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Paiste 14" PSTX Swiss Flanger Stack

Effects Cymbal


PSTX Series, Silk matte finish, Combination of two different materials, bronze and brass, for a dry, assertive sound, For mounting on a cymbal...

Remo 12" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare

Snare Drum Head


Powerstroke 3 Series, Size 12", Single-ply head with double-reinforced underlay at the outer edge of the head, dampening unwanted overtones, Round...

Pearl Export 20"x16" Bass Drum #31

Bass Drum


Export Series, Mixed shell made of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Shell with wrap finish, Deep, voluminous sound, EXX2016B-31

Paiste 2002 Classic 20" China

China Cymbal


Paiste 2002 series, Exotic, powerful cymbal with a traditionally shaped bell, Bright sound with great projection, Beautiful changes in sound...

Gewa Acme Slide Whistle

Slide Whistle


Top quality for professional requirements, High volume, 2 Octaves, 30 cm Long

Hardcase HNCONGA Conga Case

Conga Case


Ideal case for transporting a conga, With wheels

Sabian 18" AAX Omni Crash

Crash Cymbal


AAX Omni Crash Series, Revolutionary cymbal developed in collaboration with Jojo Mayer, The aim of the development was to create a unique cymbal...

Pearl EXX 08"x07" TT Add-On #31

Tom Tom Add-On Set


Pearl export series, EXX8P/C-31, Chrome drum shell hardware, Lacquered 6-layer drum shell made of poplar and mahogany, 7.5 mm drum shell, Incl....

Sonor L2693 Maracas

Maracas Pair


Mexican model, Available in wood, plastic or calabash fruit for a warm, hard or sharp sound

Evans 16" Calftone Bass / Tom

Bass Drum / Tom Drumhead


For drum shells with metal hoops, Single-ply, 12 mm thickness, Synthetic replica of a natural drumhead, Warm and full sound, TT16CT

Remo 7,15" Fiberskyn 3 Bongo

Bongo Head


Fiberskyn 3 series, Suitable for professional bongos, Glued onto steel hoop, Warm, natural sound, Bongo head with few overtones

Yamaha Stage Custom 10"x07" TT -RBL

Tom Tom


Stage Custom birch series, SBT1007-RBL, 100% Birch wood drum shell (6-ply), Incl. YESS tom tom holder system (tom holder arm not included)

Terre Urdu Claydrum - 034

Urdu Clay Drum


Bottle-shaped, Stretched goat skin at the bottom, Various tones can be coaxed out of the instrument by beating the thin goatskin and strongly...

Remo 11" Symmetry Fiberskyn D4

Conga Drumhead


Suitable for Meinl Mongo Santamaria, Fibercraft, Floatune, Professional, Marathon, M4-1106-F6-D4, Plastic drumhead with natural design, Glued into...

Pearl EXX 10"x07" TT Add-On #21

Tom Tom


Add-On Pack - Pearl Export Series, EXX10P/C21, Foil-covered, 6-layer shell made of poplar wood and mahogany, Chrome-plated shell hardware, Includes...

Sonor JTH Jungle Snare Holder

Snare Tom Holder Adapter


For Jungle Snare Tom

Sonor 08"x07" AQ2 Tom Tom WHP

Tom Tom


Chrome drumshell hardware, New SmartMount tom mounting system for a balanced and optimised sustain that is also minimalistic in appearance

Gewa Afuche Cabasa Small



Wooden body on metal surface, Metal chain with balls, Foam plastic handle, Small version

Pearl EXX 22"/08"/14" Add-On #21

Drum Shell Extension Set


Pearl Export series, Foil-covered drum shells made of poplar wood and mahogany, 6-Layer, 7.5 mm thick Tom Tom drum shell, Chrome plated shell...

Remo 36" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)

Bass Drum HeadThe FiberSkyn 3 Series offers synthetic materials with the feel and sound of traditional natural skins.


Size 36", FiberSkyn 3 Series, Available only in medium (FA)

Istanbul Mehmet 12" Medium Hi-Hat Traditional

12 "Medium Hi-Hat


Traditional series, Regular finish, Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, warm sound, Unobtrusive and controlled open hi-hat sound, Traditional Series...

Remo 10" CS Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


CS Series Clear, With black dot, Single ply head, With reinforcing dot in the middle of drum head, Highly popular as snare skin, especially for...

Pearl 14"x6,5" CRB Free Float. Red

Freefloating Snare Drum


Crystal Beat series, CRB1465S/C731, Chrome hardware, Mastercast hoops, Remo Ambassador batter head

Remo 06" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Size 6 ", Ambassador Clear, Single-layer drum head, Open sound, Overtones

Vic Firth SAA2 Alex Acuna "El Palo"

Signature hickory sticks


World Classic Alex Acuna "El Palo", Sticks provide an optimal rebound at timbales or cymbal

Meinl TMB Bongo Stand

Bongo Stand


Padded T-tube, Omni Lock System, Adjustable height from 80 to 130 cm

Tight Screw TS42-4 Tension Rod -42mm

Tension rod (tuning screw) set


Thanks to a special notch in the thread that is filled with plastic, these tension rods do not loosen spontaneously and thus ensure tuning...

Meinl 06" Byzance Splash Traditional



Byzance series, Traditional finish, Nicely spreading, quick responding splash, Punchy and washy, Extremely traditional sound

Meinl HE-3218 Bass Doumbek Alu

Bass Doumbek


Plastic head, Hand-engraved shell, Includes carry bag, replacement head and tuning key

Evans 15" EC2S / SST Clear Control

Tom Drum Head


Transparent / clear, EC2S series, With SST (sound shaping technology), The double-ply drum head is damped individually according to its size, Each...

Meinl ID4BKO

Tri Sound Ibo Drum


Made of fibreglass, With fibreglass playing surface, Thin bottom, Robust construction, Built-in microphone hole, With ring base, Black with...

Hardcase HNDJ14 Djembe Case 14"

Djembe Case


Transport case for a 14" Djembe

Meinl 22" Byzance Vintage Crash

Vintage Crash


Sandblasted surface, Large beaten surface on a thin material characterize this crash cymbal, the result is a deep and soft long crash with a soft...

Meinl MDG-M Drummer Gloves

Drummer gloves


Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your hands from blisters and simultaneously ensure optimum grip, The gloves made from very thin leather are very...

Sonor Sound Plate g#2

Single Sound Bar


For Sonor models SG, G1, G2, NG10, NG11, NG30, NG31

Meinl Head-67 18" Napa Surdo Head

18 "Napa Surdo Drum Head


Double-layered drum head

LP LP633 Sound Platform

Underlay for congas


To play the congas while sitting, Massive wooden plate, Rubberized surface also allows the sound to escape downwards for more sound and more...

Meinl Crasher Hats - Benny Greb

Crasher Hats


Benny Greb Artist Concept Model, 4 Individual cymbals in the stack, Extremely short, dry, clear but also high sound, yet they remain dynamic, to...

Aquarian 13" Hi-Performance Resonant

13" High Performance Snare Resonant Head


HPSN13, Single-ply, Transparent, Extra thin, Additional strength on area of contact with snare wire bearings

LP 628 Procare Shell Protectors

Procare shell protectors


Made from chrome, To protect the conga shell and the screw, respectively

Meinl 19" Byzance Dark Sky Ride

Signature Ride Cymbal


Byzance series, Noriaki Kumagai Signature Ride, Dark (natural) performance, This Ride is more sensitive and faster than its "big brother" 20"...

Meinl MDGFL-L Drummer Gloves

Drummer gloves


Fingerless, Meinl Drummer Gloves protect your hands from blisters and simultaneously ensure optimum grip, The gloves made from very thin leather...

Remo 1015/16" HighCollar Banjo Head

Banjo head


10 15/16", Banjo head, High collar, BJ-1015-H3, Transparent, Diameter. About 27.7 cm

Meinl 16" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Cymbals


B16EDMTH, Natural finish, Hand hammered, Extremely dry, dark sound with a trashy character and a short sustain, Well controllable sound with many...

Meinl CAX1



Small version, Professional quality

Asian Sound Sun Gong Earth/Om 40cm

Sun Gong


Earth / Om, Ø = 40 cm, Tone of the planet, Mallet included

Pearl Export 18"x14" Bass Drum #31

Bass Drum


Export Series, Drum shell is made from a mix of Asian mahogany and poplar wood, Produces a deep and voluminous sound, With tom rosette, Chrome...

Tama 12" Soundworks Maple Snare

Snare Drum


DMP1255-MVM, Soundworks series, 6-Ply, 5 mm thick maple shell, 1.6 mm Sound Arc Hoops (6 holes), Evans G1 batter head and Evans resonant head,...

Pearl 14"x6,5" CRB Free Float. Clear

Freefloating Snare Drum


Crystal Beat series, CRB1465S/C730, Chrome hardware, Mastercast hoops, Remo Ambassador batter head

Millenium 10"x5,5" Copper Side Snare

Side Snare Drum


1.2 mm thick copper shell, 1.6 mm thick steel hoops, 6 Tuning lugs, Includes freely suspended rim holding system

Sonor B11 Glockenspiel Bag

Storage and Transport Bag for Glockenspiel


Suitable for the NG 11 glockenspiel model

Remo 24" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani, With aluminium insert ring

Remo 32" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani Head


Remo Weatherking Renaissance timpani head, With aluminum insert ring

Asian Sound Sun Gong Saturn 40cm

Sun Gong - Saturn


Ø = 40 cm, Tone of the planet, Frequency 147.85 Hz, Mallet included

Sonor Plastic Head Timpani TP 13"

Plastic Head for Timpani


For model TP13/PT13

Millenium PD-669 Stage Double Bass Pedal

Professional Double Pedal


Stage series, Chain connection, Two-way beater, felt & plastic, Adjustable spring tension, Side-adjustable hoop clamps, Includes bag

Zildjian A-Custom Thomann ltd. Box Set

Cymbal Set


Sonically matched, complete cymbal set, Available exclusively from Thomann, From the A-Custom and S-Series, Made of a high quality bronze alloy,...

Millenium MX Junior Earprotection Bundle

Millenium MX Jr. Junior Drumset


5-Piece Junior Drum Set, Suitable for approx. 4 - 7 years old children, Including cymbals, 12" x 5" Snare

Millenium MPS-750 E-Drum Mesh Set

E-Drum Mesh Set


Drum module with 20 preset kits and 20 user kits, 697 Sounds, 55 Songs, 4-Band EQ, Faders for controlling the volume of pads, the effects or...

Koshi Chimes Ignis

Wind Chimes


With 8 built-in strings, Body made of oiled bamboo, Handmade, Made in France

Aquarian 22" Super Kick II Clear Bass

Bass Drum Head


22" Super kick clear, Double layered, The super kick series with the Aquarian patented "Floating Muffling System", A narrow felt damping ring is...

Afroton AD 006 Djembe



From Ghana, Handmade wooden body from the stem, Goat skin, Rope system tuning, Wide dynamics, Crystal clear treble and fat bass

Millenium Drumstick Starter Bundle

Millenium FY-2 Floppy Stick Rods


Floppy Stick Rods, Made of bamboo, With 14 glued wooden rods, Plastic coated handle, Sliding rings, Highly suitable for unplugged sessions or...

RAV Vast B/H Celtic Minor 2

Tongue Drum in Handpan Look


Includes bag

Remo 16" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead


Size 16”, Ambassador Clear, Single ply drumhead, Open sounds, With few overtones

Schalloch 700.S 08" Djembe Small

Djembe Pro


Small, Rope puller, Hand carved from one piece, Mahogany wood from recultivated non-commercial plantations, Goat skin

Paiste 2002 Classic 16" Crash

Crash Cymbal


Bright, warm, full, radiant crash sound, Defined sound, Even sustain, Versatile crash cymbal

Vic Firth VFSJM JoJo Mayer Signature



JoJo Mayer Signature Model, With wood tips, Swiss drummer Jojo Mayer designed these 5A style sticks, which are slightly thicker and slightly...

Pearl H-930 Hi-Hat Stand

Hi-Hat Stand


From the 930's series, With new Demonator Style Longboard foot plate, Double-braced, hinged legs, Direct Pull Drive, Adjustable Hi-Hat spring...

ATV Electrorganic aFrame

Electronic Percussion Instrument


The "Adaptive Timbre Technology" allows the detection of shocks, pressure and friction on the skin as well as on the wooden frame through a...

DW 5100 Drummer Throne

Drum Throne


From the 5000 hardware series, Round top with 33 cm (13") diameter, Height adjustable via spindle from 53 - 74 cm, Double-braced

Peter Hess phKS9-G + phFS-2w

Peter Hess phKS9-G


Singing Bowl, Diameter approx. 21 - 22 cm, Height approx. 8 cm, Known as the 'joint bowl' (or as the 'all-purpose bowl'), it weighs approx. 900 -...

Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate Pack

Beck Brackets Set


For securing cymbals, "4 For 3" deal, Suitable for 8 mm thread

Remo Buffalo Drum 16"x3,5"

Frame Drum, Buffalo Drum


Frame drum with crossed rope handle, Acousticon shell, Beater included

Vic Firth 85A American Classic Hickory



American Classic series, Hickory wood, Wooden tip, Intermediate size between 8D and 5A, A great stick when 5A is too heavy and 8D too thin and...