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DW 3900 Double TomTom Stand

Double tom stand


From the 3000 series, For mounting two tom toms, Double braced, 2 Ball-and-socket clamp tom arms, Lightweight version, Incl. memory clamps

Millenium MPS-300 Mono Cymbal Pad

Cymbal Pad for Electric Drums


Mono model, Cable and cymbal arm included

Contemporanea 10" x 30cm Repinique light

Repinique Drum


Light series, Aluminium body, 6 Tuning lugs, Plastic drum head, High and dynamic sound

Roland V-Drum Cable 2m

Connection Cable


Roland V-Drum Cable, Stereo cable for connecting electric drum pads with a drum module, 6.3 mm jack male to 6.3 mm angular jack male

Alesis Multipad Clamp

Multi Clamp with Holder for Percussion Pads


Fits Alesis Strike Multipad, Sample Pad, Sample Pad Pro and Sample Pad 4 as well as many other percussion pads, Support plate with ball joint, 38...

Zildjian 19" A-Custom Medium Crash

19" Medium Crash


A Custom series, Brillant finish, Natural, bright sound, The "thickest" Crash from the A-Custom Series, Fast attack, Warm, round, soft release

Zultan 20" Raw Crash

Crash Cymbal


Raw series, 100% Hand-hammered, Dark, warm and full sound, High musicality, The non-lathed surface results in a dry, earthy sound with little...

Gibraltar GEMS Elect. Mounting Station

Mounting Station


To hold mixers, Can also hold Laptops, Not just for drummers!

Schlagwerk SK40 Double Shaker



Professional wood shaker for most applications, Two filling chambers allow for different playing modes; a multi-chamber system creates a stereo...

Millenium SD-148A Black Beast Snare

Snare Drum


"Black Beast" Snare Drum, 1 mm Steel drum shell, Black drum shell, 1.6 mm Black steel rims, 10 Tension rods, Metal snare drum for all scopes of...

Sonor TT5 Templeblock Set

5-Piece Templeblock Set


Individually tuned blocks, Ash wood, With table stand, Without mallet

Remo 14" Ring Control

Ring Control 14"Impedes unwanted overtones or overly long echoing of the drums. Through the combination of the plastic tray and foam ring the damping force can be adjusted as required


Foam ring and plastic tray, Mounts on the bearing edge under the head

Zultan 14" Aja Crash



Aja crash cymbals produce a loud and fat sound, The decay of the cymbal is well balanced and harmonic

Adams Tube Bells Mallet BK 0

Tubular Bells Mallet


Unit price

Sabian 22" HHX Omni Brilliant/Natural

22" Crash / Ride Cymbal


From the HHX series, Developed with Jojo Mayer, Modern, dark, warm sound character, Incredibly flexible and controllable, Perfectly integrated into...

Paiste 2002 Classic 17" Crash

Crash Cymbal


2002 Classic Series, A bright, warm, full and shimmering crash sound, The definitive classic rock crash sound, Medium sustain, Versatile crash cymbal

Pro Mark C-RODS

Hot Rods


Cool Version, Price for pair

Zildjian 15" K Sweet Hats

Hi-Hat Cymbal


K Series, Dark and fast responding cymbal, "Random hammering", Warm and round sound

Yamaha KU100 Silent Kick Pedal

Electric Drum Pedal


Special construction to minimalize impact sound, Incl. stereo audio cable

Zultan Leather Stick Bag Vintage


From the HHX series, Developed with Jojo Mayer, Modern, dark, warm sound character, Incredibly flexible and controllable, Perfectly integrated into...

Gibraltar SC-4467 Snare Drum Wires

Snare Drum Wires


Chrome wires with steel coils, For 14" snares, 20 strand

Remo 08" Emperor Coated

Batter Head


Emperor Coated, Double-ply, White, rough coated, Highly robust, Light predamping from coating

DW 9000 Side Drum Rack DWCPRKSIDE

Side Drum Rack


DWCPRKSIDE, Straight 36" side bar, Solid stainless steel tubing, Rack-clamps/Memory locks from aluminium, Extremely stable rubber feet with...

Tama MS42R14S Snare Wire 14"

Snare Wire


For 14" snare drums, 42 strand steel - carbon wires

Zultan 18" Aja China



China cymbal with a characteristic sound

Remo 13" Emperor Clear



Transparent (clear), Double ply, With few overtones, Rock, hard rock, heavy

Tama HC42WN Straight Cymbal Stand

Straight Cymbal Stand


Stagemaster series, Double-braced legs, Includes Quick Set Cymbal Mate (QC-8) Quick Release

Sabian 13" HHX Fierce Hi-Hat



HHX Series, 13" Fierce hi-hat, The untreated surface of this unique hi-hat cymbal is a captivating mix of a dark, compact response and a clear,...

Paiste PST3 13" Hi-Hat

13" Hi-Hat


Paiste Sound Technology 3 Series, Medium bright, clear, full-sounding Hi-Hat cymbals, Narrow, clear frequency range, With versatile application...

Zildjian 10" FX Spiral Stacker

Spiral Stacker Effects Cymbal


For stacking on any cymbal (same size or larger), Fast response and short sustain, Visual effect (like a spring) when played, Enables new,...

LP 539-BK Prof. Timbale Bag Set

Professional Bag Set for Timbales


Black, thick padded nylon, Adjustable carrying straps

Evans BD18RONX 18" Onyx Resonant

18" Onyx Resonant Bass Drum Head


Single-resonant head from 0.19 mm black foil, Matte coated surface, With internal control ring and 5" microphone opening, The Onyx Resonant...

Evans 24" E-Mad Reso Bass Drum BK

E-Mad Resonant Bass Drum Head


Resonant head with a foam damping ring attached to the 5" hole

LP 249 Cuban Guiro



Cuban style, Natural body with wooden scraper

LP 008 Chad Smith Cowbell



Chad Smith Signature Model, 8" Cowbell, Engraved Chad Smith signature, With screwed red Jenigor plastic protection on the top, The plastic...

Gretsch 14"x14" FT Renown Maple -VP

Floor Tom


RN2-1414F-VP, 6-Ply shell made of 100% maple wood, 30° Shell bearing edge, Finished inside with Gretsch Silver Sealer, Gretsch 302 steel hoops,...

Zildjian ZXT 08" Trashformer

Trashformer Effects Cymbal


Explosive, trashy, independent sound

Zultan 16" Rock Beat China Holey



Through the sound holes this China cymbal achieves a short and quick response with clear assertive highs, Slowly fading decay, Sparkling sound...

Millenium FT-1 Floor Tom Legs

Floor Tom Legs


From the HHX series, Developed with Jojo Mayer, Modern, dark, warm sound character, Incredibly flexible and controllable, Perfectly integrated into...

Tama MC62 Multiclamp

Multi Clamp


For pipes with diameters of 15.9 mm to 28.6 mm, With fast clamp system for quick and safe mounting on drum set

Pearl LG-40/3 Floor Tom Legs Air

Floor Tom Legs


Air suspension floor tom legs, For MCX, VMX, SMX, SBX, SRX and master -'06 series, Approx. 10 mm

Gibraltar GSSMS Stealth Side Mount

Stealth Side Mounting System


Space-saving low rack for low construction, For attaching e.g. tom holder, snare stand or cymbal arms, Pipe diameter 3/4 ", 7/8" and 1 "

Hendrix Drums Sleeved Washers black

Washers for Tension Screws


Set of 20 pieces, Allows fine and accurate tuning, Prevents "Metal on Metal" contact, Protects the chrome plating, Fits all hoops

Gibraltar SC-UGC Multi Clamp Universal

Universal multi-clamp


Rotatable at both ends, Extendible in length

Remo 14"x2,5" Rahmentrommel

Frame Drum


Acousticon shell, Walnut finish, Pre-tuned batter head

Remo 16" Hand Drum Bag

Hand drum bag


Suitable for Sound Shape Family Pack, frame drum, TAR, tambourine and buffalo drums, With handle and shoulder strap

LP 1415-BZ Timbale Prestige Serie



From the LP "Prestige" Series, With LP drum heads, Incl. cowbell holder and stand

LP 636 Prof. Conga Stand w Wheels

Professional Conga Stand


Single conga stand, Allows the attachment of all conga models and sizes, Chromed steel frame, With three rollers

Pro Mark TX2BXN Dave Lombardo - Nylon

Dave Lombardo 2BX Signature Stick


Hickory wood, Teardrop-shaped nylon/plastic tips

Remo 18" CS Clear

18" Drumhead


Clear / Transparent, Black dot reinforcement point in the middle of the drumhead, Single ply, Very popular as a snare head, Specially for live...

Vater VSHM Stick Holder

Drumstick Holder


Drumstick holder with unique screw-in clamping system, Usable for one or more sticks, Mountable to every commercial cymbal stand

Paiste 2002 Classic 08" Splash



Designed for live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Warm and soft sound character, Paiste 2002 Series

Sonor GMP Maracas BK



Plastic body, 1 Pair

Remo 26" Powerstroke 3 Smooth White

Bass Drum Head


Size 26", Series Powerstroke 3, White, Smooth, Single-ply head, Single-ply 10-mil Mylar film, With integrated 10-mil damping ring

Paiste 2002 Classic China 16"

16" China CymbalAn exotic, powerful cymbal with a traditionally shaped bell. The sound is bright with extraordinary projection. Beautiful sound changes depending on the striking location.


Paiste 2002 series, For live and studio applications, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Traditional bell

Yamaha Stage Custom 16"x15" FT -NW

Floor Tom


Stage Custom birch series, SBF-1615-NW, 6-Ply drum shell made of 100% birch wood, High gloss lacquers

Sabian 12" HHX Evolution Splash

Splash Cymbal


HHX Evolution series, Brilliant finish, Machine hammered, Sabian Tone Projection, Fast, sensitive response, Highly responsive splash, With bright,...

PUR Cajon Backpack Deluxe


From the HHX series, Developed with Jojo Mayer, Modern, dark, warm sound character, Incredibly flexible and controllable, Perfectly integrated into...

Afroton Hugh Tracey AKA622P Kalimba



Treble model, With built-in pickup, Thumb piano, Wooden body with metal tines, 17 Notes, G major scale

Sonor Tune Lug TT Single SMF/ESF/SEF

Sonor Tuning Lug TT / FT


Suitable for Sonor SMF, SFX, ESF, SEF and ASC series, Single lug, Chrome finish

Meinl Fat Stack - Matt Garstka

Cymbal Stack


Matt Garstka model, Dark, dry and trashy stack with pleasant sustain

Gewa Rims 12" Tom



For 12" tom-tom, For 6-hole clamping screws, Free-floating rubber-mounted tom-tom suspension, Suitable for all commercially available tom-toms,...

LP 484 Jim Greiner Shekere

Jim Greiner Shekere


White body surrounded by a net of strong plastic beads, Sounds the same than natural pumpkin shekere

Pearl EXX 10"x07" TT Add-On #700


From the HHX series, Developed with Jojo Mayer, Modern, dark, warm sound character, Incredibly flexible and controllable, Perfectly integrated into...

Pearl PTB-30, TRI Bells with Holder

Tri Bells with Holder


Cowbell set, 3 Bell sounds in one instrument, Can be played as a hand-held instrument or fixture to any 3/8" mount, These unique bells give every...

Sonor 08"x07" ProLite Tom Nussbaum

Tom Tom


ProLite series, Colour Walnut (-75), Chrome shell hardware, Shell with 45° bearing edge in hand-selected, extremely thin 100% maple wood with...

Lefima S0026 26" Powerstroke III Head

Drum Head for Bass Drum


Powerstroke Force III drum head

Remo 8,5" Nuskyn Bongo Head

8.5" Nuskyn Bongo Head


Suitable for professional bongos, Glued onto steel hoop, Warm, natural sound, Bongo head with few overtones

Meinl KA9-M Kalimba



Wood body with steel tines, Ergonomically formed body

Meinl HE-2000 Soprano Doumbek Alu

Soprano Doumbek


Wrapped with black vinyl, Plastic head, Includes carry bag, replacement head and tuning key

Meinl KA5-S Kalimba



Wood body with chrome tines, Ergonomically formed body

Meinl SB2 Samba Beater

Samba Beater


Wooden shaft, Red wooden tip with Ø 2" (5.08 cm)

Lefima BS0026 26" Powerstroke III BK

Bass Drum Head


Powerstroke Force III, New logo, Single-ply, Smooth-black, With ring and center control, Extremely crisp, dry, short, direct, Also suitable as...

Boomwhackers BW-JG



Bass set, Expands the diatonic scale set to one octave lower, 7 Tubes, Notes C - B

Meinl ID9BK/WH Fiberglass Ibo Drum

Fibreglass Liquid Ibo Drum


Special bottom filled with water, Built-in microphone hole, Robust construction, Incl. Stand ring, Diameter 27 cm, Height 38 cm