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Paiste M7 Gong Beater

Gong Beater


Head covered with felt and fur, For Symphonic 38" - 50" gongs, Aluminum handle with vinyl grip

Schlagwerk ROB6 Bambooleo Drummers Rods



19 Bamboo rods, With rimshot protection

Pearl TH-88S TomTom Holder Short

Tom Holder


Short, For Export series, Ratchet tilter adjustment

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Medium Crash

Crash Cymbal


2002 Classic series, Medium crash, Bright, powerful, warm, full crash cymbal, Wide bandwidth and clear sound, Even sustain, All-purpose cymbal with...

Istanbul Agop 17" Xist Dry Dark Crash


K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Roland PD-128-BC V-Drum Mesh

E-Drum Pad


V-Drum Mesh Head 12" Pad, Special newly developed Rim Sensor with the TD-30 Drum Sound Module perfectly transmits playing dynamics and harmony,...

Zildjian 19" K-Custom Dark Crash

Crash Cymbal


K-Custom series, Regular finish, Unique crash cymbal with dry, trashy overtones, Quick response with short sustain

Zildjian 22" K-Series Dark Medium Ride



K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Zultan The Stick Bag

Drumstick Bag


With 3 inner compartments, Suitable for at least 10 pairs of drumstick, 2 Inside pockets for small accessories, Large outer pocket with embroidered...

Paiste 20" Giant Beat Crash

Thin Crash Cymbal


Giant Beat series, From CuSn8 bronze, also called bronze 2002, For quiet and loud playing situations - live and for studio recordings, Bright and...

Yamaha HW780 Hardware Pack

Hardware Set


FP-7210A B Bass Drum Pedal, SS740A Snare Drum stand, HS740A Hi-Hat stand, 2x CS755 Cymbal boom stands, All stands have single braced legs for solid...

Sabian 20" HHX Complex Thin Crash


K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Paiste PST3 10" Splash

10" Splash


Medium bright, clean, fast responding splash cymbal, Medium frequency range, Even, balanced feel, Explosive, fast fading splash with a somewhat...

Zildjian 15" A-Series New Beat Hi-Hat



Newbeat hihat, Regular finish, Handles all stick techniques exquisitely, Rounded sound when hihat opened

Evans 13" Hydraulic Black Tom

TomTom Drum Head


Real oil filling, Thin layer of oil between two plies of film to suppress unwanted overtones, Classic sound, Short and dull in tone, Live - Studio...

Mapex 14" x 5.5" The Blade

Snare Drum


14" x 5.5", Black Panther Series, Drum shell from 1 mm steel, Assertive, aggressive snare sound with controllable overtones, Due to the steel drum...

LP 228 Black Beauty Sr. Cowbell

Cha Cha cowbell


Black Beauty SR, Slightly larger opening, Tuned a bit lower, Dry pleasant sound, yet extremely assertive

Aquarian 18" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Skin for bass drum


Super Kick II Clear Series, Transparent bass drum skin, Two-ply, The Super-Kick Series with the Aquarian-patented "Floating Muffling System", A...

Mapex MC910 Multi Clamp



Slides horizontally

Tama TMT9 Drum Multi Tool

Multi-Function Tool


Multi-tool (not only) for drummers, With 5 Allen keys (2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 mm), Central version for tuning key, Nut wrench (7 mm), Tuning key...

Yamaha CS3 Crosstown Cymbal Stand

Cymbal Stand


Light and stable, Braced

Pearl DR-511C Drum Rack


K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Gibraltar SC-DLSTO Snare Drum Throw Off

Disengaging Mechanism


For snare drum, For tensioning of the snare carpet, Incl. screws (hole distance about 3.8 cm)

Aquarian 24" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Drum Head for Bass Drum


24" Super Kick Clear, Double ply, medium thickness drum head, The Super Kick Series with the patented Aquarian "Floating Muffling System", A thin...

Zildjian 13" ZBT Hi-Hat

13" Hi-Hat Cymbals


"ZBT" series, Brillant edition, Sharp and focused basic sound with an excellent bright "chick" sound

Terre Shaman Drum Cover 54cm

Head Protection for Shaman Drum


For drums up to 54 cm in diameter, From Ikat

Evans 13" Hybrid Snare Batter Coated

Snare Drum Drumhead


Hybrid coated, Double-layered, Two layers of particularly tear-resistant fibres give the snare head its high flexibility and long service life,...

Istanbul Mehmet 13" Hi-Hat Sultan Series

13" hi-hat cymbal


Sultan series, Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk series, They have the brilliant sound characteristics of...

Remo Encore 8" Pinstripe


K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Aquarian 26" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Bass Drum HeadThe Super-Kick™ series features Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System”. A narrow felt muffle ring is attached to the backside of the drumhead to produce a low-end, well-defined punchy sound.


Super Kick II Clear, Transparent bass drum head, 2-Ply

LP 389 Fiber Maracas

Fibre Maracas


Wooden handle, Fibreglass body, Black, Price per pair

Evans 08" Hydraulic Black Head

Tom Tom Drum Head


Hydraulic Black, Two layers, with real oil filling, Classic sound, Short and muffled tone, No unwanted overtones, Suitable for live - studio - rock

Meinl 16" Classics Extreme China



Brilliant finish, B10 Bonze, This China cymbal features a loud, assertive, strong and explosive response, Short decay time, China cymbal for all...

Vater 2B Drum Sticks Hickory Wood

Hickory Drumsticks


American hickory wood, Wooden tips, Oval tips for greater surface contact, Heavier shoulders than on average sticks, Extra length for more...

Vic Firth UPT Universal Practice Tips

Soft Rubber Tips


Suitable for nearly all drumsticks and mallets, Outstanding for practicing on every surface, Generates interesting timbre on cymbals and drums

Zultan 12" Dune Splash

Splash Cymbal


Dune series, Hand-hammered, Premium splash cymbal from traditional Turkish manufacturer, Made of B20 bronze, Dry, fast fading, thrashy sound,...

LP 257-S Timbales Tito Puente

Timbale Set


From the Tito Puente series, LP drumheads, Incl. stand and cowbell bracket, Comes with a pair of timbale sticks, a tuning wrench and oil for the...

Ludwig LAPAM1 Atlas Mount Bracket

Mix of Lug Suspension System and Mounting Bracket


Adjustable fixing screw for mounting on almost every drum shell (25 - 43 mm hole spacing), Can be used to convert a tomtom into a floor tom, But...

Meinl 08" Classics Cust. Dark Splash

Splash Cymbal


Meinl Classics Custom series, CC08DAS, Explosive Splash for crisp accents, Ideal for music styles that require a lot of volume and a strong sound

LP 265B 1134" Conga Head

Conga Drumhead


For Comfort Curve II or Traditional Rims

Afroton Shekere small



Small version, Pumpkin with seed net, ACH 720

Pearl OPT1314

Tom Mount


Free floating mounting system for Tom-tom, For drums from 13" to 14" standard depth, More sustain, Free, open sound behaviour

Yamaha Stage Custom 16"x15" FT -RBL

Floor Tom


Stage Custom Birch series, SBF1615-RBL, 6-Ply drum shell made of 100% birch wood, High gloss paint, 2014 Model

Evans 18" G2 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera G2 Clear series

Nino Nino 505 Agogo Bell

Agogo Bell


Two tone, Small version

Meinl HE-3030 Aluminium Doumbek

Aluminium Doumbek


Hand-hammered aluminium body, Handmade, Synthetic head, Incl. Bag, replacement head, tuning key

Remo 26" CS Clear Bass Drum

Bass drum Drumhead


Size 26 ", CS series with black dot, Very popular bass drum skin, Suitable for all styles, A lot of Attack, Single-layered batter head with black...

Meinl FD22T 22" Framedrum

Frame drum


Tunable frame drum, Hand selected goatskin, Tuning key included

Meinl MCJB Cajon Bag

Cajon Bag


Black, Robust, tear resistant nylon fabric, Padded shoulder strap, With additional outer pocket, Carrying strap

Tama Club Jam Mini Add-on Pack -CCM


K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Boomwhackers BW-KG

Chromatic Bass Set Boomwhackers


Expansion for the diatonic scale set, C-D#-F#-G-A#, Purchase comprises 5 tubes

Boomwhackers BW-XTS Boomophone

Boomophone Whack Pack


Diatonic basic set BW-DG, XyloTote Tube Holder XT-8G, Whacker Mallets ML-1G, 1 Octavator Cap and one songbook, The Boomophone lets you play...

Evans 15" G2 Coated Tom

Tom Drum Head


White, roughened, Double-ply, Controlled sustain, Universal drum head for live and studio

Evans 06" G1 Clear Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Transparent, Single ply, Open sound, Quick response, Warm sustain, Live, Studio, Jazz, fusion, latin

Sonor CGRHN10 Natural Head

Natural Drum Head


Spare drum head for CGRHN10 hand drums

Pearl 14"x05" Sensitone Aluminium

Snare Drum


Sensitone series, 1.2 mm Beaded Aluminum shell, Superhoop II hoops, SST-5047 tension rods, SR-150 Snare wire strainer, TB-55 Tube Lugs, New...

Remo 06" Pinstripe Ebony

Tom Tom Drum Head


Pin Stripe Ebony, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full sound spectrum

Pearl OH1350 Snare Drum

Snare Drum


Signature model "Omar Hakim", New model with revised tuning lugs, Chrome hardware

LP 247A 13" Timbales Head

13" Timbales Drum Head


Plastic model

Ludwig LM405C 14"x6,5" Acrolite Snare

Snare drum


Aluminium shell, Matte shell finish, Supra Sonic Snare throw off system, 10 tension rods, Incredibly sensitive response, Round full tone in all...

Sonor AS 16 13"x05" Tineo Snare Drum

Snare Drum


27-ply (26 mm) drum shellmade from beech, Chrome hardware, 16 tuning lugs, Dual glide snare strainer, High-gloss lacquer finish, Produces a deep...

Gretsch 13"x07" Silver Series Ash -SN

Snare Drum


Silver Series, 7-Ply shell made of ash, Matt lacquered shell, 2.3 mm Triple flange hoops made of steel, 30 Degree bearing edge, Classic Deluxe...

Zildjian 14" K-Series Mini China

Mini China Cymbal


K-series, Regular finish, Spectacular, small, dark, Low-pitched China, Medium sustain

Sabian 15" AAX AAXplosion Crash

Crash Cymbal


AAX Series, Brilliant finish, Clear, clean, defined cymbal sound, Wide dynamic range, Applicable for all music styles

Istanbul Mehmet 15" Paper Thin Crash Tradit.

15" Paper Thin Crash Cymbal


Traditional Series, Regular model, Extremely fast responsive crash with very fast decay time, The Traditional Series can be played in just about...

Sabian 20" HHX Zen China



20" HHX Zen China, B20 alloy, Natural finish, Unique, inverted China with bell, Winner of the Sabian "Players' Choice" 2012

Istanbul Mehmet 18" Sizzle Flat Ride Tradition

18" Sizzle Flat Ride Cymbal


Regular model, Fantastically clear with dry stick sound, Sizzle effect, The Traditional Series can be played in just about any genre of music, The...

Hands on Drums 6" Cajudoo Pro Basic



Made of ceramic, 6" Birch face, Various sound possibilities, Made in Germany

Paiste 24" 900 Series Mega Ride

Mega Ride Cymbal


900 series, Made from B8 (2002) bronze, Full sound with a warm tone, Penetrating ride cymbal for loud play, Especially darker finish, through which...

LP 1400-UG Udongo II



Wide tonal range, Excellent coordination between the chambers, From melodic, round dr to assertive, very sharp sound, Unique whining, A hole to...

Pearl 18"x16" Decade Maple FT -BB

Stand Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1816F/C262, Matt lacquered drum shell, Chrome plated drum shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6...

Yamaha Stage Custom 20"x17" BD -RBL

Bass Drum


Stage Custom Birch Series, SBB2017, Punchy, warm, dynamic and precise

Pearl P-900LW Bongo Stand

Bongo stand


Suitable for almost all bongos, Simple design