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Thon Amp Case for Vox AC-15

Flight Case


At least 30 x 30 mm of aluminum edges, 10 mm Foam padding, 2 Handles, 2 Spring-loaded butterfly latches, large, 4 x 100 mm swivel castors (2...

Thon Rack Panel 1U Cut-Out MKII

Rack Panel


For cable routing, With brush strip, Black powder coating

Thon Multiflex Racklid II - 12U

Multiflex Racklid II (max. 12 U)


Made from 9 mm birch plywood, Black PVC Coated, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, Min. 2 cm Foam padding, Large steel ball corners, 4 medium spring...

Thon 4U Live Rack rail

Rack rail assembly set for 4 U Live Rack


For self assembly in Thon Live Rack 4 U, 2 Rack rails stocked with nuts and rubber inserts, Attachment rivets, M6x12 Rack screws with matching...

Millenium A2 Wheels 4-piece Set

Set of 4 Wheels


For retrofitting of guitar or bass boxes, small cases or racks

Adam Hall 61535B8 Rack Strip 8U blk

Rack Strip


Punched steel rack strip as 61532BLK but with three holes per U, 9.5 mm hole size (according to IEC 60297), 2 mm Steel, Black powder-coated

Adam Hall 5650 Cage Nut M6 Pack

Cage Nut


Punched for 6150 aluminum rack rails, 20 Pieces per pack

Adam Hall 8755 Rack Tray 2HE

19" Rack Tray


For devices with non standard 19" format, 1.2 mm Steel, Powder coated, Depth 250 mm, Universal hole pattern in the bottom for attachment of a...

Adam Hall 4008 Case Corner small

Protection Corner


Square, Small version, Fixing holes countersunk Ø 3.8 mm

SKB R100 Gig Rig

Mixer Case


10U Top, Two handles, Cover, 2 TSA locks

Adam Hall 3403 Insert Handle plastic blk

Plastic Insert Handle


Cutout 145 x 145 mm, Can be used to lift a box from all four directions

Adam Hall 340822 Sprung Handle small

Sprung folding handle


In 8 mm deep recessed plate, Galvanised with reinforced mounting plate, Wide bracket with black PVC handle

Adam Hall 17291TP Butterfly Latch medium

Butterfly Latch


Medium-sized design, In a flat 12 mm mounting area

Thon Accessory Case 80x40x40 BR

Accessory Case


30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 4 Medium ball corners on top, 4 Stackable ball corners at the bottom, 2 Spring loaded butterfly latches, 4 Heavyweight...


19" Studio Rack


MDF panel, 3.2 mm Steel rack rails

Thon Keyboard-Case Genos PVC

Custom-made Keyboard Case


For Yamaha Genos, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, Foam padding, 2 Spring-loaded medium-butterfly latches, 2 Medium folding handles, Artificial leather...

Adam Hall 87403A Rack Drawer Alu

19" Rack Drawer


3 U, Drawer on ball bearing side rails, Fully extendable, Build in lock, Black powder coated

RockNRoller R18RT (Ground Glider Mega)



The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Hardcase HN16FT Floor Tom Case

Floor Tom and Tom Tom Case


Extremely durable, Made from waterproof synthetic material, Very high quality design, Comfortable handle, Stackable

Thon Rack Panel 3U

19" Rack Panel


19" Rack format, Installation height 3U, Steel U-shaped

Thon Case Fender Blues Junior

Flight case


Custom made for Fender Blues Junior I, II, III und IV, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, With 10 mm of foam padding, 2 Spring loaded butterfly latches, 2...

Adam Hall Plastazote LD29 10 mm



PE hard foam, Self-adhesive

Thon Multiflex 5U Module Rack 45

5U Module rack 45


19" Format, 45 cm Depth, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, dowelled and glued, High durability black structure coating, Cable opening on the back,...

Thon Wheel Set 50mm Studio Rack

Caster wheel set 50 mm


Suitable for all Thon studio rack kits, Consists of 4 unbraked 50 mm casters and mounting screws for mounting to a rack

Adam Hall 61535B10 Rack Strip 10U blk


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Adam Hall 5314 Teenut M8 Pack

Drive-In Nut


20 Pieces per pack

Flyht Pro Rack Tray 1U 9,5"

9.5" Rack Tub


1 U Tub for 9.5" racks, Painted black

Adam Hall 3414 BRN Strap Handle brown

Brown Strap Handle Made Of Artificial Leather


Steel inlay, Nickel-plated mounting brackets, Incl. 4 t-nuts and 4 M4x25 screws

Thon Rack Case 10U Notebook Board


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Adam Hall 17302 Overlatch Butterfly

Butterfly Over Latch


Large version, In dish, 14 mm deep, Galvanized steel

Adam Hall 4120 Ball Corner medium

Three-Leg Ball-Corner


Medium version

Thon Case Hohner B2AV

Senior Bass Case


Customisation for Hohner B2AV, With mold cutting, Made from 7 mm birch plywood, Foam inlay, 10 mm Foam padding, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, Medium...

Flyht Pro Case Stacking 1

Universal Stacking Case


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Thon Flex Cut Universal Case 2

Flex Cut Universal Mixer Flight Case 2


7 mm Birch plywood, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, 1x Suitcase handle, 2x Drawbolts, 2x Locking hinges (lid is not removable), Small rounded corners,...

Thon Keyboard Case Roland FP-90

Keyboard Case


For Roland FP-90, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, Sufficient foam padding in the bottom and lid, 4 Spring loaded butterfly latches, 2 Folding handles,...

Gator TSA 88

Keyboard Case


Nearly indestructible polyethylene construction, Interior customizable by a unique block design, 2 TSA latches, 2 rubber handles, An additional...

Hardcase HN20B Bass Drum Case

Drum Case


Bass drum case, For 20" bass drum, Includes 75 mm rubber wheels

Adam Hall 87223 VR U-shaped ventilation

Ventilation Panel


With round ventilation holes, 1,5 mm Steel sheet, 3U

Thon Live Case Marshall 4x12

Flight Case for Live Applications


For Marshall 4x12 guitar amplifiers with caster board, From 7 mm birch plywood, With 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, 2x Large spring loaded butterfly...

Thon L-Rack Sideboard

Winkel-Rack Placement Area


Ideal as placement area for a variety of effect devices, Can be mounted on all Thon 19" Winkel- and Triple-Door Racks, Easy assembly via edge rail...

Adam Hall 5620 Plastic Washer Pack

Plastic Disc


U - Shape, Sunken, 20 Pieces per pack

Adam Hall 61552 BLK HD double Rack Strip

Steel Rack Strip


2 mm Steel rack strip, Double rack, Steel, Matching cage nut ADAM HALL 5653 (Type 263177 - not included)

Adam Hall 6107 Casemaker 9,5mm

Aluminium Casemaker


For 9.5 mm material, Length 1.00 m / piece, Delivered in 1 m pieces

Adam Hall 87408 Rack Housing 2U

19" Rack Housing 2 U


1.2 mm Steel, Front panel 3 mm Aluminium

Adam Hall 3414 BK Strap Handle black

Strap Handle


Steel inlay, Nickel-plated mounting brackets, Incl. 4 t-nuts and 4x M4x25 screws

Adam Hall 41202 Ball Corner medium

Ball Corner, Medium


With integrated L-corner 68 mm cranked 30 mm

Adam Hall 17283 Butterfly

Butterfly Latch


V4 Butterfly latch medium with pressure spring, 12 mm deep, Galvanized steel

Thon Rack Case 12U Notebook Board


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Thon Studio Side Rack XL 10U black

Studio Rack With Casters


Made of 19 mm panel, With detectable casters, Incl. screw set, Manufactured in Germany

Thon Case Roland AX-Edge

Keyboard Case


For the Roland AX-Edge, Made from 6.5 mm birch plywood, 2 Medium-sized 12 mm spring-loaded butterfly latches, Leather handle, Drawbolt with lock...

Flyht Pro Rack Drawer 19" 2U 28 cm lock

Rack Drawer


19" / 2 U, Can be pulled out completely, With lock

Thon Rack Drawer 1U 40

Rack Drawer


19 "/ 1U, Powder-coated in black textured finish, Robust roller guide, 2 / 3 Excerpt

SKB 3i Series Alesis Multipad Case


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Thon Case EVH 5150 MKIII

Case for Amp Head


Custom made flight case for EVH 5150 MKIIII, 50 W version, 7 mm Birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 2 Medium spring loaded butterfly...

Thon Inlay 8/8 Shure PSM Series


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

LD Systems Wheelboard f. Maui 44

Wheel Board


Suitable for the Maui 44 system, Includes 4 100 mm blue wheels (2 without breaks)

Thon Rack Screw M3x10 BK

Oval-Head Screw


With allen/ hexagon socket, E.g. for fastening XLR mounting sockets to rack panels

Thon Multiflex 3U Backlid

Multiflex Lid


Fitting for the back of 3U Module Racks, 15 mm Birch plywood, Black lacquer finish, Durable structure coating, 2 Push latches, Flat rubber feet,...

Adam Hall 16540

Bolt Lock


For small doors or flaps, Low construction height

Adam Hall 4044 L-Corner 40 x 50



1.2 mm galvanized steel

SKB Gigsafe 19-R1400

19" Rack Case


Ideal for 19" mixers, Large handles at the sides

Thon Multiflex Roadcase 120

Multiflex Trunk 120


35 x 35 x 3 mm Aluminium edges with grooved rivets, Male / Female lock profile, Large ball corners, 2x Large spring-loaded butterfly latches with...


LCD Transport bag


For 27"- 32" LCD Screens, Polyethylene shield, Padded handles, Detachable carrying strap, 25 mm PE foam padding, 360° Shock absorption, External...

Thon Studio Rack 10U 38

Studio Rack 10 U


387 mm Installation depth, 25 x 25 mm Aluminium profile, 7 mm Hat profile, Infinitely adjustable (no fixed increments or steps) rail, 4 Rubber...

Thon KB Case Clavia Electro D-73

Keyboard Case


Suitable for Clavia Electro 5D-73 and 6D-73, 25 x 25 mm Aluminium edge, 3 Snap locks with locking eyelet, 2 Locking hinges, 1 High-quality...

Thon Rack Drawer 6U

19" Rack Drawer


6 RU, Lockable, Fully extendable, Inner part on ball-bearing rails, Removable

SKB 3i Series Roland SPD-SX Case


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

RockNRoller R16RT (Ground Glider Max)



The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Thon Rack Panel 1/2U BK

0.5 U Rack Panel


Ultra stable u-steel steel rack panel, 19" / 0.5 U

Thon Amp Case Kemper Profiling Amp

Flight Case for Kemper Profiling Amplifier


7 mm Birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 2x Medium spring loaded butterfly latches, 1x Strap handle, Rounded steel corners, Padded with at...

Adam Hall 3472 Trolley 2-stages

Hardware Trolley


With an extendable handle, Aluminium rails and 50 mm ball bearing castors on a steel axle, Trolley clips into place onto plastic brackets (provided)

Thon Mike's Inlay 7


The inside is lined with carpet, Ball corners, Stackable

Adam Hall 5635 Humfrees M6

Rack Insulation Against Ground LoopsWhen rack mounting, additional conducting ground connections are created between 19" devices via the metal rails - the most frequent cause of hum noise.


4 M6 screws, 4 Insulators, 4 Spacers

Thon Multiflex 30 cm Tray



30 cm Tray, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, High durability black structure coating, Fitting for Multiflex Roadcase Art. 168189 and 168190 (not...

Thon Multiflex Rack Box

Rack Box


Made from 15 mm birch plywood, Varnished in black with a high durability structure varnish, Fitting for Multiflex-Systems, Flat rubber feet, Milled...