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Remo 23" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Ahead GLM Drummer Gloves medium

Drummer Gloves


With hook and loop fastener

Remo 24 1/4" Renaissance Timp. Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Remo 13" Snare Reso Head

13 " Diplomat Resonant Drum Head


Tom and snare pad equipped with mesh batter heads, Nitro drum module with 385 sounds, 25 Preset kits, 15 User kits, 60 Songs, Metronome, 1/4" Mono...

Remo Encore 13" Ambassador Hazy


Tom and snare pad equipped with mesh batter heads, Nitro drum module with 385 sounds, 25 Preset kits, 15 User kits, 60 Songs, Metronome, 1/4" Mono...

Zildjian L80 Low Volume 468 Box Set

Low Volume Cymbal Set


New and innovative cymbal series with comparatively 80% quieter cymbals, Ideal for drummers, who prefer to combine authentic feel with quiet...

Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit

Electronic Drum Set


Tom and snare pad equipped with mesh batter heads, Nitro drum module with 385 sounds, 25 Preset kits, 15 User kits, 60 Songs, Metronome, 1/4" Mono...

Pearl P-2052C Eliminator Pedal

Double Pedal


Eliminator Redline Series, Chain drive, NiNja ball bearings from the skateboard industry, Freely swinging spring suspension, Four-sided Quad...

Sonor AQ2 Bop Set WHP

Drum shell pack


Includes tom holder, New SmartMount tom holder system for balanced, optimal sustain with smaller hardware footprint

Evans 22" E-Mad Reso Bass Drum BK

EMAD resonant bass drumhead


Black, BD22REMAD, Resonant head with damping ring made of foam, and a large 5" hole

Zaphir Sufi - the 5 season Chimes

Wind Chimes


Model Feng Shui/Harmony

Zildjian 16" ZBT Crash

Crash Cymbal


ZBT Series, Brilliant finish, Extremely fast response, Wide, round, assertive fundamental tone

Millenium 14"x5,5" Tour Snare Drum Bag

14" x 5,5" Tour Series Snare Drum Bag


Tear and water-resistent, Bottom and lid are inlaid with fibreglass panels, Lined with 20 mm of foam material, 20 mm Zip, Padded handles, Rubber...

Toca 7" Color Sound Djembe Set

Djembe Set


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Drum shells and heads made of plastic, One of the lightest djembes, Ideal for school classes,...

Pearl D-790 Drum Throne

Drum Throne


Double-braced legs, Round padded seat with vinyl cover, Continuously adjustable (without fixed increments) height

ATV Electrorganic aFrame Bundle

ATV Electrorganic aFrame


Electronic Percussion Instrument, The "Adaptive Timbre Technology" allows the detection of shocks, pressure and friction on the skin as well as on...

Peter Hess phKSET-40

Singing Bowl Set


Joint / universal bowl + large heart bowl + large basin bowl, With this standard set for professional sound massage you are optimally equipped for...

Vic Firth SPE2 Peter Erskine Signature



Peter Erskine Signature Model, An extra long tapered conical stick, with teardrop shaped tips, For Peter Erskine's inimitable cymbal work, Price is...

DW 5500TD Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


5000 Series, Double braced legs, 2 Swivel legs, Floor footplate with Delta hinge, Wide footrest, Standard Hi-Hat Clutch, Adjustable height from...

Remo PP-0942-BA Ambassador Coated

Drumhead Set


Ambassador Coated model, PP-0942-BA, 10", 12", 14" tom tom drumheads, 1-Ply, white, rough surface

Evans EC2S Standard Set Clear

Drumhead Set


ETP-EC2SCLR-S, Transparent, 2-Ply, Through Sound Shaping Technology, each drumhead, according to its size, is provided with an individual damping...

Schlagwerk CBT10 Cajon Bass Tube

Cajon Bass Tube


For sound hole diametre of approximately 120 mm

Remo 16" Emperor Clear

Emperor 16” Clear Tom Drumhead Clear


Transparent batter head, Double ply, With few overtones, For rock, hard rock, heavy

Remo Buffalo Drum 22"x3,5"

Frame Drum, Buffalo Drum


Frame drum with crossed rope handle, Acousticon shell, Beater included

DrumDial Drum Tuner

Tuner for Drum Set


Quick and precise tuning of all drums by accurate measurement of drum head tension, Ideal to always have the same tuning, even after changing the...

Tama MCA63EN Cymbal Boom Arm

Cymbal Arm


With MC66 multi clamp and quick set tilt

Tama Iron Cobra HP200P Single Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


From the Iron Cobra 200 Series, Power Glide chain drive, Adjustable beater angle, Adjustable spring tension, With base plate

Remo 12" Emperor Clear

12" Clear, Transparent Drum Head


Double ply, Few overtones, For hard rock, heavy rock

Zultan 14" Hi-Hat Medium Dark Matter



Medium, Dark Matter Line, Dark hi-hat cymbals, A dark and warm sound character with a wide dynamic range and fine overtone structure, Defined stick...

Drumeo P4 Pat Petrillo Practice Pad

Practice Pad


Divided into three levels and four different playing surfaces, The levels have similar rebound properties, such as a snare (black zone), a tom /...

Millenium R1 12" Metronome Practice Pad

Practice Pad with Metronome


Gray face made of high quality rubber, LCD display, Rhythm can be set from 1s - 9s, Speaker, 3.5" Headphone output, Micro-USB charging socket, USB...

Vic Firth 8D American Classic Hickory

Jazz Drumsticks


American Classic series, Hickory wood, Wooden tip, Like a 7 A stick but slightly longer, thus higher range

Roland VH-10 12" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad

12" Hi-Hat pad


2-Zone pad, Consists of a 12" hi-hat pad and motion sensor, Can be mounted to a traditional hi-hat stand, thus creating a more realistic feel in...

Vater 5B Stick Pack


Tom and snare pad equipped with mesh batter heads, Nitro drum module with 385 sounds, 25 Preset kits, 15 User kits, 60 Songs, Metronome, 1/4" Mono...

Remo 14" Powerstroke 3 coated Snare

Snare drumhead


Powerstroke 3 Series, White, roughened surface, Single ply drumhead (like the Ambassador Series) with a double reinforced edge, Eliminates unwanted...

Pearl S-830 Snare Drum Stand

Snare Drum Stand


From the 830 Series, For 12" - 14" snares, Gear-Lock tilting device, Double braced stand, Ultra Grip butterfly screws

DW 9300 Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Double braced, Infinitely adjustable (without fixed increments or steps), Replaceable snare basket

DW SM101 Bass Drum Beater

Bass Drum Beater


With balance weight

Remo 10" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Size 10”, Ambassador clear, Single ply drum head, Open sound, rich in overtones

Nino 012 Rhythmik Set

Rhythm Set


Comprises 11 percussion instruments, ABS hand drum 12" blue, ABS hand drum 10" red with bells, ABS hand drum 08" green, ABS hand drum yellow,...

SkyGel Gel Damper Pads black

Gel Damper Pads


Set with 8 Pads, High quality gel damper pads for damping drum heads, Washable, Also usable for cymbals, Incl. transport box

Gator GP-Drumcart Hardware Caddy

Hardware Caddy


Bag for drum hardware, Mounted on steel frames with wheels, 25 mm Steel frame, Additional external accessory pockets, Bag removable from the frame,...

Evans 20" EMAD Heavyweight Bass Drum

Bass Drum Head


Double-ply, EMAD Heavyweight drumheads consist of two layers of robust films (2 x 0.25 mm), This ensure a pronounced bass response and increased...

Zildjian P1300 Cymbal Cleaning Polish

Cymbal Cleaning Polish


Suitable for all Zildjian cymbals, Can be applied to cast and sheet cymbals, Gives a brilliant finish

Pearl PTC-1175 Travel Conga

Travel Conga


Compact, flat conga with shell construction made of Thai oak

Roland PDX-8 10" V-Drum Pad

10” V-Drum Mesh Head Drum Pad


10" Hoops, Extremely stable lugs, Precise and sensitive triggering between head and rim

Pearl PTC-1250 Travel Conga

Travel Conga


Compact, flat conga with shell construction made of Thai oak

Roland FD-8 Hi-Hat Control. Actuator

Hi-Hat Controller Actuator


Suitable for FD-6, 7 & 8, HD-1, TD-1

Gibraltar SC-GCRA CH Road Series

Right Angle Clamp


Road series, Connects 2 rack tubes at a 90 degree angle (vertical / horizontal)

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" Ride

20" Ride


From the "Paiste 2002" series, Designed for live and studio, Made of a special CuSn8 alloy, Very versatile, Warm, very lively sound

Millenium OB-1214

Low Octoban Set


Tunable, Incl. double braced double tom stand

Sensory Percussion 4 Pack Sensor + Software

Drum Trigger


4x 10 Zone drum sensors including software licence, Multiple samples can be stacked on a pad using the built-in sampler, User sample import...

Mono Cases 22" Cymbal Bag Ash

Cymbal Bag


For cymbals up to 22", 20 mm high-density foam padding with Hypalon sole, Retractable backpack, High-quality zippers, Comfortable carrying handle,...

LP LPA647-SW 11"+12" Conga Set I

Conga Set


Aspire series, 15% lighter than siamese oak, Natural drum heads, Matte black hardware, Black double conga stand included

Vic Firth SGWB Steve Gadd Brushes

Steve Gadd Signature Brushes


Truly unique brushes, Designed by Steve Gadd, The metal brushes are slightly angled at the playing end, for the brushes to slide smoothly over the...

Gibraltar 6713E Electronic Mount Stand



Perfect as an additional stand for hybrid sets, Double-braced, 360° adjustable holding clip

Remo 14" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador clear, Single ply drum head, Open sound, Rich in overtones

Gibraltar 8700PK Hardware Set Flat Base

Hardware Set


8700PK Series, Flat Base, With ABS clamping sleeves, Cymbal stands have standard 8 mm cymbal tilters, Without Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl 14"x6,5" Sensitone bead. Steel

Snare Drum


Sensitone Series, STA-1465S, 1 mm Beaded steel drum shell, Superhoop II rims, SST-5047 Tension rods, SR-150 Snare wire strainer, TB-55 Tube lugs,...

Vater 7A Manhattan Sticks Wood



American hickory wood, Wooden tips, Manhattan model, Longer than the average 7A model, With a small, round tip for defined cymbal work

Roland MH2-12 12" Powerply Mesh Head

Mesh Head


Extremely durable, Two layered, Developed in cooperation with REMO USA, Very good feedback during play, Almost noiseless stop

Zultan 17" Caz Crash

Crash Cymbal


B20 bronze, Hand hammered, Fast responding crash, Warm, full base tone, Assertive, with a clearly defined and lively sharpness of sound, A...

Zultan 22" Dune Ride

Ride Cymbal


Dune series, Hand hammered, Premium ride cymbal from traditional Turkish production, Made of B20 bronze, Dry, fast fading, trashy sound,...

Contemporanea 12"x 35cm Nesting Surdo Blue

Surdo Drum


Colour lacquered aluminium body, Perfect for beginners as well as advanced players, Can be played upright or suspended (strap not included),...

Boomwhackers BW Set 03 in Concert Set

Tube Set


28 Tubes, 1 Set (8 pcs) Octavator Caps, Fully compatible with the standard work on the topic of playing music in class, "Boomwhackers in Concert"...

Millenium 14"x6,5" Power Steel Snare

Power Steel Snare Drum


1 mm Steel drum shell, 1.6 mm Steel rims, 10 Tension rods, Threaded lugs, Power snare drum for hard & heavy playing styles, Full sound with clear...

Zildjian 19" A-Custom Projection Crash



A Custom projection series, Brilliant finish, More power and energy with greater sustain than comparable crashes

Zildjian 20" Oriental Crash of Doom

Crash Cymbal


Oriental Series - "Crash of Doom", Traditional finish, A true, unique "monster crash", Ultra-trashy, Very dark, Extremely low, Provides an immense...

Paiste 14" PSTX Swiss Thin Crash

Crash Cymbals


PSTX series, Silk-matte surface, Fast, explosive, light response with lots of basic tone and short sustain

Evans SOBass Bass Sound Off Damper

Bass Drum Damper Pad


Suitable for bass drums from 18" to 26", Easy installation and easy detachment from the bass drum when not needed, Sound Off pads by the brand HQ...

Pearl IP1465 Ian Paice Snare Drum

Signature Snare Drum


Ian Paice signature model

Tama Powerpad Designer Stickbag -BK

Designer Stick Bag


Fastening straps for floor tom, Shoulder-strap, Storage space for accessories, TSB24BK

Zildjian K-Series 15" Light Hi-Hat



Regular version, These K light hihats have a medium thin top and a medium bottom; they sound dark with a slight amount of overtones, Well...

Remo 08" Silent Stroke Mesh Head

Trigger Mesh Drum Head


Single ply, Extremely durable, Ideal for practising quietly or for recording with electronic triggers

Gator Percussion Bag GP-40



For percussion instruments and accessories, Made of tear-resistant nylon, Carrying handle, 20 mm Foam filling, Adjustable, removable partition walls