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Thon Multiflex 4U Backlid

Multiflex Lid


Fitting for 4 U Module Racks back, 15 mm Birch plywood, Black lacquer finish, Durable structure coating, 2 Push latches, Flat rubber feet, Weight...

Adam Hall 87553 Rack Cradle

19" Rack cradle


Extra deep version, For devices with a depth of up to 375 mm, The back edge is folded up by 10 mm for increased stability, Air ventilation slots in...

Adam Hall 6206F Lid Location Female 10mm

Aluminium Lock Profile


Female, for 10 mm material, > ||, Price per meter, Delivered in 1 m pieces

Adam Hall 3401 Insert Handle plastic blk



The legendary equipment case, Shockproof, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, Rugged and lightweight, Military Standard, Automatic Pressure...

Adam Hall 4112 Ball Corner small

Three-sided Ball Corner


Two holes per side, Silver

Adam Hall 4122 Ball Corner

Ball Corner


Three-sides with stacking grooves, 1.5 mm galvanized steel, Stackable

Adam Hall 1642 Cylinder Lock

Lock For Rack Drawers


Incl. 2 keys

Thon Cable Case 98x40x48 Wheels

Cable Case


3 Inside pockets, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edge, 2 Sprung Butterfly latches, 2 Large lid stays, 4 Handles, Medium ball corners, Permanently installed...

Thon Studio Desktop Rack 4U beech

Studio Desktop Rack 4 U


Beech look, Bevelled rack front edge, Screw set included, Made in Germany

Thon Studio Rack 12U beech

12U Studio Sub Rack


12 U working height, 47 cm Built-in depth at the top, 40 cm Built-in depth at the bottom, Stepless rack rail, Rounded front edge, Front lockable...

Thon KB Case Nord Electro D-61

Keyboard Case


Suitable for the Clavia Nord Electro 5D 61, Made of high-quality 7 mm honeycomb plastic, 25 x 25 mm Aluminium profile, 1 Synthetic leather handle,...

Hardcase Drum Case Set HRockFus2

Drum Set in Case


HN22B Bass drum case, HN10T + HN12T Tom case, HN14FT Floor Tom case, HN14S Snare case, Bass Drum Case with 2 wheels for easy transport, The extra...

Thon Rack Panel 1U 10 XLR 90°

1U Rack Panel


For 10 sockets in D format, Alu U - shape, D - holes rotated 90°, Fits Ghielmetti labeling strips GBZ8 (Art. 183915) & K & M Cable anchoring...

K&M 49070

19" Sliding Shelf


Extendable 1U rack, Black painted sheet steel, Secured by locking lever preventing unwanted withdrawal / sliding

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 19" 4U 45 cm lock

Rack Drawer 19" 4 U 45 cm


With lock, Sturdy and smooth-running lockable rack drawer made of metal, Fully extendable

Thon L-Rack 8U Multiflex 43

8 U Winkel-Module Rack


19" Format, Height 8 U, 10 U Installation depth, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, dowelled and glued, High durability black structure coating, Cable...

Adam Hall 019740 Pre-Cut Foam

Pre-Cut Foam


To form a desired cut-put by pressing out 15 mm polyester grid

Adam Hall 3780 Edge Castor 50 mm

Edge Structure Wheel (fixed bracket)


50 mm, Black rubber wheel in nylon housing, Max. Load 25 kg, Unit price

Adam Hall 87303 Rackbox 3U



3 U, With snap closure, Plastic latch opens down

Golden Age Project Rack-Kit

Project Rack-Kit


Rack adapter for mounting of 2 Golden Age 9.5" devices e.g. Pre-73, Including screw sets for 2 devices

Adam Hall 6609 Case Angle 22 x 22 mm

Plastic Edge Protection


The legendary equipment case, Shockproof, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, Rugged and lightweight, Military Standard, Automatic Pressure...

Thon Drawer Lock

Drawer Lock For Rack


Suitable for THON rack drawers

Peli 1510-004-110



The legendary equipment case, Shockproof, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, Rugged and lightweight, Military Standard, Automatic Pressure...

Thon XL-Plus Accessories Case

Accessories Case XL Plus


30 x 30 mm aluminum edges, Corners medium, 2 Spring-loaded butterfly latches, 4 Handles (heavy), Large folding handles, Made in Germany

ADJ F4 PAR Bag (Flat PAR Bag 4)

Padded Transport Bag for Flat PARs


For up to four flat PARs, With detachable, padded compartment dividers, Side pocket for accessories, Made of dirt-repellent and lightweight...

Thon Case Kawai MP-11

Custom-made Keyboard Case With Corner Castors


For Kawai MP-11, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 4 Butterfly latches, 1 Drawbolt with locking loops, 4 Folding handles, Steel ball corners, 2 Built-in...

Hardcase Drum Case Set HRockFus

Drum Case Set


Made from a sturdy polyethylene, Lightweight cases, Easy to use due to ideal positioning of handles, Maximum flexibility, The various sizes can be...


Roller Board for Roto Rack


4x Rollers with brakes

Millenium Protection Panel Key 3U

Protection Panel For 19" Units


3U, Lockable perforated plate

Adam Hall 87404-A Rack Drawer Alu 4U

19 " Rack Drawer


Made from aluminium, Black powder-coated, Drawer on ball bearing slide rails, Fully extendable, Built-in lock, Extractable drawer

Thon Live Case Vox AC-30

Custom Made Hood Case


For Vox AC 30C2, AC15C2, VOX AC30 C2X Blue Bulldog, AC 30HW2, AC 30HW2X, TB35C2, AC30VR, 30 x 30 mm Aluminum edging, Foam padding, 2 Spring-loaded...

Thon Multiflex 4U Frontlid

Multiflex Cover


For Thon 4 U Module rack front, Painted with a durable textured paint, 2 Push latches, Made in Germany

Adam Hall 372071 Fixed Wheel 80mm

Fixed Castor


Blue Resilex roller on wheel bearing hub

Thon Wheel Board

Wheel Board


4x 100 mm wheels, blue unrestrained, Sheet steel housing, Zinc chromate, Swivel bearing with double ball-cage assembly, Swivel bearing protection,...

Thon Rack Adapter 3U 30

Rack Adapter 3 U


19" Format, Powder coated, 30 cm Deep

Adam Hall 6240 Capping Channel 9,5mm

Aluminium Cap


For 9.5 mm dividers, Price per meter

Adam Hall 5666 Hex-Nut M6 Pack

Hexagon Nut


For rail with rubber

Millenium Nut for Studiorack

Cage Nut


For studio paint, For SR2012, SR2018, SR2024

Adam Hall 3435TP Case Handle plastic blk

Case Handle


Chrome-plate diecast mounting with 5 mm thread, Incl. M5 x 10 mm screws

Adam Hall 1630KEEP Keeper Plate

Keeper Plate For 17302


Matching the over latch butterfly closure 17302

Gator G-LCD-TOTE50

High-Quality LCD Transport Bag


For up to 50" LCD screens, Polyethylene protective screen shield, Padded handles, Detachable shoulder strap, 25 mm PE foam padding, 360° Shock...

Thon Studio Side Rack 10U black

Studio Rack with Reels


19 mm panels, 45 degree corner, Lockable reels, Incl. Set of screws, Manufactured in Germany


19" Pull-Out Rack Shelf


For mixer and other desktop devices, Padded surface, At least 2U are necessary for installation (depending on the device to be installed), Case not...

Sommer Cable 19" Panel Housing

19" Panel Housing


For self-assembly, 19" Panels up to 4 U

Thon Rack Panel 1U 16BNC

1U Rack Panel


For 16 sockets in Neutrik BNC format, Alu U - shape, Fits Ghielmetti labeling strips GBZ8 (Art. 183915), K & M cable catching bracket (Art....

Thon Custom Live Case 4x10 Cabinet

Live Case


For 4x10 guitar cabinet, Case is made to measure (e.g. for Ampeg, Marshall, Fender, Line 6, Mesa Boogie, Hartke, Peavey, Laney, Hughes & Kettner,...

Adam Hall 37022 Castor Blue

Fixed Castor


Blue Resilex wheel on roller bearing hub

Thon Multiflex 40cm Tray

Multiflex 40 cm Tray


15 mm Birch plywood, High durability black structure coating, Fitting for Multiflex Roadcase Art. 168189 and 168190 (not included), Flat rubber...

Adam Hall 8756 Rack Tray / Rackwanne

19" Rack tray


For assembly in the top of L-Racks and road cases, Small mixer, effect devices, etc. not in 19" format, can be mounted with the included Velcro...

Adam Hall 6150 Rack Strip

Rack Strip


Made of aluminium, Punched to international standard

Adam Hall 34053 Box Handle

Bar Handle


Powder coated, Mounted in a black plastic recessed plate, To mount in edges with 12 mm radius

Adam Hall 4018 Cabinet Corner

Stackable Plastic Corner


Side length 53 x 55 x 19 mm

Adam Hall 1632 KEEP Keeper Plate

Keeper Plate


For over latch butterfly closure 17343, Cranked for the closing profile 6102

Flyht Pro WP Safe Box 6 IP65

Safe Box


To protect many electronic devices such as cameras, lenses, video cameras, measuring devices etc., Water, dust and airtight, Shockproof, Robust...

Peli 1510-000-110



The legendary equipment case, Shockproof, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, Robust and lightweight, and approved by the American Federal...

Thon Studio Rack 10U 50 black

16 U Studio Rack


Self-assembly kit, Desktop rack made of 19 mm coated panels, Installation depth anything up to 495 mm, 5 cm Plinth, Incl. Set of screws,...

Thon Studio Desktop Rack 4U white

4U Rack Desktop


Made from 19 mm furniture decorative panel, Oblique rack leading edge, Screw set (included), Made in Germany

Thon Keyboard Case Yamaha MODX7

Keyboard Case


For the Yamaha MODX7, Professional quality, 6.5 mm Birch phenolic plywood, 10 mm Foam padding, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 8 Medium rounded ball...

Hardcase HN14FT

Drum Case


Stand-tom-tom case, For 14" floor tom, Inside diameter 47.6 cm, Max. depth 38.1 cm

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 1U 9,5"

9.5" Rack Drawer


1 U drawer for 9.5" racks, Black lacquer finish

Adam Hall 87224 Rack Panel 4U Alu

Rack Panel


2 mm Aluminium, U-shape

Flyht Pro Rack Panel 1U 8x XLR D-Format


The legendary equipment case, Shockproof, waterproof, oil and grease resistant, Rugged and lightweight, Military Standard, Automatic Pressure...

Millenium Rackdoor 4U



Suitable for 19" 4U rack, Lockable, Includes 2 keys

Thon live Eco Inlay Case Blue

Custom Made Case For Inlay System


For the Thon inlay system, 22 x 22 mm aluminium edges, 2 Drawbolts, 1 Suitcase handle, 2 Locking hinges, 8 Steel ball corners, Convoluted foam in...

Thon Multiflex 4U Extension Module

Multiflex 4 U Extension Module


Suitable for racks Art. 224994 & Art. 224991, 30 x 30 mm aluminIum edge, 4x Folding handles, 4x Spring-loaded medium-butterfly clasps, Front window...

Thon Multiflex 5U Backlid

Multiflex Back Lid


For 5 U module rack back, Painted with a hard-wearing textured paint, 2 Pressure locks, Flat rubber feet, Made in Germany

Thon Rack Adapter 4U 30

Rack Adapter 4 U


19" Format, Powder coated

Adam Hall 6206M Lid Location male 10mm

Aluminium Lock Profile


Male, for 10 mm material, > ||, Price per meter, Delivered in 1 m piece

Adam Hall 5312 Teenut

Drive-In Nut


20 Pieces per pack

Adam Hall 3437TP Case Handle plastic blk

Suitcase Handle


With nickel cover plate

Adam Hall 4030 Ball Corner

Ball Corner


Very small version, Three-legs, Fixing holes Ø 4.4 mm

Adam Hall 4121 Knuckle Corner

Ball Corner


With integrated L corner, For 45 mm lid frame, 1.5 mm galvanized steel

Peli 1615 Air Case

Transportation case


Made of very light proprietary HPX² polymer thus up to 40% lighter than other polymer cases, Shockproof, Waterproof, Oil and grease resistant,...

Thon Studio L-Rack 17U Media Grey

17 U Media L-Rack


17 U useable front height, 11 U useable rear height, 11 U usable upper depth, 54 cm Built-in depth, With furniture socket, 4 80 mm castors under...

Thon Studio Side Rack XL 10U beech

Studio Rack With Casters


Made of 19 mm panel, With detectable casters, Incl. screw set, Manufactured in Germany