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Adam Hall 40431 Corner Brace 40 x 31



1.2 mm galvanized steel

Adam Hall 17251S Butterfly Latch large


10 mm birch plywood, 2 Butterfly latches, 4 Folding handles, Large locking hinges, 4 Wheels, 2 of them with brakes, Inner dimensions 120 x 40 x...

Thon Studio Desktop Rack 5006 6U BK

6 U Desktop Rack


Desktop rack from 19 mm black graphite panels, Continuous 6 U rackrail, Diagonally inclined front edge of the rack, Manufactured in Germany, Incl....

Adam Hall 874 E 04 Rack Drawer ERGO

19" / 4 U rack drawer


Robust 1.5 mm steel construction, Ergonomic full width pull handle, Pull-to-open latching mechanism with 1.5 kg pulling force, Full extension,...

Gator Set Standard Roto Mold Drum

Drum Case Set


Standard design, Robust, extremely sturdy polyethylene material, Padded interior, Padding riveted in case, 2" Wide, completely tear-resistant Gator...

Thon Rack Panel 1U Air Vents

1U Rack Panel


Steel rack panel, Extremely stable U-shaped, With ventilation slots, 19" / 1U

SKB 19-AC1 Befestigungssatz

Rack Mounting Kit


12 Screws + 12 brackets

Thon Amp Case Peavey 5150/6505/6534

Flight Amp Case


For Peavey 5150/6505/6534+ top amps, 7 mm Birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 2x Medium spring-loaded butterfly latches, 2x Folding handles,...

Adam Hall 6106 Casemaker 7mm



For 7mm material, Delivered in 1 m pieces

Adam Hall 3703 Swivel Castor 50mm

50 mm Swivel Caster


Frame and mounting plate made of 2 mm galvanized steel, Gray rubber swivel caster on bolted hub, With breaks

Thon Rack Tray 4U

Extra Deep 19" Rack Tray


4 U, For devices up to 375 mm in depth, 10 mm raised front and rear edges for more stability, Ventilation slots in the sides

Adam Hall 87302 Rackbox 2U

Rackbox with snap locks


Plastic-Front opens to the bottom

Adam Hall 17290TP Butterfly Latch medium

Butterfly Latch


Medium version, With torque spring

Stairville SB-142 Bag 630 x 350 x 350 mm

Transport Bag


For LED bars and other lighting equipment, Ideal, for safe, transporting of lighting effects and accessories (including Stairville, American DJ,...

Thon Studio Rack 20U white Media

20U Media Rack


With plinth, 4x 80 mm castors under the base, Lockable roller shutter in aluminum front design, Large lockable service door behind, Cable outlet...

Thon Keyboard Case Korg Kronos 88

Keyboard case


Suitable for Korg Kronos 88, Made of 6.5 mm birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edge, 2 Butterfly closures, 1 High-quality imitation leather...

Hardcase Drum Case Set HRockFus3

Drum Case Set


Rock/Fusion 3 Set, Lightweight case, Ideal positioning of handles, Easy to use, Maximum flexibility, The various sizes can be stacked together...

JBL Eon One Pro Transporter

JBL Eon One Pro van


2-Piece protective cover for Eon One Pro system, Consists of protective hood and trolley, Lateral cable pocket

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 19" 3U 28 cm lock

Rack Drawer 19" 3 U 28 cm


With lock, Sturdy and smooth-running lockable rack drawer made of metal, Fully extendable

LD Systems Wheelboard f. Maui 28 G2

Wheelboard for Maui 28 G2


Stackable rollerboard made of 15 mm birch multiplex plywood, Suitable for Maui 28 G2, 4x 80 mm wheels (of which 2 are braked)

Adam Hall 87222STL U-Rack Panel 2U

U - Rack Panel


1.2 mm steel

Thon 6U Live Rack rail

Rack rail assembly set for 6 U Live Rack


For self assembly in Thon Live Rack 6 U, 2 Rack rails stocked with nuts and rubber inserts, Attachment rivets, M6x12 Rack screws with matching...

Thon Custom Live Case 4x12 Cabinet

Live Case


For 4 x 12 guitar / bass cabinet, Case is made to measure (e.g. for Ampeg, Marshall, Fender, Line 6, Mesa Boogie, Hartke, Peavey, Laney, Hughes &...

Thon Inlay 4/4 t.bone free solo

Milled foam inlay


Suitable for 2U rack drawer with full extension or Thon Inlay System case, For 4 t.bone free solo and 4 bodypack, Black-red foam, Accessory...

Thon Multiflex 3U Frontlid

Multiflex Cover


For 3 U module rack front, Painted with a hard-wearing textured paint, 2 Pressure locks, Made in Germany

Adam Hall 61532 BLK Rack Strip

Single Rack Strip


2 mm Steel single rack strip, Steel, Only available in 2m pieces

Adam Hall 5660 Square Nut Pack

Square Nut


For Eco racks, 20 Pieces per pack

Adam Hall 3476043 Pull Out Handle

Recessed Pull out Handle


3 Parts, Cranked galvanized recession, For mounting inside a case, Cranked mounting recession made of steel, Black powder coated, Lock with push...

Adam Hall 3443 Folding Grip

Folding handle


Not recessed, Galvanised steel, Sprung, With black rubber grip sleeve

Adam Hall 4113 Ball Corner small

Three-Leg Ball-Corner


Small version, Cranked for edge protection to 22 mm, Leg length 39 mm, Edge length 29 mm

Adam Hall 4071 Cabinet Corner plastic

Plastic Corner


Stackable, Fitting for plastic edge protection EXT 4071

Adam Hall 17343 Overlatch Butterfly

Over Latch Butterfly - Small


Suits closing profiles and 6124 without buckle

Thon Studio Rack 16U 50 black

16U Studio Rack


Self-assembly kit, Made of coated 19 mm panels, Installation depth freely selectable up to 495 mm, 5 cm Plinth, Incl. Screw set, Made in Germany

Thon KB Case DSI Prophet 6

Keyboard Case


For Dave Smith Instrument Sequential Prophet 6, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 2 Butterfly latches, 2 Locking hinge, 1 High-quality artificial leather...

Gator 20"x18" Bass Drum Case

Floor Tom Case


Roto Mold Drum Series, Robust extremely stable polyethylene construction, Padded inside, Padding is riveted in the case, 2" Wide super...

Stairville Tourlabel 150x80mm White


10 mm birch plywood, 2 Butterfly latches, 4 Folding handles, Large locking hinges, 4 Wheels, 2 of them with brakes, Inner dimensions 120 x 40 x...

Adam Hall 872214 U-Shaped Rack Panel

U - Rack Panel


2U, Punched for 24 Neutrik jacks universal "D" type, 2 mm Steel, black powder coated, Ideal for preparing suitable patchbays

Thon Amp Case Laney Ironheart

Flight Amp Case


Made in Germany, Custom-made flight case for Laney IRT IRT 60 and 120 Ironheart, 7mm Birch multiplex, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 10 mm Foam...

Thon Amp Case Engl Head

Flight Amp Case


Custom made flight case for Engl Fireball E-625/E-635, Powerball E-645, Powerball II E-645/2, Ritchie Blackmore Signature E-650 and Savage 120...

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 2U 9,5"

9.5" Rack Drawer


2 U drawer for 9.5" racks, Black lacquer finish

Thon Multiflex 2U Frontlid

Lid for 2 U Module Racks


15 mm birch plywood, Black lacquer finish, Durable structure coating, 2 Push latches, Made in Germany

K&M Wheel Set for Guardian

Caster set


Suitable for Guardian tripods from the -016- series, With locking device

Thon Case Partition Kit 50x50

Partition Set for Accessory Case


Set consists of 4 grid bars and 1 partition board, Partition board made of 9 mm birch plywood, Spacer board is slightly tapered for easier...

Adam Hall 87409 19" Housing 3U

19" / 3 U Housing


1.2 mm Steel, Front panel 3 mm aluminium

Adam Hall 5924TH Mounting Kit

M6 Screw Set


8x Screws, M6 x 12 mm, black (5417BLK), 8x Hex nuts M6 (5666), 8x Plastic washers, U-shape / recessed (5620)

K&M M5 Rack Screw Pack

Rack Screws


Slot - screw M5 x 16 mm

Adam Hall 4128 Ball Corner medium

Ball Corner


Three-legs, Stackable, Cranked for 30 mm protection edges, 1.5 mm galvanized steel

Adam Hall Hardware 17250 SP

Large Butterfly Latch


Sprung, Cranked, 14 mm deep, With eyelet

Thon Accessory Case 60x30x30 BR

Accessory Case


30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 4 Medium ball corners on top, 4 Stackable ball corners at the bottom, 2 Spring loaded butterfly latches, 2 Heavyweight...

Flyht Pro Case Universal 1 / 60cm

Universal Case


Ball corners, 4x 100 mm roll (2 braked), Incl. 2 dividing walls

Flyht Pro Accessory Case 120x40x40 Wheel



10 mm birch plywood, 2 Butterfly latches, 4 Folding handles, Large locking hinges, 4 Wheels, 2 of them with brakes, Inner dimensions 120 x 40 x...

Accu-Case F8 PAR Bag (Flat PAR Bag 8)

Padded Transport Bag


Suitable for stowing up to eight Flat PARs, With detachable, padded compartment dividers, Side pocket for accessories, Made of high quality,...

Thon Studio Rack 12U 50 black

12 U Studio Rack


Assembly set, Made of coated 19 mm furniture panel, Continuous installation depth up to 495 mm, 5 cm Furniture socket, Including set of screws,...

Gator TSA 76D

Keyboard Case


Nearly indestructible polyethylene construction, Interior customizable by a unique block design, 2 TSA latches, 2 rubber handles, Aluminium housing...

Gator 14" x 5.5" Snare Drum Case

Snare Drum Case


Roto Mold Drum Series, Robust, extremely sturdy polyethylene production, Padded interior, Padding riveted in case, 2" Wide, completely...

Thon Amp Case Mesa Rectifier Head

Thon Flight Amp Case


For Mesa Boogie Rectifier amp head, Made in Germany, Custom-made case for Mesa Boogie Single, Dual and Triple Rectifier, 7 mm Birch plywood, 30 x...

Adam Hall 87221VH Rack Plate

Ventiliation Panel


Horizontal air vents, 2 mm steel sheet, 19" / 1U

Adam Hall 87402E Rack Drawer 2U

Rack Drawer


Telescopic sliding rail 2/3 extendable without quick disconnect, Black powder coated housing

Thon Multiflex 60cm Tray

Multiflex 60 cm Tray


15 mm Birch plywood, High durability black structure coating, Fitting for Multiflex Roadcase Art. 168189 and 168190 (not included), Flat rubber...

Flyht Pro Foam Inlay WP Safe Box 4

Foam Padding Inlays


For Case WP Safe Box 4, Contains 2 foam inserts with the dimensions 400 x 31 x 328 mm

Adam Hall 37500 S Corner Castor

Recessed Corner Castor


Zinc die-cast housing, Price per piece

Millenium Black Wheel Without Brake



Roller bearing, Made in Germany

Adam Hall 87700 Shock Mount Frame

Shockmount Frame


Simple and stable solution to instal in cases, Can be assembled as a stable 19' frame together with 6155 / 61552BLK rackrails, Can be made...

Adam Hall 6161 Sliding Rack Strip

Rack Strip


Infinitely variable, For square nut (thickness 3 mm)

Adam Hall 3423TP Carry Handle BK

Black Carry Handle


Sturdy / strong construction, Black plastic with steel core

Adam Hall 3427 Strap Handle Black

Strap Handle


Heavy-duty model

Adam Hall 4146 Corner



Three-legged cranked for 6145 cover support profile

Adam Hall 17370K - Keeper



For 17370C butterfly latch (small version, unshelled)

Thon Keyboard Case Korg Microkorg



Custom made for the Korg microKORG, 7mm Birch multiplex, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, At least 1 cm of foam padding, 1x Case handle, 2x Spring...

Gator 14"x14" Stand Tom Case

Floor Tom Case


Roto Mold Drum Series, Robust, extremely sturdy polyethylene production, Padded interior, Padding riveted in case, 2" Wide, completely...

Millenium Protection Panel Key 2U

Protection cover for 19" devices


2 U, Lockable perforated plate

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 19" 3U 45 cm lock

Rack Drawer 19" 3 U 45 cm


With lock, Sturdy and smooth-running lockable rack drawer made of metal, Fully extendable

Thon Multiflex 4U Backlid

Multiflex Lid


Fitting for 4 U Module Racks back, 15 mm Birch plywood, Black lacquer finish, Durable structure coating, 2 Push latches, Flat rubber feet, Weight...

Adam Hall 87553 Rack Cradle

19" Rack cradle


Extra deep version, For devices with a depth of up to 375 mm, The back edge is folded up by 10 mm for increased stability, Air ventilation slots in...

Adam Hall 6206F Lid Location Female 10mm

Aluminium Lock Profile


Female, for 10 mm material, > ||, Price per meter, Delivered in 1 m pieces