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Istanbul Mehmet 19" Mehmet Legend Sizzle Ride

19" Ride Cymbal with Rivets


Natural finish, Specially designed for jazz, this Ride cymbal has full and warm sound

Remo 23 1/2" Renaissance Timp. Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Evans 13" Hazy 200 Resonant Head

Snare Resonant Head


The 2 mil (0.0508 mm) thick film allows the finest and most sensitive snare drum work, Excellent for brush playing

Pearl 14"x6,5" Free Floating Bronze

Snare Drum


Free Floating Bronze, FTPB-1465, Chrome hardware, Die cast hoops, FT-65 Free floating lugs, No holes in the hardware parts ensure unimpeded shell...

Remo 35" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani Head


Remo Weatherking Renaissance timpani head, With aluminum insert ring

Studio 49 T-AXM 1000



For AX 1000 and AM 1000, Made of strong nylon fabric, Padded carrying handle, Long shoulder strap and extra pocket for sheet music

Asian Sound Sun Gong Merkur 80cm

Sun Gong - Mercury


Ø = 80 cm, Tone of the planet, Frequency 70.64 Hz, Mallet included

Asian Sound Temple Bell Jupiter

Temple Bell / Singing Bowl


Frequency 367.16 Hz, Chinese, 15 cm, With cushion and mallet

Studio 49 DP 300/P Head f. Rotary Timpan

Rotary Timpani Head


For DP300 rotary timpani, Plastic, 30 Cm

Pearl EXX725BR/C Export Jet Black

Complete Drum Set


Standard Version, EXX725BR/C, Shells from Asian Mahogany and Poplar, Foil coated shells, Chrome shell hardware, Deeper and more voluminous sound

Mapex Tornado Stand. Zildjian Set BK

Complete Drumset


Tornado series, Standard version, Basswood shell, Shell with wrap finish, T250 Drummer throne

Zildjian K-Series Profi Promo Pack

Cymbal Set


K-Series Pro Promo Pack, The Zildjian cymbal set from probably the most sold Zildjian cymbal set worldwide, 18" K-Series dark thin crash, 20"...

Roland TD-1DMK V-Drum Set

E-Drum Set


Entry-level model into the world of Roland V-Drums, TD-1 Drum module with 15 drum kits, 15 Songs, 10 Coaching functions, Metronome, 3.5mm Stereo...

Pearl P-932 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Double Bass Drum Pedal


With new Demonator longboard footboard, Single chain, Round cam disk, Base plate, DuoBeat beater

Remo 22" Powerstroke 3 Coated Bass

Bass drumhead


Powerstroke 3 series, Single ply drumhead in Ambassador thickness, With double reinforced outer edge, For optimal sound control, The popular Remo...

RAV Vast D Major 2

Tongue Drum in Handpan Look


Includes bag

Millenium Solid Bar Chimes with Stand



36 Sound bars, Incl. one-armed stand

Millenium H5A Hickory Sticks -Wood-

American Hickory Drumsticks


Wooden tips

Schalloch 700.L 12" Djembe School Set

5x Schalloch 700.L 12" Djembe Large


Djembe Pro, Large, Rope puller / tuning model, Hand carved from one piece, Mahogany wood from recultivated non-commercial plantations, Goat skin, 5...

Vic Firth VFX5A Extreme 5A -Wood-

5A Sticks


Wooden tips, Comparable to 5A sticks but slightly longer for better reach and volume

Alesis Strike MultiPad

Percussion Pad with Sampler and Looper


9 Velocity-sensitive pads, Over 8000 (6 GB) preinstalled sounds and samples, 32 GB Storage, 4.3" Colour display, Samples can be recorded via USB,...

Tama HT750BC Ergo Rider Hydraulic

Drum Throne


From the Ergo Rider series, Hydraulic height adjustment from 508 - 692 mm, Combination of round seat and saddle-style seat, Fabric seat top

RAV Vast RAV Pan F Pygmy



2 Additional playing surfaces on the underside, Case with backpack straps included

Terre Shaman Drum Goat Skin

Round Shaman Drum


Goat skin with hair, Tensioned with skin rope, Mahogany frame, Dark and voluminous sound, Mallet included

Millenium HH-903 Hi-Hat Swivel

3-Leg Hi-Hat Stand


Pro series, Swivel model, Individually swiveling legs in all positions, Double braced, Fast Hi-Hat clutch system, Patented drum key cymbal seat...

Evans G2 Studio Set clear

Drumhead Set


ETP-G2CLR-F, Transparent, 2-Ply, Second layer gives the skins their sharp attack, Sound retains sufficient overtones due to absence of damping

DW 3500T Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


From 3000 Series, Aluminum hinges, Two swivel legs, Hi-Hat Clutch with safety screw, Footboard, Adjustable spring tension, Double braced legs,...

Zildjian 18" A-Custom Crash

18" A-Custom Crash


Brilliant finish, Natural and bright, Not too thick, not too loud, Fast response, Warm, round, soft decay

Zultan 18" Rock Beat Crash

Crash Cymbal


Rockbeat Series, Made of B-20 bronze, Full, voluminous tone, Balanced crash with power and projection, Fast response with balanced tones across the...

Pearl P-930 Bass Drum Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


With new Demonator longboard foot plate, Single chain, Round cam disc, Base plate, DuoBeat beater, Adjustable beater angle

Paiste PST7 16" Heavy Crash

Heavy Crash Cymbal


PST7 Series, Traditional sound and look, Slightly thicker cymbal for louder musical styles, Made in Switzerland

DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner

Digital Drum Tuner


Quickly and precise, Measures the tension of the head at the individual tuning lugs, Digital LCD display measures the true drum head pressure on a...

Remo Sound Shapes Circle Pack

Frame Drum Set


Round, pre-tuned frame drums made of Acousticon, Easy to play, ideal for preschool or similar, Set comprises 5 Soundshapes in sizes 6", 8.25",...

Millenium DM-30 Drum Monitor

Electric Drum Monitor


10” 2-Way coaxial loudspeaker, Line input, Two separate volume knobs for line in and electric drums, 3-Band EQ

Mapex B800EB Boom Stand Black 2-Pack


Entry-level model into the world of Roland V-Drums, TD-1 Drum module with 15 drum kits, 15 Songs, 10 Coaching functions, Metronome, 3.5mm Stereo...

Pearl BC-820 Cymbal Boom Stand

Cymbal Stand with Boom Arm


From the 820 series, The boom arm can be lowered in the tripod, Uni-Lock tilting device, Easily extendable, Turnable wing nut, Double-braced

Vic Firth STL Thomas Lang Signature



Thomas Lang Signature Model, Wood tips, An elongated shaft with an enlarged teardrop shaped tip for a loud, yet clear response, The stick that for...

the t.akustik DS4-4 Drum Shield


Entry-level model into the world of Roland V-Drums, TD-1 Drum module with 15 drum kits, 15 Songs, 10 Coaching functions, Metronome, 3.5mm Stereo...

Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor

Active Monitor Box for E-Drums


For home and stage use, 2-Way monitor, 10" Custom Woofer and Höchtöner, 1x 6.3 mm stereo jack V-drum input, 1x 6.3mm or 3.5mm stereo line input,...

Evans 16" B16G2 Genera G2 coated

Tom Drum Head


Genera 2 Coated, White, rough, 2-Ply, Controlled sustain, universal drum head for live and studio

Millenium DT300 BK



16 Pairs of jingles, Double row, For fixing to drum set

Pearl PTM10GH Tambourine with Holder



Gold tone jingles, Bracket for mounting, The solution for all drummers and percussionists, The tambourine can be removed from the bracket and used...

Zultan 14" Raw Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


Raw Series, Made from B20 bronze, A dark, warm and full sound, 100% hand hammered, High degree of musicality, The unlathed surface results in a dry...

Pearl S-1030 Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand


Double braced, Wing Lock patented butterfly nuts, Gyro-Lock tilter, Air Suspension Rubber Tips, Basket adjuster system for snares from 10" - 16",...

Tama CB90FH Felt Beater Head

Beater Head


For Iron Cobra bass drum pedals

Zultan Drum Rug Gold

Drum Rug


High-quality drum rug made from a robust velour material, Anti-slip, Inhibits certain sound wave frequencies, Made in Belgium, Flame restardent in...

Roland TD-50DP Digital Upgrade Pack

Roland TD-50P Digital Upgrade Pack


Allows the upgrade of (not only) Roland E-Drums up to date, Digital snare pad Roland PD-140DS, Digital Ride Cymbal Pad Roland CY-18DR, USB...

Remo 12" Silent Stroke Mesh Head

Trigger Mesh Drum Head


Single ply, Extremely durable, Ideal for practising quietly or for recording with electronic triggers

Remo 14" Emperor X Coated Dot

Snare Drumhead


White, roughened, With a black dot on the under side, Double ply drumhead with few overtones, Especially suited to rock and hard rock

Pro Mark TX5BW 5B Hickory - Wood Tip



Hickory wood, Oval wooden tips

Millenium HB 202HWR Bongo Set + Gig Bag

Millenium MB202HWR


Bongo Set, Professional tensioning system, Natural drum heads, Very robust

Vic Firth Rock American Classic Hickory



American Classic series, Hickory wood, With wooden head, Oval tip, Ideal for rock

DW PDP 14"x6,5" Black Wax Snare

Snare Drum


Shell made of 10-ply maple wood, Matte lacquer, Matte black surface with translucent wood grain, DW MAG snare strainer, True-Pitch tension rods,...

Gibraltar SC-CFL/4 Cymbal Felts Long

Cymbal Felts


Long, 4 pack

Bass Drum O's Cutter

Hole Punch/Cutter


Hole cutter for bass drum skins, Adjustable radius

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module

Trigger Module


Perfect for hybrid drumming, 30 Integrated sounds, 30 User samples, 15 Kits, 2 Integrated footswitches for triggering sounds, kit changes and mute,...

Pearl 46" Hardware Bag with Wheels

Hardware Bag


With rollers, Reinforced bottom and seams, Shoulder, Handles on sides and top, Outside pocket, Also suitable for DR-501 rack bars, PPBKPHD46W

Snareweight M80 magn. Overtone Damper

Magnetic Overtone Damper


Damper is clamped to the hoop, The fixed leather stripes can be put up and down separately by a magnet for different damping levels

Roland CY-5

V Drum Hi-Hat Pad


Large playing surface, The appropriate attachment hole is not in the centre, Always in an optimal playing position

Gibraltar GRSSMC Multi Rack Clamp

Rack Super Multi-Clamp


Road series, With greater clamping surface for mounting heavy objects, For securing Tom Tom arms and cymbals arms etc.

Aquarian 20" Regulator Black Bass Drum

Resonant Head for Bass Drum


20" Regulator Black, Black bass drum resonant head, Single-ply resonant bass drum head, With Aquarian's patented Floating Muffling System, This...

Remo 10" Emperor Clear

Tom Tom Batter Head


Size 10", Emperor clear transparent, Double ply, With few overtones, For rock, hard rock, heavy metal

Tama Powerpad 22" Cymbal Bag

Cymbal Bag


22" Large compartment with 4 compartments, 15" Outer pocket with 4 compartments, 1200 nylon fabric, Interior lining made of flannel, Incorporated...

Millenium OB-6180 Octoban Set High

Octoban Set


Consists of octobans 06" x 08" and 06" x 10", Tunable, Incl. double braced double tom stand

Millenium MPS-850 10" Mesh Head Pad

Mesh Head Pad


Stereo, Two-layer mesh head, Includes rack clamp, L-Rod and 2.5 m jack cable

Tama MDH16-8 16" Die Cast Hoop 8H

16" Cast Drum Hoop


Die-cast hoop, 8-Hole design

Millenium TC54 Nylon Drum Brushes

Drum Brushes


Nylon brushes, Plastic handle, Price per pair

DDrum Hybrid Kit Satin Black Set

DDrum Hybrid Kit Satin Black


Drum Set, Complete acoustic drum kit equipped with DDrum Acoustic Pro Triggers, Drum shells with connector via integrated XLR outputs to electric...

Roland TDM-20 V-Drum Mat GR

V-Drum Mat


Robust, sound absorbing drum mat, Optimized for Roland V-Drum Set, Prevents sliding around of the drum set and protects the floor from scratches,...

Evans 14" EC2S/SST Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead


Transparent / clear, EC2S series, With SST (sound shaping technology), Each drum head is equipped with individual damping according to its size,...

Tama MC69 Single Tom Attachment

Single Tom Attachment


Omni-ball tom mount, Suitable for tubes with a diameter of between 19.1 mm and 28.6 mm

LP LPH646-SMC 10"+11" Conga Set

Conga Set


Highline Series, Chrome hardware, Equipped with extremely sturdy conga handles and Remo Fiberskyn 3 drum heads

Millenium 202CH Hardware Set Light

Drum Hardware Set


Extremely lightweight complete drum set Hardware Pack, Double braced, Snare stand (SS-202CH), Hi-Hat stand (HS-202-CH), Drum pedal (P-410)