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Vic Firth SIH2



Extremely closed system with total noise level reduction of approximately 25 db, Successor of the legendary SIH-1, Improved sound, Very suitable...

the t.bone HD 990D



Ideal for drummer, Sound attenuation of ambient noise about 22 dBA, Circumlunar, Dynamic, 1-4 m Spiral cable, Connector with 3.5mm stereo angled jack

beyerdynamic DT-770 M

Monitor Headphones


For drummer and studio, 35 dBA Noise isolation, Closed, Circumlunar, Dynamic, Volume control on the cable, Sided cable management, 3 m straight cord

Metrophones MPD-G Headphones LCD Metronom

Headphone With Metronome


Built-in metronome 42-250 bpm with LCD Display, Two separate speaker channels, Metronome / line-in, 15-25000 Hz, Built volume control,...

Metrophones SK-G Headphones

Headphones For Drummers


Two separate speaker channels, Metronome / Line - In, Built volume control, Interchangeable 3 m cable, 29 db Volume attenuation, Gel-filled ear...