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Paiste PST7 10" Splash



PST7 series, Traditional sound and look, Suitable for all styles of music, Fast response splash for lightweight, explosive accents, Made in...

Remo 13" Emperor X Coated Dot

Snare Drumhead


Roughened white, With black point on the bottom of the head, Double ply batter head with few overtones, Suitable for rock, hard rock

Gibraltar SC-PUGC 2-way Grabber Clamp



Fully Flexible multi-clamp in the Pearl style, 360° Adjustable brackets on each side

Sonor GCSS 11,75" Global Conga Stand

Single Stand


For Congas, Height adjustable

Pearl AX-25L Multi Clamp



Long midsection, Bidirectional rotating bracket, Quick lock system, Rotatable in either direction

Schlagwerk RTS55 Pandariq

Frame Drum


"Pandariq" signature model, Designed by Hakim Ludin, Tuneable, 12 Tuning screws, Incl. 4x 2 pairs of clamps (detachable), With mounting bracket,...

Zultan 13" Caz Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


B20 Bronze, Hand hammered, Deep, voluminous, clear bright sound, Excellent mix of warmth and assertiveness, Versatile hi-hat, especially suitable...

Tama TCP20 Silent Tips

Silent Tips


Rubber tips to put on all commercial drumsticks, For drumming and practicing on tables and the like without any damage

Zultan 16" Rock Beat China

China Cymbal


Rockbeat series, Made of B-20 Bronze, Short and fast response China cymbal with clear and assertive highs, Slowly fading decay, Lively sound across...

Remo 18" Remo Ambassador Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador series, coated, White, roughened drum head, Medium strength, Universally applicable for all styles

Tama MSL-SCT Tune Lug Snare CR

Tensioning Lugs


For Starclassic Snare and Tom Tom

Istanbul Agop 08" Xist ION Splash Brilliant



Xist ION series, Brillant finish, Professional quality, Splash with holes for short, trashy sound

DW SM2157 MAG Throw Off chrome

Snare Strainer


Magnetic disengaging mechanism

Paiste 12" 900 Series Splash

Splash Cymbal


"900" Series, Made of B8 (2002) bronze, Short sustain for precise accents in all musical styles, Special dark finish that emphasises the hammer marks

Paiste 12" PSTX DJs 45 Crash

Crash Cymbal


PSTX series, Inspired by Daru Jones, Very fast responding crash with a short finish, Perfect for short accents as well as effect cymbal in larger...

Pearl Primero Flat Timbale 13" Steel

Flat Timbale


Size 13" x 03" diameter, Steel shell, Including ISS bracket

Remo 26" Powerstroke 4 coated Bass

Bass Drum Head


Size 26 ", "Powerstroke 4" series, White roughened, Double-layered drum head, With damping ring in the edge (underneath), Easily tunable, Very...

Vic Firth AJ2 American Jazz

Set of Drumsticks


American Jazz Series, Hickory wood, Wooden tips, Small teardrop-shaped tips on a 5A shaft, Offers an outstanding playing feel at the kit and on the...

Acme Nightingale

Nightingale Whistle


Imitates the song of the nightingale true to nature

Sabian 24" AA Bash Ride

Ride Cymbal


Brilliant finish, Ride cymbal similar to the Raw Bell Dry Ride - only bigger and lighter, Small bell, Large crash sound, Perfect for the stage,...

Sela SE 005 Cajon bag black

Cajon Bag


Suitable for all cajons in the standard size up to max. 30 x 31 x 50 cm, Extra reinforced bottom, Tear-resistant, Side compartment, Carrying straps...

Meinl HE-3018 Aluminium Doumbek

Aluminium Doumbek


Hand-engraved drum shell

Pearl 16"x16" Decade Maple FT -BK

Floor Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1616F / C227, Matt lacquered drum shell, Chromed shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple, 1.6 mm...

LP 281 Pro Maracas

Pro Maracas


Wooden handles, Plastic body, Yellow, Price per pair

Sabian 14" B8X Mini Chinese

Mini China Cymbal


B8X series, Natural finish, Hammered bell, Strong hammering, Warm and complex sound, Follow up of the Sabian B8 series

Zildjian 18" Crash Ride K-Series

Crash/Ride Cymbal


Zildjian K Series, Traditional finish, Crash/Ride, Played by Eddie Bayers, Dave Buckner, Roy Haynes, Anandan Sivamani, Zak Starkey and more

Zildjian 15" K-Series Dark Crash Thin

Crash Cymbals


Series K Zildjian, Traditional finish, Dark crash thin, Dark, warm, deep response, Short sustain, Suitable for any style, very musical, Played,...

LP CP636B 10" CP Conga Head

Conga Head


Natural (rawhide), For the LP CP series

Pearl OPT1516

Tom Mount


Free floating mounting system for Tom-tom, For drums from 15" to 16" standard depth, More sustain, Free and open sound behaviour

Pearl Crystal Beat 10"x07" Tom #730

Tom tom


Crystal Beat series, Modern remake of the classic of 1973, Shell made of seamless acrylic, 6 mm shell thickness, Chrome hardware, 1.6 mm triple...

Pearl 18"x16" Decade Maple FT -BK

Stand Tom


Decade Maple series, DMP1816F/C227, Matt lacquered drum shell, Chrome plated drum shell hardware, Drum shell made of thin 6-ply (5.4 mm) maple,...

Yamaha Recording Custom 14"x5,5" Alu

Snare drum


New Recording Custom series, 3.0 mm aluminium cast strip, Yamaha Q type snare throw off, DC3 backstop

Remo 11,75" Symmetry Nuskyn D2

Conga Head


Suitable for LP Accent, Classic, Classic 2, Original, Patato Fiberglass, Salsa, Matador, Galaxy, Candido, Rekow, Montalvo, Garcia, 40th,...

DW Design 20" Pancake Gong Set

DW Design 20" Pancake Gong Drum


Gong Drum, TB12 Tom holder, Mini lugs, Chrome hardware

Zildjian 14" Oriental China Trash

Oriental China Trash Cymbal


Oriental series, Brilliant finish, Authentic "trashy" china sound, Very quick response, Explosive with a short sustain

Remo 7,15" Nuskyn Bongo Head

7.15" Nuskyn Bongo Drum head


Suitable for professional bongos, Glued onto steel hoop, Warm, natural sound, Bongo head with few overtones

LP 264A Bongo Head Professional

"Latin Percussion" Bongo Head


For the Professional and Galaxy series

Bergerault Stand Xylophone/Metalophone T2



For xylophone/metallophone, For all bass models, Wooden table top, Feet made of metal, Adjustable height, 4 Casters with 2 brakes, The feet can be...

Pearl Export 22"x18" Bass Drum #21

Bass Drum


Export series, Blended shells made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Wrap finish, Chrome shell hardware, Deep, voluminous sound

Remo 16" Ambassador Smooth White

Bass Drumhead


Single-ply 10 mm Mylar film, Open, warm resonant sound with warm attack, BR-1216-00

Evans 12" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

Snare Batter Head


Power Center (5" Dot) glued at the bottom, Single-ply

Meinl 20" Byzance Vintage China

China Cymbal


Byzance vintage series, Matt Garstka Signature Edition, Sand-blasted surface, Large surface hammers on thin material produce a long, deep, soft...

Meinl SB3 Samba Beater

Samba Beater


Wooden shaft, Red felt tip with Ø 2.5" (63.5 mm)

LP 1400-UT UDU Drum Utar



Easy to play with traditional hand drum techniques (heel/tip, tap, etc.), Creates very dry tones with short sustain, The main body produces clear,...

Pearl T-065 Tune Screws Bass Drum

Tuning Lug


For bass drum series SMX, SBX, ELX, EXR, EX, With square head, M6 x 90 mm

Pearl 13"x09" Export Tom Tom #21

Tom Tom


Export series, EXX1309T/C #21, Chrome-plated shell hardware, Mixed drum shells of asian mahogany and poplar with wrap finish, Deeper and more...

Meinl HE-104 Darabuka

Aluminium Darabuka


Turkish style, Smooth aluminium, Replaceable synthetic head (replacement head is not included), Incl. tuning key

Studio 49 AX-05 Rubber for Xylophone

Plating Rubber Cord


For xylophone, AXD, Sxd, 9720

Pearl T-061/6 Snare / Tom Screws 6pc

Tension rods


For toms and snare drums, With square head, M5.8 x 42 mm

Remo 10" Pinstripe Coated

10" Tom Drum Head


Coated, White, rough coated, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuned, full sound spectrum, Extra predamping via additional coating

Peter Hess KKS17 Satin mat

Satin Mat


Suitable for singing bowls

Peter Hess FR-12 felt ring

Felt ring for singing bowls


Suitable for joint bowls, solar plexus bowl, small and large heart bowls, Bengali 45 and 70

Evans 06" Hydraulic Red Tom

Tom Tom Drum Head


Oil-filled, Two-ply, Fat rich sound, Short sustain, For rock, fusion, live and studio, TT06HR

Hardcase HNDJ16 Djembe Case 16"

Cases for Djembes


Ideal case for carrying a Djembe

Meinl THBS-BK Bongo Stand Black

Bongo Stand Black


Double braced legs, Fits all common bongos

Remo 14" Djembe Head Fiberskyn 3

Djembe Drum Head


MO-2514-FA, Remo Fiberskyn 3 Djembe drum head

Yamaha Stage Custom 12"x08" TT -RBL

Tom Tom


Stage Custom Birch Series, SBT1208-RBL, 6-Ply drum shell made of 100% birch wood, Including Yess tom tom mounting system, Drumshell is coated with...

Sonor Sound Plate d#2

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

LP 247C 15" Timbales Head

Timbale Head


Plastic version

African Percussion Djemben Bag 36cm

Bag for Djembe


Various African fabric designs, Padding ensures excellent protection for the djembe, Comfortable transport thanks to the adjustable carrying straps

Yamaha Stage Custom 12"x08" TT -NW

Tom Tom


SBT1208-northwest, 6-Pile, 100% birch wood shell, Shell high gloss finish, Includes Yess Tom Tom mounting system

Meinl 20" Byzance Extra Dry China

20" Extra Dry China Cymbal


Byzance Series, This unique China has a dark, dirty sound that delivers a wide spectrum of frequencies and an explosive attack

Remo 06" Ambassador Coated

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador coated, Single ply, white, rough coated drum head, Medium strong, Can be used universally for all styles

Toca 12" Freestyle Djembe Head

Djembe Drum Head


Goatskin, For Toca Freestyle Djembe with screw clamping

Yamaha Stage Custom 20"x17" BD NW

Bass Drum


SBB2017 NW, Version 2014, 100% Birch wood shell (6-ply), High-gloss lacquered drum shell, Middle-end drum set with brilliant sound properties from...

Yamaha Stage Custom 13"x09" TT -NW

Tom Tom


Stage custom birch series, SBT1309-NW, 6-Ply shell, 100% birch wood, High-gloss lacquer finish shell, Incl. YESS tom tom mount system

Tama 18"x16" Supers. Classic FT BAB

Stand Tom


Superstar Classic Series, Maple shell, CLF18A BAB

Zildjian 21" K Custom Special Dry Trash

Trash crash cymbal


K Custom Special Dry Series, Natural finish, Dark, earthy sound with a short sustain, The K Custom Special Dry Series has been redesigned to meet...

Pearl 14"x5" Sensitone Premium PB

Snare Drum


Sensitone Premium series, Phosphor Bronze Snare, 1.2 mm Phosphor bronze drum snare with bead, Superhoop II hoops, SST-5047 Tension rods, SR-150...

Ludwig LB552KT 14"x6,5" Bronze Snare


Suitable for all cajons in the standard size up to max. 30 x 31 x 50 cm, Extra reinforced bottom, Tear-resistant, Side compartment, Carrying straps...

Pearl Export 22"x18" Bass Drum #717

Bass Drum


Export series, EXX2218B/C717, Chrome shell hardware, Blended shells with wrap finish made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood for a deeper and more...

Istanbul Mehmet 12" Flat Hole HH Turk Series

12 "Flat Hole Hi-Hat


Turk series, Dry and louder sound, The Turk cymbals are characterised by an untreated surface which ensures dry and compact sound, yet allows a lot...

Sonor 18"x14" AQ2 Bass Drum WHP


Suitable for all cajons in the standard size up to max. 30 x 31 x 50 cm, Extra reinforced bottom, Tear-resistant, Side compartment, Carrying straps...

Zildjian 06" A-Series Splash



Regular finish, Fast, clean, short sounding splash