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DW 9000 Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


Ball bearing mounted delta hinge, Ball bearing mounted, free floating spring suspension, Ball bearing mounted shaft and beater unit, Memory lock...

Pearl CH-830 Cymbal Boom Arm

Cymbal Boom Arm


Uni-lock tilter, 7/8" Diameter

SkyGel Gel Damper Pads clear

Gel Damper Pads


Set with 8 pads, High quality gel damper pads for damping drum heads, Washable, Also usable for cymbals, Incl. transport box

Millenium DB-115

Cymbal Boom Arm


2-Way cymbal arm positioning, 6 mm thread

Gibraltar SC-CBPM Pedal Cowbell Holder

Bass Drum Pedal Cowbell Holder


Apparatus for playing the cowbell or tambourine with a drum pedal

Millenium MC890WR Conga Set with Gigbags

Millenium MC890WR Conga Set


Conga Set, Incl. 2 individual stands

Evans ARF-7GM Practice Pad

Practice Pad


The 7" entry-level pad is ideal for quiet practicing, while watching television for example, as well as for warming up before a show., The M8...

Aquarian 20" Super Kick II Clear

Head for Bass Drum


Super Kick Clear, Double-ply, The Super Kick Series with Aquarian's patented Floated Muffling System, A thin felt damping ring is fixed to this...

Pearl Mimic Pro

Drum module


120 GB solid state hard drive, 60 pre-installed Steven Slate Drums 5 drum sounds, 24 bit multi-layer samples, Burr Brown converter, WAV / AIFF...

Roland TD-50 Drum Module

Drum Module


100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording...

Mapex 14"x6,5" 30th Anniversary SD

Snare Drum


30th Anniversary model, 8-Ply, 8.2 mm strong drum made from 100% walnut, 45° SONIClear bearing edge on the batter head side and 35° SONIClear...

Millenium HW-800 Pro Hardware Bundle

Hardware Pack


Pro Series, CS-801 Straight cymbal stand, CB-801 Cymbal boom stand, SS-801X Snare stand, PD-111 Bass Drum pedal

Millenium 14"x5,5" Power Brass Snare

Power Brass Snare Drum


1.2mm Brass shell with reinforcement ring, 2.3mm Power steel hoops, 10 Tuning screws, Classic bridge lugs, Brass typical soft basic sound with...

Hardcase HN9CYM22 22" Cymbal Case

Cymbal Case for up to 9 cymbals


For cymbals up to 22", Stackable

Vic Firth WB Jazz Brushes

Jazz Brushes


Extendable, Versatile, 6" Spreading, extra durable wires, Outstandingly suitable for cymbal play, Price per pair

Remo Falam Slam Pad 4" Doppel

Falam Slam


For attaching to the bass drum head via adhesive, For accentuating the mid-range, Version for double bass drum

Sonor Felt Washer 4-pcs Pack

Cymbal Stand Felt Set


4 Per pack, For cymbal stands from the Sonor series 200 and 400

Roland TD-17 Drum Module

Drum Module


310 Sounds, 50 Preset kits, 50 User kits, Quick Record, Coach function, WAV samples can be imported via SD / HC card, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for...

Gretsch 14"x6,5" Silver Series Ash -SN

Snare Drum


Silver Series, 7-Layer shell made of ash, Matte lacquered shell, 2.3 mm triple-flanged steel hoops, 30° Shell bearing edge, Classic Deluxe snare...

Millenium 14" Die-Cast hoop Top chrome

14" Diecast Hoop


10-Hole, For 14" snare drum / upper side (batter head)

Zultan 17" Rock Beat Crash

Crash Cymbal


Rock Beat Series, Made of B-20 bronze, Full, voluminous tone, Balanced crash with power and projection, Fast response with balanced tones across...

Goldon Bell Stick 33480

Bell Stick


Model 33480, 1 Bell mounted on a wooden stick

Zultan 22" Raw Jazz Ride

Ride Cymbal


Raw Series, Made of B20 bronze, Dark, warm and full sound, 100% Hand-hammered, Great musicality, The non-lathed surface results in a dry, earthy...

Afroton Washboard



Made of aluminium with beech frame

Roland KD-120BK 12" V-Drum Kick

Bass Drum Kick


Black version, Fast, natural kick drum triggering, Works even with double pedals, Pedal not included!

Tama HTW49WN Double Tom Stand

Double tom stand


Stage Master Series, Double braced, Omniball tom mounts

Adams Templeblocks 5-Piece-Set

5-Piece Temple Block Set


Complete set with stand and mallets, 5-Year warranty

Millenium CS-901 Pro Cymbal Stand

Straight Cymbal Stand


Pro Series, Double braced, Both tubes are adjustable via the memory clamp, Extendable twofold, Horizontal inclination can be adjusted in notched...

DW PDP 13"x07" Chad Smith Snare

Snare drum


Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) Signature Model, Shell made of seamless acrylic, MAG snare throw-off, Dual turret tensioning screws, True-pitch...

Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M Tom Tom Arm

Tom Tom Arm with Ball Joint


L-rod 10.5 mm

Evans SO-2346 Standard Sound Off

Muffler Set


Standard version, 1 x 13", 1 x 14", 1 x 16"

Remo 14" Pinstripe clear

14" Pin Stripe Clear Tom Drum Head


Transparent / clear, Double-ply, glued at edge, Round, tuneful, full spectrum of sound

Schlagwerk TA6 Bag

Transport Bag for Frame Drum


Padded nylon bag, Suitable for drums with diameter from 50 - 60 cm, Height up to 9 cm, Additional front pocket, With carrying strap and adjustable...

Paiste 14" 101 Crash

14" Crash


101 Series, Extremely well balanced crash cymbal, Versatile crash with quick response, a full crash sound and soft, mellow ride qualities

Puresound B1420 Blaster Wires 14/20

Snare Wires


Model Series Blaster, Suitable for 14" snare drum, 20 strands, Steel coils made of special alloy, Especially suitable for loud and intense play,...

Zultan 20" Crash Dark Matter

Crash Cymbal


Dark Matter Line, Dark Crash cymbal, Dark and warm tone with a long finish

Vic Firth 7AN American Classic Hickory



American Classic Series, Nylon tips, Teardrop tips, Perfect for all jazz styles, big band, combos, etc.

Contemporanea 06" Tamborim Metal / Alu

06" Tamborim


Aluminium body, Extremely high-pitched drum, Is played with plastic or wooden floor, The finger of the free hand dampens the skin from the inside...

Evans 13" Genera Dry Coated Snare

Snare Drumhead


Genera Dry, Roughened white, Single ply, Incorporated damping ring inside, Air vent holes, Defined response and extremely short sustain

Istanbul Agop 15" Agop Signature Hi-Hat



Hand-hammered, Dry stick stop with warm tone, Crisp chick sound, The Signature series is characterized by dark, dry and musically complex sound

Bergerault Mallet Bag SBGM

Bag for Mallets


Large model, Dimensions 40 cm / 54 cm / 19 cm (W / H / D), 8 Compartments for each pair of mallets, 4 Loops to hang on the instrument, A second...

DW Design 14"x12" FT Tobacco

Floor Tom


Design series, Shell made of 8 piles of selected North American maple, HVLT shell construction, Chrome hardware, True Pitch tension rods, Remo head

Remo 13" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drumhead


Ambassador clear, Single ply drumhead, Open sound, Rich in overtones

Zultan 19" Q Crash

Crash Cymbal


Q series, Made of B-20 bronze, Dark & deep, full sounding crash cymbal with incredible dynamic range, The outer 2" ring of the upper cymbal is...

Gibraltar GRS-850DBL Drum Rack

Double bass drum rack


Road Series, Incl. 4x GRSMC multi-clamps, Curved front bar

Remo 08" Ambassador clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Ambassador clear, Single ply batter head, Open sound, rich in overtones, Suitable for all genres

Remo 13" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare

Snare Drumhead


Powerstroke 3 series, Single ply drumshell with double reinforced edges, Eliminates unwanted overtones, Round sound character with perfect sound...

Paiste 18" PST8 Reflector Rock China

China Cymbal


Reflector Rock China, PST8 series, Flat, full, earthy sounding China with clear attack and quick response, Washed-out basic tone, Energetic China...

LP A256 Aspire Timbales



From the "Aspire Line" series, With 6 tuning lugs, Cowbell holder, Stand, LP Aspire cowbell

Afroton Hugh Tracey AKA623P Kalimba

Alto Kalimba with Pickup


Thumb piano, Wooden body with metal tines, 15 Notes, 6.3 mm Jack output

Evans 18" E-Mad Reso Bass Drum BK

E-Mad Resonant Bass Drum Head


Black, BD18REMAD, Resonant head with a foam damping ring attached to the 5" hole

Evans S14R50 14" Snare Resonant Head

14" Snare Head


Hazy 500 Series, Resonant head, Highly durable, Suitable for loud playing

Paiste 16" PST8 Reflector China

China Cymbal


16" Reflector China, PST8 series, Flat, full, somewhat earthy sounding China with a clear and assertive response, Washy fundamental tone,...

Remo 12"x2,5" Frame Drum

Frame Drum


Acousticon shell, Walnut finish, Pre-tuned batter head

Millenium Bass Drum Lug Chrome

Bass Drum Lugs


100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording...

LP 229 Mambo Cowbell

Mambo Cowbell


Handmade in USA, Has a sharp, piercing fundamental tone, making it the ideal cowbell for a timbale set

Pearl Crystal Beat 18"x16" Fl. #730

Stand Tom


Crystal Beat series, Modern remake of the classic of 1973, Drumshell made of seamless acrylic, Chrome hardware, 1.6 mm Triple flanged hoops,...

Pearl PC110 11" Quinto Stand

Quinto conga stand


100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording...

Zildjian 15" S Series Thin Crash

Thin Crash


S Series, Brilliant finish, Bright, open sound, Lathed on both sides

Zildjian 15" A-Custom Crash

Crash Cymbals


A Custom Series, Brilliant finish, Natural light, Not too thick - not too loud, Responds quickly, Warm, round, soft fade behavior

Istanbul Agop 13" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat


100 Drum kits, Prismatic Sound Modelling Technology, Plays WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for easy multi-track recording...

Schlagwerk TA12 Cajon Bag

Transport Bag / Backpack for Cajon


Suitable for cajons up to a maximum size of 50 x 30 x 30 cm

Paiste 24" 2002 Black Big Beat Cymbal



2002 Black Big Beat Series, Usa as a crash or ride, Based on the 2002 series with stronger hammering pattern and a slightly darkened finish

Zildjian 21" A-Series Sweet Ride

Sweet ride cymbal


Regular finish, Beautifully round sounding ride cymbal, Wiith medium overtones, For all applications

Remo 18" Ambassador Clear

Tom Tom Drum Head


Size 18”, Ambassador series, clear, Single ply drum head, Open sound, Rich in overtones

Pearl 14"x14" Export Floor Tom #21

Floor Tom


Export series, Chrome drum shell hardware, Drum shell with wrap finish with mixture of Asian mahogany and poplar gives the sound more volume and...

Pro Mark SRBLA Stick Rapp

Stick Rapp


Wrapping for Drumsticks, Enough for 2 pairs

Schlagwerk 12" Cajon Splash

Cajon Splash Cymbal


Handmade in Turkey, Brushed surface, Especially thin cymbal for playing with the hand with fast response

Bergerault Stand Xylophone/Metalophone S1



For xylophone/metallophone, For all soprano and alto models, Made of metal, With 4 casters with 2 brakes


Tuning Lug for Snare Drum


Suitable for Sonor SMF, SFX, ESF, SEF and ASC series, Complete, Chrome finish

Sonor Head for Bass Drum 26"

26" Head


For bass drum, Double ply, White, smooth

Zildjian 08" K-Custom Dark Splash



K Custom series, Dark splash, Traditional finish, Played amongst others by Jimmy Branly, Gerry Brown, Loraine Faina and Steve Smith

Gewa Darabuka

Egyptian Darabuka


Cast aluminum, Includes bag

Istanbul Agop 24" Traditional Dark Ride

Ride Cymbal


Traditional Dark Series, Warm stick attack with somewhat darker fundamental tone, DR24

Zildjian 08" A-Custom Splash



A Custom series, Brillant finish, Fast attack, Round, short sustain, Very musically