Drums and Percussion

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Paiste PST5 18" Rock Crash '14

Rock Crash Cymbal


From the new series PST5, Slightly thicker crash cymbal, Brighter, clearer and musically powerful sound

Remo PP-1422-BE Emperor Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead Set


PP-1422-BE, 10", 12", 16" tom tom drumheads, 2-Ply, clear

Vic Firth 5AN American Classic Hickory



5AN nylon tips, American Classic Series, Hickory wood, (Nylon) plastic tips, Teardrop tips, Ideal for rock and as practice sticks

Goldon Tambourine 25cm 35250



Model 35250, 25 cm diameter, Natural drum skin, Wooden shell, With beater

Sonor Perfect Balance Standard Pedal



Perfect balance pedal, Separate hoop clamp, Not hinged, Matte polished base plate, Ball bearing hinge on the base plate, Nylon bag

Millenium SS-801L Concert Snare Stand

Stand for concert snare


Pro series, Very stable and professional snare stand, Extra high, Double braced, With memory lock

Millenium 18"x3,5" Bodhran Tuneable



Tunable, Goatskin drum head, Frame from Red Cedar, Holding cross, Incl. beater and tuning key

Tama HS40LOWN Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Stage Master Series, Double-braced legs, Snare basket for snares from 12"- 15", Low adjustment version, Rotatable basket

Zultan 16" Rock Beat Crash

Crash Cymbal


Rockbeat Series, Made of B20 bronze, Full voluminous tone, Balanced crash with power, Fast response with balanced sound over the entire sound...

Millenium SS-902 Pro Series Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Pro Series, Double braced stand, Basket suitable for snares from 10" to 14", Basket can be rotated into all positions, Adjustable via lever, Memory...

Sonor DCS 4000 Double Cymbal Stand

Double Cymbal Stand


4000 Hardware series, Stepless cymbal tilting, New rubber foot design for maximum stability, New wing bolt for a better grip, 2-segment tube clamp

Millenium BDP-S Bass Drum Practice Pad

Bass Drum Practice Pad


Realistic rebound, Stable construction, Can be used with all standard single and double pedals

Vic Firth SD10 Swinger Maple -Wood-

Swinger Sticks


American Custom series, Maple wood, Oval wooden tip, Lightweight, fast playable sticks with high durability and rebound, Dance band sticks,...

Evans 14" EC Edge Control Snare RD

Snare Drumhead


Reverse Dot, RD Version with glued on dot on the inside

Gretsch 14"X5,5" Renown Maple GN

Snare Drum


Renown series, 7-Ply maple wood shell, Chrome hardware, 30° Bearing edge, Gretsch "302" steel hoops, Remo head, Gretsch "Silver Sealer" drum shell...

Millenium Double Pedal Bag

Double Bass Drum Bag / Case


100% Water-resistant travel bag, Material 1200 denier, 10 mm high density foam rubber padding, Metal fixings, Metal frames, Heavy nylon zipper,...

Sonor SCH 28 Bass Drum Beater

Beater for Bass Drum


For bass drum pedals, 2-way beater, Felt and plastic

Pearl PPS-82 Multi Percussion Holder

Percussion Holder


4-Way adjustable adapter for mounting percussion instruments onto stands, cymbal stands, microphone tripods etc.

Snareweight M1 magn. Overtone Damper

Magnetic Overtone Damper


Damper is clamped to the hoop, The fixed leather stripes can be put up and down separately by a magnet to achieve different damping levels

Pro Mark TX420N Mike Portnoy

Drumsticks Mike Portnoy Model


Hickory, Nylon tips

Pearl HCL-205DQR Hi-Hat Drop Clutch

Hi-Hat Drop Clutch


Top cymbal can be levered in and out, Includes washer and felts

Evans 16" Hydraulic Black Tom

Tom Drum Head


Real oil filling, Double-ply, oil-filled, Classic sound, Short and muffled tone, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Live - Studio - Rock

Evans 12" G2 Coated Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera 2 Coated, White, rough coated, Double ply, Controlled sustain, universal drum head for live and studio applications

Vic Firth 5BN American Classic Hickory

Drumsticks 5BN Nylon Tip


Nylon tips, Teardrop tips, Ideal for rock and as practice sticks

2box DrumIt Three

E-drum module


Supports a variety of pads from different manufacturers, 3-zone snare drum pads as well as up to three (3x) 3-zone cymbal pads, 4 GB storage space...

LP 1-5 Flex-A-Tone Standard

Standard Flex-A-Tone


The LP Flex-A-Tone has an unique effect whereby the tone changes via the pressure applied from pressing against the steel strip

LP 12,5" Tumba Pedrito Mart.



Pedrito Martinez Signature Model, 3-Ply mango body, Inner fibreglass layer on the shell bores, Hand-selected natural drum head, Modified Extended...

Millenium 22" Bass Drum hoop natural

Hoop For Bass Drum


Extremely durable and resistant mesh head, Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering, For acoustic drums and mesh head shells,...

Roland FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller

V-Drum Hi-Hat ControllerUltra-Sensitive Hi-Hat control. The hi-hat sounds even more realistic, with smooth transitions between open and closed playing modes, thanks to Roland's new FD-8 Hi-Hat controller.


Realistic Hi-Hat, Smooth transitions between open and closed, New look

Gibraltar GPDS Djembe Stand Pro

Djembe Stand


Very stable and robust, Excellent for hard use, Can be adjusted to all djemben models, Adjustable height, Delivery without djembe

Cherub DT-10 Drum Tuner

Drum Tuner


Built-in microphone records sound/ tone of the acoustic drum shell, Clamping mechanism for hoops, By turning the tension rods of the sound on the...

Evans 20" EQ3 Resonant Bass Drum BK

Resonant Bass Drum


With hole, Incorporated damping ring, 5" Sound hole, Single ply, Controlled, punchy sound, Particularly suitable for microphone recordings, Studio...

Bass Drum O's 5" Black round HBL5

Port Hole Reinforcement Ring For Bass Drum Resonant Head


Round, No tearing or background noises

Terre Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells


For hand, can be played like a tambourine, Leather wreath with iron bells, Very striking, concise and high sound

SKB CV8 Cymbal Case

Cymbal case for up to 6 cymbals with centre post


Suitable for cymbals up to 22", The "Cymbal Vault" from SKB, Moulded case made from polyethylene, Transports without putting any pressure on the...

Schlagwerk BRC 03 Cajon Brush #3 Flexible

Cajon Brush


Rubberized elastic handle, black nylon sticks, The special thing about the Elasticks is the flexible handle, enabling a whole new playing feel and...

Yamaha EAD10 Drum Module

Electronic Acoustic Drum Module and Sensor


757 sounds, 50 preset scenes, 200 user scenes, 32MB of space for your own WAV samples, 11 reverb effects, Metronome, 3x 6.3 mm stereo jack trigger...

Roland CY-15R

V-Cymbal Ride


Ride cymbal with authentic mass inertia similar to that of an acoustic ride cymbal, Can be used as a ride or crash cymbal, Simultaneous triple...

Contemporanea 14"x 36cm Nesting Surdo Green

Surdo Drum


Colour lacquered aluminium body, Perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, Can be played upright or suspended (strap not included),...

Millenium QuiHead 10" Mesh Head

Double Layer Trigger Mesh Head


Extremely durable and resistant mesh head, Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering, For acoustic drums and mesh head shells,...

Mapex 14"x6,5" Sledgehammer

Snare drum


Black Panther series - Sledgehammer model, 1.2 mm Thick hammered brass shell, Sonic Saver hoops, Brass hardware finish, Traditional 45 ° bearing...

Roland MH2-10 10" Powerply Mesh Head

Mesh Head


Extremely durable, Two layered, Developed in cooperation with REMO USA, Very good feedback during play, Almost noiseless stop

LP 1205 Jam Block Blue

Jam Block


High-pitched note, Retaining mounting bracket, Modern version of the good ol' wood block, Jenigor plastic

Evans 10" G2 Coated Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Genera 2 Coated, White, rough surface, Double ply, Fat sound - perfect for harder styles, Controlled sustain, Universal drum head for live and...

Millenium 973CH Flat Base Hardware Pack

Complete Drum Hardware Set


BS-973 Flat Cymbal boom stand, SS-973 Flat Snare Drum stand, CS-973 Flat Straight cymbal stand, HS-973 Flat Hi-Hat stand, P-3000 Single Bass drum...

Sensory Percussion Starter Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


10 Zone drum sensor including software licence, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import possible,...

LP 441T-M Twist Shaker Medium

Twist Shaker


Medium, Plastic, The Twist Shaker consist of two interlocking plastic tubes, enabling the shakers to be played with one hand, The connection...

Vic Firth 7AN Nova Hickory Nylon Tip

Hickory Drumsticks


Made by Vic Firth, Nylon tips

Paiste 2002 Classic 14" Crash

Paiste 2002 Classic Series


14" Crash, Clear, warm, full, bright crash sound, Defined sound, Even sustain, Versatile crash cymbal, Definite classic crash sound

Gewa Claves



Hardwood, Light wood, Pair

Paiste M7 Gong Beater

Gong Beater


Head covered with felt and fur, For Symphonic 38" - 50" gongs, Aluminum handle with vinyl grip

Schlagwerk ROB6 Bambooleo Drummers Rods



19 Bamboo rods, With rimshot protection

Pearl TH-88S TomTom Holder Short

Tom Holder


Short, For Export series, Ratchet tilter adjustment

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Medium Crash

Crash Cymbal


2002 Classic series, Medium crash, Bright, powerful, warm, full crash cymbal, Wide bandwidth and clear sound, Even sustain, All-purpose cymbal with...

Istanbul Agop 17" Xist Dry Dark Crash


Extremely durable and resistant mesh head, Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering, For acoustic drums and mesh head shells,...

Roland PD-128-BC V-Drum Mesh

E-Drum Pad


V-Drum Mesh Head 12" Pad, Special newly developed Rim Sensor with the TD-30 Drum Sound Module perfectly transmits playing dynamics and harmony,...

Zildjian 19" K-Custom Dark Crash

Crash Cymbal


K-Custom series, Regular finish, Unique crash cymbal with dry, trashy overtones, Quick response with short sustain

Zildjian 22" K-Series Dark Medium Ride



K Series Dark Medium Ride, Regular finish

Zultan The Stick Bag

Drumstick Bag


With 3 inner compartments, Suitable for at least 10 pairs of drumstick, 2 Inside pockets for small accessories, Large outer pocket with embroidered...

Paiste 20" Giant Beat Crash

Thin Crash Cymbal


Giant Beat series, From CuSn8 bronze, also called bronze 2002, For quiet and loud playing situations - live and for studio recordings, Bright and...

Yamaha HW780 Hardware Pack

Hardware Set


FP-7210A B Bass Drum Pedal, SS740A Snare Drum stand, HS740A Hi-Hat stand, 2x CS755 Cymbal boom stands, All stands have single braced legs for solid...

Paiste PST3 10" Splash

10" Splash


Medium bright, clean, fast responding splash cymbal, Medium frequency range, Even, balanced feel, Explosive, fast fading splash with a somewhat...

Zildjian 15" A-Series New Beat Hi-Hat



Newbeat hihat, Regular finish, Handles all stick techniques exquisitely, Rounded sound when hihat opened

Evans 13" Hydraulic Black Tom

TomTom Drum Head


Real oil filling, Thin layer of oil between two plies of film to suppress unwanted overtones, Classic sound, Short and dull in tone, Live - Studio...

Mapex 14" x 5.5" The Blade

Snare Drum


14" x 5.5", Black Panther Series, Drum shell from 1 mm steel, Assertive, aggressive snare sound with controllable overtones, Due to the steel drum...

LP 228 Black Beauty Sr. Cowbell

Cha Cha cowbell


Black Beauty SR, Slightly larger opening, Tuned a bit lower, Dry pleasant sound, yet extremely assertive

Aquarian 18" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Skin for bass drum


Super Kick II Clear Series, Transparent bass drum skin, Two-ply, The Super-Kick Series with the Aquarian-patented "Floating Muffling System", A...

Mapex MC910 Multi Clamp



Slides horizontally

Tama TMT9 Drum Multi Tool

Multi-Function Tool


Multi-tool (not only) for drummers, With 5 Allen keys (2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 mm), Central version for tuning key, Nut wrench (7 mm), Tuning key...

Yamaha CS3 Crosstown Cymbal Stand

Cymbal Stand


Light and stable, Braced

Pearl DR-511C Drum Rack


Extremely durable and resistant mesh head, Ideal for practising silently or for electronic triggering, For acoustic drums and mesh head shells,...

Gibraltar SC-DLSTO Snare Drum Throw Off

Disengaging Mechanism


For snare drum, For tensioning of the snare carpet, Incl. screws (hole distance about 3.8 cm)

Aquarian 24" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Drum Head for Bass Drum


24" Super Kick Clear, Double ply, medium thickness drum head, The Super Kick Series with the patented Aquarian "Floating Muffling System", A thin...

Zildjian 13" ZBT Hi-Hat

13" Hi-Hat Cymbals


"ZBT" series, Brillant edition, Sharp and focused basic sound with an excellent bright "chick" sound