymbal


Small bell, Dark and limited overtones

Aquarian 12" Hi-Energy Snare Fell

12" Hi-Energy Snare Head


Single-layer, transparent snare hammerhead, With Power Dot Center coat, Additional amplification by small power dot, Ideal for rock

Sonor LCX-L Caxixi Large

Caxixi (Large)


7 Velocity sensitive drum pads, 265 Percussion/ drum sounds, 45 Predefined drum kit presets, 5 Free programmable user kits, 100 Stored preset songs...

Yamaha Stage Custom 18"x15" BD PWH

Bass Drum


Stage Custom Birch series, SBB1815-PW, 6-Ply shell made of 100% birch wood, Powerful, warm, dynamic and precise sound, High-gloss lacquered shell

Remo 12" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head

Snare Head


Double layer 7-mil fur, 7-Mil damping ring, 5-Mil clear dot on the underside of the coat for greater durability

Sonor AD2 Basis Trolley Adapter

Basis Trolley Adapter


For Basis Trolley and diatonic deep bass mallet instruments with 4 brackets, 4 Adapters, 1 Assembly key, Replaces AGB 1

Remo 10" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare

Snare Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Rough coated surface, Single ply drum head with double reinforced edge, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Round sound character...

Terre Caxixi Africa



Bottom from calabash

Meinl MDLXDJB-L Djembe Bag Deluxe

Djembe Bag Deluxe


Up to 13 1/2" Djembes, Deluxe version, Fluffy synthetic padding inside the bag, With outer pocket and handle, Strong tear-resistant nylon fabric,...

Ufip 12" Class Series Hi-Hat Medium

Hi-Hat Cymbal


Class Series, Medium, The UFIP Class Series always has a little more to offer, more volume, stand-up on the stage, warm timbres and more. a...

LP 960 14" Djembe Head

Djembe Drum Head


14", Natural skin (Rawhide), For LP 797 Z-AWG Galaxy Djembe

Studio 49 BX-03 for BX2000

Retaining Pin


For BX 2000, 9742, BX-03, Xylophone set with 15 pens and 15 moldings

UFIP 06" FX Traditional Splash



Class series, These cymbals are very flexibly applicable in pop, jazz, rock or metal

DW 23" Bass Drum Batter Head C/C

Bass Drum Batter Head


Transparent, damping ring sprayed white

Remo 11 1/8" Low Collar Banjo Head

Banjo head


Low collar, White, roughened

Pearl 14"x6,5" Sensitone Premium PB

Snare Drum


Sensitone Premium series, Phosphor Bronze Snare, 1.2 mm Phosphor bronze drum snare with bead, Superhoop II hoops, SST-5047 Tension rods, SR-150...

DW 14"x5,5" Titan Snare

Titanium Snare Drum


Thin 1 mm drum shell with rolled bearing edges and snare beds with a mirror-like polished exterior, Shell hardware in Black Nickel, A DW MAG...

Remo 22" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Sonor Natural Head Rot. Timpani 18"

Natural Head for Rotary Timpani


18" (46cm), Elevated, Natural head for V 1554, V 1574, Shell diameter 18"

Millenium MD-90 Mobile Drum

Mobile Drum Set


7 Velocity sensitive drum pads, 265 Percussion/ drum sounds, 45 Predefined drum kit presets, 5 Free programmable user kits, 100 Stored preset songs...

Zildjian A-Custom Professional Prom Set

Complete Cymbal Set


Made of excellent bronze alloy, 16" A Custom Crash, 18" A Custom Crash, 20" A Custom Medium Ride

Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22 Black Oy.

Drum Shell Set


Classic Maple series, Drum shell made of 100% maple, All drum shells with large classic lugs, A.T.L.A.S Mounts and legs, Single tom holder...

Schlagwerk CP432 2inOne "Deluxe" Makassar



2-in-1 technology with 84 spirals, Convincing, powerful bass, Extremely rich snare sound, Special body made of SPL (Sonic Projection Lignum),...

Tama Club Jam Vintage Bundle -CCM

Tama Club Jam Vintage Kit -CCM


Drum Set, Compact vintage set, LJK48S-CCM, Drumshells are made from a hybrid of mersawa and poplar (6-ply / 7 mm), Drumshell features a wrap...

DW 9002 Double Pedal

Double Bass Drum Pedal


Ball bearing delta hinge, Ball bearing oscillating spring suspension, Ball bearing axle and mallets unit, Memory functions of all settings,...

Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal ltd.

Double pedal


Exclusive Thomann Edition in anodized dark gold, Direct drive, Compression spring stress, Independently adjustable beater angle and step plate,...

Pearl D-1000N Drum Throne

Drum Throne


"Roadster" series, With spindle for stepless height adjustment, StopLock locking function on the spindle, Round seat with vinyl cover, Padding for...

Millenium Classic Drum Bag Set Fusion

Drum Bag Set


Classic Series, 5 pieces, Fusion 22, Padded Drum bags, 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum

Gator Drum Bag Set Standard

Drumbag Set


Standard model, Tear and water-resistent, 16” x 16” Floor tom, 14” x 5,5” Snare drum

RAV Vast A Integral

Tongue Drum in Handpan Look


Height 17 cm, Includes bag

Millenium Tour Drum Bag Set Fusion 1

Millenium 22"x18" Tour Bass Drum Bag


22"x18" Tour Series Bass Drum Bag, Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material,...

RAV Vast RAV Pan D Celtic Minor



In addition two impact surfaces on the bottom, Case included

DW 9500TB Hi-Hat Stand -2 Legs

Hi Hat Stand


Titan footboard, Two swivel legs, Gear and chain mechanism, Includes 2 x Hi Hat racks, Effortless Hi Hat Model, Double Eccentric Cam, Lateral...

Roland HPD-20 Handsonic Pad

Electronic Percussion Pad


SuperNatural sound generating with 850 integrated sounds, Sound/ loops memory for importing 500 custom sounds, Built-in multi effects processor...

Sabian 18" AAX AAXplosion Crash

Crash Cymbal


AAX series, Brilliant finish, Clear, clean, defined cymbal sound, Wide dynamic range, Suitable for all music styles

Trommus E1u Percussion Drum Set

Drum Set


Comprises 4 drums, one each of A1u, B1u, C1u and D1u, Can be stored inside each other, Extremely lightweight plastic shell with natural drum skin,...

Evans EC2S Fusion 2 Set Clear

Drum Head Set


ETP EC2SCLR-R, Transparent, double ply, By Sound Shaping Technology each coat is provided according to the size of an individual damping, which is...

Vic Firth 55A American Classic Hickory



American Classic Series, Hickory wood, Wooden tips, Intermediate size between 5A and 5B, A great stick for players who find 5B sticks too heavy and...

Vater 5A Los Angeles Pack

4 Pack drumsticks


Wood tip, Los Angeles series, Very well balanced stick, Heavier toward the tip for quick response, Good rebound from the drum

Remo 22" Ambassador Coated

Drumhead for bass drum


Ambassador coated, Roughened single ply drumhead, White coated

Gibraltar 6709 Cymbal Boom Stand

Boom Cymbal Stand


Double-braced stand, Double height adjustment with G-styled Memory Clamps, Boom arm can be pulled inside tube, Stepless tilting with brake

Pearl P-3000D Demon Single Pedal

Bass Drum Pedal


Single bass drum pedal, Direct drive from pedal to beater - adjustable position, Ninja ball bearing - outstanding micropolished steel balls with...

Sabian 16" AAX AAXplosion Crash

Crash Cymbal


AAX Series, AAXplosion Crash, Brilliant finish, Clear, clean, defined cymbal sound, Large dynamic range, Suitable for all music genres

Zildjian 14" K-Series Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


K Zildjian Series, Traditional finish, Hi-Hat consisting of top and bottom cymbals, Played amongst others by Larry Aberman, Tommy Aldridge, Gregg...

DW PDP 14"x5,5" Black Wax Snare

Snare Drum


Drum shell made of 10 layers of maple, Matt lacquer, Matt black surface with translucent wood grain, DW MAG strainer, True Pitch tension rods, 2.5...

Zildjian 16" K-Series Dark Crash Thin

Crash Cymbal


Zildjian K Series, Traditional finish, Dark Crash Thin, Played by Tommy Aldridge, Eddie Bayers, Carter Beauford, Brady Blade and Jim Bogios, among...

Vic Firth SD1 General Maple -Wood-

General Sticks


American Custom series, Maple wood, Round wooden tip, Lightweight, fast playable sticks with high durability and rebound, Ideal for big bands, rock...

LP 193 Click Hi-Hat Tambourine

Hi-Hat Tambourine


Made of durable ABS plastic, Tambourine with 8 pairs of nickel-plated jingles, Patented click holder for mounting on any round hi-hat stand

Vic Firth SDW2 Dave Weckl Signature



Dave Weckl Signature Model, Evolution model, A short teardrop shaped wood tip on a 5A shaft, Has a clear, defined cymbal definition with excellent...

Schlagwerk Heck75 Heck Stick

Heck Stick


Special jingle stick with mounting plate, Suitable for all Cajons up to approximately 50 cm height, Logical and sensible extension to the Cajon,...

Sabian QT-14SD Practice Pad

Practice Pad


With coated drum head, Rim 6 tension rods, Suitable for mounting on standard snares, With 4 feet, Very natural playing feel

Remo 14" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head

Snare Batter Head


Double-ply 7-mil head, 7-mil damping ring, 5-mil clear dot on the underside of the head for higher durability

Pearl WL-230A Cymbal Screw / Felt

Wingloc Complete Set


Patented quick to attach wing screw, Instead of a conventional wing nut this quick lock is utilized from hard plastic, 1 Seat

Zultan 20" Ride Dark Matter



Dark Matter Line, 100% Hand-hammered, Dark, warm sounding characteristics with a large dynamic range and "crash" reserves, Fine overtone structure,...

Zultan 20" Aja Ride



With clear attack and volume, Exceeding clear cymbal sound

Tama CCA30 Cymbal Arm w. Fast Clamp

Cymbal Boom Arm with Multi-Clamp


Suitable for stands with a diametre of 15.9 to 28.6 mm

Remo 12"x6" Rhythm Club Conga



Rhythm Club, Acousticon drum shell, Rennaissance head, Incl. strap

Paiste PST7 20" Ride

Ride Cymbal


PST7 Series, Traditional sound and look, Well controllable Ride cymbal, Clear and penetrating bellsound, Universally usable, Made in Switzerland

Schlagwerk BRC 05 Cajon Brush #5 Big Br.

Cajon Brush #5


"Big Brush", Rubber-coated protective handle, Black nylon rods, The Big Brush model is a thicker version of the model BRC 02, Price is for a pair

Evans 16" G2 Clear Tom

Tom Drum Head


Clear (transparent), 2-Ply, For loud drum playing with an open sound, Full-bodied attack, Controlled sustain, For live or studio applications

LP LPA612-SW 12" Tumba Walnut

12" Tumba


Height 28", Natural head, Apsire EZ Curve rim, Chrome tuning lugs, Black powder-coated side plates and hoops

Gibraltar SC-RMAA Deluxe Rack Bracket

Deluxe Rack Bar Bracket


Including plastic inserts 3/4 ", 7/8" and 1 "

DW SM110 Direct Drive BD Beater

Bass drum beater


Round beater surface, Four weights, 10 grams each, Automatic beater head angle adjustment

the t.akustik DS4-5 Drum Shield


7 Velocity sensitive drum pads, 265 Percussion/ drum sounds, 45 Predefined drum kit presets, 5 Free programmable user kits, 100 Stored preset songs...

Vater 5B Drum Sticks Hickory Wood



American hickory wood, Wooden tips, Balanced sticks with acorn-shaped tips

Evans 12" EC Resonant Control Tom

Tom Tom Resonance Head


TT12ECR, The EC resonance head extends the range of the drum shell and allows for better sustain control, With SST (Sound Shaping Technology)

Gator Drum Hardware Bag HDWE1846PE

Gig Bag for Drum Hardware


Tear and water-resistant, Reinforced bottom, With wheels

Millenium 20" Bass Drum hoop black

Hoop For Bass Drum


7 Velocity sensitive drum pads, 265 Percussion/ drum sounds, 45 Predefined drum kit presets, 5 Free programmable user kits, 100 Stored preset songs...

Evans 14" G2 Coated Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera 2 coated, White, rough coated, Double ply, Controlled sustain, universal drum head for live and studio

Roland CY-8 V-Drum Stereo Cymbal Pad

V-Drum Stereo Cymbal PadThe CY-8 cymbals provide a swinging suspension with excellent response, separate playing surface/rim triggering and choke capability, as well as a new appearance similar to that of an acoustic cymbal.


Rubber model, Swinging suspension, Surface / Rim play separation, Triggering / Choke capability, Dome / Edge sounds, Includes cymbal screw, felt...

LP 793X Galaxy Giovanni Bongo Set

Bongo Set


Galaxy Giovanni wood, Gold hardware, Comfort Curve II rims, 4 Tuning lugs per side, Hand selected natural drum heads

Remo 20" Silent Stroke Mesh Head BD

Bass Drum Trigger Mesh Head


Single ply, Extremely durable, Ideal for practising quietly or for recordings with electronic triggers

Hardcase HN12CYM24, 24" Cymbal Case

Cymbal Case with Wheels


Suitable for up to 12 cymbals, Incl. 11 foam dividers (HCP19)

LP Galaxy Professional Conga Set

LP 807Z-AW Galaxy 12 1/2" Tumba


Tumba, Size 12 1/2", Galaxy Giovanni series, Model 807X-AW, Wooden model, Drum shell made of North American premium ash, Comfort Curved hoops,...

Roland TM-6 Pro Drum Trigger Module

Trigger Module


For acoustic drummers who want to extend the sound possibilities of their drums with electronic sounds, 500 one-shot sounds, 268 V-Drum sounds, 80...