Drums and Percussion

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Millenium RT6810

Roto Tom Set


6", 8" and 10", With mounting rail, With double braced, height adjustable stand

Millenium Classic Bongo Bag

Bongo Gig Bag


Classic Series, Transport bag for bongo, Padded model, Zipper, With carrying strap, Extremely durable Cordura material

Sonor Select 10"x2" Jungle Snare

Jungle Snare Drum


Natural wood drum shell, 2 x 6 Tension rods, 16 Silver jingles

Zildjian 19" A-Serie Ultra Hammer China



19", A series, Ultra hammered, Brilliant finish, B20 alloy, Small bell, Loud and trashy china cymbal with inverted "volcano" bell

Millenium SD105 10"x05" Steel Side Snare

Snare Drum


10" x 5 1/2", Steel drum shell, Incl. Rims, multi bracket and L-piece for attaching to the hi-hat / cymbal stand

Pearl 10"x4,5" Short Fuse Snare Drum

Snare Drum


Short Fuse series, Shell made of 6-ply poplar wood, Foil-wrapped shell, Chrome-plated shell hardware, Super Hoop II hoops, Pearl SR-018 Snare...

Millenium VS200 Vibra Slap

Vibra Slap


Wooden body

Adams Fell Renaissance Adams 29" Uni

Timpani Head


"Renaissance" Model, For 29" Adams Universal Timpani

Adams Fell Renaissance Adams 26" Uni

Timpani Head


Renaissance, For 26" Adams Universal timpani

Sabian 19" AA Holy China



AA Series, Holy china, Brilliant finish, The holy china achieved by its exceptional profile a higher tone, The sound holes generate more volume and...

Gretsch 10"x5,5" Mighty Mini Snare BK

Mini Snare Drum


Chrome hardware, 1.6 mm Triple-flanged steel hoops, 30° Bearing edge, With GTS holder, BH-5510-BK

Sabian 17" AA Holy China

China Cymbal


AA series, Brilliant finish, The Holy China achieves a higher pitch due to its exceptional profile, the sound holes produce more volume and decay...

Remo 12" Ambassador Reso Snare Head

Snare Resonant Head


Transparent, The best selling snare resonance head in the world

LP 208 Vibra Slap

Vibra Standard


Default, Wood resonator, The wood version has a warm, crisp tone

Zultan 09" Rock Beat Splash



Rock beat series, Clear piercing, lively splash sound, Emphasizes accents and roundings in all styles of music, Brillant handpolished surface, 100%...

Remo 28" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani Drumhead


Remo Weatherking Renaissance timpani drumhead, With aluminium insert ring

LP LP209 Vibra Slap Deluxe

Vibra Slap Deluxe


Wooden, Deluxe model LP209

Zildjian 12" Oriental China Trash

Oriental China Trash


Oriental Series, Brilliant finish, Authentic "trashy" china sound, Very quick response, Explosive sound, Short decay

Zildjian 10" FX Oriental China "Trash"

Oriental China "Trash" Effect Cymbal


FX series, Brilliant finish, Classic trash china sound, Very fast and explosive response with very short sustain, Ideal for accents

Pearl PGA-30 Six-Sided Ganza

Hexagonal Short Ganza


Shaker Sound, Short version, Especially popular in the studio due to its various sound options, Three tones can be generated by varying playing...

Hardcase HNDBP Double Pedal Case

Case for Double Pedals


Special design to protect expensive pedals, Also for longboard pedals, Non-breakable carrying handle, Attachment inside for bass drum beater and...

Sabian 12" AA Mini Holy China

China Cymbal


Developed in collaboration with Chad Smith, Extra thin, very short and aggressive china, Brilliant finish

Remo 31" Renaissance Timpani Head

Renaissance Timpani Head


Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani head, With aluminium insert ring

Sabian 19" Paragon China

19" China Cymbal


Paragon Series, Natural version, Neil Peart Signature, Handmade from Sabian B20 bronze, This Chinese cymbal has a small bell, a high bow and an...

MusicNomad Cymbal Cleaner

Cymbal Cleaner


Removes dirt and oxidation in the cymbal, Leaves an invisible protective layer that effectively prevents the cymbal from restarting, Does not...

Pearl PGA-32 Ganzas Large

Hexagonal Long Ganza


Shaker sound, Long version, Especially popular in the studio due to its various sound options, Three tones can be generated by varying playing...

Evans S12H30 12" Hazy 300 Resonant

Snare Resonant Head


3 mil (0.0076 mm) Thick film, This most common snare resonant head is also one of the most versatile, The Hazy 300 is the head for quiet, as well...

Zildjian 09" Oriental Trash Splash

Trash Splash


Oriental series, Brillant finish, Exotic, "trashy" special effect splash for short, sharp accents, Adapts outstandingly to other splashes

Sabian 10" AA Mini Holy China



Developed in collaboration with Chad Smith, Extra-thin, very short and aggressive China, Brilliant finish

Remo 29" Renaissance Timpani Head

Tympanic Membrane


Renaissance Series, Remo Weather King Renaissance timpani head, With aluminium insert ring

Millenium SD-17 Snare Drum Starter Kit

Complete Snare Drum Kit


Ideal for beginners, Transport backpack, 1 Pair of sticks, Tuning key

Millenium 13"x3,5" Black Beast Snare

Snare Drum


"Black Beast" Snare Drum, 1.0 mm Steel drum shell, 1.6 mm Black steel hoops, 10 Tuning screws, Metal snare drum for all applications, ideal second...

Schlagwerk 60101 Log Drum

Log drum


Medium size, Size 60x20x18 cm

DW PDP 10"x06" Black Wax Snare

Snare Drum


Drum shell made of 10-ply maple, Matt lacquer, Matt black surface with translucent wood grain, DW MAG strainer, True Pitch tension rods, 2.5 mm...

Zultan 17" Raw China

China Cymbal


Raw Series, 100% Hand-hammered, Dark, warm and full sound, Great musicality, The non-lathed surface results in a dry, earthy sound with little...

Zildjian 22" Swish Knocker with Rivets

Effects Cymbal


China-like curved shape with 20 rivets, B20 alloy, Traditional finish, Darker, louder cymbal sound with long sustain

Zildjian K-Custom 19" Hybrid China

Hybrid China


Regular outside, Brillant inside, Dry, dark china sound, Fast, trashy attack with beautiful china sound sustain

Pearl 10"x05" Fire Cracker Snare

Snare Drum


Firecracker series, 1 mm Steel drum shell, 1.6 mm Stainless steel pressure rims

Millenium MPS-850 E-Drum Set

Complete Electric Drum Set


550 Voices, 30 Preset kits, 20 User kits, 100 Songs, 2 User Songs, Quick Record, Metronome, Equaliser for each kit, Pitch, Reverb, Compressor, 6...

Millenium MDT4 Drum Throne Round

Drum Throne


Double-braced, Continuously adjustable height (without fixed increments)

Millenium MX Jr. Junior Drumset

5-Piece Junior Drum Set


Suitable for approx. 4 - 7 years old children, Including cymbals, 16" x 10" Bass drum, 12" x 5" Snare

Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory



Size 5A, American Classic Series, Hickory wood, Wooden tips, Teardrop tips, Ideal for rock and as practice sticks

Millenium Youngster Drum Set Green

Complete Drum Set for Children


Perfect for drummers as of 3 years old, Black hardware, Drum shell with robust film finish, Pedal, Stool, 1 Pair of drumsticks, Including LowNoiz...

Paiste Set 3 201 14"HH/ 16"C / 20"R

Cymbal Set


From the 201 Series, The most successful Paiste cymbal set, Made in Germany

Millenium Classic Drum Bag Set Standard

5-piece Drum Bag Set


Padded Drum bags, 22"/12"/13"/16" + Snare, Very good quality, 16" x 16" Floor Tom, 14" x 6.5" Snare Drum

Millenium Touring Trolley

Drum Hardware Trolley


111 cm Long, width 36 cm, height 25 cm, Folding handles on head sides, Incorporated sides and bottom reinforcement plates made of wood, Zipper,...

Millenium HH-901 Pro Series

Hi-Hat Stand


Pro Series, 3-Legged, Double-braced stand, Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut, Memory clamp, Chain connection between pedal and hi-hat stand,...

Millenium CP-777 Cajon Pedal

Cajon Pedal


Pro Series, Extremely direct connection to the beater via the Cardan shaft, Suitable for all cajons with up to 30 x 30 cm surface area, This...

RTOM Moongel Damper Pads

Damper Pads


6 Damper pads, For snare and tom toms, For dampening overtones

Evans 22" EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum

22" Bass drumhead


Clear / transparent, 2-Ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept via variable and interchangeable dampening rings which can be mounted externally,...

DW 7002PT Double Bass Drum Pedal

Double Foot Pedal


Available exclusively from Thomann, With 2 double chain drives, 2 Round chainrings, Solid base plates, Ball bearing spring suspension, Double-sided...

Remo 14" Ambassador Coated

Snare Drumhead


Ambassador, coated, Single ply drumhead, white roughened, Medium strength, Universal in use, suitable for all styles, The most popular snare drumhead

Millenium PD-122 Pro Bass Drum Pedal

Bass Drum Pedal


Pro Series, Aluminium hinge, With steel base plate, Double chain over sprocket drive, Side-operating clamp mechanism, Beater equipped with two...

Millenium Multi Cymbal Bag

Premium Cymbal Bag


With carrying handle and backpack straps, Separate zippered compartments (14"/ 16" / 18"/ 22"), 22" Compartment divided again with insert, Very...

Paiste 20" 101 Ride



101 series, Soft, balanced sound, Bright stick attack on melodic, warm basic tone, Controllable ride for all appliances

Evans RF-12G Practice Pad

Practice Pad


Can be played on one side, with rubber surface, Outstanding rebound, Can be clamped on to standard snare stands

Evans 20" EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum

20" Bass Drum Head


Clear, 2-Ply, Revolutionary drumhead concept of variable and replaceable rings that are attached from outside, Huge, deep bass and attack are...

Zultan 18" Aja Crash



Aja crash cymbals produce a loud and fat sound, Balanced and harmonious decay

Millenium CB-801 Pro Series Boom Stand

Cymbal Boom Stand


Pro series, Extension arm without counterweight, Retractable inside tube, Double-braced, Extendable with memory clamp, Grid inclination, Stable,...

Koshi Chimes Aqua



With 8 integrated strings, Body made of oiled bamboo, Handmade, Made in France

Millenium SS-801X Pro Series Snare Stand

Snare Stand


Pro Series, Double braced stand, Optimal basket adjustability via ball mount (Omni Ball System), Memory lock, Highly sturdy and professional snare...

Pearl Export 14"x5,5" Snare #31

Snare Drum


Export series, Poplar/Mahogany shell, EXX1455S/C31, Chrome-plated shell hardware, Laminated

Millenium MC890NT Conga Set

Conga Set


Incl. individual stands

Paiste 16" 101 Crash

16" Crash


101 series, Brass material, Extremely well-balanced crash cymbal, Versatile crash with fast, responsive, full crash sound and soft, mature ride...

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

Trigger Module


Compact trigger module for drummers with acoustical drumsets wanting to extend their kit with electronical sounds, Over 100 internal sounds, SDHC...

Vic Firth SD4 Combo Maple -Wood-



American Custom series, Lightweight, fast playable sticks with high durability and rebound, Barrel-shaped wooden tip

Evans EC2S Studio / Fusion Set Clear

Drumhead Set


ETP-EC2SCLR-F, Transparent, 2-Ply, Through Sound Shaping Technology, each drumhead, according to its size, is provided with an individual damping...

Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad

Sampling Pad


9 Pads, 4 GB internal memory, 3 Multi FX, Large, backlit LCD display, Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad Sampling, USB...

Millenium MB202HWR

Bongo Set


Professional tensioning system, Natural drum heads, Very robust

Millenium Classic Cajon Bag

Cajon Bag


Padded model, With shoulder strap

Tama QC8 Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Cymbal Clamp


For securing cymbals, With 8 mm thread

Millenium CS-718 Stage Cymbal Stand

Cymbal stands


Stage series, Straight, double braced, Up to 2-fold height adjustable via telescopic tubes, Height can be secured with memory clamps, Sprocket for...

Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Electric Kick Drum Pedal


With reverse-action trigger mechanism, Low noise production when played, Flexible, adaptable and can be used in combination with a second pedal,...

Boomwhackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set

Tube Set


2 Sets (16 pcs total) Octavator Caps, Includes BW-MG bag - ideal for storing and transporting

Millenium 8" Frame Drum Natural Skin

Frame Drum


With natural drum skin, Ø 20 cm (8"), Wooden frame, Suitable children aged 3+, Ideal for early musical education for children