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Adam Hall 87221STL U-Rack Panel 1U

U - Rack Panel


Powder coated

Thon Multiflex 4U Modulrack 45

19" Module rack


Usable height 4U, 45 cm Installation depth, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, dowelled and glued, Hard-wearing black textured paint finish, Infinitely...

Thon Rack Screw M3 x 12 Bk

Countersunk-Head Screws


With allen/ hexagon socket, E.g. for fastening XLR mounting sockets to rack panels

Hardcase HN36W Hardware Case

Hardware Case


With 2 wheels, Very wide design

Flyht Pro Case for 19" 3U DMX Controller

Case for a 19" 3U DMX controller


Rounded corners

Adam Hall 87451 Pro C LED Rack Light mc

19" 1U LED Rack Light


18 Multicolour LEDs, 3 Switchable brightness levels, Memory function, Colour selection switch, 86 Lux, 12V DC voltage via external power supply,...

Adam Hall 6209 Case Angle 20 x 20 mm

Aluminium Edge Protection


Delivered in 1 m pieces

Adam Hall 4072 Cabinet Corner plastic

Protection Corner



Adam Hall 34082B Sprung Handle medium

Sprung folding handle


In 8 mm deep recessed plate, Steel is powder coated black with reinforced mounting plate, Wide bracket with black PVC handle

Adam Hall 17284 Butterfly



V4 Butterfly medium with "push-down" function, 12 mm deep, In cranked dish

Adam Hall 88001 D Recess Plate

Package For Tour Label


Suitable tour label Art. 172032

Flyht Pro Cable Case 98x40x48 Wheels

Cable Chest with Rollers


3 Compartments, 4 Casters, 2 of them with brakes, 10 mm plywood, Internal dimensions (W x H x D) 98.5 x 40 x 48.5 cm, Black coated, Includes two...

Millenium IR-2022

Professional 19" Rack


With lockable door in front and back, Solid steel construction

Thon Rack Drawer 4U

4U Rack Drawer


Made from steel, Powder-coated, Black textured paint finish, Lockable and tamper-proof, Ergonomic single-handed operation

Gator TSA 88 Slim Keyboardcase

Keyboard Case


Nearly indestructible polyethylene construction, Interior customizable by a unique block design, 2 TSA latches, 2 rubber handles, Aluminium housing...

Stairville Tourlabel 177x127mm White

Tour Label


Size 177 x 127 mm, Thickness approx. 3 mm, Self adhesive, With clear film, White laminated, Writeable, Can be wiped with cleaning agent

Thon Amp Case Marshall Head

Flight Amp Case


7 mm Birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edges, 2x Medium spring loaded butterfly latches, 2x Folding handles, Medium steel ball corners, At least...

Thon Rack Panel 1U 12XLR

19" Rack Panel


19", 1U, Steel U-shaped, With 12 XLR pre-drilled holes

Hardcase HN40W Hardware Case

Transport Case for Hardware


With 2 wheels

Adam Hall 5417BLK Rack Screw Pack

Rack Screw Set


M6 x 12 mm, 20 Piece per pack

Thon Dividing Wall Set for 54x21x33

Dividing Wall Set


For a 54 x 21 x 33 accessories case, Simple plug-in system for tool-free assembly, Section sizes are variable, Made from 9 mm birch plywood,...

Millenium Blue Wheel Braked 80mm



With brakes, Roller bearing (double ball bearing swivel), Made in Germany

Adam Hall Rack mount for Fuse Holders

Fuse holders


19" Faceplate, For fuse holders, FI-Switches, etc., With integrated hat rail, Steel sheet, Black powder coated, Room for 24 fuse holders, 430 mm...

Adam Hall 61535B12 Rack Strip 12U blk



Steel rackrail with punched holes as 61532BLK but with three holes per U, Hole size 9.5 mm (according to IEC 60297), 2 mm steel, Black powder coated

Adam Hall 4058 Case Corner chrome



Cranked for 20 mm protection edges, 1 mm Steel, Chrome-plated

Adam Hall 17370C - Butterfly

Butterfly Latch


Small version, Shelled and without counterpart, Clasp available separately under Art. 267729

Adam Hall 87463 ultra 19"/1U

LED Rack Light


With two goosenecks, Cold white LEDs, Incl. 12 V DC power supply

Adam Hall 34001 Bar Handle

Bar Handle


Large model, Recessed plate (as Marshall), Powder coated

Adam Hall 8791 Ventilation Dish

Horizontal Ventilation Dish


1 mm galvanised steel

Flyht Pro WP Safe Box 4 IP65

Safe box


Protection IP65, Water, dust and airtight transport case, Sturdy handle, Impact resistant hard plastic case, Rubber seal, Wall valve for pressure...

Millenium SR-2018

Professional 18U Studio Rack


Robust steel design, Stable casters, Solid constuction, Can bear loads up to 60 kg, 19" Rack format with 18 U, Incl. Rack screws, washers, nuts and...

Thon Rack Drawer 2U Lockable

2U Rack Drawer


Powder-coated, Black textured finish, With lock, tamper proof, Ergonomic single-handed operation

Thon Keyboard Case Clavia Stage3 88

Custom-made Keyboard Case


For Clavia Nord Stage 3 88, 30 x 30 mm aluminium edges, Foam padding, Spring-loaded medium-butterfly latches, 2 Medium folding handles, 1...

Millenium Go-Kart Solo

Compact Trolley


Foldable and portable hand truck, Ideal for transporting music, DJ, light, live sound, film and TV equipment, Also suitable for many other...

Hardcase HN48W Hardware Case

Hardware Case


With 2 wheels, Ideal for storing drum hardware

Thon Amp Case Kemper Amp & Foot Ctl

Case for Kemper Amps with a Foot Switch


Double door case suitable for a Kemper Profiling amplifier PowerHead and the Profiler Remote Control foot switch, With phenolic resin, 22 x 22 mm...

Thon Multiflex 45 Module Rack 6U

6U Module rack 45


19" Format, 45 cm Depth, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, dowelled and glued, High durability black structure coating, Cable opening on the back,...

Millenium Blue Wheel Without Brake 80mm



Roller bearing, Made in Germany

K&M M5 Rack Nut Pack Set

M5 Cage Nut Set


Set with 32 piece

Adam Hall 87552 Rack Tray 19" 2HE

19" Rack Tray


Extra deep version, For devices with up to 375 mm depth, Back edge is folded up by 10 mm for increased stability, Air ventilation slots in the...

Adam Hall 4107 Ball Corner large

Ball Corner


Cranked for 30 mm edge protection and CaseMaker, 1.5 mm galvanized steel, Fixing holes Ø 5.1 mm

Adam Hall 17285 Butterfly

V3 Butterfly-Latch


In cranked dish, Medium sized, With "push-down" function, 9 mm deep

Adam Hall 87463 ultra C 19"/1U

COB LED Rack Light


With two goosenecks, Red, green, blue, warm white or cool white adjustable, Colour selection memory, Incl. 12 V DC power supply

Adam Hall 3412 Sprung Handle small

Small sprung folding handle


Handle with black rubber sleeve

Adam Hall 34082S Sprung Handle medium

Sprung folding handle


In 8 mm deep recessed plate, With reinforced mounting plate, Wide bracket with black PVC handle

Thon Case Fender Jazz Bass

Custom Made Case For Fender Jazz Bass


From 7 mm birch plywood, Foam inlay, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, Steel corners, 2 Spring-loaded butterfly latches (mini), 2 Lid hinges, 1 Lockable...

Adam Hall 8705B Dish unpunched blk



1 mm steel unpunched, Black powder-coated, Mounting holes Ø 5 mm

Thon Flex Cut Universal Case 1

Universal Mixer Case


Thanks to a special foam (15 x 15 mm cubes), the interior dimensions can be made variable, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, 1 Suitcase handle, 2 Snap...

Stairville SB-117 Bag 290 x 100 x 390 mm

Transport Bag


For LED bars and other lighting equipment, Ideal, for safe, transporting of lighting effects and accessories (including Stairville, American DJ,...

StudioRTA Producer Cart

Producer Cart


Suitable for Producer Station, With 4 swivel castors (2 with locking brakes), Black / maple imitation

Adam Hall 874 E 02 Rack Drawer ERGO

19" Rack Drawer


Ergonomic full width pull handle, Pull-to-open latching mechanism with 1.5 kg pulling force, Full extension, Smooth-running full extension ball...

Adam Hall 872215 U-shaped Rack Panel 1U

U-Rack Panel


1U, Punched for 12 XLR sockets "D" type, With cable holder (strain relief) suitable for narrow cable ties, 2 mm Steel black powder coated

Thon Rack Panel 1U 16XLR

1U Rack Panel


For 16 Connectors in D-Format, Aluminium U-shaped

Thon Case Fender Blues/HR DLX Wheel

Combo Case W/ Wheels


Custom made flight case with casters for Fender Blues Deluxe and Hot Rod Deluxe, Made from 7mm birch plywood, 30 x 30 mm Aluminium edge, 10 mm Foam...

Adam Hall 5651 Rack Nut Pack

Cage Nut


For rack rails with square punching, M6 Thread, 20 Pieces per pack

Adam Hall 37024 Blue Wheel



Double ball bearing mounted swivel head, Brake with dual function for wheel and swivel head, Blue Resilex wheel on a roller bearing hub

Thon Rack Headphone Holder

Headphones Holder


For mounting to the 19" rack (2U), Swivelling, Inclinable

Adam Hall 6102 Hybrid Lid Location 7mm

Aluminium Lock Profile


For 7 mm material, Delivered in 1 metre pieces

Thon Rack Tray 3U

19 " Rack Shelf


Extra deep, for devices up to 375 mm, Flanged 10 mm at the front and rear edge for more stability, Ventilation slots in the sides, 1.6 mm steel,...

Adam Hall 17254TP Butterfly Latch large



Large size, In flat crank dish (10 mm deep)

Adam Hall 1602TP Drawbolt large

Latch with padlock mounting hole


Large size

Thon Rack Case 12U Live 15 RA

19" / 12 RU Live Case


Ideal for installing 19" mixers, etc., 7 mm Birch plywood, 25 / 25 mm Aluminium edges, Medium ball corners, 4 Rubber feet, 2x Spring loaded...

Adam Hall 87463 LED Racklight

Gooseneck LED Rack Light


Blue and white switchable, With dimmer, Incl. external mini power supply

Thon Case Warwick RB Corvette



Custom made case for Warwick RB Corvette, Made from 7 mm birch plywood, 22 x 22 mm Aluminium edges, Foam inlay, Steel corners, 2 Spring-loaded...

Adam Hall 87971 Cable Gland


Foldable and portable hand truck, Ideal for transporting music, DJ, light, live sound, film and TV equipment, Also suitable for many other...

Thon Studio Desktop Rack 4U black

4 U Graphite Desktop Rack


Desktop rack made of 19 mm black graphite panels, Continuous rackrail 4 U, Installation depth 29.5 cm, Diagonally inclined front edge of the rack,...

Thon Studio Rack 14U 50 black

14U Studio Rack


Building kit, From coated 19mm furniture decorative panel, Depth any value up to 495 mm, 5 cm furniture plinth, Screw set (included), Made in Germany

Adam Hall 87556 19" 1HE Pull-Out Rails

19 " Pull-Out Rack


1U Dimension, Extensible with lateral pull-out rails, Adjustable rack ears, front and rear 360-480 mm, Black powder-coated

Gator TSA 88SLXL Keyboardcase

Keyboard Case


Nearly indestructible polyethylene construction, Interior customizable by a unique block design, 2 TSA latches, 2 rubber handles, An additional...

Gator 22" x 18" Bass Drum Case

Bass Drum Case


Mold Drum Series, For 22" x 18" bass drum, Robust, extremely sturdy polyethylene production, Padded interior, Padding riveted in case, Approx. 5 cm...

Thon Rack Panel 2U

19" Rack Panel


19", 2U, Steel U-shaped

Thon Live Case Vox AC-30 w. wheels

Custom Made Hood Case


For Vox AC 30C2, AC15C2, VOX AC30 C2X Blue Bulldog, AC 30HW2, AC 30HW2X, TB35C2, AC30VR, Foam padding, 2 Spring-loaded butterfly closures (large),...

Thon Multiflex 10U Modulrack 45

10 U Module Rack 45


19" Format, 45 cm Depth, Made from 15 mm birch plywood, dowelled and glued, High durability black structure coating, Cable opening on the back,...

Thon Wheel Board with Brakes

Roller Board


2 braked and 2 unbraked castors, 4 x 100 mm castors with blue elastic tyres, Sheet steel housing, Zinc-plated, Swivel bearing with double ball-cage...

Thon Wheel Set 80mm

Roller Set


80 mm Wheels blue, 2 wheels braked, 2 castors without brake with mounting kit, Sheet steel housing, Zinc-chromed, Swivel bearing with double...