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Knosti Disco Antistat Generation II

Vinyl Washer


Rill depth cleaning, Prevents electro-static charging, Washing case with inserted bristles made of goat hair, Label sealing shells with suspension...

Adam Hall Spray Adhesive 01360

Spray Adhesive


Easy and quick adhesive from the spray can for large-area gluing, Connects many materials with and among each other, Specially developed for...

Knosti LP-Cleaning Set

LP Cleaner


Deep cleaning, Antistatic, Incl. 1L Disco-Antistat cleaning fluid

Knosti LP Cleaning Fluid

LP Cleaning Liquid


Suitable for Knosti record cleaner

Elacin Hygiene Kit

Care set for InEars and earplugs


Perfect care for InEar earphones and earplugs for travels, Cleaning tool, 3 x Mini brushes and cleaning cloth

Hagerty Multimedia Spray

Multimedia Spray


Spray for tablets, telephone and computer displays, Effortlessly removes dirt and fingerprints, Streak-free cleaning with antistatic effect, The...