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Millenium Mixer Stand

Multifunction Stand


Suitable for keyboard, mixer, loudspeaker, case, etc., Height adjustable from 610 - 810 mm, Width adjustable from 430 - 660 mm, Depth adjustable...

K&M 42040 Mixer Stand

Mixer Stand


Aluminum scissor structure, Quick and easy to set up, Flat foldable, Light and easy to transport, Variable width adjustment, Supports 10 °...

On-Stage KSA7100


At maximum height can hold up to 30 kg centric load, Set of two stands, includes carry bag

Millenium MS 2003

Microphone Stand with Boom Arm


Folding feet with die-cast base, 3/8" Thread in the microphone clip, Height is adjustable from 105 to 170 cm

Millenium BS-2211B MKII Set

Professional Speaker Stand Set


At maximum height can hold up to 30 kg centric load, Set of two stands, includes carry bag

Mighty Bright Duet 2

Universal Mini Light


With 4 extra bright, individually switchable LEDs, 24 Lumens, Light beam easily adjustable via flexible 22 cm gooseneck, With clip to attach to...

Adam Hall THMS 1

Tablet and Smartphone Holder


Ball joint for flexible alignment and 360° rotation, Clamp connection, Includes adapter for square tubes (up to 25 mm) and multifunctional mount...

K&M 21337

Distance Rod


Steel tube combination to connect satellite systems, Load bearing capacity up to 35 kg, With M20 threaded bolts, Adjustable height from 905 to 1450 mm

Millenium 6-Micstand Bag

Gig Bag For Up To 6 Microphone Stand


Bag is 100 cm deep and has a cross section of 30 cm, 6 Separate inner compartments, so that the the stands do not damage each other

K&M 23325 Table Microphone Stand

Microphone Stand


Black, Cast-iron base with special rubber insert for silencing, Screwed, adjustable tube combination, Base-Ø 180 mm

Millenium MS 2005

Affordable Microphone Stand with Boom arm


Second microphone can be mounted next to the locking screw of the boom arm, 3/8" Threaded connector, Cast metal base, Foldable feet

Fun Generation Universal Stand

Universal Stand


Height-adjustable table, Also usable as a device stand, Width adjustable from 660 to 990 mm, Height adjustable from 670 to 905 mm

Adam Hall SLED 2 Pro LED Light

LED Music Stand Light


With 4 white LEDs, 2 Flexible 220 mm long goosenecks, Switchable brightness in two steps, Adjustable light beam, Clip with approx. 21 mm clamping...

Gravity SP 2332 B Speaker Stand

Speaker Spacer Rod with M20 Thread


Height adjustable from 820 - 1400 mm, 35 mm Rod diameter for standard speaker flanges, Height adjustment by means of adjusting screw and safety...

K&M 217

Thread Adapter


3/8" inner threads, 5/8" 27 pitch outer threads

Millenium Quick Table

Folding Table


Quickly built universal table, Ideal for small mixers or DJ controllers

Millenium DS-10

Table Microphone Stand


Compact tripod, Foldable, With 3/8 " threads, Cable clip (included)

K&M 210/9 Black

Microphone Stand


Similar to K&M 210/2 but with telescopic boom arm, Diecast base, Foldable legs, Wide base, Height is adjustable from 900 to 1600 mm

K&M 12244 Double2 LED FlexLight

LED Music Stand Light


Battery-powered clip LED music stand light, With two flexible goosenecks, each with 2 LEDs, Clip attachment, Up to 20 hours operation life,...

K&M 10065 Music Stand Black

Music Stand


U-profile legs with braces, Traditionally foldable desk, Two pieces can be extended

Millenium BS-2020S MK II

Distance Tube


For satellite system, Made of metal, Adjustable from 935 - 1485 mm, M20 for attachment to corresponding subwoofers, Made in Germany

Gravity BGMS 6 B

Transport Case


For up to 6 microphone stands, 5 mm padding, Zipper

Fun Generation Speaker Stand Pair

Speaker Stand Set


Height adjustable by means of clamping screw and safety pin, Pipe diameter for 35 mm flange, Incl. transport bag

K&M 232BK Table Microphone Stand

Table Microphone Stand


Oscillating damped by cast-iron base with special rubber insert, Short tube (175mm), Base - diameter 130 mm, Pipe with 3/8 " thread can be screwed

K&M 19791 Tablet PC-Holder

Universal Tablet PC support


Tablet sizes adjustable without tools, Stepless adjustment of the tilt, Rotatable for landscape and portrait, Bracket for pipes up to 30 mm in...

K&M 210/2 Black

Professional Microphone Stand


The industry standard, With adjustable boom arm, Diecast base, Folding tripod legs, Wide feet construction

K&M 12295 MKII

Music Stand Lamp


12 Long-life LEDs, Dimmable, Adjustable via gooseneck, Clampable up to 25 mm, Battery operation with 3x Mignon (AA) 1.5 V or mains operation with...

Gravity SP 3332 B Speaker Stand

Speaker Spacer Rod


35 mm Rod diameter for standard speaker flanges, Height adjustable from 820 - 1400 mm, Height adjustment by means of adjusting screw and safety...

K&M 101 Music Stand Black

Pocket Music Stand


Length when collapsed approx. 390 mm, Stand diameter when collapsed approx. 80 mm

K&M 23550 Microphone Stereo Bar

Stereo Bar


For 2 microphones, Screwed onto stands with 3/8 " thread, 2 Captive 3/8 " screws spaced between 60 and 172 mm

Millenium BS-2222 Pro Set

Professional Speaker Stands


Can hold up to 45 kg centric load, Includes carry bag, Set of 2 stands

Superlux HM-6

Table Stand


For microphones, Including micro-clamp

Millenium MX-1000

Mixer Stand


Universal mixer stand with shear technology, Steel frame with clamping device, Black powder-coated

Rode PSA-1

Professional Table Microphone Arm


For table mounting, For radio, podcaster, pro and broadcaster, 3/8" Thread, Up to approx. 1.1 kg load, Rotates 360 degrees

K&M 12298 LED Piano Lamp

Led Piano Light


12 LEDs, Brightness dimmable, Flexible goose neck (415 mm length), Pleasant warm white light (3000 K), 230 Lumens, Power supply via power adapter...

Gravity LS 331 B

Light and Speaker Stand


With square steel base, 35 mm Pole with M10 thread (female), Height from 1420 - 2420 mm, Powder coated steel, Height adjustable by means of a screw...

K&M 27105

Microphone stand Thomann Type I


Plastic base, Height is adjustable from 900 to 1600 mm

Rockbag RB 25590B Speakerstand Bag

Speaker Stand Bag


Solid water-resistant Rok Tex surface material, For speaker stands and up to four microphone stands, Pyramids - base buttons, 10 mm / 0.39 " zip,...

Millenium BS-2001 S MK II

Distance Rod


For satellite systems, Made of metal, Made in Germany

K&M 26736 Distance Rod

Distance Rod


Stable distance rod with mounting aid and M20, Adjustable height, Fixation with spring-loaded locking screw and safety bolt.

Gravity SS 5211 B Set 1 Speaker Stand

Speaker Stand Set


Standard speaker stand set consisting of 2x SP 5211 B stands and 1x BG SS2 B speaker bag, Powder coated, 50 kg centric load, Height adjustable from...

Fun Generation Mic Stand

Microphone Stand with Boom Arm


5/8" threaded connection, Height adjustable from 100 to 150 cm

Millenium Super Flex Light Lamp Black

LED Lamp


Clip lamp for sheet music or reading, Battery operation, Light version, 3x AAA batteries included

K&M 21311 Speaker Stand Bag

Carrying Bag For Tripods


Suitable for 2 speaker / light stands, Tear-resistant nylon fabric with linen feel, Water repellent. Black with green K & M logo, 2x Inside...

K&M 19740 Tablet PC Holder

Tablet PC Holder


Universal tray holder, Suitable for tablets such as all iPad models including iPad Pro 12.9", iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tab,...

K&M 21449

Speaker Stand Set


Height adjustable by tension clip and patented push-button system, Additional safety screw, Up to 50 kg centric load

K&M 21340

Distance Rod


With M20 thread, Adjustable in height by means of crank gear, Patented expanding mandrel for firm, tight fit for the speaker, Moveable plastic...

Millenium DS-30

Tripod Table Microphone Stand


Extendable, Very stable, Foldable, 3/8 " threads, Cable clip (included)

Millenium Mixer Stand XL

Multifunction Stand


For keyboard, mixer, speakers, cases, Individually adjustable

Millenium MS 2002 Mic Stand

Short Microphone Stand


Ideal for guitar amp, drums, wind instruments, etc., All metal construction, 3/8" Thread, Adjustable from 50 - 70 cm, Extendable gallows from...

Manhasset 48 Symphony Music Stand (6pcs)

Orchestra Music Stands


Music stands 48 Symphony, pack of 6 pieces, Made of aluminium with black powder coating, One-hand tilt adjustment, One-hand height adjustment,...

Mighty Bright Orchestra Light

Music Stand Light


Switchable LED brightness, 9 LEDs produce neutral white light with high contrast, Clamping area up to 20 mm, Battery and mains operation, Bag, 3 m...

Millenium Tablet Holder 7" - 10,1"

Universal Tablet Holder


Suitable for almost all tablet computers from 7" to 10.1", Mount on a (microphone) stand with 5/8" thread or tripod by means of tube clamp (10 - 25...

Gravity LS 431 B

Light and Speaker Stand


With square steel base, 35 mm Tripod tube with M10 thread (female), Height adjustable from 1420 mm to 2420 mm, Height adjustable by means of...

Gravity MSTM 1B Mic table clamp

Table Clamp For Microphones


For plate thicknesses up to 45 mm, 3/8" Screw thread ideal for installing microphone stands or goose-neck mics, 4 mm thick powder coated steel

K&M 259 Black

Microphone StandLow level microphone stand with telescopic boom arm for drums or special use.


Also suitable for low settings, Height is adjustable from 425 to 645 mm, Die-cast base with folding legs, Comes with telescopic boom arm

Gravity SACC 35B Kabelklemmen

Cable Clips for Speaker Stands


For 35-36 mm tubes

Manhasset 50 Orchestral Music Stand

Orchestra Music Stand


With accessory tray, Made of aluminium with black powder coating, One-hand tilt adjustment, One-hand height adjustment, Durable inner rod made of...

K&M 12246 Double4 LED FlexLight

LED Music Stand Light


Battery powered clip LED music stand light, With two flexible goosenecks and 8 LEDs, Switchable brightness in two steps, Clip attachment, Up to 20...

K&M 213

Speaker Stand with Crank Housing


Made of steel, Height adjustable from 138.5 to 218 cm, Crank with button and locking screw, GS tested up to 50 kg centric load, Legs with double...

K&M 21366 "Ring Lock" 950/1370mm

Steel Rod Combination


To connect satellite systems, The height is adjusted by an easy-to-use spring-loaded bolt and locking screw.

K&M 21339

Distance Rod with Crank


Steel rod combination for connection of speaker-satellite systems, Same as Art.140456, but with M20 thread bolt, To attach to connector plate K&M...

K&M 29375

Desktop Microphone Station


Variant with switch, Beautifully designed, compact zinc die-cast base, 3-pin XLR connectors (male / female), Completely wired, Crackle-free...

Hercules Stands HCDG-305B Tablet Holder

Tablet Holder


For all tablets from 7" to 12.1", 360° Rotatable by swivel arm, Suitable for microphone stands with threaded connection, Can be attached to round...

K&M 260/1

Microphone Stand


With impact noise dampening cast base, Height-adjustable tube construction

Startone Music Stand Black

Sheet Music stand


Two pieces can be extended

K&M 107 Music Stand Black

Highly Sturdy Music Stand


Clamping elements made of metal, Sheet holder can be set horizontally, Robust brace construction, Leg construction with two extendable pieces, Black

K&M 26735 Speaker Stand

Speaker Stand


Stable steel stand with large, flat and round cast-iron base Ø 450 mm, Height can be adjusted using clamping screw and safety splint, The speakers...

HK Audio S-Connect Pole Nano 608i

Spacer Rod


Wireless, signal-carrying distance pole for mounting the satellites on the subwoofer of the Lucas Nano 302, 305FX, 602, 605FX and 608i, Continuous...

K&M 23150-3 Desk Microphone Stand

Table Stand For Microphones


With 3/8 ", Quick-release fasteners for height adjustment, Three retractable feet

Gravity BG DBLS 331

Transport bag for 2 spacer bars


Suitable for the spacer bars of Gravity LS 331 B and LS 431 B (not included), 10 mm Padding, Padded partition, Double zipper

Adam Hall SLED 10 LED Light

LED Music Stand Light


With 10 white LEDs, Flexible gooseneck, Adjustable brightness in two steps, Clip fastener - clamping area up to 20 mm, Powered by 3 LR06 batteries...

K&M 21436

Speaker Stand


Standard aluminium speaker stand, Height adjustable with clamp screw, Additional push button for secure hold, Extension tube diameter 35 mm, TÜV...

Millenium AS-2001

Professional Amp Stand


Suitable for combos, small mixers, monitor speakers etc., Flat adjustable in both directions, Adjusting the distance between the feet will adjust...

K&M 21367

Distance Rod with M20 thread


The height is adjusted by an easy-to-use spring-loaded bolt and locking screw., The unique patented expanding mandrel system provides a stable,...

Music Stand - How Else Will You See Your Music?

Are you searching for an exclusive music stand but confused what will be the definition of a perfect stand for your music sheets?

Well, here are our useful tips for selecting a stand

Firstly, music stands are handy little devices for holding sheet music whilst you play.

Stands come in a vast variety of sizes, styles, colors with the flexibility to adjust height, depth and tilt accommodating all different types of music and musician

You Never Knew There Were So Many Music Stands

The Opera stand has the rare distinction of being the only illuminated and stackable stand in the world. Onstage and orchestral stands are the first choice of working musicians and students.

Concert music stands actually complement the performance venue without sticking out like a sore thumb. The only folding stand that is full size with solid trays is the jazz stand.

The performer stand is absolutely suitable for school music stands. With no screws and knobs to be fiddled with, it makes the ideal choice of stand for most music schools.

Studio stands offer all the benefits without incurring the costs that are usually associated for illuminations. Scherzo stand which is a high quality musical stand made of aluminum can be folded very small. Konig and Meyer also make excellent folding stands including multi-colored ones.

Stand attachments for holding song lists, pens, charts, notes, etc. are available to fit most makes of stand. Many stands come with optional pockets for separate music sheets or other parts and high-efficiency electronic lighting system to focus light on the music. Some stands offer additional yokes and desks for ensembles.

Our advice is to get online, visit a quality musical instrument web site and delve into their accessories section. You're bound to find your perfect stand.